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After My Ex-Boyfriend’s White Moonlight Proposed to Me Chapter 64 - A Little Temper

The office of the art team was in the third floor. It was transformed from a conference room, and now was messily piled with various drafts and drawings.

This hotel had many conference rooms. The one that was originally for the art team was on the fifth floor. Later it was somehow changed by Zhuang Yan to this one on the third floor.

One side of the office was a spacious floor-to-ceiling window. Wang Jianjian often came to the window side to watch the flow of people outside.

In his words, it had the special feeling of being middle class people in it.

While Xie Ning was the opposite, he normally would even bypass that floor-to-ceiling window.

Wang Jianjian observed for a few days, before he reacted, “Are you afraid of heights?”

Xie Ning embarassedly smiled, “A bit. The third floor is okay still.”

Wang Jianjian tsked, both his hands propped up on the table, lamenting, “I finally knew why Zhuang Yan changed our office location.”

Xie Ning didn’t pay attention to these things, so he momentarily failed to understand.

Yet Wang Jianjian had already changed the topic, “I heard you were sick two days ago?”

“Just a little cold,” said Xie Ning.

Wang Jianjian glanced at his watch, then glanced at the twos and threes people in the office, before finally letting his line of sight fell unto Xie Ning who was still scribbling on the paper.

“You work so hard after just recovering from serious illness?”

Xie Ning put down his brush and shook his head, “It wasn’t any serious illness. These few days I didn’t come, just the right time to make up for those drawings.”

Wang Jianjian laughed in spite of himself, “Either one is a workaholic. Alright, it wasn’t early anymore, go back soon. The drawings can be continued tomorrow. If I hold you up late, Director Zhuang will call to torment me again.”

Xie Ning laughed, then obediently tidied his things before he went out.

When he entered the elevator, he unexpectedly bumped into Sheng Shisong again. Xie Ning gave him a smile.

Sheng Shisong’s sight fell into the drawing board he held in his hands before lightly shifted away, he returned the smile, “What a coincidence. We meet again.”

The assistant following Sheng Shisong noted that the two of them knew each other, so he kindly reminded, “This elevator is going up.”

The assistant probably thought he wanted to go down but took the wrong elevator.

Xie Ning’s line of sight swept across the row of buttons, only the one for the top floor was light up.

He calmly said, “I’m also going up.”

Under the assistant’s surprised gaze, the elevator stopped at the top floor. Xie Ning went out of the elevator a step later than them and said goodbye to Sheng Shisong.

The top floor was all suites, the number of people from the crew who lived in this floor can be counted with both hands.

Sheng Shisong looked at the direction he was leaving, then stroke his chin.

If he didn’t remembered wrongly, Zhuang Yan’s room seemed to be that way.


When going back to the room, Xie Ning met yet another person at the door.

It was a woman. She didn’t look old, maybe in her twenties. But with make-up on, it was hard to judge her real age.

Xie Ning can’t help but glanced at her a few more times, but this wasn’t because of her looks.

She might had been a beauty in the eyes of the masses, but to the aesthetically picky Zhuan Yan and Xie Ning, she was just so-so.

It’s just that the clothes she was wearing was honestly too revealing. Xie Ning seemed to be able to see her thighs behind those light and thin clothes just by lowering his head, thus he awkwardly moved his line of sight away.

See no evil.

Couldn’t hold back his curiosity, Xie Ning muttered silently in his heart. Was it really not cold if you are dressed like this?

Upon seeing Xie Ning, that ‘I’m pitiful’ expression on her face promptly vanished. She coldly glanced at Xie Ning, revealing a sense of scrutiny.

Xie Ning unconsciously thought he had gone the wrong way. He looked up to see the room number, yeah, it was really his and Zhuang Yan’s room.

Xie Ning hadn’t had time to asked when the woman started to talk, “Are you also looking for Director Zhuang?”

Xie Ning was flabbergasted, “You are looking for Zhuang Yan?”

The woman wrinkled her eyebrows, scrutinizing Xie Ning from top to bottom. Her tone carried an impatience, “It’s all for the same purpose, what are you pretending with me for?”

