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Non-Human Seeking Re-employment Chapter 95 - Chips

This kind of game exerts high psychological pressure on the players, Fang Qi hasn't recovered even after a long time.

In contrast, Shen Dongqing and Zhou Wenyan didn't have any reaction at all. They sat in their seats as they cracked melon seeds.

Shen Dongqing was exceptional at cracking melon seeds. He pinched a seed and wedged it in his teeth, the kernel of the melon seeds was peeled out accompanied with a 'kacha' sound. For a moment the gambling table side was filled with the ‘kacha kacha’ sound of cracking melon seeds.

Fang Qi oddly became unafraid, even having the mood to ask other things, “Brother Shen, how did you guys think of this kind of mechanism?”

After the one-eyed person drew the last card, Fang Qi thought he was done for, but he didn't expect such a shocking turn. The one-eyed person probably wouldn't have thought, even in his death, that there's a mechanism where the joker card can be forcibly given to him.

Shen Dongqing raised his eyelids languidly, spitting out a melon seed skin, “Just giving it a try.”

Fang Qi, “...... Then have you guys ever thought about the chance that it might not work?”

If the forced exchange of cards failed, then wasn't he truly done for.

Once he thought of the evil clown that came out of the card, Fang Qi’s hands and feet turned cold.

“Ah.” Shen Dongqing said casually, “It won't be a big problem.”

Fang Qi: “?”

Shen Dongqing, “Then we'll play games with the clown.”

However when the time came, it was still uncertain whether it was him or the clown that would get played.

Fang Qi: … no wonder he's boss, this kind of operation simply couldn't be learned.

Other players had also finished their games, the wall lamps in the hall started lighting up one by one. It can be seen that each table only had one person left.

Within one night, half of the players had been dragged away by the clown, the other half of the players left were not in good condition either.

Fang Qi, “If the following events are all Old Maid, then……”

Then wouldn't the number of players quickly decrease until only a few are left?

“Clang clang clang——”

Without anyone noticing, the sexy lady host stood on the stage again, greeting the players below, “Hello everyone, did all of you play to your heart's content tonight?”

The players remained silent as a response.

The sexy lady asked doubtfully, “Did you guys not enjoy playing it? Then…”

In fear of her suggesting a new way to play, the players hurriedly said: “Enjoy, enjoy.”

Only that it could be seen that their expressions weren't the happy type.

The sexy lady clasped her hands together and said happily: “Then that's good, because we don't have many customers left anymore, we must properly protect them!”

Players: “Hehe.”

Why there isn't much left anymore, don't you know it clearly in your heart?

It was as if the sexy lady didn't see the pools of bloodstains on the floor and was lying through her teeth, “Mr Clown said he also played joyfully, he temporarily does not intend on coming out. Thus this Old Maid round had come to an end. We will introduce more stimulating and interesting games!”

Fang Qi wailed mournfully in a low voice: “Please no more …”

Old Maid was already stimulating enough, and they want an even more stimulating one?

What kind of bloody game will it be?

The sexy lady laughed happily and said: “The casino will initiate park mode, in other words, the entire casino will be open to all customers. Among them are slot machines, Sic Bo, blackjack… any kind of gambling method is available!”

[T/N: before you question me, yes, Sic Bo exists. For more details please go search yourself :D]

They don't sound dangerous, but the players don't dare to relax.

“But—” the sexy lady changed the topic, “Every customer will only have a hundred free tokens. If you use it all up, you'll have to use other things as collateral.”

“For example hand, leg, heart, liver, spleen, lungs, kidney, and the like. We guarantee the price will be fair.”

A player raised his hand weakly and asked, "What happens if I lose all the chips?"

"Good question!" The smile on the sexy lady suddenly sank. "The casino doesn't welcome customers without chips. If you lose everything, it is recommended that you quickly mortgage some chips, otherwise... I can't guarantee what will happen."

In other words, after losing a hundred chips, you need to use your hands, legs and internal organs to exchange for more. No matter the playing method, the ultimate goal is to take the player's life.

Fang Qi suddenly thought of something, since there is no mandatory requirement, then everyday he could just play one game before slipping away. This way, he won't lose all his chips at once.

