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100k Volts Electrocutes You to Death Chapter 91

Before he left, Zheng Xingguo reminded, "All core team members will meet next Saturday morning. The goal is to introduce the 12 new team members and give them some training. Before that, you'd better contact the other two members from the Ministry of Public Security and have a chat."

Ye Wenxuan said, "Noted."

Lastly, Zheng Xingguo said, "The meeting location is at the U.S. Office of the International Anti-Terrorism Alliance. The three of you will gather at the airport on Friday and you just need to follow them.  Finally, don't embarrass the Special Affairs Department."

Ye Wenxuan was not very confident, "Ah?...okay."

Zheng Xingguo frowned, "That is a weak response. Again."

Ye Wenxuan stood at attention and raised his head, "I promise not to disgrace the Special Affairs Department!"

However, even though that was what he said…

When he held the phone numbers of the other two members and called to arrange to meet together, he ran into a dead end.

Zhang Boyuan, the older counter-terrorism commissioner, replied politely, "I'm sorry, I'm really busy recently. I may not be able to make time to meet."

The other SWAT team member’s reply was even simpler.

Ye Wenxuan dialed the phone number, "Is this Zou Jie speaking?"

The man on the line was panting violently, "Sorry, I'm practicing boxing. I'm Zou Jie, who are you?"

Ye Wenxuan said, "Oh, I'm Ye Wenxuan. From next week, we will be…"

Before he could finish the sentence, a cold sniff was heard through the receiver, and the call was hung up.

Ye Wenxuan: "???"

At this point, he had to admit one thing.

It seems like he may be, could be, should be... loathed by his two colleagues?

"Because you got into the team through the back door." Xing Yuan gathered the situation and summarised concisely.

Ye Wenxuan said, "... That is because they have not felt the overlord presence of the thunder god from me!"

Xing Yuan glanced at him.

Their gaze connected. Ye Wenxuan said, "The way as if you are looking at a mental retard is not friendly. You really need to feel my overlord presence."

Xing Yuan pressed him on the sofa. "Then let’s feel it here."

They had a good time.

The next day after he went to see Kathy, Ye Wenxuan was still unwilling to give up. After pondering, he returned to the office and asked his colleagues one by one.

Zhong Lei had been following up the case of foreign spies during this period, working closely with the Ministry of Public Security. Upon hearing him, Zhong Lei moved his eyes from the computer screen, "Zhang Boyuan and Zou Jie?"

"Yes." Ye Wenxuan moved the chair on the vacant seat next to him and sat down slowly. "We'll leave next Monday. The deputy captain asked me to establish a good relationship with them. But both of them don't seem to like me."

Zhong Lei asked, "Have you contacted them?"

Ye Wenxuan said yes, "How else would I get the sensing that things are not right."

Zhong Lei said, "Okay, tell me their reactions?"

Ye Wenxuan then told him about what happened when he called them.

Before he finished, Zhong Lei had covered his mouth, shoulders shaking slightly.

Ye Wenxuan was suspicious, "Zhong ge, did you laugh?"

Zhong Lei waved his hand, "No, no."

"Zhang Boyuan is quite tactful. Even if he doesn't want to meet you, he won't want to offend you." He looked around and seeing that no one was nearby, he whispered to Ye Wenxuan, "But recently, the Ministry of Public Security has indeed received several major cases. Zhang Boyuan is right to say so. As for whether or not he really didn't have the time..."

He shrugged, "I think the credibility is high. Once those people encounter a case, they even think it's a waste of time to eat."

Ye Wenxuan said, "Oh..."

Zhong Lei asked, "What's the name of the other one?"

Ye Wenxuan looked down at his mobile phone address book, "Zou Jie."

"That guy..." Zhong Lei knew him. "His personality is not as nice as Zhang Boyuan. He is very direct, loves and hates fiercely, and condemns evil. He fought with his captain multiple times.  But his combat prowess is really good and he can fight one against ten in a multi-contestant competition. So his captain did not kick him out of the team but instead relies on him heavily.

