Novel Wars

Quick Transmigration: I'm almost dead Chapter 95 - So embarrassing

Chen You utterly detests children.

He had encountered many pits in his life and one out of five of them had been dug by children.

There was a time Chen You was on his way home from school when he saw a group of children playing together at a distance. They were jumping on ropes, throwing sand bags and so on.  As soon as this scene entered his field of view, he immediately ran away and took a detour home instead. He was honestly traumatized from being screwed over by kids so many times.

He really did not expect to encounter a child in his mission worlds and simply raising this child was proving to be the most difficult challenge in his entire life.

Being in contact at such close proximity, the resistance from his senses was magnified several times more (感官的抵触). He tried his best to keep his “very muscular” bicep (麒麟臂)  in control (麒麟臂) lest he could not hold back anymore and beat the child to tears.

At this moment, Chen You was caught off guard and was pressed on the bed and bitten by the child. Now, his heart was in turmoil. Should he hit the kid? But the kid was only a few years old. Maybe he should just let it go. But why should he? Both were birthed by dad and raised by mum (爹生娘养), neither is more special than the other.

“Fourth ge, I want to hit him till he is dead.”

The system replied,” Hit ba.”

Chen You then said,” But if I hit him, what happens to my mission?”

The system replied, “Screwed.”

Chen You, “……”

He groaned disgruntledly. It was so hard for him to finally win an opportunity to freely choose a mission world of choice. Yet, all that hardship he underwent was all flushed down the drain. All he did was pick up a stone to smash his own foot.

A warm liquid started flowing down his neck and Chen You felt like his head was going numb from all the pain. He was completely convinced that, if possible, this little dog would have really eaten him which showed how much the kid hated and despised him.

Who said that kids will not remember past grudges?

Who said that if you are good to a kid, they will also be good to you?

And who also said that kids are innocent and naïve?

Those are all lies!

Chen You felt as if a whole chunk of had been bitten off from his neck. That’s it, he thought. He grabbed the child’s butt and pinched it fiercely.

Seemingly aware of the pain from this pinch, the child immediately stopped biting him. However, in the next moment, the child continued his biting and with even more ferociousness.

Chen You cursed and swear. Then, he grabbed one pf the child’s arm and threw him under the bed. Indeed, the strength of a four to five years old child cannot compare to that of an adult. This is a fact that will remain unchanged for now.

The child fell to the ground, his head was raised and his small chest heaved greatly. His lips were stained with crimson glowing blood which looked extremely scary.

Chen You had no idea why but he suddenly thought of the haunted doll in a movie that he watched before. He hurriedly the grabbed at the goosebumps formed on his arms. Damn it, enough was enough.

Why can’t it just be a “we shake hands and be good friends” kind of situation? Why do you have to make it a “you die, or I live” kind of cruel and bloody situation

Chen You then went out for a brief moment to deal with the wound on his neck.

However, when he came back, he realised the child was no longer on the floor, he was gone.

“Damn it!”

After searching under the bed and inside the cabinet, he turned around and went to the window side. He stretched out his neck and looked down at the streets. The streets below was dark and quiet without a single person in sight.

He said to the system, “It’s over, the kid ran away.”

The system replied, “Just pray ba.”

Chen You’s face twitched fiercely. He hurriedly put on his coat and with a dishevelled look, he ran out to search for the child.

The night was in no way better than the day. Not only was the brightness of the surroundings greatly affected but a person’s energy was also low, and they would be panting after running for a while.

The location of Qing Feng Lou was not very good. Chen You ran out from that street and headed towards the East Main Street. It was a crowded and lively street, and the uproar was not exaggerated at all. The difference between the two streets was simply a heaven and earth kind of difference.

No wonder the top three brothels were located in the East Main Street.

However, at present Chen You didn’t have the mind to be jealous of these brothels who were bustling with guests going in and out. He was anxiously searching for his mission target. There were many people and if a person really wanted to run away, there was a lot of places for them to hide themselves, not to mention, a small kid.

Grabbing onto a person, Chen You asked while gesturing, “Big Bro, have you seen a kid that is about this tall?”

The Big Bro shook his head and answered,” Nope I haven’t seen.”

