Novel Wars

Daily life of a wealthy woof Ch 55-Where is the promised script

Zuo Ning pulled open his red envelopes one by one and as he looked at the bed filled with beaming red festive envelopes, he smiled till his eyes were squinted. Using his paw, he felt the thickness of each and every one of the envelopes. Some were thin while some were so thick that the envelope could not close. These were all his war trophies, it was really unexpected that Lu Cheng He had so many relatives on his grandfather’s side of the family, and they were so generous.

That day, Lu Cheng He had brought him over to greet his grandfather, then he had actually grabbed his paws directly to give his grandfather a greeting. This made Lu Cheng He’s grandfather, who had a head full of grey hair, was so happy that he gave him, Zuo Ning, a big red envelope. When the other elders and juniors of Lu Cheng He's grandfather's family saw this, they all also took out red envelopes and gave them to him. And so, Zuo Ning received so many red envelopes that the small bags he carried that day almost couldn’t contain all of them.

After he rolled around on the bed full of red envelopes in satisfaction, Zuo Ning then pushed out a small beautiful empty box from his dog house to side of the bed. After which, he proceeded to place each envelope into the box.

That small box was something Lu Cheng He specially instructed someone to buy. It was silver-white, with some beautiful patterns carved on it. It was sqaure-shaped and had a delicate and compact lock. When all the red envelopes were packed in, the small box was already half full. Although Zuo Ning really wanted to open them one by one to see how much cash was inside, his claws made it difficult to do so. However, Lu Cheng He said that they were all his so he must keep them properly.

Most importantly, even Lu Cheng He did not know much cash was in the red envelopes. Zuo Ning felt that if he really became human as he wished, then these red envelopes could most probably be his new life fund. So, he must keep them well now and absolutely cannot let Lu Cheng He help him arrange them.

Hence, Zuo Ning tried his best to pull apart the mountain of toys and push the box full of red envelopes into the innermost section of the toy mountain before piling the toys back on top of the box. After doing all this, he was dog-tired.

Glancing at the time it was still too early for Lu Cheng He to get off work. Zuo Ning thought for a while and according to the so-called saying ‘knowing oneself and knowing one's enemy can win every battle’(知己知彼百战百胜), he decided to investigate the background of that girl named Ren Shi Shi.

Not sure of it is because Lu Cheng He was at work, but that Ren Shi was rather peaceful, staying at mother Lu’s place and not coming over. However, this might be because she was a newcomer and doing something excessive might seem too abrupt, so she was quietly bidding her time.

Zuo Ning decided to go see how that girl behave in front of others and behind their backs. Who knows, with this appearance of a dog, he might be able to discover things that nobody else knows.

Zuo Ning trotted all the way from the back corridor. Being in this house for at least half a year, the route has long been familiar for him. He has been to all the places even the ones that he should not go to. In this whole house, the only place he has not set foot in is probably the underground wine cellar since the place has been locked by the housekeeper. The last time he tried to secretly follow the housekeeper in, he was ruthlessly blocked outside by the housekeeper.

But it doesn’t matter, one day, his footprints will be all over the corners of this house!

After walking all the way to mother Lu’s place, he saw mother Lu and that girl sitting and chatting in the living room. So, he secretly crept forward, wanting to hear if they were formulating any plan to lure Lu Cheng He.

Afterall, he was too familiar with such a situation. During that time when the elder brother of the Lu family was exposed, mother Lu and Elder brother’s mother discussed every day on how to straighten out their son and how to force Chu Hang to retreat. Although those plans were useless, the situation now seemed similar to a cold war.

However, Zuo Ning’s alarm seemed to be ringing in this instant and he listened carefully. As expected, he could hear mother Lu talking about Lu Cheng He.

“And this. This is a photo of him skiing when he was seven years old. It was the first time taking him to a ski resort. At that young age, he was already serious like an adult and if not for his dad unceremoniously pushing him off the slide, there probably weren’t be a picture like this taken.”

