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My Patients Fall in Love with Me Chapter 8

The next day was the weekend. Pei Lu woke Li Jun up early. Li Jun yawned and said, “Good morning."

Because of what happened last night, Pei Lu was a little uncomfortable and replied with an awkward, “Morning.”

Li Jun behaved as though nothing had happened. After washing up, he tidied up the clothes he needed and turned to Pei Lu, “Let's go."

Li Jun's mother Wen Wan has just returned from Hongfu temple. She was a believer of buddhism. Since the year of Li Jun's accident, she will spend a month every year to recite scriptures and pray for her son in the temple. Li Jun was not close to his mother due to his personality, but he can still feel her care and love for him. So when he received a call from Li Qingyi yesterday, he packed his luggage and prepared to go home today.

However, returning home was just one matter. Someone needed to come along too. Moreover, with a hidden mentality to show off, Li Jun also wanted his mother to meet the person he liked.

Pei Lu had just opened a yogurt cup when he heard Li Jun. He bit the straw and mumbled, “Aren’t you going home? Why would I go too?"

Li Jun frowned. "Don't you want to meet my mother?"

"..." Pei Lu almost choked on yogurt and refused: “It's not nice for me to disturb your family reunion. Go on back first and I'll look for you another day."

“Together." Li Jun pursed his lips, put down his luggage, and stood straight in front of Pei Lu, looking down at him commandingly.

Not again... Pei Lu shrunk his neck and subconsciously caved. His voice weakened by a degree, “Still... no."

Li Jun stared at him for a while and suddenly said, “But... I want you to meet my mother." His voice sounded low and with bangs covering his eyes, he looked a little pitiful.

Pei Lu's heart softened immediately. Isn't it just meeting the students' parents? There was nothing to be guilty about. His mouth moved faster than his brain. “Alright, I'll go back with you."

As soon as he said the words, Pei Lu regretted it.

Li Jun, who had on a pitiful facade, smiled at him and buried his head in Pei Lu’s neck, nuzzling affectionately. "Teacher, you are so nice.”

Pei Lu could only grasp the ‘nice man card’ and cry innerly.

666 watched Pei Lu sell himself coolly.

He’s only looking, not talking :)

The driver was already waiting downstairs.

Li Jun placed his luggage in the trunk and sat in the rear with Pei Lu. The driver drove them to Li's house

Pei Lu clenched his fingers, looking conflicted. He tried to speak for a couple of times. He wanted to say, perhaps I better not go... But every time the words came to his mouth, Li Jun would give him a ‘teacher, you're so nice’ puppy dog look.

And Pei Lu will then swallow his words.

In turmoil, the words in Pei Lu’s stomach had not made it out of his mouth when they reached the Li’s house, so he had to go in with Li Jun.

“Teacher Meng?" Li Jun's mother greeted him gently.

As her name suggests, she was a very gentle woman with a soft appearance and gentle voice. Pei Lu liked her at the first sight.

“Nice to meet you, auntie.” Pei Lu said politely.

Wen Wan laughed lightly, receptive to a respectful boy like Pei Lu, “Our Li Jun have troubled you during this period.”

Pei Lu shook his head. "No, Li Jun is quite easy to get along with."

Wen Wan looked at him in surprise. Seeing that his expression was not forced, she couldn't help laughing. "You're the first teacher to comment on Li Jun this way.”

Pei Lu scratched his cheek. He didn't know how to continue, so he kept smiling.

Wen Wan’s smile grew. Inadvertently, her gaze swept across her son's face. She paused and when she looked carefully again, she found Li Jun expressionless. She thought nothing of it and turned to continue chatting with Pei Lu.

Li Jun sat by the side, listening to the conversation with a taut face.

Pei Lu had a respectful face on and answered Wen Wan’s questions politely. Perhaps a common problem of women at this age, even the most graceful and intellectual women will become chatty when they meet a youngster they like.

Questions such as “How old are you this year", “Do you have a girlfriend", “Have you found a job" and so on had Pei Lu break out in cold sweat. In the end, Pei Lu couldn't help kicking Li Jun secretly.

What are you doing sitting here? Take some of the firepower, brother!

Li Jun remained motionless.

Pei Lu smiled on the surface and stepped on Li Jun again, forcefully.

"Mother.” Perhaps Pei Lu had stepped too hard, or Li Jun's conscience was finally hurting. He finally spoke.