Don’t ah, answering with no hesitation at all, anybody can tell it was obviously a half-hearted answer, Chen You thought. So, he elaborated,” The child is wearing ink-black clothes, his face has several injuries and his mouth is also injured at one area. Big Bro, please think again, did you really not see him…”

The Big Bro struggled free and replied exasperatedly,” Little brother, Big Bro’s eyes cannot see.”

Chen You, “……”

After saying an apology, he silently went to ask the next person.

This time the person he asked was a married lady who was holding her child.

ChenYou felt that, as a mother, she could probably relate to that anxiety and panic one feels when the child is lost.

The married lady frowned and thought that this unfamiliar man was quite handsome and the worry on his face does not seem to be faked. So she thought for awhile before she open her mouth and said, “Your child is lost?”

“ Yes, just now,’ Chen You sobbed, “He wanted to go out and play but I refused since it’s already quite late. I told him I will bring him out tomorrow but who expected that within the time it took me to go to the toilet, he had slipped out himself.”

“I have no idea where he could have run off too so late in the night. The child is still small and can’t differentiate between good and evil. I’m afraid he meets someone bad and if something happens how will I be able to face his mother in the future?”

The married lady was shocked, “Has the child mother already….”

Big sis ah, your point of interest is a bit wrong ah. Chen You covered his face with one hand and said,” She’s already gone.”

The married lady pulled on her child and seeming to have been moved by the story, two rows of tears streamed down her face. “I understand the hardships of raising a child single-handedly. So, I will order some of my family servants to help you search a round.”

Chen You immediately replied, “Thank you, thank you.”

Following up with his act, he bowed deeply which caused his robes to loosen and open up.

The married lady blushed, "This Young Master, how can you come out dressed like this?”

Chen You looked down and arranged his clothes while saying,” I was too anxious and didn’t notice…”

The married lady once again wept, saying your child is so lucky to have a dad like you who cares and concern about him so much.

Hearing what she said, Chen You just smiled lightly.

My ass, that kid just can’t wait to grow up and kill me.

Ai yo, my neck, my fingers and my ears hurt so much.

The streets were filled with people hustling and bustling about, there were adults laughing and children throwing tantrums. The stall owners were exhausting themselves shouting to promote their products and the mix of voices made the place noisier.

Chen You scanned the area with his eyes as he waited. Er gou Zi (二狗子), wait till I drag you back then see how I finish you.

After some unknown period of time, several of the married lady’s family servants came back to report. The mother then passed on the information to Chen You. “My family servants have already searched the surrounding area however, none of them have seen Young Master’s child.”

Chen You expressed his gratitude turned and was about to leave when the married lady suddenly halted him. She handed over an ingot of silver. He recognized that it was ten taels.

The married lady said,” Take this silver. In the future, if you face any difficulties, you can go to Nan Yuan (南苑) to find me.”

Chen You was stunned as he held up the silvers. Did the pie fall from the sky?
The system said, “ Stop holding it up, hurry and keep it or else thieves will start targeting you.”

Chen You immediately kept the silvers in his sleeves and then he said to the system, “See, I told you a long time ago, the world still has many good people.”

After bidding farewell to the married lady, Chen You continued running around with his hand cupping his mouth as he shouted loudly,”Er gouzi, where are you ah ——"

He knows that even if he shouted loudly like this, the child definitely will not make a sound and in fact, the he will run further away.

However, right now Chen You was in an urgent state as if he were an patient in need of emergency treatment and would see any random doctor. So, he really didn’t care anymore.

Chen You searched and searched. Suddenly, he faintly heard a voice calling for a young master. However, as the streets were big and all around there were many young masters and young ladies walking around. Hence, he did think that the voice was calling out for him and did not bother searching for the source of the voice.

That was until a man dressed in servant robes appeared in front of him then he realised. This person was one of the subordinates of the mother from just now.

“ This Young Master, we followed the descriptions you gave us, and we found a child matching your descriptions near the warehouse.” The servant said. “Please follow me to my lady’s place to confirm if that child is yours.”

Chen You immediately followed after. However, before he approached, the corners of his mouth pulled up and he mouthed towards the ground, run ah, why don’t you keep running?

This was because kneeling on the ground was none other than Er Gouzi.

The married lady pointed towards the child and asked,” Young master, is this person probably….”

Before she could even finish her words, she saw the man (Chen You) pounce over and hug the child with an excited look on his face.

Chen You rubbed the child's head on his chest, rubbed it hard, and rubbed it to death. What's the matter, run ah, aren’t you very capable in running? Why don’t you keep running? !