The moment he heard about the photo, Zuo Ning stopped hiding and quickly jumped out and onto the sofa, sitting himself between the two women. Then, he looked at the photo spread out on the sofa. In the photo, there was a boy wearing a ski suit and ski goggles falling face flat into the snow. Even though Lu Cheng He couldn’t be recognized in the photo at all since his entire face was covered, knowing that such a black history of Lu Cheng He’s has been photographed by his father, Zuo Ning can’t help but be happy at the thought of it.

Mother Lu saw that Little Pudding had actually ran over so, she hugged him and rubbed his fur:” Why did little baby run over today? Usually, you are reluctant to come even when I try to pull you here, is it because you know that there is a little sister(小姐姐) here and you want to play with her?”

After saying that, mother Lu looked towards Ren Shi Shi who was quietly looking at the photos at the side and said:” I haven’t introduce to you the other day, but this is Little Pudding. I brought him back previously but Cheng He ended up raising him. And since this is Cheng He’s first pet, he is very affectionate towards it.”
The meaning behind her words is that she hopes Ren Shi Shi would also like Little Pudding. Afterall, if the two (RSS and LCH) were to really be together in the future, it would be bad if they were to split because of a pet. Knowing Cheng He’s personality, unless he encounters the kind of true love that can make him compromise and repeatedly lower his bottom line, it is impossible for him to give up Little Pudding for a suitable woman.

Mother Lu is also aware how difficult it is to meet a true love is this day and age, especially so with her son’s picky temperament. It’s probably not easy to even find a women that barely meets his standards. Her son has good conditions and was also handsome since young yet after so many years, she had never once seen him indulging in early romance.

To be honest, in the past, she didn’t know how worried she was that one day a woman with a big belly would suddenly appear at the door of their house to hold her son accountable and make the entire family restless. It’s such a pity that it was only after so many years that she discovered what a happy occasion it would be to have such a restless house.

Ren Shi Shi naturally understood mother Lu’s words, but she just smiled slightly and said:” Little Pudding is very cute.”

The more mother Lu looked at her, the more she liked this girl, gentle and lady-like, not impetuous at all. Nowadays, there are few girls in their twenties who can be this calm. What her son needs is a calm partner and not those trouble-makers in dog-blood TV series. However, if her son can really take the initiative to like a girl, even if she is a trouble-maker, she will also be willing to recognize her. Unfortunately, he didn’t so, she has to pick a good one for him herself.

As Zuo Ning pricked up his ears to listen in on their conversation, he moved his paws at the same time to flip through the childhood photos of Lu Cheng He. Not to mention, these childhood photos of Lu Cheng He really made people drool and it was the kind that made people want to take a bite.

Seeing that Little Pudding was actually looking at the photo album so seriously, mother Lu couldn’t help but smile and say:” Little Pudding, did you recognize your master? Come see your master’s childhood photos, see if he is still as handsome as before.”

Zuo Ning happily barked at mother Lu:” Wang!” Very handsome.

There were many photos of Lu Cheng He when he was a child, but Lu's mother didn't take out many. She only took out two photo albums and showed them to Ren Shishi while talking about Lu Chenghe's various hobbies. In this moment, mother Lu did not look like a wealthy lady at all. Instead, she looked purely like an ordinary mother who was worried about her son's future life events.

Zuo Ning sat at one side and listened, his initial joy at seeing Lu Cheng He’s childhood photos had slowly become something depressing. Mother Lu was very much looking forward to having a daughter-in-law and a grandson. This meant that even if he were to become a human in the future, it was still impossible for him and Lu Cheng He to be together. Thinking about it like this, he couldn’t help but worry. Why did he have to meet Lu Cheng He, and when he had finally accepted his new identity why was he given the hope that he will be able to become human again. It seems like the heavens wants to play with him till death.

Just as Zuo Ning was contemplating this, mother Lu suddenly got up:” The small dessert that I made should be ready soon, I’ll go and take a look. I made it by hand so you both should eat more later on.”

Ren Shi Shi smiled and nodded her head.

