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Heroic Wife Reborn Chapter 155: All Seven Emotions Destroyed, All Six Desires Withdrawn [1]

At this moment, Xiao Zhuang and Xiao Wei squeezed through the crowd. Xiao Wei observed Gu Xinglang’s expression, which was so cold that it was dripping ice, then raised his hand to shove the old Taoist priest, “How dare you go about swindling our master? Get lost!”

The Taoist priest staggered back from Xiao Wei’s push. After standing up, he continued staring at Gu Xinglang.

Gu Xinglang was about to order Xiao Wei to chase this priest away when the head guard arrived with a group of Gu family's guards.

When the crowd saw that the situation was about to escalate, all of them scattered away with a loud bang.

The old priest was surrounded by the guards, but he didn’t look worried that he might be beaten up. Instead, he told Gu Xinglang, “Your seven emotions have all been destroyed, and your six desires have all been withdrawn. Perhaps, that’s a good thing for the person by your side.”

Xiao Wei scowled furiously after hearing this. If the Prince Consort's seven emotions and six desires were non-existent, was he going to have to become a monk? What was his Princess going to do? “Get lost!” Xiao Wei raised his leg and kicked the old priest more than ten metres away, then yelled, “Don’t let me see you again!”

Xiao Zhuang told Gu Xinglang, “This man is clearly a lunatic.”

The old priest fell on the floor, but shouted persistently at Gu Xinglang, “Anyone who recklessly changes fate will be punished by the heavens!”

At this moment, Yu Xiaoxiao was still munching on the pig's head. The autumn rain had long stopped. Sunlight filtered through the dense layers of clouds, and Yu Xiaoxiao could feel the warmth from the autumn sun. Here she was, food in her mouth, joyous people before her. Yu Xiaoxiao once again praised this zombie-less world; it was so damn wonderful!

“Drag him over.” Right now, Gu Xinglang couldn’t feel how wonderful the world was. When he heard the old priest yelling to him about heaven’s punishment, he suddenly felt a chill, making him very uncomfortable.

Xiao Wei knitted his brows, “Prince Consort?”

“Bring him over,” Gu Xinglang insisted, “I have something to ask him.”

The old priest was brought before Gu Xinglang by two of the Gu family's guards. He grinned at Gu Xinglang, revealing two yellowed front teeth, then said “It’s best if the Prince Consort listens to the advice of this priest.”

Gu Xinglang replied coldly, “You want me to abandon my wife and leave my family?”

“For someone who is supposed to die, where would there be kinship?” The priest asked Gu Xinglang.

Xiao Zhuang pointed at the priest, “Hey! Old thing, you're crazy, right?”

The old priest ignored Xiao Zhuang’s admonishment, looking only at Gu Xinglang as he said, “Prince Consort, there’s no feud between you and I, so this priest wouldn’t curse you for no rhyme or reason. This priest is doing it for your sake. Rather than regret this in future, you might as well break your arms now in exchange for survival [2].”

“You want my Xiao Gu to chop his arms off?!”

Seeing their Princess appear behind the old priest, Xiao Zhuang and Xiao Wei both heaved a sigh of relief. This old priest’s words sounded terrifying, but now that the Princess was here, all evil monsters would have to retreat.

The old priest turned to look at Yu Xiaoxiao, but when he saw her, he was startled.

Yu Xiaoxiao hugged the pig's head that she had chewed quite a bit of, and sized up the old priest, “You are a priest?” She had just fought with a group of monks, and now, a priest had appeared. Were all the religious people in this world going against her?

“You,” the old priest shuddered, “I can’t read into your fate. Where did you come from?”

“What?” Yu Xiaoxiao initially didn’t understand, but she thought about it again, Where did you come from? Oh man, this old man could tell that I’m a foreigner? Glancing at Gu Xinglang, who was sitting under the shelter, his face ashen again, Yu Xiaoxiao instinctively felt that she couldn’t allow this old man to tell the truth. She still wanted to live a good life with her family’s Xiao Gu.”

“You…” The old priest gazed at Yu Xiaoxiao as he prepared to continue shouting.

“You, what you? Scram!” Yu Xiaoxiao grabbed the old priest by the collar, then threw him across the street, dumped into some large vat somewhere.

Xiao Wei saw that the old priest had met with his misfortune, so he went to report to Yu Xiaoxiao about this man. “Your Highness, this old priest had been spewing nonsense to the Prince Consort.”