Xie Ning’s face showed his dumbfoundment.

He had not understood what the woman was going on about, but he could vaguely tell that there had been some kind of misunderstanding.

At the same time, he also felt hostility from the other party’s eyes.

This hostility came so mysteriously that Xie Ning became doubtful in his heart. But he was one hundred percent sure he hadn’t met this woman before.

Was it because of Zhuang Yan?

Xie Ning was a bit jittery, but his good upbringing still made him ask in a calm tone, “Excuse me, you are...?”

The woman didn’t answer.

Xie Ning wasn’t one to talk to a stranger in the first place. Seeing her kept silent, he just turned away and fetched the room card from his pocket.

Just after he swiped the card, he saw that woman looked over in surprise, “You actually managed to get the room card?”

The woman leaned over curiously, “I wasted lots of power just to ask for the room number.  Where did you get this room card from? This connection of yours wasn’t simple, it seemed. Did you know someone from the hotel?”

Xie Ning was not used to being so close to other people. He frowned, pushing her away. He then swiped the card and entered the room.

The woman hestitated for a bit before following in.

Xie Ning had no desire to talk to her, but it would also be rude to leave the lady hanging at the door.

He put away the drawing board, then made the woman some tea.

His mannerism of being a host left the woman surprised for a long time. She looked at him strangely for ages before muttering to herself, “I’ve never known that Director Zhuang like boys.”

She then scrutinized him some more, “So his type was like this?”

Some annoyance appeared in her eyes, feeling that she hadn’t done enough preparation.

Xie Ning combined her previous weird behaviours then had a sudden realization.

Was this sending yourself to the door for those unspoken rules?

This wasn’t any strange things in the entertainment circle. But when it was put on Zhuang Yan’s body, Xie Ning only felt both absurd and ridiculous the more he thought of it.

And also a faint insecurity.

This insecurity made Xie Ning lost interest to talk more to the woman. He only hastily left a ‘Zhuang Yan probably won’t be back for a while, you just wait here.” before entering the master bedroom despite the woman’s stunned gaze.

He locked the door, all of those done in one breath.

He regretted why his reaction time was so slow that he let the person inside.

There hadn’t been any night scenes recently, and Zhuang Yan came back early. Some movements was soon heard from the door.

Xie Ning perked up his ears, wanting to hear what was said outside.

But no more than a sentence was actually said.

Separated by a door, Xie Ning only heard Zhuang Yan used an indifferent tone to righteously turned the other party down. And then very uncourteously threw the person out.

At least the implicit warning phrased in “If you’re not gone already, I’ll have to call the hotel’s security up” had nothing to do with the word ‘courtesy’.

Xie Ning’s gaze cleared up slightly.

Zhuang Yan sent the person away with scrunched up eyebrows. Upon seeing the tea in the cup, he picked it up and promptly tossed it to the garbage bin.

He then walked to the master bedroom’s door. Clearly there wasn’t any movements, but Zhuang Yan knew that Xie Ning was just inside.

He was thinking of how to explain this to Xie Ning while also turning the doorknob.

Then he revealed a perplexed expression.

The door was locked from the inside.

Zhuang Yan: ... ...

... ...

Xie Ning is angry.

Noticing this point, Zhuang Yan became somewhat dazed.

He recalled at the beginning when Xie Ning’s copy works had been accused as tracing and his expression of couldn’t have care less about those. Also his light as cloud, easy as wind tone when saying, “Explaining is too much of a trouble.”

As if nothing could really made him angry.

But right now, Xie Ning was angry at him. Or could be said, he was throwing tantrum at him.

Although somewhat inappropriate, Zhuang Yan couldn’t help the upward lifting of his lips, his mood relaxed.

He thought, what fucking apathy.

The current Xie Ning could cry and laugh. He had abundant emotion. He had a wealth of joy and sorrow.

He was just like any normal person, who would act spoiled to his lover, who would throw tantrum because of jealousy.

Who said he had mental illness.

