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Heroic Wife Reborn Chapter 157: Those with Facial Paralysis could also be Unparalleled Beauties

“Let’s go home.” Yu Xiaoxiao felt her heart beating wildly, and she quickly pecked Gu Xinglang on the lips. Her Royal Highness then hopped off the carriage. The sweet nothings that he said; she would press like [1]! If this continues, would there be a day that Brother Gu would be the one teaching her instead?

Looking at Yu Xiaoxiao’s hasty escape into the manor, Gu Xinglang smiled, then said to Xiao Zhuang and Xiao Wei, “Let’s go in.”

The moment Yu Xiaoxiao stepped into the manor, she knocked headfirst into Gu Xingnuo. She took a second look; behind Gu Xingnuo was a group of strong lads. All of them were tall and muscular. It was obvious that they were a group of martial artists.

Nowadays, Gu Xingnuo didn’t bother to greet Yu Xiaoxiao with the courtesy of a subject greeting a Princess. Without bowing, the eldest Young Master Gu said cheerily, “Your Highness is home?”

Yu Xiaoxiao nodded, then assessed the group of lads behind Gu Xingnuo, “Eldest Brother, are they your little comrades?”

The words “little comrades” caused Gu Xingnuo’s smile to freeze.

The stout lads looked at one another. The term “little comrades” was too childish, they couldn’t really accept it immediately. When they were on the battlefield, calling each other “Buddies” sounded good to them, but how would “little comrades” sound good? The lads shuddered, completely petrified.

Gu Xingnuo introduced the group to Yu Xiaoxiao, “They are Xinglang’s buddies in the military. They came here today specially, just to visit Xinglang.”

When Yu Xiaoxiao heard that they were her Xiao Gu’s little comrades, she wanted to be friendlier to this group. After all, Xiao Gu’s comrades were her comrades too. She pulled her cheek, feeling that she should put on an amicable expression.

Everyone saw how Her Royal Highness worked on her expression, and suddenly understood something - people with facial paralysis could also be unparalleled beauties.

At this moment, Gu Xinglang was carried in by Xiao Zhuang and Xiao Wei. The sight that greeted him was his eldest brother and a group of his buddies staring at his wife unblinkingly. Immediately, he was agitated. How could they stare at someone else’s wife like that? “Why are all of you here?” Since Gu Xinglang was in a bad mood, the way he spoke to his brother wasn’t as friendly.

Yu Xiaoxiao turned to look at Gu Xinglang, “Xiao Gu, your little comrades are here to look for you.”

When Gu Xinglang saw his wife's contorted facial features, he rubbed his temples. Was this thing with twisted expressions his wife?

Wang momo ran out from the back of the estate. She had heard that Gu Xingnuo had brought some of the Prince Consort’s buddies from the military to the main entrance to welcome the Prince Consort. Wang momo immediately ran towards the main entrance, out of fear that her Princess might create some unnecessary problems, causing the Prince Consort to lose face in front of his brothers. A man’s dignity, Wang momo declared, was something that was more important than his life. A woman should never cause his man to lose his dignity, otherwise the man would hate you for the rest of his life.

“Your Highness!” Wang momo stood in front of Yu Xiaoxiao, then reached out to wipe Yu Xiaoxiao’s face. If she was going to smile like this, she might as well not smile at all!

Yu Xiaoxiao’s heart trembled when she saw Wang momo - a menopausal woman was someone that humankind couldn’t afford to offend.

“Your clothes are all wet.” Wang momo took another look at her Princess, who was covered by Gu Xinglang’s robe. As she spoke to Yu Xiaoxiao, her gaze swept towards Gu Xinglang, “Your Highness is too careless. Please, hurry up and follow this servant back to the room to get changed.”

Gu Xinglang looked away. He couldn’t afford to offend this momo.

Yu Xiaoxiao glanced at Xiao Zhuang and Xiao Wei. The two men were also soaked through, but why didn’t Wang momo appear concerned about them?

Xiao Zhuang and Xiao Wei lowered their heads. Recently, Wang momo seemed to be spitting fire anytime and anywhere, so they preferred if Wang momo didn’t notice them at all.