Fang Qi wasn't the only one that thought of it, some players asked this question.

The sexy lady tilted her head, " All of you are really unenthusiastic customers. If you want to play like this, I also can't do anything about it."

Before the players could breathe a sigh of relief, they heard the sexy lady say, "Customers can leave the casino as long as they win one thousand chips. We have prepared a total of 10,000 chips. If someone loses it, there won't be any more."

That is to say, with so many players present, only about ten people can leave this game instance. The rest will be trapped here and have to go through rounds after rounds of gambling games.

Thus the casino staff didn't need to urge players to gamble at all, they were already unable to restrain themselves.

After all, the chips were limited and there were so many players.

"Oh, one more thing." The sexy lady winked playfully, "There is a special guest who brought two of his friends over. His friends are not considered customers of our casino, furthermore illegal, so... "

"This guest needs to get three thousand chips to leave Las Vegas."

Fang Qi, who needs to win three thousand chips, was a little desperate, "I don't know how to play."

He had never heard of slot machines, Sic Bo, blackjack and so on.

Shen Dongqing nodded his head, “I also don't know.”

Zhou Wenyan, “I played a bit before, but I'm not very proficient.”

Fang Qi: "Then aren't we given the chips in vain?"

Other players only need to win 1,000 chips. As long as they get lucky, there would be no problem. However when it comes to him, he needs 3,000 chips instead, the difficulty soared abruptly.

However, Fang Qi won't complain. After all, if it wasn't for these two, he would have died in the last round and wouldn't even last until this round.

Shen Dongqing thought for a while and said, “This isn't a big problem.”

Fang Qi was silent for a moment, then he asked curiously, "What is considered a big problem in your eyes?"

Shen Dongqing, "Ah, no food to eat is considered one, as for anything else... I think that's all."

Fang Qi thought to himself, maybe this is the difference between a boss and an ordinary person.

The next day, the players came to the casino punctually.

The hall had been renovated with a lot of new facilities. The slot machines were placed at the entrance. After passing through, there were various kinds of gambling facilities. There were already people playing at the gambling tables when the players had not arrived yet. Those should be the casino's phony customers.

The staff who wore suits shuttled among them. There were also beautiful mixed-race bunny girls serving beside the customers. The sounds of conversation, dice rolls, cheers, and all kinds of noisy sounds  mixed together, making people dazzled.

The resplendent crystal lamps hung down, illuminating the luxurious and dissipation below.

At the beginning, the players still had some misgivings. Although after a long time, they were gradually infected by the surrounding atmosphere and quickly became a member of the gambling table.

Some people smoked expensive cigars, embraced bunny girls and spent money recklessly on the gambling table; some people who lost their chips had a grim face and waited for a chance to change their fortune and win them back; someone momentarily excited lost their reason and mortgaged an arm without hesitation...

Shen Dongqing covered his nose: "It smells bad."

The smell inside was indeed bad. In this situation, tobacco and alcohol were the best stimulants. The strong smell of smoke wafted out, making Shen Dongqing feel a little uncomfortable.

Zhou Wenyan peeled a mandarin orange and handed it over, "Just smell this.”

Shen Dongqing took a sniff, the fragrance of oranges immediately covered the smell of tobacco. It made him feel a little more comfortable. After he recovered, he became interested,  "Let's go play!"

Fang Qi followed behind them: "Take it easy, I only have a hundred chips here."

Shen Dongqing and Zhou Wenyan weren't counted as customers here, there were no extra free chips. Thus the three of them only had a total of a hundred chips in their hands.

They need to win 3,000 chips with these 100 chips.

Other players knew that Fang Qi was the unlucky bastard, all of them looked at him with pity.

Shen Dongqing stretched out his hand towards Fang Qi: "Nothing would happen even if you play a bit."

Fang Qi could only take out the chips. He counted them carefully and gave Shen Dongqing ten.

Shen Dongqing held the ten chips and went to the slot machines to test the waters.

Slot machines are the simplest. Put the chips in and pull the handle to turn the reel. If there are three identical patterns, money will be spat out, if it's the chosen pattern, the award will be doubled.

Shen Dongqing briefly glanced at the instructions. He then immediately inserted a chip in and pulled the handle.

The pictures on the slot machine turned quickly.


