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100k Volts Electrocutes You to Death Chapter 92

Of course, it was highly unlikely there were any problems with the identities of the core team members. The sentries served two purposes, as warning and as security detail of the anti-terrorist alliance building.

Aside from the poor relationship with his Chinese colleagues, and being in the lowest ranks for  special training, Ye Wenxuan's life was generally okay.

He did not have the worst performance in the action team. Not all the members here were  special police or soldiers. There were also some well-known scholars in their field and civilian personnel engaged in case investigation.

Enoch Fitch, 42, from Turkey, was short and plump. He often won the last rank in the special training.

In addition, American newcomer Greg Gustav was also not sporty. He had heavy eyebags and looked like a standard otaku. Even Ye Wenxuan can easily put him down.

However, Ye Wenxuan later learned that he was a top hacker before joining the team. He did not want to go to jail after being caught by the military and so had to be sent here.

After each special training, when Ye Wenxuan saw his lifeless expression, he seriously felt that if Greg was allowed to choose again, the hacker might choose to go to jail.

With these two at the bottom, Ye Wenxuan's rotten results seem to be less eye-catching.


Once again, he got the lowest third. The instructor announced the end of training.

Ye Wenxuan steadied a shaky Enoch and ignored the sarcastic eyes of several high performers  around him. He caught his breath and went to the break room in the nearby building.

The break room prepared by the special training office was divided by nationality. So, every three people share a break room.

As soon as he unscrewed a bottle of mineral water, he heard a clang behind him. He turned his head and saw Zou Jie come in while slamming the door back into the frame.

Ye Wenxuan: Oh, he’s so fired up.

Zou Jie has been holding his temper these few days. There was no other reason. Out of the three new Chinese team members, his performance was the best. Although Zhang Boyuan was older, he also performed commendably.

Only Ye Wenxuan who was recommended by the Special Affairs Department and looked like a college student. His hair even touched his shoulder when tied and he still wouldn’t cut it. He did not have the aura of having battlefield experience. When standing within the special training group, he only looked a little better than the American hacker.

Just like a sissy, and one who came in through the back door. He gets angry just looking at him.

Zou Jie kicked over the next chair and looked surily at Ye Wenxuan.

Ye Wenxuan: "...What, are you picking a fight?"

Without waiting for Zou Jie to speak, he went on to say, "Fighting among colleagues is prohibited in the anti-terrorist alliance. Unless you go to the training room to compete with others, causing trouble in other places will get demerit points recorded or result in removal from the team entirely. Do you really want to fight?"

Zou Jie: "...”

"What was Minister Luo thinking? Why would he agree to let you join the core action team." He walked forward to look down at Ye Wenxuan and said with disgust, "I'm seriously annoyed with people like you, the complacent second generation of officials. Don't take the role if you don't have the ability. I’m disgusted that you still have the audacity to show your face."

Ye Wenxuan was shorter than him. He glanced up at Zou Jie who had a hostile expression, and suddenly wanted to laugh.

If he was really an ordinary person, he might be angry with Zou Jie, but after all, he was a superhuman. His state of mind at this time was much calmer than a year ago.

So Ye Wenxuan did not answer. He just smiled softly, turned to pick up his backpack and said, "Excuse me."

Zou Jie gave him a snide eye, "What if I don't?"

Ye Wenxuan sighed, "You just want to be beaten today, don't you?"

Zou Jie laughed shortly and looked down at him, "You are ranked last in training. Is this how you speak to your betters?"

Ye Wenxuan did not give in this time. For people like Zou Jie, the more he gave in, the easier it was to arouse his contempt.

He punched from the side and was easily avoided by Zou Jie. The two fought quickly in the break room. Strong wind from the punch whipped through the air. Ye Wenxuan narrowly avoided the punch, and unexpectedly felt that he could hear the whistling wind of the fist cutting through air.

He was still thinking when the other party sent a side kick towards him!

Zou Jie's combat prowess were really strong.

Having had experience in the South Sudan combat zone, Ye Wenxuan parried calmly with Zou Jie, exchanging more than a hundred moves in half a minute.