“Your Highness, please.” Wang momo pointed towards the back of the estate. She knew that Xiao Zhuang and Xiao Wei were also drenched, but so what? The Princess alone was already giving her so much trouble in the day and making her worry every night. Was she also expected to be Xiao Zhuang and Xiao Wei’s mother?

Yu Xiaoxiao obediently walked towards the back of the residence.

Gu Xinglang heaved a sigh of relief, then said to his buddies, “The Princess got under the rain, and she’ll fall sick if she wears her wet clothes.”

Gu Xingnuo coughed lightly. “Let’s talk inside. All of you haven’t met with Xinglang for a long time. I’ve asked the kitchen to prepare a table of dishes and wine, you buddies should have a good chat.”

The group of comrades thanked Eldest Brother Gu, then stared at Gu Xinglang in disdain. Worried that the Princess was sick? Gu Xiaosan was capable of lying now. You were just scared that your wife’s wet clothes would cling to her body and reveal her figure, and your buddies would see it! The buddies exchanged some looks. Even though the Princess’ contorted expressions were incomprehensible, she was truly a little beauty. She might appear petite, but she was shapely, she just needed to grow up a little more. This time, it was truly a blessing in disguise for Gu Xiaosan.

“Let’s go.” Gu Xingnuo shot a look at Xiao Zhuang and Xiao Wei.

The two men quickly carried Gu Xinglang into the residence.

Gu Xingnuo walked beside Gu Xinglang and whispered, “After His Majesty’s decree was passed down, Minister Ying and the others came to the estate to congratulate us. Even Prime Minister Zhao also ordered someone to send congratulatory gifts. He said that Zhao Beicheng was an unfilial son, and as his father, he’s ashamed to meet with Grandfather.”

Walking beside them, the fourth son from the Mighty General’s residence, Li Yuanle, sniggered, “We all know how thick Prime Minister Zhao’s skin is. Even the city walls aren’t as thick as that old man's skin.”

The ones who could be buddies with Gu Xinglang were surely those who were in the opposite camp from Zhao Qiuming. Hearing Li Yuanle’s words, a few of them burst out laughing.

The group circled around the screen wall at the front yard. Gu Xingnuo bent down and patted Gu Xinglang’s shoulder, then said softly, “Go ahead and spend some time with your buddies. I’ll go and accompany Grandfather now. Stop saying anything bad about Prime Minister Zhao, the walls have ears.”

Gu Xinglang nodded.

Gu Xingnuo bade his farewell to Li Yuanle and a few others, then walked towards the banquet hall where the Old Master had set up a banquet.

Gu Xinglang brought his brothers towards the side hall, closing the door after they entered. Li Yuanle looked at Gu Xinglang and sighed, “I was in the army when I heard about what happened to you. I wanted to bring my men to the Capital, but my old man adamantly refused. He said that if I wanted to bring troops to the Capital, His Majesty might be even more wary of your Gu family, and I’ll just be accelerating your death.”

Fuyuan Grand General’s second son Bo Yao slumped into a chair in the hall and said, “Us brothers almost couldn’t meet anymore.”

Gu Xinglang knew that his buddies were feeling guilty, so he waved his hands and said, “My uncles have tried their best. If they were helpless, what else could all of you do? Anyway, I’m fine now, aren’t I?”

“But your leg?” Another buddy asked.

Gu Xinglang replied, “The Princess has said that I can recover from my injury. I’ll take it slow. Why, if I was really crippled, are we not going to be buddies anymore?”

Pei!” Li Yuanle spat on the ground and remarked, “Even if you’re dead, we’ll still be buddies. A few of us had already discussed this beforehand. If we don’t get Zhao Beicheng killed, we’ll be too ashamed to meet you in the afterlife.”

“That’s right,” A few brothers nodded in unison. If they couldn’t get Zhao Beicheng killed and avenge Gu Xiaosan, then what kind of buddies were they?

[1] The term used here is "press like", just like how we like comments/posts on social media.