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Princess Tsubakiri Chapter 2 - Rapeblossom part 2

This will be the second part in Japan.

Weaving my way through the crowd in the shopping district, I ran in the ao dai, which was difficult to move in, while carrying my luggage under my arm.

My outward appearance was that of a thin child 12-13 years old, but I wasn’t putting on an act when traveling in risk areas and conflict zones, no matter the circumstances, I was able to immediately run away as fast as I could. I didn’t mean to boast, but I was able to get away in a deep forest from two hunting dogs hunting me all night. ...I really thought I’d die though. Therefore, I had tremendous confidence in my ability to run away at least.

...And yet.

“He’s still coming after me!?”

The “man” was chasing after me. I could acutely feel that presence coming after me from behind. Although I had near-death experiences several times, the cold [bloodthirst] directed solely on me, soaked into my bones, he wasn’t even trying to conceal it anymore, and it threw me in confusion.

“Whywhy!? Why is he chasing after me!? He’s mistaking me for someone! Is it a subordinate from that old man who I ripped all possession off during poker in Thailand!” But that wasn’t my fault!

Rather, with my running ability to get away from hunting fogs, how could he keep coming after me!?

“...Hah” After getting confused for some time, I calmed down. And then I remembered. My goal was… to find my "self”. And to “survive”. I resolved my will to live and to not hesitate in this situation with the “intent to kill” and where it was uncertain whether I could run away.

I didn’t hesitate to throw away the luggage full of memories I’d made during the journey and tore the hem of my ao dai, which was difficult to run in. I didn't think about saving my stamina. I didn't care about the burden on my body. I ran as fast as I could without consideration of the inconvenience to other people.

“As long as I can live… it’ll be my win!”

I didn’t have any power to fight to begin with, and in fact, I didn't have anything at all. And the forte of a person who had nothing was that they couldn’t lose anything, and as long as they survived, it was a win.

I separated from the shopping district with a lot of pedestrians and when I chose to go through a complicated back street and alley, I lost my way in a housing district with few people.

“The walls are high, huh…”

Although I seemed to be looking up leisurely, I was in the middle of running as fast as I could.

As expected, I ran out of breath, but this neighborhood seemed to be a rich one, and it didn’t look like you could come over the wall.

“...Huh?” Even when it looked like I managed to get away, the fixed distance of the presence of the man chasing after me began to gradually shift. Was he losing sight of my position? Maybe he had given up?

Generally, humans shouldn't be able to keep up with my leg strength. I wasn't normal. Even if exclude these [eyes], I couldn't think of myself as a normal human.

The [truth] I inspected with my [eyes] was the "state of the existence". Existence was the reason for "the state of existence", which can be sensed like a presence. Although there was a difference of the amount, it was still possible to sense the presence, right? A person with a strong presence attracts people's attention and drew their thoughts. When other people were being thought of, they became  [recognized] and people and beings increased their presence, and they subsequently drew thoughts to them. For example, sport athletes received people's encouragement and showed results. Artists were acknowledged by other people and produced wonderful performances. Famous movie actors always drew eyes to them and shone even more.

What was recognized by other people and thought of, became that person’s [power].

If that person was aware of the [power] and was intentionally using it... My [eyes] taught me how to use this [power]. By intentionally adding the [power] to my body, I’ll obtain a temporary high physical ability.

Because that “presence” was too strong, I noticed it and sensed danger.  That was why I thought he could sense me to some degree, like I do, but was that just my imagination?

“...Huh?” That man’s presence got stronger again. Was he still chasing me? So, he could actually feel my presence? Then, why did he shift and turn away halfway?

“This is not the time for that.” I resumed my escape again.

Huh? Is the distance getting shorter? Maybe he was taking a shortcut or something.

Yikes,  I’m in a real predicament. I don’t know if it’s my imagination or not, but just a moment ago, I thought I felt the man’s bloodthirst on my back.

If the man knew how to add the [power] to his physical ability as I do, I might not be able to run away with only my running ability. But I won’t give up. My body was still moving. I won't give up and I won't despair.

“I’ll think of the troublesome matters after dying!”

For example, if it continued like this, it would only grow worse. He was definitely shortening the distance.

If it was in this rich neighborhood, it wasn't possible to make my escape by invading someone's open window like in the slums in a developing country.

As I was thinking of what to do while running, I noticed the dead end with a high wall blocking the road I was running on. ...Was he leading me? So the shifting distance was for this purpose… The man grasped the geography of this neighborhood, seemingly wanting to chase after me here.

I don’t remember anyone resenting me enough to do this though. But now I can’t turn back again. If I turn back, the man will definitely catch me.

“...Ahaha.” I let out a dry laugh.

But as if I'd give up!

My surroundings were enclosed by a tall wall, the end of the road was obstructed by a concrete wall.

Running deeper into the dead end, I pressed out the little stamina I had left and used the [power] on my [eyes].


No, I didn't want to see the “big smile of a Brazilian old man digging iron ore”. Carbohydrate… Resin… Lime… Zink… Iron… I was looking at the wall of the dead end. The wall wasn’t part of a residence but put there later, it was a steel frame with concrete panels laid horizontally in it. If it was a panel… There was definitely a tie-together point.

I rushed towards the wall even faster than before. Although at this speed I was rushing towards the wall, let alone breaking it, it seemed more like I’d be on the verge of dying instead, but the reason I was plunging into it wasn't for that.


Gah, I slammed my toes into the gaps of the panel links in the mule of the shoes while maintaining the speed, running up to a wall and, with that momentum, hung my fingers on the tie-together point, and, using a power spring, I got over a 4-meter wall.

I did it… I did it! I succeeded!

I jumped up on the wall with too much momentum, but managed to turn upside down like a somersault in mid-air and looked back.

“...Ah.” I met the eyes of the man who had just caught up.

The man opened his eyes wide as I climbed over the wall, and slowly narrowed his eyes.


Although I thought of various things, my body didn’t fall to the other side of the wall at all. My sweat fluttered slowly in front of my eyes. ... Was my consciousness perhaps speeding up? It seemed that the moment I met the “danger” of an accident, and such, I would see the scenery slowly like a revolving lantern…

The man put his hand slowly -  though probably at an insane speed, inside his half coat and pulled out a reddish-black rod.

I… knew what that was. I had seen it at conflict zones and conflict areas before.


A thunderous sound reverberated and blew me away in an instant…

Ah, so this was death.

The shock pierced through my chest to my back, and a large quantity of blood and chunks of meat scattered in the air.

Maybe it was better than having my body scattering in all directions. If my [power] hadn't strengthened my body, my small frame might have broken into pieces.

…A large hunter rifle that could be used as a sniper rifle. But… the result was the same, huh. Strangely, it hadn't been an instant death, but I wouldn't be able to saved with this wound.

… Falling from the other side of the wall, I looked up at the sky, and as my bloodies vision darkened, I thought at last, "Will my life end here!?"

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