“ My son ah, you really made it easy for father to find you ah…”

The child could not speak and could only struggle desperately.

When this scene entered the eyes of the married lady and her family servants, they all thought the child’s behaviour resembles that of a spoilt and naughty child.

It looked as if the child was not done playing but having been caught by his father, his heart was not happy and now, he is throwing a tantrum. Such behaviour is the nature of a child.

The married lady said,” This young master, since you have found your child, you should bring him back now ba. Next time, you should be more careful and don’t let your child run outside alone.”

Chen You agreed and said gratefully,” Many thanks Lady.”

To prevent accidentally exposing the fact that he was not the father, he didn’t talk anymore and immediately left carrying Er Gouzi on his shoulder.

Once he walked to a corner, Chen You suddenly felt a sense of danger and he placed the child down at once. He was sure that if he was even one step late, his shoulder would definitely suffer.

The child stood on the ground as his body swayed a little.

Chen You noticed that the child seemed to have sprained his ankle. It was most likely when he jumped out the window and his ankle twisted because if the impact.

Impressive ah, you can still run with an ankle sprained like that, why don’t you just go directly to heaven ne Er Gouzi?

“Why did you run?”

The child pursed his lips tightly.

Chen You pulled the child in front of him, resulting in the difference between their height becoming more apparent.

“Indeed, I have beaten you before and also did some other things to you in the past. However, for these past few days, can’t you see how I’ve differently I’ve treated you?”

“ If your father were still alive, he would have definitely told you to repay your benefactor with gratitude.”

The child raised his head at once and glared coldly at Chen You.

Chen You look down at him, “What, did I say something wrong? Even the physician had diagnosed you to be hopeless and asked me to prepare for your funeral. But I didn’t listen to him and tried my best to save you. If I’m still not considered your benefactor, then what am ?”

Huh? What’s going on? After listening to my words, not only is he(Er Gouzi) not even the least bit grateful, he seems to be more angry instead? What is the meaning of this?!
The system said,” He thinks you want to take advantage of him.”

“I don’t take advantage of kids.” Chen You said with his mouth twitching, “I won’t do it to adults either okay?”

The system continued,” But you did in fact tried to take advantage of him in the past, and in front of so many people too. It was quite the spectacle then. Now, because of you, the kid has been traumatised and has a psychological shadow.”

Chen You said aggrieved,” That was the Liao bastard, not me!”

The system said, “Er Gouzi doesn’t know that.”

Chen You,”…” Annoying.

Suddenly, Chen You thought of something, didn’t that big sister’s subordinate say that he found Er Gouzi in the west of the city. Then… does this mean that Er Gouzi was trying to find his father?”

Chen You had previously mentioned that his father was buried in the west city.

Thinking about this, Chen you forcefully brought the child to the front of his father’s grave. There were paper scattered on the floor around the grave and some were buried under the soil, with their corners revealed.

The child stared wide-eyed at the tombstone in front of a lump of soil. He has never been to school and could only recognise a few words but there were times when he sneaked to the back of the school courtyard to listen in. Hence, he was still able to recognise what his own name and his father’s name.

There was a row of words on the tombstone which reads “Here Lies Chen Da Fu (陈大富)”

Actually, Er Gouzi’s grandfather was a bit more educated. When he was still alive, he disliked staying at home and would go out to stroll. He especially liked to sit in the tea house and listen to others reciting their books.  At one time, he had an epiphany and he thought 大富大贵these few words sounded really nice and so he memorised it.

Hence, this was how Er Gouzi’s father (陈大富) got his name.

Chen You said softly, “See, I did not lie to you, I really did bury your father properly.”

The child walk to the front of the tomb and stood there, not moving at all.

Chen You looked at the back of the child’s head,” Are you not going to say a single sentence or two to your father?”

A few seconds later, Chen You suddenly remembered, and he touched his nose awkwardly,” My apologies ah, Er Gouzi. I forgot that you can’t speak.”

Pu Tong! The child suddenly knelt down and started bowing his head repeatedly in front of the grave.

Chen You really got a scare by the sound of the child’s head hitting the ground. He walked forward and pulled the child’s arm, ‘That’s enough, bowing three times is enough.”

The child pushed Chen You away and continued bowing his head.

Chen You frowned. So, he’s being difficult now huh, fine continue to bow, Laozi don’t care anymore!