It took a long while for him to restrain the upward arc of his lips.

He didn’t hurry to knock on the door and give Xie Ning an explanation, he just turned around and entered the kitchen.

The kitchen equipped in the hotel suite wasn’t big, but it had all the basic needs. Zhuang Yan opened the refrigerator to have a look at the food ingredients inside, then phoned the receptionist to let someone send a few things over.

More than half an hour later, Zhuang Yan knocked on the master bedroom’s door.

There was no answer.

Zhuan Yan’s heart felt funny, he raised his voice, “You haven’t eaten yet, have you? I made you some dinner.”

Still no answer.

It wasn’t until Zhuang Yan calmly and composedly reported each and every dish names, and then very patiently waited a few more seconds..

That a thump was heard. Then the door was opened a crack.

Zhuang Yan quickly jammed his arm in, and smoothly pried the door open.

Xie Ning looked at him with his eyes wide.

Zhuang Yan reached out and pulled the person into the crook of his arms. He asked, “Are you angry?”

Xie Ning struggled a bit but unable to get away. He sulkily answered, “No.”

Zhuang Yan didn’t talk. He wordlessly lowered his head and rubbed his lips on Xie Ning’s cheeks.

After a while, Xie Ning talked, “I also don’t know why, it’s just... my heart isn’t very comfortable.”

Zhuang Yan responded in agreement, and gave him a peck on the lips, “It was my fault.”

But Xie Ning shook his head, saying “You don’t have to apologize. I reflected on it. My heart knew this has nothing to do with you, but... I still can’t help but get angry.”

“I shouldn’t have gotten mad and locked you out.”

Zhuang Yan’s lips moved lightly, he said, “Nope, my boyfriend felt unwell, then that’s just my fault.

Xie Ning looked at him, “You don’t have to...”

Zhuang Yan interrupted him, “Think about it, if I knew somebody wants to climb into your bed... I’m afraid I’ll be more furious than you are.”

Xie Ning said, “But you won’t be angry with me, you’ll be furious at the other person.”

Zhuang Yang laughed, “You also aren’t angry with me, though.”

Xie Ning became stunned, frowningly said, “But I.. locked the door.”

“That’s just your way of showing insecurity,” Zhuang Yan lowered his eyes to look at him, “If it were me,... I’d probably use another method.”

Xie Ning unconsciously asked, “What method?”

Zhuang Yan raised his brows, his tone submerged, “Like this.”

He lowered his head, kissed Xie Ning from his lips downward and left two light bites on his neck.

It took Xie Ning ages to react. Zhuang Yan thus took the chance to stole some benefits again.

He recovered and pushed Zhuang Yan away.

This time, Zhuang Yan very gentlemanly let him go. He said, “Are you in better mood? Shall we eat first?”

Xie Ning watched his face, then after a while, he nodded.

That little bit of insecurity on his heart had tracelessly dissappeared from long ago.

.. ...

There were probably no secrets in the crew.

Not even two days had passed before a news started to slowly spread.

It was said that Zhuang Yan didn’t like girls, but clean and pure boys.

Most of people thought this was nonsense, but there were those who truly believed this.

The proof was that afterward, Xie Ning met someone at the door of the room again, it was a boy.

He was young and looked like a student. Yet the way he looked at Xie Ning held a bit of provocation.

Xie Ning expressionlessly entered the room, this time not letting the person in.

It was Zhuang Yan who get really angry. He called the life producer and the casting assistant director, scolded them in the face, then also called the hotel manager.

Later, the top floor was much cleaner.

The rumour spread its way in the crews, and it also reached Sheng Shisong’s ears.

Finished gossiping, the assistant laughed, “I also don’t know how such rumour would spread. Most of the times they were fakes, right?”

Sheng Shisong raised his eyebrows. Xie Ning’s face inexplicably floated in front of him.

His expression turned weird for a moment, before soon turning into a knowledgeble smile.

Author’s note: The little temper is cleared.

Any unreal tantrums is an entertainment.

TN: It is sweet, I'm dying from sweetness.