When Zuo Ning saw mother Lu walking towards the kitchen, he looked up at the girl and then deliberately walked around her, using his tail to slap her arm. If this girl took the opportunity to do something bad to him while the owner is away, he will definitely complain when Lu Cheng He returns!

Wasn’t it always like this in TV drama. Vicious woman something something, come on, come on, there’s no one else in the living room now, so you can do whatever you want. There’s a tail for you to pull, fur for you to pull and you can even kick the belly if you want, I will bear with it. If you don’t do anything, how can I complain to Lu Cheng He.

Ren Shi Shi looked at the Samoyed walking around the sofa, with a thick white coat and a beautiful body shape. The way he raises his head even gave people the feeling that he was very noble. It can be seen that this is indeed Lu Cheng he’s treasure, otherwise, he would not have been raised so well. In fact, he (ZN) has the freedom to run around the whole manor freely instead of being locked up.

However, Ren Shishi doesn't like dogs. She doesn't like this kind of creature that wags its tail in front of humans and begs for mercy. Although cats and dogs are both fragile pets that need to be raised by humans, cats are even more arrogant with the kind of arrogance that made it necessary for the owner to surrender under its feet.

As for dogs, as long as there was something delicious, they will grab your legs and happily wag their tails towards you. As long as you give them a little food, they would become loyal towards you and even be willing to sacrifice everything for you. This is too humble and yet too pitiful.

Although Ren Shi Shi disliked it, it was only dislike and not hate. Hence, seeing this little rascal named Little Pudding rubbing around her side, she didn’t pay him any attention and just bowed her head and focused on the photo album Aunt Lu took out.

Towards such matchmaking behavior amongst the elderlies, Ren Shi Shi honestly felt repulsed, but there are many times when she does not have that many choices. She was originally lodging under another’s rood, so she could only obey and do what her elders want. If she had this fate to marry a good person, even if it’s not for love, as long as they can respect each other like a guest then it was already enough for her. However, if she does not have such a fate, then she can only give up.

But fortunately, this Lu Chenghe looks very good, and was at least gentlemanly. And Aunt Lu is also a nice person and not difficult to get along with. However, the choice was not hers to make.

Mother Lu soon came out together with the maid carrying a plate of small cake. First, she hugged Little Pudding back in her arms, took a piece of cake and handed it to Ren Shishi: “Try it, don't worry, Lu Cheng He specially instructed someone to make this ingredient. Because the Little Pudding loves to eat sweet food, he was worried that eating too much will not be good for him (ZN), so even at home the ingredients that are used to make desserts are all very healthy, eating more will not make you fat.”

Ren Shishi smiled and thanked her, then picked up a spoon and scooped up the soft cake. The cake melted in her mouth with a sweet and soft taste. Compared with the food outside , there was a deeper flavor of the actual ingredients themselves, and the taste was very good: “It's delicious. Auntie's craftsmanship is really good. ”

The happiest thing for mother Lu is that what she does is recognized by others, and hearing her praise, mother Lu laughed even more happily. She likes this kind of girls who eat very well. The girls nowadays don’t eat this and don’t eat that so as to keep in shape, making people lose their appetite when they see that.

Only at mother Lu’s place, Zuo Ning could eat more of the foods that Lu Cheng He would not give him and he had to keep this a secret from Lu Cheng He or else, it was another lesson for him. When Ren Shi Shi had finished one serving, he had already eaten three servings. When he looked at the plate again, mother Lu asked the people to withdraw:” You can’t eat anymore. If you eat too much, I will have to take the blame for you again.”

Zuo Ning licked his mouth and sat very demurely and reserved. He didn’t want to lose face in front of this girl.

Mother Lu originally thought that this little rascal would pester her again, but she didn’t expect that he would be this obedient so, she patted his head while praising:” Little Pudding has finally grown up and is becoming more and more sensible.”