He walked away angrily and then walked back angrily again to drag away the extremely stubborn and extremely hateful child.

By the time they returned to the Eastern streets, the crown has died down quite a bit and the paths seemed more empty. Thus, the journey back was so much better than before because at least now he won’t have to worry about his coin pouch getting stolen every time he walked forward since, the streets were empty and thieves will not be able to hide properly.

Chen You saw a vendor selling candied hawthorns, it was the same guy from before. He bent his head down and asked tHe child,” Do you want the candied hawthorn?”

The child ignored him and stood still like a block of ice.

Chen You dragged him to the vendor and bought a candied hawthorn for him,” Eat ba.”

The child pursed his lips coldly.

Chen You rolled his eyes in anger, really a jinx. Er Gouzi, you really are a little jinx sent by the heavens to prevent me from returning home.

Seeing that the child’s attitude was unchanging, Chen Yu stopped trying to suck up to him too and directly placed the candied hawthorn into his own mouth. He took one bite after another and smacked his lips as he ate.

Upon reaching home, the child started to develop a high fever.

Chen You was seriously annoyed. He had never been this annoyed, no matter what he did, all of it were useless towards this child. In fact, if he were to compare, the previous few worlds would be counted as easy as compared to this world.

Really very scary.

Chen You sighed and asked the system about the situation.

The system said, “The child’s thinking is actually quite simple. So, once he has decided that you are a bad person, then you are a bad person.”

Chen You wiped his face,” But I’m really not ah.”

The system replied,” You picked the original owner’s identity yourself.”

“Don’t even mention this unlucky thing,” Chen You self-consolated,” Time will prove everything.” Er Gouzi is just mute, everything else about him is the same as that of a normal person. So, he will feel his warm fatherly love eventually.

The system said,” Well, you can continue to work harder.”

Chen You lean against the head of the bed looking after the child. He felt that if one day he goes back home and was forced by his father to adopt a child, he will definitely remember every single annoying incident that happened in this world.

This child was really too hard to handle, whatever sickoes or psychos cannot even compare to him.

On the morning of the second day, the child refused to eat or drink. Don’t mention his medicine, he was not even willing to drink a sip of water.

Chun Tao was just antagonized by Dong Zao and was in a bad mood. He said strangely, “I don’t know what’s with you today but it will pass sooner or later.”

The meaning behind his words was that when the time comes, what needs to be done will be done so, don’t think that you’re important.

The child had no reaction towards his words.

Chun Tao's complexion became even more unsightly. He took a few steps forward and stared at the child on the bed, “Let me ask you again, do you want to drink the medicine?" ”

The child continued remaining motionless.

Chun Tao snorted coldly, “Anyway, I’ve tried already. It has nothing to do with me that you don't take medicine by yourself. ”

A voice suddenly sounded at the door,” Chun Tao.”

Chun Tao’s back tightened and with a pale face, he turned his head,” Master...”

Chen You went over and interrogated, “What were you doing just now?”

Chun Tao's eyes flashed with an obvious guilt, now he was really scared, "Slave... This slave has done nothing...”

Chen You called Xia, Qiu, Dong over and said to them, “Listen to me properly.

From now on, whoever can't control his tongue and dares to talk nonsense in front of the child, this master will cut it off by himself.”   Of course, this was just talk, Chen You would never dare to do such a bloody thing himself.

Chun Tao felt the tongue in his mouth tremble.

“Also,” Chen You said with a heavy face, “Chun Tao is not allowed to have any meals for today, the three of you better watch him carefully. If he even eats a grain of rice, all of you can join him.”

Not caring about what even happened, Xia, Dong and Qiu immediately answered,” Yes.”

Chun Tao knew that it was his mistake and so he couldn’t utter a single word.

During the whole process, the child have any reaction at all, as if all the people and things in the outside world had nothing to do with him.

Chen You said bitterly, “People will die if they don't eat or drink water, and they will also die ugly.”

Still, there was no sound.

Chen You directly picked up the bowl and took a sip of water, then squeezed the child's chin and poured it in hard. Before the child could swallow it, he vomited it all out.

Damn it, I really cannot fix you right huh?

Chen You wiped away the water on the child’s neck and asked the system how to give a person hope to survive.

The system replied,” Hatred.”