Ye Wenxuan had an appalled look on his face.

Zhong Lei said, "Most likely he has reservations about this round of successful applications, that’s why he wasn’t nice."

Ye Wenxuan said faintly, "Will he think I’m scum that joined the team through the back door..."

Zhong Lei said sincerely, "I think so." He added, "I heard that it was really through the back door. Our colleagues all know about you, but they are from the Ministry of Public Security. Well, they would not know the real situation."

He patted the youth on the shoulder, "Be diligent and learn if you are unsure. Those two are not particularly difficult to get along with. Once you have worked together for a longer period, you should be fine."

Ye Wenxuan sighed, "I hope you are right."

After a week of cramming criminal investigation knowledge, on Friday, July 28, Ye Wenxuan arrived at the capital’s airport on time with a simple bag of luggage.

Xing Yuan saw him off. Before leaving, he grabbed Ye Wenxuan's collar and kissed him fiercely under cover of the tinted glass.

"Send me a message when you get there." He sucked and breathed into the youth’s lips as he spoke, "Update me when the plane lands and when you get to the hotel."

Ye Wenxuan agreed in a low voice. "I heard that after the meeting, there will be two months of  special training." Touching Xing Yuan's hair as he spoke, "You should abide by women's morality in the mainland and wait for your husband to come back from the business trip patiently. Don't cheat on me, understand?"

Xing Yuan smiled and said, "If you hook up with some foreign blonde haired and blue-eyed men, I will smack your ass until it blossoms."

Ye Wenxuan grinned, "What about the blonde women?"

Xing Yuan said nothing and slapped him on his perky ass.

Xing Yuan, "Go, you are about to be late."

Ye Wenxuan looked at him intensely, and suddenly moved in to kiss him. He said seriously, "I'll miss you."

Xing Yuan touched his head and smiled meaningfully. "Don't miss me too much. We'll meet soon."

Ye Wenxuan said, "Ah?"

Xing Yuan said, "It's 7.20. If you don't go in now, you will really be late."

Ye Wenxuan, "Ahhhhhh - bye!"

He grabbed his backpack and whirled out of the passenger seat. He disappeared at the airport entrance in a blink of an eye.

The passenger's door was hanging open. Xing Yuan was intending to get up and close the door when it suddenly closed inwards and locked automatically with a pop.

The car meters were in disorder for an instance, then everything returned to normal.

The weak magnetic field that Ye Wenxuan left in the car dissipated.

Xing Yuan was quiet for a moment, then pulled out a cigarette with a smile at the corners of his mouth.

He waited for half an hour until his mobile phone vibrated. Ye Wenxuan sent a message that he had boarded the plane.

He put out the cigarette, restarted the engine and drove out of the parking lot towards the direction of the company.

On the way, Assistant Ruan called. Xing Yuan did not pick up as he was driving. When he arrived at the company, he reviewed the documents handed to him while walking.

Ruan Yushan followed behind and reported the tasks to him. When she finished, Xing Yuan said, "How are the discussions with Angelo?"

"He invited you to meet and talk." Ruan Yushan hesitated and said, "President Xing, do you really want to take this project?"

Xing Yuan said casually, "You're not optimistic?"

Ruan Yushan told him directly, "The risk is too high. Our company cannot be compared to the  former Xing Group, and the Liu family is keeping close tabs on us. To take risks at this time, I and several assistants think... it is not appropriate."

Having said that, Ruan Yushan handed over an envelope, "This was received this morning. I confirmed with Angelo's assistant that it was sent by him."

Xing Yuan placed the documents on his desk, and then took the envelope with one hand. "You can go out first. I'm fine here for the time being."

Ruan Yushan hesitated, and finally said, "Okay."

When the door clicked and locked, and the office quietened, Xing Yuan walked to the window and opened the envelope in the light of the sky.

An invitation laid inside.

He picked up his mobile phone and dialed a number.