The two were fighting based on experience and consciousness. As Zou Jie was good at fighting, Ye Wenxuan did not want to extend the fight. Taking advantage of the instance when he hit Zou Jie’s numbing acupoint with the back of his hand, he secretly sent an electric current over.

Caught off guard, Zou Jie knelt down on the ground with a muted huff. Ye Wenxuan took the opportunity to twist his arms and hit him with a knee to press him to the ground.

Half of his body still numb, Zou Jie could not recover instantaneously. He clenched his teeth and said, "Did you cheat?"

Ye Wenxuan placed his knee on his spine and pressed him to the floor. He panted and smiled,  "Why, you have to find excuses for yourself for the defeat by the last in training?"

Zou Jie said, "Shit, how can I lose to you? It's clearly... Uh..."

Ye Wenxuan raised his knee a little to let Zou Jie catch his breath. Then he loosened his hand and stood up again.

Hands free now, Zou Jie did not hurry to stand up.

His left arm and half of his body were still numb.

He laid on the ground and tried to look at Ye Wenxuan. "What means did you use? It's impossible to have this effect by hitting my numbing acupoint."

Ye Wenxuan said casually, "I did some research on human acupoints, and I joined the Special Affairs Department after mastering the skill. Otherwise, what do you think? If I am really so green, even as a second generation of officials, Minister Luo would not let me join the action team."

Zou Jie looked at him suspiciously.

Ye Wenxuan said, "I'll tell you two things."

At a disadvantage now, Zou Jie was wary, “What?"

Ye Wenxuan did not care and smiled. "First, I'm not a second generation of officials, just an ordinary person. Screening me into the team was a joint decision of the Ministers of Public Security and the Special Affairs. If you have any questions, please take it up with them instead of me."

Zou Jie pursed his lips, expression ugly.

"Second point." He bent down, knelt on one knee and punched the man in the stomach.

The tall SWAT curled up in pain and vaguely heard that person snort, "There is no surveillance camera in the break room. We won't get any punishment even if we fight for an hour."

Zou Jie said, "Fuck... Shit..."

Ye Wenxuan looked down at him from a high position, "Oh, I remember, there is a third point."

He said calmly, "I hate the way you look down at me. Remember to change it next time."

This was the first time that Zou Jie got so angry at a seemingly weak man with braided hair.

"I don't acknowledge you." He gritted his teeth and glared at Ye Wenxuan. "If you have the ability, let's go to the training room for another round. If you win then, I'll be convinced."

Ye Wenxuan smiled at him, turned and left.

Zou Jie lay on the ground and said, "Hey, what are you running for? Are you a coward! Come back! Come back and fight again-"

Ye Wenxuan opened the door and left without looking back.

He said silently: I can't beat you without using superpowers. No chance  that I’ll go to the training room to fight with an audience. Bye.

He walked quickly and soon disappeared from view.

Zou Jie was so angry that he wriggled on the ground.

A few minutes later, Zhang Boyuan came in late and was startled to see Zou Jie still wriggling on the ground.

"Xiao Zou, what are you doing?" He tried to take a step closer and stopped two meters away from Zou Jie. "Is this a new way to relax?"

Zou Jie: "...”

He did not have the face to say that he was beaten by the sissy. Zou Jie said with a black face,  "Y-yes, I am relaxing my muscles."

Zhang Boyuan said, "Oh."

Then squatted down to look at him.

Zou Jie: “???”

Zhang Boyuan said, "Who are you trying to fool? You can't get up after being beaten by Xiao Ye right."

Zou Jie immediately said, "No, it's impossible. I didn't see him at all."

Zhang Boyuan squatted on the ground and looked at him with bright eyes. Zou Jie's eyes drifted. Finally, he admitted gloomily, "Alright, it's him."

Zhang Boyuan touched his chin. "Unexpectedly, Ye Wenxuan does have some capabilities."

Zou Jie snorted and didn't answer.

After a while, his arm gradually recovered from the numbness. Zou Jie immediately turned over and sat up, shaking his arm with a disgruntled face.