“ Really?” Chen You said in suspicion,” Why do I feel as if you are digging a pit for me and waiting for me to jump in.”

The system said,” There’s no such thing.”

Chen You then said,” Don’t lie to me! You’re definitely up to something!”
The system,”…”

Chen You sat in front of the bed. After a while, he reached out and pat the child’s face, “Do you know that Boss Zhang really likes kids your age, in fact, he loves them to the point of death and would even arrange a coffin for them."

The child still did not utter a word.

Chen You endured and endured until finally, he went to slap his butt. He was hot-headed that day but today he was very sober.

After slapping his butt more than a dozen times, the child’s butt became swollen, and he finally opened his eyes and glared coldly at Chen You.

Chen sneered again, “Are you finally willing to open your eyes? ” Do you think being spanked is shameful? You can also try hitting me if you can that is.

With this thought in mind, Chen You, not afraid that he will end up dead, he said these words to the kid.

After a few moments, the kid closed his eyes once again.

When night came, the child’s fever finally went down while Chen You became sick instead. He lied on the bed with a wet cloth on his forehead, complaining to the system, “Why is my life so hard ah….”

The system issued an autoreply. Apparently, it was busy with something else and was not online.

Chen You sighed. This lonely battle kind of feeling is really not nice ah.

With Chun Tal being punished, the rest also did not care about Er Gouzi anymore. Now that Chen You is sick in bed, Er Gouzi finally has some freedom.

Maybe because he has some other plans, Er Gouzi did not try to run away anymore. Every morning he would go out and would stand in front of his father’s grave until the sky becomes dark would he go back home.

Seeing this, Chen You relaxed and focused on recovering.

One day, Er Gouzi came back with injuries. Chun Tao immediately informed Chen You of this. Now, out of the four people, Chun Tao talked the most without hiding anything.

Chen You understood Er Gouzi’s character and he (Er Gouzi) disliked him(Chen You) very much. Almost as soon as Er Gouzi saw him, he would immediately enter combat mode.

After thinking for a while, Chen You decided to go and watch him secretly instead. The windows in ancient times were good and were made of paper. With a poke of his finger, it broke.

He laid near the window, stretched his head forward and peered through the small hole with one eye.

After stripping his outerwear, numerous bruises could be seen on Er Gouzi’s body. When he pulled down his pants, bruises could be seen on his thighs too.

Chen You was immediately filled with anger. Who did this? he thought. Having gone through so many mission worlds, one look at the wounds and he could tell what happened. His anger rose rapidly and now, he resembles those parents who can’t tolerate their child being bullied. He turned around and ordered Chun, Xia, Qiu and Dong to go investigate.

Before the hour has passed, the situation has been investigated.

In the south of the city, several local ruffians surrounded a young woman in a corner, and they touched her everywhere.

When Chen You passed by, he happened to see this scene, and the sense of justice in his body rose at once. By the time he realised, he had already rushed up, “Hey, what are you doing?"

Before the local ruffians made any moves, the young woman was already pulling on her clothes and with a dissatisfied tone, she said,” What is this ya? In the afternoon there was already a little fool being a busybody and ruining my business. Now, there’s a big fool, do you really thing you are a hero ah.”

Chen You, “…”

Oh my goodness, Er Gouzi, you almost got screwed for intervening for your love and even went back full of injuries. Yet, it was all for this prostitute. Seriously, look at yourself, how can you fall in love at such a young age?

He took a glance at the young woman. Still not as pretty as Chun, Xia, Qiu and Dong ne, he thought.

If Er Gouzi were to know that he had disrupted this big sis doing business, he would probably vomit blood in anger.

The local ruffians joined the scene and they walked towards Chen You, “Who You?”

Chen You gave each of them a single kick and they all fell to the ground, “Get lost!”

These local ruffians immediately scrambled to their feet and rushed up fiercely.

Once again, Chen You gave each of them a single kick, he himself cutting a dashing figure.

This time the ruffians did not get up again. Instead, the crawled on the ground, spit out a mouthful of blood and with a tilt of their heads, they fainted.

Chen You turned his head and noticed that the young woman's eyes seemed to sparkle. He left without saying a word, maintaining a very cold demeanour while releasing his domineering aura as he walked.

The young woman clung to him and smilingly said,” Young Master, my client has fainted because of you, how are you going to compensate me?”

