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My Patients Fall in Love with Me Chapter 9

Pei Lu was shocked.

He never thought that playing dominos would have the effect of a horror film. And what was more frightening than the horror film was Li Jun’s feelings.

While Pei Lu may be slow, he was not stupid.

Li Jun was already being so obvious. If he still can’t see it, he will need a new brain.

"666, what should I do?" Pei Lu was flustered. While he had entered many spiritual worlds and treated many patients, this was the first time one had confessed to him. Pei Lu was at a loss.

666 analysed steadily, “Don’t panic, at most you will be fucked.”

"..." Pei Lu said calmly, “Did you want to add on that it is not my body anyway?"

666 pretended to be surprised, “How did you guess?!"

Pei Lu: “…”

After a while, he asked, “Can I choose to give up the mission?”

"No," 666 said deeply, “The patient's mental defense is very strong. If you give up now, it will be difficult to enter again."

"..." Pei Lu said desperately, “Can I reject him? QAQ"

"You can try." 666 couldn't help feeling a little sorry for him.

Pei Lu cheered himself on. He had several scripts prepared before turning, pretending to be surprised. With exaggerated expressions, he said, “How did you do it? This is amazing. I’m so surprised."

"..." Looking at his pretentious acting, Li Jun bent over and cornered him against the wall!

“!!!” Pei Lu’s eyes widened, so shocked that he couldn't speak clearly. He stammered, “What, what are you doing?"

Li Jun snorted and moved towards his neck, carefully smelling the scent of his prey.

"Li Jun!" Pei Lu tried to act tough. If not that his hands were held down, he almost wanted move them to his back to cover his ass.

Low laughter drifted, “Teacher... You don’t have to be afraid, I won't eat you up.”

Pei Lu shook his head vigorously and looked at him pitifully. "Let go of me first. I don’t feel good like this."

However, Li Jun did not let go of him, but pressed him a little tighter instead. His slender fingers swept across his earlobe, and Pei Lu trembled sensitively. Li Jun seemed to like the reaction very much. His fingers pinched his earlobe, gently fiddling.

"Teacher, you are so cute."

"... QAQ" Pei Lu's eyes were red. He said sadly to 666, "I don't want to be fucked…”

"..." 666 was silent momentarily and comforted with a heavy voice, “When life gives you lemons… suck.”

Pei Lu's tears immediately flowed. He did not want to be fucked by a boy that was not fully grown.

"Teacher?" Li Jun looked at the clear water droplets flowing down his cheeks. The hands that were forcefully  imprisoning him unconsciously loosened. Pei Lu paused and thought Li Jun was caving. His tears flowed even more fiercely, looking at him pitifully with tearful black eyes.

"Teacher," Li Jun's adam’s apple bopped and his eyes turned red, “You look so good when you cry..."

“Hic~" Pei Lu started and gasped air into his lungs, giving out a loud hiccup.

Pei Lu: …

Li Jun did not mind that the atmosphere was destroyed at all. He moved towards his face and licked all the way up along the tears tracks… Pei Lu's whole face was wet with licks. He stared blankly. He could not believe that the roommate that he had slept together for so long was a pervert.

The flow of air brought a slight coolness to his wet face and Pei Lu returned to his senses. His lips trembled and he couldn't speak clearly. "Li Jun, what, what are you doing... Let go of me!”

Li Jun gently bit his earlobe and ground it slowly with his teeth. Pei Lu’s whole body was numb.

"Li Jun, don’t do this…”

The strange feeling drove him crazy. Pei Lu struggled fiercely and tried to break away from Li Jun's imprisonment. Unfortunately, the difference in strength between the two of them was too great. Pei Lu not only failed to break free, but also allowed Li Jun to advance further.

... When he was released, Pei Lu stared at the ceiling, momentarily blanked out. Li Jun licked his dry lips playfully, “Teacher, was it good?”

"..." Half held in his arms, Pei Lu was breathless, dying of shame and anger.

