Novel Wars

I’m A Little White Flower In An Escape Game Chapter 1

The streets of Washington D.C. were filled with crowds of people moving, the sounds intertwining with the siren sounds of cars racing past to form a hubbub.

And at the heart of this city stood America’s most infamous and prestigious hospital – –

Washington Hospital.

“Beep beep beep – –”

Inside a cold and sterile hospital room, a sharp and hurried string of mechanical beeps rang out.

Almost immediately after, it was the words of an uncomparably enraged man that was heard: “Nurse, where’s the nurse? Come quickly Doctor, something’s wrong with Ruan Ruan! If she dies, I’ll make sure the rest of you accompany her!”

His resolute and decisive tone carried a lofty air of indifference, crashing through the quiet atmosphere.

Yet people could not help but be pained by the weariness and despair that faintly seeped out of his voice.

Upon hearing the noise, two nurses in the corridor outside briskly moved towards the room.

Whilst pushing the doors open, one of the nurses lifted her head, catching a glimpse of the number plaque.

Room 339.

It was said that this was the room of Bai Ruan Ruan, the lover of Nan Group’s President Jie Ao.

A month ago, 3 days after having an abortion, Miss Bai donated her kidneys, eye canthus and corneas to Jie Ao’s ex-wife, otherwise known as the notorious the Lin Group’s eldest miss, Miss Lin.

A month later, the Lin group was on the brink of bankruptcy, and Miss Lin had, a few days prior, jumped to her own death.

The dispute between the rich families was a miserable situation even to outsiders, and factoring in the undying yet tragic love story of room 339 made it even more so. Countless young nurses in the hospital could only sigh to themselves.

Who could have imagined that the Bai Ruan Ruan who was about to finally get her happy ending after so much struggle would end up being diagnosed with an untreatable leukemia?

Thinking of this, the young nurse let out a sigh before rushing towards the side of Bai Ruan Ruan’s bed.

At this moment, the love of Nan Jie Ao’s life, Bai Ruan Ruan, was lying on the bed.

She had a small and delicate yet clear face, with round and black eyes. Her skin was deathly white, with a slender body, giving the impression of immense frailty, which only induced pity from those who saw her.

Because she no longer had her corneas and canthus, her two eyes were vacant and lifeless, her lips also losing their colour. Her hair hung messily across the pillow, her whole appearance radiating an aura of sickliness.

Upon her first glance at Bai Ruan Ruan, the young nurse’s heart shook slightly.

She could tell that Bai Ruan Ruan’s illness had reached her vital organs, and there was little to no possibility of saving her.

“Ruan Ruan, don’t give up, think about me, think about our future, we can still have lots of kids, and I’ll take you as my wife!”

A handsome yet awkward man tightly held onto Bai Ruan Ruan’s hand, entreating her continuously. “This is the best hospital in the whole world, they can definitely save you, you will definitely get through this!”

At this moment, the emotionless and all-powerful President who had been yelling outside was reduced to something like an injured beast, powerless to do anything. He could only let out cries of desperation.

Cough cough… … It’s useless, Jie Ao… … I knew from the start that a day like this would come… …”

Bai Ruan Ruan let out two painful coughs and weakly reached out her hand. She gently stroked Nan Jie Ao’s face.

A crystal-clear leaked out the corner of her eye, her lifeless pupils becoming soul-stirringly mournful. “Nan Jie Ao, I’m sorry, I love you… …”

But please forgive me, because I can no longer walk with you.

“Ruan Ruan! – –”

【Beep! Congrats host, you have successfully cleared the B grade world <<The President’s 39 Days of Lonely Love>>. With a score of A for your White Lotus performance and having completed 5 side tasks, you have accumulated 3000 points in total. The transfer of points into your account will be done once you leave this world!】【Do you want to leave this world now?】


In the midst of the man’s heart-wrenching bellow, Bai Ruan Ruan contentedly closed her eyes and pressed the death button.

【Thanks for your cooperation host, and I’ll be looking forward to our next meeting.】As the system’s mechanical voice died down, her spirit was pulled away from the world, returning to her actual world.