Chen You threw her a domineering look and said,” Lady, the little fool who rescued you this afternoon is my son and the big fool in front of you is his father.”

The smile on the young woman's face froze, “So unlucky.”

Pei, I’m the one who’s unlucky ne. Chen You strode out of the alley. On the way back to Qing Feng Lou, he coincidentally saw the young woman again. She just walked out of the medicinal shop.

Not sure if water has entered his brain. He decided to follow the young woman all the way to a small yard. He then watched the other party pushed the door and walked in.

In the house, conversations could be heard followed by the continuous sound of someone coughing.

While Chen You spurned himself, he couldn't help but step forward lightly to listen. He could tell the young woman had a past story, and a particularly interesting one at that.

There were two voices coming from inside the house, one male and one female. The male voice was very weak and sounded like a patient. The female voice came from that young woman just now. When she talked, her voice had a very…how to put it ne… a very charming kind of sound. ( 就是形容的那种风情味)

Chen You eavesdropped for a while and he got the gist of their conversation. So, basically the man asked the woman to stop buying medicine since it is not only expensive but also useless. However, the woman refused and said that she doesn’t lack money. She added that the owner of the medicine shop she buys from is a pretty nice guy and he frequently gives her discount.

It was obviously a lie, but the man somehow believed it. There were only two reasons for his gullibility, he was either too deep in love with the woman or he has not been outside for a very long time and was not aware of the situation outside.

The system suddenly mentioned, “She is Er Gouzi’s mother.”

Chen You was shocked,” What? Are you kidding me? She is still so young, how can she be his mother…”

His voice stopped abruptly. Ancient women seemed to get married and have babies very early. If Er Gouzi was four or five years old, his mother should be in her early twenties.

Then, it all made sense.

Chen asked again suspiciously, “Wasn’t Er Gouzi's mother taken captive into the mountains?"

The system said, “People are not allowed to run down the mountain by themselves? ”

“…” Chen You said, “Since she ran down the mountain, why didn’t she go back home then? She even had an affair with another man?”

The system replied,” Didn’t you see how Er Gouzi’s father looked like before?”

To this reply, Chen You was speechless.

Ergouzi's father was missing an arm and was a rough man. That woman has a pretty face and is charming. She has long disliked his father and took the opportunity to run.

She didn’t even care about her son?

Seems like it is true love ah. She would rather guard a medicine jar (the sick man) and sell her body to buy him medicine than go home.

Chen You walked in the direction of Qing Feng Lou. Er Gouzi must have felt very terrible. He found his mother, but not only did the other party not recognize him, but she was also getting it on with other men and even called him foolish.

If this happened to anyone else, they would also feel terrible.

The more he thought about it, the more he felt that Er Gouzi was quite pitiful. Chen You increased his pace and wanted to go buy some bean curd but unexpectedly, the shop was closed. In the end, he could only buy a handful of candied fried chestnuts.

When he returned back, the child was already asleep. His body was all curled up as if he lacked a sense of security.

Chen You placed the fried chestnuts next to the bed and silently walked away.

The moment the door closed, the child's eyeballs moved under his eyelids. He did not open his eyes, but his body shrank into a ball, and his thin back looked as if it was about to pierce through the layer of clothes.

The child refused to even come down to eat his meals every day. So, Chen You made Chun Tao open a small stove for him to personally cook some good meals for the kid. He has completely entered the role of a father.

Master Wang's birthday is getting closer and closer, and the number of outsiders in the city was increasing.

Chen You loitered around outside the second worst brothel in the city which was Cui Ming Lou. This brothel’s situation was a little different from Qing Feng Lou, they had a sightly better location. The only thing that went wrong was the surroundings.

There is a corner next to Cui Ming Lou that can shelter from the wind and rain. Since it is warm in winter and cool in summer, beggars like to go there to cuddle as a group. Even after they were chased away, more beggars will come afterwards.

If you think about it this way, the guests are obviously happy to come. However, how can they be interested in doing things when they see the beggars?

As time dragged on without the situation improving, Cui Ming Lou’s business started to take a dive.

Chen squatted for a while and saw a rich old man coming out of the building with a coquettish person in his arms, followed by an aunty, who looked pretty old.

The coquettish person called out to the aunty a few times. He called the aunty mama. He said a few words and then the rich old man threw a few notes of silver towards the aunty, making the aunty happy to death.

Honestly, if was Chen You instead, he would also be happy to death.