The first reel stopped, the picture on it was a strawberry. Then the second and third stopped, they were bananas and grapes respectively.

The three pictures that emerged were completely different, which is equivalent to wasting the chip.

Shen Dongqing didn't believe it and threw in two more chips. The result was the same. No identical picture emerged and not a single chip was won back.

Shen Dongqing pursed his lips, "How do you play this exactly?"

Zhou Wenyan took a chip from his hand, "I'll try." He inserted the chip in and pulled the handle.

Shen Dongqing looked at the screen on the slot machine with great anticipation.


Three different pictures appeared on it.

It seems that Zhou Wenyan's luck wasn't very good either.

He coughed lightly, "Let's play something else."

The slot machine was purely based on luck, the casino can also secretly change the probability. It will be a bit difficult to win back the chips from here.

Shen Dongqing looked at the slot machine and at the chips in his hand.

Only a short time had passed but there's only six chips left

Shen Dongqing wasn't convinced, so he took the last chip and vowed solemnly, “The last one.”

Zhou Wenyan was helpless: "...Okay."

It's just that this last chip was still in vain.

Shen Dongqing had lived for so long, but he still stumbled over the same thing again and again. He slammed the slot machine angrily and stood up: "I'm not playing anymore."

Just as Shen Dongqing stood up, he suddenly heard a beeping sound from the slot machine. He turned around and saw that a red light appeared on the slot machine. Then, with a "huala", it spat out a large amount of chips.

Shen Dongqing, “?”

What was going on?

He used his eyes to ask Zhou Wenyan.

Zhou Wenyan wasn't quite sure, “Is it because… it short-circuited due to your slap?

Shen Dongqing's eyes fluttered and whispered, "I didn't exert any strength at all."

He didn't expect this slot machine to be so easily broken. It short-circuited all of a sudden, and insisted on spitting chips for him.

In order to keep the chips easily, the bunny girls all carried a small basket and followed behind the customers to help store the chips.

Seeing that Shen Dongqing had so many chips, the bunny girl immediately came over and asked sweetly, "Do you need any help?"

Shen Dongqing was squatting there picking up chips. When he saw the bunny girl, his eyes lit up, "Give me the basket."

The bunny girl froze for a moment and handed over the small basket.

The small basket is particularly delicate. In order to match the theme of the bunny girl, there is also a bunny holding a carrot on it.

The bunny girl bent down, showing her seductive curves. She deliberately asked in a sweet voice, "Do you need help?" It was soft and sweet, and people couldn't help but feel their body go limp when they heard it.

However Shen Dongqing was busy picking up the money and refused without even glancing at her, "No need." After a while, he raised his head and looked over.

The bunny girl complacently stuck out her front curve.

Shen Dongqing: "You aren't trying to grab my chips, are you?" He shook the basket and turned his head, still muttering, "This is what I earned back, it's legal."

The smile on the bunny girl's face became a little stiff.

Shen Dongqing and Zhou Wenyan picked up the chips that were spat out into the small basket. They counted them and there were precisely a hundred chips. Adding on the remaining five, there were one hundred and five chips.

One small step closer to the target.

He stood up and saw that the bunny girl was still here. He asked curiously, "Why are you still here?"

The bunny girl couldn't remain smiling anymore:  …

Shen Dongqing looked at the basket and then at the bunny girl, he said, "Lend the basket to me to use for a while, I'll return it to you later."

The bunny girl felt like she was basically throwing coquettish glances at a blind man. She stepped aside in frustration.

Shen Dongqing walked around while carrying the small basket. He even wanted to slam the other slot machines, but the other slot machines were more sturdy, he couldn't get any chips no matter how he slapped them.

He had to give up this idea and moved to other areas with the chips.

Fang Qi held 90 chips in his hand, it wasn't much but it wasn't little either, but he couldn't look at them at all if he were to put them on the gambling table.

[T/N: 方祈手里捏着九十枚筹码,说多不多说少不少,但放在赌桌上根本没法看。]

He felt that he was a newcomer and couldn't figure out the rules here. Therefore he honestly stood by the side and watched what others were playing.

After watching for a while, there was someone who lost three rounds in a row. The last round they made a decision with their eyes closed, not only did they recover their previous losses, they also won three hundred more chips.