"Hey," said Wen Wan, looking at Li Jun excitedly. Her son seldom addresses people.

"..." Facing the gentle looking eyes, Li Jun was silent. After thinking, he spoke, “Let’s eat first."

Wen Wan paused for a moment and looked at Li Jun in surprise. She felt that her son had changed a lot in a month.

"OK, I'll call your father. Take care of Xiaoyue."

After a short meeting, the title has changed from “Teacher Meng" to "Xiaoyue". Wen Wan seemed to be very satisfied with Pei Lu. Li Jun quirked the corners of his mouth reservedly, also very satisfied.

There were only two of them left in the living room. Pei Lu subconsciously moved away.

"Sit here." Li Jun frowned. He stretched out his arm and pulled Pei Lu back. Their legs touched, along with their arms. Li Jun narrowed his eyes with satisfaction.

"..." Pei Lu twisted his body reluctantly, but as he couldn't dissuade Li Jun, he sulked secretly.

"Did he grow up on fodder? Why is he so strong?" Pei Lu thought unhappily. The difference in strength made him feel insecure.

666 was on the line, which was a rarity. The reply was very fast. “Dear~ I can smell your jealousy from across the screen."

Pei Lu was angry. "Whose side are you on?” How come 666 only knows how to shoot off at the mouth.

666 said with curled lips, “I’m on the side of whoever gives me a five-star rating, dear~”

"Don't you have any shame,” Pei Lu said in a daze. "Is your line of business so difficult now?" To the extent of asking for five-star ratings so blatantly?

666 proudly hummed, “We, AIs, are always direct, dear~"

"..." Pei Lu felt that he could not win with words against the AI, so he shut up silently and immersed himself back in the awkward atmosphere again.

Wen Wan and Li Qingyi came downstairs and saw the two of them seated very closely together, arm to arm and thigh to thigh. Even if there was no communication, there was a strange atmosphere between them.

"Husband, why do I think there's something wrong with them?" Wen Wan spoke quietly into Li Qingyi’s ears, frowning with slender brows. Yet she couldn't tell what was wrong.

Even Wen Wan could not discern what’s wrong. Li Qingyi, as a straight man for decades, naturally couldn’t see it too. He looked for a while and said innocently, "I think they are very good friends. Our son can have someone to keep him company in the future."

“….” She shot him a look and hurried downstairs.

Li Qingyi, who took the brunt of it: “…”

A family of three... Or it could be said to be a family of four had a meal together. Before Wen Wan could talk to Pei Lu again, Li Jun had the foresight to bring him to the game room.

The game room was filled again. White dominos were placed into a huge square array, which was neatly arranged. In the lower left corner of the square array, a row of dominoes in curved lines extended to Pei Lu’s foot.

“When did you build this up again?” Pei Lu squatted down to look closely at the square array. Prior to this, Li Jun was almost inseparable with him, and he still managed to find time to come back to build dominos.

Speaking of which, he always wondered why Li Jun liked such a time- and brain-consuming game. A domino model of this scale took at least dozens of days or even months to calculate and place in position, but it took only a moment to push it down.

Instead of answering his question, Li Jun asked, “Would you like to help me?"

“How do you want me to help?”

"Push it down." Li Jun looked at him deeply, eyes flashing with something that Pei Lu couldn't understand.

“How is this considered helping?” Li Jun breathed a sigh of relief, having thought that it would be a difficult problem.

Pei Lu stretched out his finger and gently touched the first domino. He suddenly remembered something and turned to ask Li Jun, “Aren't you doing this with me?" They pushed it down together the last time.

Li Jun didn't move, looking at him with an indescribable look. After a moment, he slowly raised the corners of his mouth and said very seriously. "You can't regret it after the push."

"No regrets." Pei Lu thought he was still talking about dominos and grinned, “Come here, let's do it together."

"... OK." Li Jun moved and squatted down behind him. His sweaty palm covered the back of Pei Lu’s hand and pushed down with him.

A small row of dominos meandered forward like a stream, pushing one layer after another, and finally merged into the sea. Circle after circle of dominos fell, and the shadow hidden under the square array was finally exposed.

It was like an iceberg floating out of the water, slowly revealing its appearance under the water.

——The white dominos fell and finally revealed a black, almost real heart.