Yes, Bai Ruan Ruan was not actually a being belonging to that world. Rather, she was a normal person from the 21st century who was bound to the “White Lotus Cultivation System”.

A normal university student, her actual name is “Ruan Bai”, with Bai Ruan Ruan being the pseudonym chosen by the system.

After an accident, Ruan Bai binded to the White Lotus Cultivation System and began to play the role of the White Lotus in various worlds, navigating the different plots.

At the same time, the system would evaluate her based on her acting performance and impact on the plot. With a higher evaluation score, she would earn more points which in turn would give rewards.

Not only can the points be exchanged in the system marketplace for useful props (items in the various worlds), one point can also be converted to a hundred dollars in the actual world.

Ruan Bai was living in poverty, very much so.

She had lost her parents as a young child, and relied on her elderly grandparents to raise her. And as a young adult now, her grandparents’ bodies were deteriorating quickly.

It could be said that everything she had in her life now could be attributed to the White Lotus Cultivation System.

After playing the role of the white lotus four times, Ruan Bai’s ability to perform in the role was already extremely excellent. Furthermore, in her latest performance, she had also received a never-before-seen A grade evaluation.

Despite all this, looking at the points she had gathered, Ruan Bai still didn’t look too happy.

“3000 points, not counting the 1000 points needed to buy items in the next world, the remaining 2000 points can only be converted to 200 000 dollars… … Seems like it’s still not enough.”

She counted on her fingers, realising that after paying back the loan she had taken previously, she would only be left with a couple ten-thousand dollars.

Grandmother had recently gotten very sick again, combined with the desire to buy back the house they had sold previously due to financial issues, this sum of money was still too little and not enough.

Looking at the balance in her hands, Ruan Bai could not help but want to go accomplish a new mission.

If she remembered correctly, if she could attain a S score on a mission, the system would award her with 10 000 points. Converting this into Chinese currency, this would be 1 000 000 dollars!

If not, an A grade would also be alright. 200 000 dollars would be enough to tide her over till graduation.

Thinking about this, Ruan Bai stopped her hesitation and reconnected with the system, expressing her wish to start another job.

When entering a different world, the time in her actual world would stop, so she wasn’t too worried about garnering suspicion from the people around her by disappearing for too long.

【Lately, it seems like there haven’t been worlds that are suitable for you… …】There was a pause before the system’s voice rang out again, as though it was selecting a suitable location. 【Host, do you have any requirements for the mission worlds? Like worlds that aren’t too physically exhausting, or worlds that aren’t too dangerous.】 “No, any world is alright.” Ruan Bai replied confidently. “Don’t worry too much System, and just pick one.”

Although she looked slender and small, she was physically strong, and frequently lifted multiple pails of water with ease.

Moreover, looking at the cheesy plots of the previous worlds she had gone into, what danger was there to worry about?

From drawing 800 millimetres of blood whilst being 8 months pregnant, to having to give her heart to the CEO’s lover right after an abortion, Ruan Bai had seen all kinds of exotic and ridiculous plots.

In the first world she was scared to the point of trembling, thinking she had an eighty percent chance of dying in a different world. She tearfully wrote a letter and passed it to the system, and made it promise to pass the letter to her grandparents.

… … Of course, there was no need to talk about what happened after.

After spending so much time in these worlds, Ruan Bai was even suspicious of the “natural plot” of her own world.

【No qualms about physical exertion, and no requests regarding degree of danger… … Ah, found one! It seems like there’s a world that’s missing you!】After a few seconds, the system let out a lively notification.

【B grade world <<Escaping from the Mermaid-Killing Village>> has been localised, would the host like to continue?】 “Yes!” Ruan Bai answered without hesitation.

Right after she spoke, a wave of suspicion suddenly sprouted up in her heart.

Somehow, there wasn’t something quite right about the vibe of a Mermaid-Killing Village… …

But without waiting for her to express any of these thoughts, the system’s notifications began to be transmitted one after another – –

【Ding! The host has confirmed her choice, after scanning, host Ruan Bai will start her fifth world.】【Starting data download… … Data download has completed.】【The mission world has a higher danger rate, once the host has died, we will not assume responsibility, may the host act with caution.】【Task world is opening up – – Five… Four… Three… Two… One!】