Novel Wars

Kekkon Shoya no Deathloop~Nosuji Reijou wa Nando Shindemo Megemasen~ Chapter 14 - Loop 4-4

After leaving the library, there were no people there, but... I felt like there was noise in the distance. I wondered whether everyone was searching for me again. I must make haste.

The Duke had shown a strange expression, but still more or less told me where the stables were. The location was behind the eastern building, right after leaving the backyard.

I’ll appreciate that he honestly told me. Aside from that, our conversation only provoked me. If I survive, I’ll definitely make him cry.

「So it’s here.」

As I walked out of the eastern wing, I slipped past the eyes of the unmotivated guards and employees and saw a stable-like building in the dark and vast backyard. Light was leaking out a slight opening to the building. The characteristics of the smell of horse dung came through as well.

There was nothing particularly strange with it, but as expected for a Duke lineage, the inside was huge. It was also being properly cleaned. There were several stalls in the back, and I could, of course, see shadows of horses here and there. The horses snorted when they noticed the presence of an intruder, but didn’t seem to have any interest in me and looked away soon after spotting me. They were majestic horses.

Right after entering, there was a door to the right. As I sneaked to take a peek without making any sound, I saw the figure of a man sleeping and breathing softly on a chair. It was probably the stableman here. Apologizing inwardly, I carefully closed the door.

Complete sets of harnesses were gathered in the warehouse of the stable, and I randomly scraped all I could need together.

I’d like to furnish the stable with lights inside if possible. It requied immense effort to put on a saddle, among other things, on a horse you weren't used to in the dark.

I carried the harness in my arms while searching for a stall. Chestnut-color, white, black - there were all kinds of colors of the horses, but the coat was too eye-catching, and the features were too gallant as well. Even the curve of their bodies was artistic. Donkeys were obviously not mixed in.

I wondered whether the Duke was riding the horses one by one every day. He was beceoming an increasingly disgusting guy.

I felt like a horse thief (no, I was a horse thief) when I stared scrutinizingly at the horses, and I met the eyes of a conspicuous dark horse. The eyelashes were amazingly long, and just by the features, I could understand that it was a mare. The line hanging from the buttocks to the hindlegs was stretched tight, and her legs seemed to be fast. She didn’t show any particular vigilance towards me either.

I liked this child from the first glance. I quickly put on the harness. The beautiful dark horse wasn’t surprised by an unknown woman and went along without resistance. Still, she was dignified, as if saying “I’ll let you on top of me, but I have no intention of forgiving you” with a sultry aura. She was a horse who liked putting on airs.

「Alright… I will name you Black Thunder.」

Black thunder. Doesn’t this name suit this child perfectly?

As I thought that, Black Thunder suddenly bit my head. She seemed to be quite pleased.

I stroked Black Thunder’s neck as he chewed on my hair and felt like we understood each other. I am a woman popular with horses.

Meeting a new friend, my hurt fluttered a little as I left the stables together with Black Thunder.

「Alright, let’s go Black Thunder!」

The stolen horse broke into a run.

I was struck by the cold of the evening with only my silk dress put on me.

It can’t be helped since I’m straddling a horse, but the hem of my dress fluttered and there was a dangerous sensation of my lower body being exposed. I’m glad it was evening right now.

I never thought I’d end up escaping on the bridal night on the first day of my marriage. And not only that, stealing a horse.  Horse robbery was a pretty serious offense. Father will probably be very angry. I might be accused by society of being a lunatic.

However, it’s much more important to survive and surpass this death. I’ve had enough of being killed and being entangled with an unknown person.

Looking back over my shoulder, spots of light lit up in the Duke’s mansion, seemingly fading away.  Before long, the death mansion integrated with the darkness and disappeared.

The sky in the east grew light.

At last, I escaped the annoying night of death.