Novel Wars

Daily life of a wealthy woof Ch 54.2-Pudding brand dog biscuits

The brat was at once frightened into tears at the sight of those sharp canine teeth and the biscuits in his hands were dropped onto the floor. His mother immediately picked up the biscuits and placed them back onto the shelf then pulled the brat to leave.

Zuo Ning innocently turned his head to look at Lu Cheng He. If that kid were to have a phobia of dogs in the future, he was without a doubt the main culprit.

Lu Cheng He bowed his head while suppressing a laugh and pushed the little idiot into the queue to checkout.

With that, one person one dog happily browsed around the supermarket and even though there were always disagreements on the groceries to purchase, overall, this outing could still be considered a happy one. Once they reached home, Lu Cheng He immediately placed the prawns into the pot to boil and then rolled up his sleeves to make some biscuits for Little Pudding.

Afterall, he doesn’t know what kind of ingredients have been added into the food outside but they were most likely all sorts of artificial sugar and creamer in order to enhance the flavor of the food so he might as well make it himself.

Zuo Ning saw that Lu Cheng He was really going to make him biscuits so he simply sat at the entrance of the kitchen to stare at him. In these few days, he had already seen Lu Cheng He cook, but it was mostly simple cooking like frying some vegetables or boiling some dumplings. Preparing his dog food was even simpler, all that was required was to cut and then boil before mixing the dog food together with the various kinds of vitamin powder. Hence, seeing Lu Cheng He roll up his sleeves to bake him biscuits, Zuo Ning felt quite curious.

Lu Cheng He saw Little Pudding sitting at the kitchen entrance observing him like a supervisor so he said laughingly: “Not playing by yourself but looking over here, do you even understand what you’re looking at?”

Zuo Ning shook his head a little with his tail also swaying about behind him: “Woof! “I can understand everything, I can even make it for you in the future!

Lu Cheng He smiled and pasted the recipe he found online on the cabinet. Then, according to the requirements of the recipe, he started stirring the ingredients together.

Zuo Ning just sat at the door and watched. The kitchen leads directly to the yard, and there is also a large floor-to-ceiling glass. When the sunlight shines in, the entire kitchen looks extremely bright. And Lu Cheng He at this moment was standing against the light, and his entire side seemed to have passed through a layer of light. He was so handsome that he almost blinded Zuo Ning’s dog eyes.

It wasn’t until the oven rang that Zuo Ning recovered and smelled the rich scent of milk in the air. Only then did he realize that he had lost his thoughts for so long as he stared at Lu Cheng He. He wasn’t even aware when Lu Cheng He made the small biscuit model and put it in to bake or when he cleaned the shrimps. When he came back to reality, the biscuits are ready, the shrimps are cleaned and Lu Cheng He was preparing his dog food. It was a wonder where his spirit had gone for more than an hour.

Lu Cheng He wiped his hands, put on his gloves and then opened the oven and take out the baking tray. Inside, the golden and crispy dog-shaped and bone-shaped biscuits have been baked quite well.
Zuo Ning smelt that milky fragrance, took a deep breath and then ran over to climb onto Lu Cheng He’s thigh, wanting to see how the biscuits turned out.

Lu Chng He thought he couldn’t wait to eat, so he picked him up so that he could see the baking tray on the kitchen table: “It will take a while, it’s very hot now, wait till it has cooled down before eating.”

Looking at the neatly arranged dog-shaped and dog bone-shaped biscuits on the baking tray, he felt that if sealed in small bags, they could directly be sold as a commodity. He really didn’t anticipate Lu Cheng He to have such a talent. As expected of the man he likes, really omnipotent!

Lu Cheng He let Little Pudding take a look then, placed him onto the ground and drove him out to play, so as to prevent him from giving in to the smell of the biscuits and secretly reaching out a paw which will definitely give him a burn.

Zuo Ning returned to the living room satisfied, and when he saw the male protagonist in the TV series hugging and kissing the female protagonist while spinning in circles, he too squinted his eyes and rolled around in circles on the carpet while laughing. Lu Cheng He personally making him biscuits made him so happy he could die. If only the both of them could live like this all the time. The more comfortable they are now, the less he wants to return to that big manor.

The milk flavor in the biscuits were strong enough but the biscuits were not too sweet. Lu Cheng He used specially refined sugar and not ordinary granulated sugar, which is less unhealthy for dogs, so that it would be fine for Little Pudding to eat more biscuits. Besides, Little Pudding also gave him face and directly ate half of the biscuits on the baking tray after dinner.

If it weren’t for eating till his stomach was too round which prevented him from eating more and resulting in a portion of the biscuits being kept, the entire tray of biscuits would have been eaten by him. Even at night, when it was time to brush his teeth, the little thing’s (ZN) body still smelt of milk.

After that, Lu Cheng He brushed his fur with some dry-cleaning products. The villa did not have a dryer for pets and so during this period of time, he would clean Little Pudding like this every few days and wait till they got back home to give him a thorough bath.

After wiping clean his paws, Lu Cheng He hugged him to the bed:” You’re already clean, so do not step on the floor, behave yourself.”

With that, Lu Cheng He went to bathe. As soon as Lu Cheng He entered the bathroom to take a shower, the mobile phone on the bedside table rang. Zuo Ning craned his neck to take a look and saw that it was mother Lu. He took a glance at Lu Cheng He, who was still in the midst of showering, and decided to press a paw down to answer the video call.

The video call connected but her son’s face was nowhere in sight. Mother Lu then called for Lu Cheng He a few times when suddenly a big dog’s head stretched into the camera frame. Thinking that the call was probably answered by Little Pudding on accident, mother Lu smiled and said:” Little Pudding ah, after playing outside for so long, have you missed me? Come on, say something and let me hear your voice.”