666 worried that he might that take it too hard, “Dear, are you okay? This is just a physiological reaction that any normal man will have. It doesn't mean that you felt very good.”

In reality, Pei Lu did feel really good: "..."

He said breathlessly, “Don't talk. I need a moment."

“Sure dear, you take a moment. Don’t take things too hard~" 666 changed his status to offline, and let Pei Lu have a moment alone.

Li Jun carried him up and placed him on the sofa. His fingers shuffled his black hair, waiting for him to come back. Pei Lu was like a turtle with a shell. If you don't break his shell, he will never expose himself.

He has given everything to Pei Lu. In exchange, Pei Lu should also be his.

Li Jun's eyes were deep, waiting for Pei Lu to give an answer.

Pei Lu was dazed, the coolness in his trousers a constant reminder of what had just happened. He wanted to scold Li Jun righteously and tell him to respect his elders. However, cool liquid slid down his trouser leg when he moved, and he couldn’t say anything.

Li Jun played with his hair, tone light, as if he was not the pervert who forced *beep—* just now.

"Teacher, I told you all my secrets. You are responsible for me."

Pei Lu rolled his eyes and turned his face away. After all, he wanted to hit him everytime he saw him.

"Teacher?" Pei Lu shook him and moved closer. Their faces were so close that their hot breath when speaking gusted across each others’ faces. "Teacher, silence implies consent.”

Pei Lu: "..." I really want to curse :)

"I'm going back to school."

Smiling face withdrawn, Li Jun straightened up and looked down at him. "You want to leave? You regret what happened.”

Li Jun stood up impatiently. He turned on the spot a couple of times and looked at him again. His expression was even sad. "You promised me. You said you won't regret it."

Pei Lu had a question mark on his face, "I didn't —“ his voice suddenly stopped. At that moment, he remembered that before pushing down the dominos, Li Jun had said that he couldn't regret it after the push…

Shit. There it was :)

Pei Lu ground his teeth. Feeling reckless and hopeless, he said word by word, “Yes, I regret it."

Li Jun's expression became very strange, seemingly crying or laughing. It changed several times and stopped at an expressionless indifference.

Witnessing that, Pei Lu’s heart was pumping. However, Li Jun suddenly let go of him like nothing had happened, “Go."

"..." Pei Lu sat up tentatively and glanced at him carefully. Li Jun turned away, motionless.

There is no better time to run than now. Pei Lu couldn’t take care of the cool liquid flowing down his trouser legs and fled like a rabbit out of the door.

The door of the room slammed with a loud bang. Li Jun was still standing straight in the same spot quietly.

If Pei Lu could see the expression on his face now, he would probably regret his choice.

Li Jun turned around slowly. His handsome face was contorted, as if trying to suppress some emotion... After a long time, his expression returned to normal. He gently took the door of the game room. Li Jun's eyes were mocking, “Liar."

Pei Lu rushed back to the dormitory and went to the bathroom to clean up the stickiness with a shower. Jumping into bed, he rolled a quilt around him, wrapping himself tightly into a cocoon.

666 saw that he has had his moment and popped up again, “Dear, congratulations on keeping your innocence~"

"..." Pei Lu was not happy. "Can't you say things that makes people happy?"

666 said innocently, “Do you really want to hear it?”

Pei Lu buried his face in the quilt, “No!"

"But I want to tell you anyway.” 666 said. "The progress bar of the mission dropped from 70% to 40%~"

“!!!” The progress can be lost?

Pei Lu sat up in a flash, unbelieving, “You’re lying."

666 said seriously, “Dear, we AIs never lie.”

"..." Having suffered two blows in succession, Pei Lu was dejected. “Why did it drop?"

"Maybe he was unhappy due to the rejection?" 666 guessed.

Pei Lu blew up. "I'm wasn’t unhappy about being forcefully… And why will the progress drop due to unhappiness?"

666 put on an innocent face, "I don't know dear~ You can try to agreeing next time, maybe the progress bar will rise back."

Pei Lu: “…”

To go through that again?