Everyone at the gambling table was boiling with excitement.

The lucky person blushed, raised their hands and cheered. This atmosphere made bystanders feel that maybe the next lucky person could be themselves, they couldn't resist joining in.

Fang Qi also couldn't bear it. Just when he was about to join the gambling table, he saw two familiar figures walking towards him from afar.

"Here!" Fang Qi beckoned them.

Shen Dongqing and Zhou Wenyan curved and walked over.

Fang Qi originally felt that Shen Dongqing was quite unreliable and the ten chips were lost long ago, he didn't have much expectations. As a result, when they walked in and he looked at them, lucky guy! Shen Dongqing's basket was full of chips.

"How many are there?" Fang Qi felt somewhat dreamy.

Shen Dongqing gestured a number: "One hundred and five."

Fang Qi swallowed his saliva and gave a thumbs up: "Amazing."

He thought to himself, boss is indeed boss, he can be prosperous no matter where he is. Thus he gave up his seat at the gambling table and gave it to Shen Dongqing, making a "please" gesture.

The game on this table is betting between big or small. It is very simple, even a greenhorn can understand it with a glance.

Each round the banker will shake the dice. After shaking, the customers will bet the size of the dice. 4-10 is called small, and 11-17 is called big. After the bets are made, the banker will open the dice cup and start the pay out.

Shen Dongqing watched it for a while, immediately gesturing he understood. He carried the small basket and prepared to bet in the next round.

The dealer, wearing white gloves, threw the dice into a black dice cup. The customers couldn't see the numbers inside. After he showed the three dice inside, he picked up the dice cup and shook it for more than ten times before placing it on the table again. .

"Customers can place their bets now."

The customers made bets one after another, betting whether it was big or small. Immediately, a lot of chips were piled up on the table. Some belonged to the players, more belonged to the phonys of the casino.

Shen Dongqing thought for a while and grabbed a handful of chips, he didn't count them and put them on "small".

After confirming all the customers placed their bets, the dealer said loudly: "Open!"

The dice cup was opened with three dice lying inside, namely 5, 3, and 6, which was considered as "big".

Fang Qi was dumbfounded.

What about winning the chips?

He glanced at Shen Dongqing. Seeing he was not nervous at all, he gradually felt relieved.

Maybe the boss was warming up. Didn't you see that the boss won 105 chips with ten chips before?

If Fang Qi had known the 105 chips were gotten by Shen Dongqing slapping the slot machine and it spat them out, he would have shed tears on the spot.

Fortunately, he didn't know. That's why he regained his expectations and anticipated the results of the next round.

Shen Dongqing grabbed another handful of chips and placed it on "big".

When the dice cup opened, 1, 4, 2, small.

Fang Qi felt that his breathing was a little short.

Shen Dongqing grabbed a handful of chips again and placed them on "small".

After these two rounds, the onlookers understood that this person knew nothing and was playing around with a lot of chips.

Originally, the newcomer had good luck, like a blind cat chancing upon a dead mouse. However he was now out of luck and lost every time. The onlookers couldn't help laughing and placed their chips on the opposite side of his.

The dealer opened the dice cup, 6, 5, 3, big.

Shen Dongqing lost again.

Fang Qi felt that he was running out of breath, he leaned on the table for support and said, "Brother Shen, brother, are you alright?"

Shen Dongqing: "I’m still alright." He paused, turned his head and smiled towards Fang Qi, "I just don't have any chips, give me some more."

Fang Qi:  …


"Brother, I have smaller guts, can you not com?"

Shen Dongqing smiled brightly, "Don't worry, I will definitely win the next round."

Fang Qi muttered every gambler said that while obediently handing over the chips on his body.

He has no other choice. Even if he didn't want to hand it over, there was still Zhou Wenyan standing beside them!


Fang Qi put all the chips inside the small basket.

Shen Dongqing was extraordinarily confident: "I will definitely win the next round!"

Then he put the majority of the chips on "Small".

Fang Qi clenched his little heart and said, "Is there any metaphysics behind it?"

Shen Dongqing said triumphantly, "Isn't the pattern big, small, big, small? The last round was big, so this round must be..."