Zhang Boyuan closed the door first, then found a chair and said, "Tell me how he won."

His eyes were not as joking as they were just now. Zou Jie was familiar with this gaze. Zhang Boyuan wanted to know more information about Ye Wenxuan.

He filled half a bottle of water, sat cross legged on the ground directly, and slowly shared details of the fight.

Finally, he touched his elbow which was still a little numb and said, "He has some skills and a good sense of combat, but that's all."

"Striking acupoints to paralyze the opponent's body?" Zhang Boyuan thought out loud, "This method is very common, but it's rare to leave the other party rolling on the ground like you."

Zou Jie, "...When did I roll around? Besides, the boy did not do it!"

Zhang Boyuan waved his hand, "Anyway, your skills are not as good as him, and you provoked him at the beginning too. You deserve to lose."

Zou Jie raised his head to drink furiously.

"This Ye Wenxuan kid... At first I also thought that he came through the back door and didn't have much ability." Zhang Boyuan said slowly, "But after this period of contact, I changed my opinion of him seeing that he is willing to bear the tough training and work hard."

"What's more..."

Zou Jie: "Hmm?"

Zhang Boyuan glanced at him, "How can someone jointly elected by the two ministers be useless?"

Zou Jie said, "If it weren't for him, Team Leader Yang would have gotten in."

Zhang Boyuan shook his head, "With or without him, it's hard for your captain to come in. All right, I knew you were angry for personal reasons. If you provoke him again next time, I'll report your behavior to the mainland."

Zou Jie didn't speak. After a while, he said in a muffled voice, "Noted."

Unbeknownst to everyone, the person who was carefully and seriously analysed by the two colleagues returned to his personal apartment in the office building, immediately pulled out the computer that was uniformly assigned to the apartment, connected to the internet, began to search for the "complete atlas of human acupoints", and started studying relentlessly without eating and sleeping.

Ye Wenxuan: I have to achieve whatever I bragged about, even if I have to do it kneeling!

In the event of something like this happening again in the future, pretending to be an acupoint master or something was also an excellent idea.

The next afternoon, Zou Jie stopped him in the rest room again.

This time, Zou Jie said to him solemnly, "Comrade Ye Wenxuan, I formally challenge you. Without violating the alliance regulations, let's have a fair and just contest."

Ye Wenxuan was drinking water at that time. When he heard the speech, he gave him a melancholy look.

Then he refused him without any pressure.

Zou Jie: "...”

Shit, I'm so angry.

Two months later, Ye Wenxuan was released after serving his sentence… Ah, no, he officially become a core member of the international counter-terrorism action team.

Although his graduation score was not very high, it really makes him want to cry with joy.

He hugged Lucia, a current member who came to inform him. The latter winked at him, "Results don't mean everything. All of you are great. Welcome to the action team."

Lucia Mewes, whose photo Ye Wenxuan once saw in the conference room of the Special Affairs Department, is one of the persons of interest.

Ye Wenxuan accepted her friendly gesture and smiled, "Thank you very much. I look forward to working with you. I'm glad you don't take offense at my terrible special training results."

"Oh, don't worry about that." Lucia said carelessly, "When we were training, Joyce's physical performance in the team was all zero. Emily's professional knowledge was a mess. Oside performed very well every time, but he always seduced the instructor, so he became the last one in the end. But it's undeniable that these people now occupy the position of core team members."

"Each of them has different abilities. They may be bad in some aspects, but I want to say," She smiled gently at Ye Wenxuan. "They are all very amazing."

Lucia Mewes patted him on the shoulder. "Anyway, welcome."

Ye Wenxuan said sincerely, "Thank you for your encouragement, Lucia."

## Ye xiaoshou, the king of plug-in ##

Zou Jie was electrified by Ye Wenxuan and squirmed on the ground.

He angrily took out the phone and dialed 110: "Hey, police, I am reporting that someone here is using a plug-in. You need to block his account quickly!"

110: “???”

Ye Wenxuan: "Oi, I am using acuppoints, qigong and kungfu."

Zou Jie: "Oi, you are using a plug-in!