After two rings, the call connected.

Xing Yuan said, "Good morning, Mr Angelo."

"Oh, good morning, amazing Chinese man!" There was a hearty laugh on the other end of the phone. The man said in American English, "Dear Xing, did you receive the little gift I sent you?"

"I just opened it." Xing Yuan said briefly, "Although you said you would help, I didn't expect you to move so quickly. I have to say that this is the biggest surprise I received today."

Angelo was obviously very happy, "Don't say that. Some of the financial recommendations you gave me before were really accurate, which made me a lot of money. An invitation to an auction is nothing. Now that we are both on the same side, if there is any advantage, of course I would think of you."

The corners of Xing Yuan’s mouth tugged. His face was cold, but his words were complimentary, "I heard from my assistant that you want to meet me to discuss the project that we are cooperating on?"

Unexpectedly, Angelo said mysteriously, "Oh, no, that's just a superficial statement."

"I have something, very, very crazy, oh, of course, it’s a good thing." He said, "I think you'll like it. It will definitely bring us countless wealth and power. Trust me, you'll like it."

He was not making sense. Unmoved on the surface, Xing Yuan spoke, "I was planning to make a trip to the United States. Since I have your invitation, I must definitely visit you in person."

Angelo laughed and said, "I will await your arrival."

After ending the call, Xing Yuan picked up the office phone and called the assistant. "You can book the ticket."

"Noted, Mr Xing."

On the other hand, Ye Wenxuan's plane departed on time.

He and the other two were sitting in a row, surrounded by escorting officials from the Ministry of Public Security and police officers. Everyone was dressed in casual clothes and ignored each other, looking like a group of strangers.

Ye Wenxuan looked around.

On the left was Zhang Boyuan, with a standard square face. He looked above 40 years old, with white hair on his temples. He was very calm in speech and behavior, and had an aura of righteousness.

On the right was Zou Jie, oozing masculinity with a buzz cut, his built body squeezed in the seat.

The person on the left was reading silently with a lowered head. The person on the right folded  his arms and looked sideways out of the window.

After they made a brief self introduction at the boarding gate, they have not chatted since with each other unless necessary.

Zhang Boyuan was polite to everyone, but Zou Jie snorted at him at first sight. Since then, he has not looked directly at him, making it clear that he was not welcome.

Ye Wenxuan secretly guessed that someone must have instructed him in advance. Otherwise, it was not possible that Zou Jie did not start a fight, based on what he had heard of Zou Jie.

Perhaps his gaze was too obvious, Zou Jie suddenly turned his head and glanced at him coldly,  "What are you looking at?"

Ye Wenxuan didn't speak. He looked away and answered him in his heart: If I did not have a tolerant heart, your body would be cold now.

Zou Jie wanted to provoke him again when Zhang Boyuan said, "Zou Jie, don't make trouble, go to sleep."

Zou Jie: "...”

He sniffed and turned away.

Ye Wenxuan thought of the next 10 odd hours he had to spend in this state, and suddenly felt that there was nothing left to live for.

When the plane finally landed in Washington, he was already like a salted fish without dreams.

The next few days were filled with verification of IDs, sleeping off the time difference, meeting new colleagues, and starting the special training with 11 other new members.

The U.S. Office of the International Anti-Terrorism Alliance was very low-key. It was located within the field of a U.S. military base, but still has a certain distance from the military region. There were five or six sentries in the middle to prevent members of other countries from sneaking in.

## Ye xiao shou who goes through the backdoor ##

Ye Wenxuan: "Don't mess with me, I have someone backing me!"

Zou Jie: "I've even fought with my captain, how would I be scared of a weak chicken like you?"

The Minister of Public Security grabbed him and said, There's really someone backing him. Don't touch him."

The Minister of Special Affairs said, "He has a large authority backing him, if you touch him, you’re dead."

Zou Jie: "??? So who is backing him?"

After alarming him, the two ministers patted their butts and left.