Before he finished his words, the dealer opened the dice cup, 5, 2, and 5, still big.

Laughter resounded from the other customers.

Shen Dongqing was confused, "Why is it not small?"

Zhou Wenyan smiled and rubbed Shen Dongqing's hair, "I'll do it."

At this point only a small amount of chips were left in the basket.

Shen Dongqing got up and gave Zhou Wenyan his seat. He stood behind to watch. He tiptoed slightly and placed his chin on Zhou Wenyan's shoulder.

Zhou Wenyan seemed to be a little more professional than Shen Dongqing, perhaps because he looked very noble. His sleeves rolled up to reveal his strong forearms, his bearing imposing as he stood beside the gaming table.

He picked up a few chips and put them on "Small".

This confident appearance could really fool the other customers. After hesitating for a while, some of them followed Zhou Wenyan’s bet.

This confidence maintained until the banker opened the dice cup.

It was the opposite again.

Fang Qi's tears were about to fall, "Gone, it’s all gone."

Zhou Wenyan clicked his tongue and explained in a low voice, "I didn’t even play that much."

Shen Dongqing, who had lost several rounds, expressed his understanding.

Fang Qi couldn't understand it. Facing the few chips left, he said, "The last round, let me do it."

Zhou Wenyan and Shen Dongqing looked at each other and moved out of the way.

Anyway, there were not many chips left. Fang Qi simply grabbed them all. He placed them all down with an attitude of looking at death calmly in the face.

1/2 chance, he shouldn’t be that unlucky…


Three minutes later, the three of them sat together outside the casino with the air conditioner blowing to cool off.

Shen Dongqing's little basket was completely empty, he could only pinch the little rabbit hanging on it to play.

Fang Qi was silent for a long time, then stood up, "...How about I go mortgage something."

After all, the foreign assistance he invited himself had to be recognized even with tears in his eyes. Anyway, he had already lost his hands and feet once and it was nothing to mortgage it again.

Shen Dongqing stopped Fang Qi, "No need."

Fang Qi: "But we don’t have any bargaining chips."

Truly not even one was left.

Yesterday, the casino staff made it clear that customers without chips are not welcomed. This kind of not welcomed was definitely not being asked to leave the casino, but the kind that couldn't keep one's life.

Shen Dongqing said gently, "Nothing will happen even if you don’t have chips."

Fang Qi thought about it again.

That's right. With these two bosses here, if the casino's operators come  one would send away one, come one pair would send away a pair. All of them would be rendered useless in front of the two.

Fang Qi was relieved, he even rolled up his sleeves and asked, "When will we make a ruckus in the casino?"

Shen Dongqing blinked his eyes, "Huh?"

Fang Qi hesitated, "Didn't you decide to smash the casino?"

Shen Dongqing, "But... we have to obey the law."

Fuck obey the law.

Why talk about laws when they were already in a casino? Also, this was not the real world.

Fang Qi frantically restrained his urge to complain.

The three sat for a while when a customer came out of the casino. He was not a player, but a phony arranged by the casino. Their role was not only to enhance the atmosphere, the prepared 10,000 chips mentioned by the sexy lady before were also in their hands. Players need to win chips from their hands.

Seeing this customer's face flushed and holding a bunny girl with a face radiant with happiness, it could be seen that he won a lot of chips tonight. His identity was similar to a NPC, but he humanized a lot.

[T/N:     而看这个客人满脸红光,搂着兔女郎一副春风满面的样子,就知道他今晚赢了不少筹码。他的身份类似于NPC,但又人性化了不少。]

He glanced at the three people sitting on the doorsteps with contempt and threw down a few chips in passing, just like giving alms to beggars.

In this situation, Fang Qi wouldn’t think about being dignified. He immediately picked up the chips. After picking them up, he found that the big bosses sitting next to him were gone.

When he looked up again, he saw Zhou Wenyan and Shen Dongqing walking towards the big-bellied customer.

"Could it be that they're going to beat him?" Fang Qi hurriedly chased after them.

After turning a corner, Fang Qi saw the person who had just said "obey the law" blocked the customer in the corner. He rolled up his sleeves with a smile and said, "Don't move, robbery!"

Fang Qi: ? ? ?