After afternoon tea, mother Lu planned to go upstairs to take a break. Ren Shishi also said that she wanted to go to the yard to paint for a while so of course, Zuo Ning was going to supervise Ren Shishi, and definitely not let her have a chance to make trouble. This yard is so big, who knows which yard she is talking about.

Originally, Zuo Ning thought that Ren Shishi was looking for an excuse to approach Lu Cheng He's side slowly, but he didn't expect that she really took the easel and went somewhere farther away from Lu Cheng He's side, but it was closer to the flower house. The scenery there was indeed very good, making it very suitable for painting.

While Ren Shishi sat in front of the canvas and adjust the paint, Zuo Ning circled her a few times. The more he looked at her, the more he felt that mother Lu’s vision was good. This girl was so beautiful. If she was in his previous school, she was definitely a goddess-level character on campus. Although he used to look a bit handsome, he was only at the level of straw grass, and he was still a bit far away from school grass, so there wasn’t much encounter with beautiful girls either.

Unexpectedly, now that he has become a dog, he is surrounded by beautiful women. Every girl he came into contact with were all big beauties. But it's a pity that before that, he had already been bent by Lu Cheng He, alas. . . It's such a pity.

That straight posture and eyes that carefully scrutinize the canvas, Zuo Ning found it very pleasing to the eye. Moreover, although this girl was not enthusiastic about him at all, she did not do any tricks on him behind others’ back, which made Zuo Ning very frustrated. If he wanted to find something wrong to complain about, he can’t. Accusing an innocent girl shouldn’t be allowed.

Seeing that there were still a few pieces of canvas in a bag behind Ren Shishi that were similar to the ones fixed to the easel, Zuo Ning ran over. Glancing at Ren Shi Shi who seemed to be completely focused on painting, Zuo Ning dragged out the canvas inside the bag. The rustling voice did not even make Ren Shishi look back and Zuo Ning was struggling on deciding whether to make trouble.

Most can conceal their temper. As long as they don't encounter trouble, they all have a super good temper. Like the posts and videos he watched, those who love dogs and keep dogs, call their dogs baby or honey so sweetly. But when they see their dogs tearing up the house, the feeling of wanting to stew their dogs is definitely present. Moreover, since he is only damaging a few blank canvases, not her finished paintings, if she loses her temper at him, then it can be said that this bad temper was definitely not suitable for Lu Cheng He.

So, after a little debating, Zuo Ning began to take the initiative.

When Lu Cheng He came back, he didn't see the small cannonball that should have shot out of the house, so he asked the housekeeper, “Where's Little pudding.”

The housekeeper said, “He went to madam’s place to play in the afternoon, but he hasn’t returned yet. A while ago, a servant saw Xiao Pudding and Miss Ren near the greenhouse.”

Lu Chenghe frowned slightly, and his hand that was unbuttoning his clothes stopped. Then, he turned and walked towards the greenhouse. He was still not familiar with that Ren Shi Shi. He just knows that Ren Shishi is his niece from his great aunt's house and because of something that happened at home, she has been living in her uncle's house for many years.

He didn't know the temperament of that woman. Letting her stay at Lu's house was because he didn't want to upset his mother, but this didn't mean that he was willing to let Liao Pudding get close to her.

However, after Lu Cheng He found the greenhouse and went there, he realized that he had worried too little just now. Although he knew that at home, as long as this woman had a brain, she would not do anything bad, but there was always the possibility that she would feed Little Pudding some unhealthy food to make him get close to her.

However, when he saw Little Pudding in the greenhouse, he saw that he was covered with paint, and he was currently printing his paw prints one after another on a canvas. Lu Cheng He only felt that he was almost unable to control his anger: "Little pudding!”

Hearing a voice, Ren Shishi, who was immersed in the painting, finally regained her senses, and seeing the person approaching, she quickly stood up: “Mr. Lu.”

Although Lu Cheng He was angry, he still controlled his temper and glanced at her, and then walked to the back to pick up the little pudding that had been having a good time.