Yu Xiaoxiao’s heart tightened instantaneously, as she asked Gu Xinglang, “What did that old man tell you?”

Gu Xinglang looked at Yu Xiaoxiao. The old priest had given him such a profound gaze that he was almost convinced by him. However, with Yu Xiaoxiao's question, he shook his head. Since he was still alive, then he wasn’t destined to die yet. Where would all that talk about his fate changing come from?

Yu Xiaoxiao walked toward Gu Xinglang and touched his face. “What exactly did that old man tell you?”

Gu Xinglang replied, “Xiao Wei's right, he was just spouting nonsense.”

At this moment, Xiao Wei coughed.

Yu Xiaoxiao removed the hand that she touched Gu Xinglang with. She forgot that she was carrying the pig’s head, and her hands were stained with oil. With her touch, half of her Xiao Gu’s face was smeared with pig's oil.

Gu Xinglang sniffed around and said, “What’s that smell? Xiaoxiao, you…” Third Young Master Gu saw the half of the pig’s head that was missing slices here and there, and didn’t continue questioning.

“I’m sorry, the oil got on your face.” Yu Xiaoxiao put the pig’s head on Xiao Zhuang’s hands, then said to Gu Xinglang, “I’ll help you wipe it off.”

They were in public view, so Gu Xinglang really didn’t want to let his wife clean his own face. He quickly took out his handkerchief and wiped his face as he asked Yu Xiaoxiao, “Do you like to eat pig’s head?” The meat from a pig’s head wasn’t something that noblemen enjoyed, hence Gu Xinglang didn’t expect that his Princess wife would actually enjoy the food that only commoners would eat.

Before Yu Xiaoxiao could respond, Xiao Wei said from beside them, “That old priest has stood up again.”

Both Yu Xiaoxiao and Gu Xinglang looked across the street.

The old priest had crawled out of a giant vat that was half-filled with pickled vegetables. He was in a pitiable state, but he couldn’t be bothered with his appearance. Yu Xiaoxiao and Gu Xinglang stared at him, while he returned their stares and said, “The both of you will regret this in future.”

Thunder boomed across the skies.

Yu Xiaoxiao could swear that this bout of thunder had nothing to do with her.

“It’s still not too late for you to cut your ties.” The old priest bellowed at Gu Xinglang.

“Sigh!” Yu Xiaoxiao was infuriated. Between Gu Xinglang and her, a third party hadn’t emerged, nor had they encountered any white lotus bitches. Unexpectedly, the first person to threaten her relationship with Xiao Gu was a priest!

Yu Xiaoxiao appeared in a flash before the old priest, and she raised her hand, preparing to beat him up.

The old priest didn’t dodge. He looked at Yu Xiaoxiao with an unfathomable expression, “This priest is Tian Xingzi.”

Be it Tian Xingzi or Di Xingzi [3], Yu Xiaoxiao didn’t know any of them. Her Royal Highness simply raised her hand and lifted the priest.

At this point, it started pouring heavily again, and the distinction between heaven and earth blurred.

“Your Highness,” Gu Xinglang was carried before Yu Xiaoxiao by Xiao Zhuang and Xiao Wei, and he whispered, “There's no need to care about this swindler. Let’s return home.”

Yu Xiaoxiao threw Tian Xingzi on the floor, thinking that she should say something to threaten this old priest so that he wouldn’t appear before Gu Xinglang and her.

The guards brought the carriage over. Gu Xinglang boarded the carriage then reached his hand out towards Yu Xiaoxiao, “Your Highness, let’s go home.”

“Home” was a term that gave Yu Xiaoxiao’s a sense of warmth. She placed her hand into Gu Xinglang’s and was pulled into the carriage by Third Young Master Gu.

The old priest sat in the heavy downpour and watched the group leave. Just then, he had seen a blood-coloured aura behind the young Prince Consort. This man would certainly have countless blood debts in future. “Po Jun” [4], the old priest whispered the name of the main inauspicious star, then closed his eyes and sighed.

[1] The seven emotions and six desires refer to psychological reactions. The seven emotions are: joy, anger, worry, thinking, sorrow, fear, and shock. The six desires are: desire to see, desire to hear, desire to smell, desire to taste, desire to touch, and desire to feel.

[2] To break an arm in exchange for living is a metaphor for someone to be willing to part with something in order to survive.

[3] Yu Xiaoxiao is just playing with names - "tian" is sky, and "di" is earth.

[4] Po Jun, also known as "Ruinous Star", symbolizing destruction.