Zuo Ning obediently made a sound, making mother Lu burst out laughing with joy and praising baby (ZN) for being so smart. Then, she asked:” Where is Cheng He? Where is your papa Lu? Quickly go and call your papa Lu here.”

That’s right, in mother Lu’s eyes, Little Pudding can already be considered his (LCH) son and since that is the case, there is nothing wrong with calling Lu Cheng He papa Lu.

Zuo Ning directly ignored this form of address, what kind of messy seniority is this. Then, he waved his tail and swiped it against the phone lens.

Mother Lu probably did not have any important thing to do so seeing that Little Pudding did not understand what she said, she was also not in a rush. It has been many days since she saw this little thing (ZN) and she does miss him a little. Hence, she continued talking to him and once in a while Little Pudding would make a sound which she just interprets as him replying.

When Lu Cheng He came out of the shower, he saw Little Pudding squatting on the bedside table and his mother talking in the phone. So, he directly walked over and grabbed the phone:” Mom, what’s the matter?”

Seeing her son's appearance, Mother Lu guessed that he had probably taken a shower just now, so she did not bother asking and went straight to the topic: “When will you be back?"

When Zuo Ning heard this, his ears drooped down. Sure enough, it was time to go back home. However, the fact that they were able to stay outside for a period of time and live in their own two-person world for so many days, it can be considered his gain in a way.

Lu Cheng He replied: “Around another two days.”

The moment she heard that her son wanted to continue staying outside for another two days, she was immediately unhappy:” You better come back as soon as possible, your uncle and the rest have been talking about you during the Chinese New Year. Your grandfather has also been waiting for you so quickly come back soon.”

Lu Cheng He had originally planned to return after two more days, but seeing that his mother called to urge him, he decided to head back home the very next day. After offering his new year greetings to his grandfather, he probably won’t even be able to rest for two more days at home before he will have to go back to work. After hanging up the phone, he saw Little Pudding lying listlessly on the bed so, he went forward and pat his ears: “What’s wrong, are you unhappy because you heard that we have to head back home?”

Zuo Ning glanced at Lu Cheng He, climbed onto him from the bed and rubbed against his chest. Even though he was not willing to end such happy days, but life will have to go back to its original course. When Lu Cheng He gets home, he will start to be busy again every day and when that time comes, he can also sort himself out properly.

However, what Zuo Ning did not expect was that, returning back home did not mean returning to their original routine life, instead what awaited them was akin to a more dog-blooded reality.

Zuo Ning sat on the sofa tightly pressed beside Lu Cheng He’s thigh, forcefully insisting that Lu Cheng He’s hand is on his head and stroking him. Whenever Lu Cheng He put his hand down, he would immediately use his paw to pat Lu Cheng He’s thigh to remind him. When it was necessary, declaring his sovereignty was also a relatively important act.

Meanwhile, sitting quietly with a good posture on the other side of the sofa, was a girl who was wearing a beige dress, a white cashmere coat, and a pair of high-heeled boots as high as the calf of her feet. She had a clean face with no makeup on, instead she had a fair complexion and delicate facial features.

Mother Lu sat beside the girl and while holding the girl’s hand, she said to Lu Cheng He:” This is Ren Shi Shi, she’s currently studying at a Fine Arts Academy in Canada. Her artworks are all painted very beautifully especially those with human characters. Now that she’s come back to the country to pass the new year, I am thinking about asking her to paint an oil painting for me, and an especially big one at that. Therefore, I have decided to might as well let Shi Shi stay in our house for a period of time.”

Zuo Ning rolled his eyes silently in his heart. If it’s a blind date, then just say it’s a blind date, was there a need to make so many excuses.

How can Lu Cheng He not understand his mother’s intentions however, since his mother did not say it obviously, he naturally would not be so inconsiderate and drive away the person rudely. So, he said:” Welcome Miss Ren, in that case I will have to trouble Miss Ren with accompanying my mother in this period of time then.”

Ren Shi Shi smiled slightly. That gentle virgin (静若处子 ) appearance encompasses all of the unique temperament of Chinese beauties, gentle and demure, dignified and beautiful. With that slight smile that seemed to contain the poetic grace of a classical beauty, she said:” It is my honor to be able to paint Aunt Lu.”

Looking at her like this, even as a dog, Zuo Ning had to praise Mother Lu’s good eyesight. Just looking at this appearance, she definitely deserves to be matched with Lu Cheng He.

So, with a bitter heart, Zuo Ning stretched out his nails and gave Lu Cheng He’s thigh a pinch!

Having already followed Little Pudding’s wishes to smooth his fur, yet still being scratched by his paws, Lu Cheng He decided to might as well hugged him onto his lap and hold down his paws to prevent him from moving around. Only then did he said to Ren Shi Shi: "Then Miss Ren, feel free to inform the housekeeper if you need anything. I still have things to deal with. Excuse me.” After speaking, he hugged little pudding and left.

The place they were talking about was mother Lu’s side of the manor. Even if everyone in the manor were well aware of what mother Lu was thinking in her heart, it was still not appropriate for a girl who is single to live together with Lu Cheng He. However, as long as they were staying in the same manor, there would always be a chance to meet. The pavilion closest to the water enjoy the moon first (近水楼台先得月), who knows, perhaps where the water flows, a canal forms (水到渠成).

If Zuo Ning knew what mother Lu thought, he would definitely look up to the sky and laugh out loud. Talking about the pavilion closest to the moon, who else but him can be as close to Lu Cheng He. He is the one who sleeps with Lu Cheng He daily!

However, now that there is a powerful love rival at home, he definitely could not be careless towards Lu Cheng He in the future. It is absolutely necessary to guard and defend to death!