With a sigh, he thought to himself. Really different ah, the other party at least has a rich old man while, he only has flies at his place. Right, he also has four big kids and one small kid, and they were all worrisome.

Seems like this cooperation between these two brothels cannot be discussed anymore.

Chen You wandered around the street, fully basking in the popularity of his peers' business. When he went back, he grabbed a few valuable items in the room and pawned them. Then, taking advantage to strike the iron while it was hot, and assigned two maids to each of

With such an arrangement, each of their identity becomes more prestigious and they would be the top courtesans in the brothel in the future.

Xia, Qiu and Dong went to receive each of their maids. During which, they all seemed to be floating in the clouds.

Chen You got someone to take a brush and after writing down four words, he said,” Dong Zao, this is yours. Later on, I will make it into a plague and hang it outside your door.

Dong Zao glanced over and found that it said: Yun Nong Jiu Xiao. (云弄九霄)

Chen You once again raised his brush and dramatically wrote “Reverse Yin and Yang”(倒转阴阳) . Then he said, “ Qiu Jie, this is yours.”

Qiu Jie received it with a blush on his face.

Xia Li stared at the peach on the table at first, but later realized that he had been left out, “My lord, what Qiu Jie and Dong Zao have, I also have. This slave wants it too. ”

Chen You put down his brush, “You don't have the skills. ”

Xia Li stood up excitedly, “The slave has it. ”

With a disgusted look, Chen You said “It's just eating, isn’t it? Just go wash a peach and go to the side to eat it.”

Xia Li subconsciously went to get the peach but stopped again, “No, this slave can not only eat steamed buns, but also eat other things.”

Xia rice bucket, I really cannot communicate with you. Chen You waved his hand, “Yeah I got, you can eat anything.” With just a few side dishes, you can a large bowl of rice.

Xia Li bit his lips then said,” Master, do you still not understand what this slave is trying to say?”

Chen You turned around and walked towards the stairs, “Understood already, go and wash a peach ba.”

Xia Li chased after him and with a very small voice, he said,” Master, this slave is not talking about the previous time. This slave not only eats well during meals, but I also eat well with customers. I can take two at once and at other times, I can even add in one more.”

Chen You abruptly came to a halt. He did not dare to believe yet, he still turned around in pleasant surprise. What a good little brother ah, why you didn’t explain properly, Big Bro almost lost you, “This is yours, Shuang Zhu (双珠).”

Xia Li smiled in excitement, “Thank you, Master.”

The curtains lifted, and Chun Tao walked over dazedly , and with a serious look, he said, “Master, this slave has something to tell you. "

“You came at the right time, “Chen You glanced at his pretty little face, “You can get changed and go back to your old job. I will hire someone else for the kitchen and house chores.”

Chun Tao’s eyes reddened, “Master…”

Chen You raised a hand to stop him then he said,” Chun Tao, the next time you don’t control your mouth properly, Qing Feng Lou will not keep you again.”

Chun Tao replied in all seriousness, “Master, do not worry. In the future, this slave will treat the kid as if he were my own little brother, I will not let anyone bully him.”

Chen You patted his shoulder and thought to himself. Give up ba, that kid doesn’t need anyone, he only needs himself.

Three days before Master Wang's birthday, Chen You hired a few ruffians in the city to spread rumors in the streets and alleys, talking about the money of blacklisted customers and the various reputations of girls and teenagers in other brothels. Somehow along the way, he managed to successfully confuse many people.

The day before, Qing Feng Lou received a few foreigners.

It may be that the people from other places have good water and soil so, they were all very strong. As soon as Chun Tao returned to his old business, he was exhausted and half-dead.

Before the few customers left, Chen You gave them each a small parting gift. It was small bottle of wine. Even though it was cheap, but it was still a free gift, so the customers left feeling slightly more satisfied.

When these foreigners returned, they told their acquaintances that Jiang Chen has a brothel called Qing Feng Lou and that there was four beautiful young men there. Each of them has a different name and they are also dressed very differently from the people in other brothels.

Humans are always curious about the unknown. Hence, once they heard about these names that have never appeared in the brothel industry, one could imagine how much of a sensation Qing Feng Lou became.

Moreover, some people don't understand yet. However, as soon as others explain, and adding to their own emotions, the word spread even faster.