Ren Shishi’s gaze followed him and saw that the ground was filled with canvas paper. Even the spare paint she put in her bag was opened, it was squeezed all over the floor, and the canvas was full of various dog paw prints. Additionally, the fur of the Samoyed was so dirty, the white could not be seen.

Ren Shishi immediately felt a thump in her heart. Since she often sketched outside, and sometimes was even observed by many people, she had slowly became accustomed to being able to immerse herself in her paintings in a noisy environment. As long as no one talks to her, she can keep painting like nothing else was happening. So, the fact that Little Pudding played with her paint and canvas behind her, she was really clueless about it.

When he saw Lu Cheng He approaching, Zuo Ning was still very happy and wanted to rush over, he didn't expect that time would pass so quickly, and Lu Cheng He was already off work. But seeing Lu Cheng He's gaze that could kill a dog, Zuo Ning was instantly discouraged. Looking down, he finally saw the floor that he had made too messy to see, the messy canvas, and his messy self, before he realized what he had done.

Just as Zuo Ning wanted to stretch out his paws and pretend to cry pitifully, he saw his paws, ai yo. Even he himself simply couldn't wait to chop his paws off, so he hurriedly retracted them back: “Wu wu wu. . . ”Don't be angry, this is paint, not oil paint. It's actually easy to wash.

Ren Shishi also realized that Lu Cheng He seemed to be angry, and said anxiously: "I'm sorry, I didn't pay attention. In the future, I will put all these things away and I won't let Little Pudding touch them again.”

Lu Cheng He looked at this woman with cold eyes. He knew that she was probably not to blame, but could he pin the blame on a dog who didn't understand anything? But this is not the time to talk about this matter, Lu Cheng He just said coldly: “In the future, I will have to trouble Miss Ren to take care of her own things.”

After speaking, whilst disregarding paint all over Xiao Pudding, he hugged him in his arms and left. With his long legs, he walked quickly towards the house, and immediately ordered the housekeeper to call Dr. Wen. Then, without stopping he walked up to the bathroom on the second floor, threw Little Pudding into the bath tub, and immediately turned on the water to rinse him.

Zuo Ning obediently let him busy himself, but why did he have to call the doctor? Was he worried that he ate the paint? How could that be possible, he (ZN) is not stupid.

However, Lu Cheng He might have really thought he was a fool, and forcefully opened his mouth while preparing the water: “Open your mouth and let me see what random thing you have eaten.”

Zuo Ning quickly opened his mouth wide for Lu Cheng He to see. His mouth was clean and there was no paint at all.

But even so, Lu Cheng He still smacked his butt angrily. This time, he smacked him especially hard, not just to fake scare him. So Zuo Ning suddenly looked at Lu Cheng He in a daze.

“Daring to play with everything, you really are getting bolder and bolder! Do you know that paint is poisonous! If you eat the paint, do you know how serious the matter would be!”

Zuo Ning laid by the tub aggrieved. Obviously, he would not eat the paint. Even after using his nails to open the paint tube, seriously, not even a single drop of paint got into his mouth at all.

Lu Cheng He squeezed his mouth and made him look at himself: “Really didn't eat anything?”

Zuo Ning made a small sound, really didn't eat anything.

Lu Cheng He only felt fortunate now. Although Little Pudding is a little greedy, he really doesn't like to bite everything with his mouth. Even those toys of his, he preferred to play with his paws instead of biting with his mouth like other dogs. So, when Lu Cheng He saw Little Pudding playing with paint, Lu Cheng He had really been frightened. He was afraid that Little Pudding used his mouth to bite the paint. If it weren't for this, he wouldn't be so angry.

Fearing that Little Pudding would not learn from this, Lu Cheng He twisted his ears and threatened: “If you dare to touch those things again in the future, I will really smack you hard and smack until you remember!”

Zuo Ning looked at Lu Cheng He cowardly, and did not even dare to wrestle his ears out of his hands. Obviously, he just wanted to test the bottom line of Ren Shi Shi's temper, so how did he draw out Lu Cheng He's violent temper instead. The script he set up was not supposed to be written like this.... Ying ying ying.