On the night of Master Wang’s birthday, the threshold was stepped on till it became dented

Chen You sat in the room hugging his silver notes while smiling like a fool.

I’m finally rich, hahahaha.

The next day, Chen You went to recruit more people. After all, Xia, Qiu, Dong and Chun were big names, and there must be some mediocre-looking people to support them. He also didn't forget to order someone to buy a large box and put it in the room.

Chen You did not see the child in the room and searched around to no avail. When he saw Chun Tao, he asked, “Chun Tao, where’s the child?”

Chun Tao gave a big yawn and replied tiredly, “Master, I just woke up, I didn’t see anyone.”

Chen You said,” Alright then, go and rest ba.”

Chun Tao took a stack of silver notes out from his sleeves and passed it over” Master, a customer gave me this last night.”

While Chen You’s face remained emotionless, he thought in his heart, it’s given to you, so you just keep it, why are you passing it to me for?”

The system said,” You are the big boss, and these are the rules.”

Chen You thought in his heart, these rules are really amazing. Not showing favoritism, he kept the silver notes and gave Chun Tao a silver, “Do it well and this master will not treat you poorly either.”

Chun Tao was taken aback for a moment, then he became happy, and left with the silver.

Chen shook his head again, thinking that the old rule was still terrifying, “If Chun Tao hid the silver banknotes, it’s not like I will know.”

The system said, “They were all sold in at a very young age and were taught with many trainings, and after a few more beatings, they came to fear instinctively and dare not break the rules.”

While making his way downstairs, Chen You said, “How is the mission’s progress?”

The system said, “What do you think, ne?”

Hearing that, Chen You almost slipped down the stairs. “Er Gouzi’s hatred towards me is too deep, I can’t dissolve it.”, he said. He was busy with business these few days and had no time to watch the child so, he could only send two people to follow behind him and ensure his safety. Looking at the situation now, it seems like talking heart-to-heart with the child is impossible.

The system said, “This shows that you’re not working hard enough.”

Chen You, “…”

Qing Feng Lou was always closed during the day as everyone was sleeping. However, when night came, even a mad dog will be tired to death, not to mention humans.

Chen You walked downstairs under the respectful gazes of his servants which made him feel pretty good. “I don’t know if I can still be a boss in the next world. Even if I’m not a boss, becoming a freelancer with a seven-figure salary in my bank card is pretty good too.”

The system said, “There is no next if you don’t finish this world.”

Chen You fell as he walked passed the threshold.

A few seconds later, he stood up under the gaze of all the servants, patted the dust off his clothes and then, he walked out as if nothing had happened.

The morning market is very attractive during this time of the day.. The scent of morning food drifts out from different directions and hovers in the sky, arousing the appetite of pedestrians.

Chen You bought a few meat buns and by the time he finished gobbling them down, he has reached the door of Er Gouzi’s mother’s house.

Not long later, the door opened from the inside and Er Gouzi’s mother walked out carrying a vegetable basket. When she is not doing her business, she wears simple plain clothes, and her hair was simply put up in a bun without any accessories. She looked exactly like a normal housewife.

Seeing that she’s out, he could guess that Er Gouzi was probably not here.

After looking around, Chen You went to the west of the city, but he didn't see any child near the tomb. He took a deep breath tiredly.

“Er Gouzi?”

He yelled habitually, but as expected, there was no response. Even if Chen You stood in front of him, he would not say a word.

Chen You found the child next to the river and he asked, “What are you doing here?”

The child stared at the water, there was no telling what he was thinking.

Chen You reached out to pull the child back, but he accidentally slipped and fell into the river.

Damn it, I don’t know how to swim.

That was his first thought when he fell in. The second thought was that he’s screwed.

Chen You opened his mouth, and a water immediately entered his throat. He regretted for the millionth time not learning how to swim back in the real world.

He also foolishly forgets to do so in his mission worlds.

Chen You struggled desperately in the water while screaming for the system to save him.

The system said, “I do not have such functions currently.”

Chen You,” …” I’m going to die.

He was struggling in the river, and felt that it was getting increasingly difficult to breathe, “Help-Ergouzi

save--save me--”

The child stood on the shore and looked indifferently, with his eyes showing some other feelings.

Chen You felt disrespected immediately. He was so angry, he wanted to go up and slap the child’s butt. Yet who knew, the moment he stood up, he realised the water reached his waist only.

Damn it, so embarrassing.