Novel Wars

100k Volts Electrocutes You to Death Chapter 93

After completion of the special training, the team members do not have to stay in the office building. Ye Wenxuan needed to get in close contact with some people, so after much consideration, he decided to stay for a while.

To put it nicely, it's called - I want to learn from my seniors and also contribute where I can.

The head of the action team approved the request quickly.

He still lives in the single room assigned during special training. The apartment building was not far from the office building in the base, but the place has a militarised management and has very strict requirements on time. Aside from not being allowed to be as lazy as when he was at home, the rest was alright.

Zhang Boyuan left for home almost immediately as he still had several cases to follow up in China. Zou Jie didn't leave. He was soon assigned a task and flew to a city in the Middle East.

He was accompanied by some of the best team members in the same batch.

Back in the apartment, Ye Wenxuan laid in bed and talked to Xing Yuan on the phone.

Ye Wenxuan: "I am the... fourth."

Xing Yuan: "Tell the truth."

Ye Wenxuan: "...counting from the back."

Xing Yuan: "Well, it's in line with your character outline."

Ye Wenxuan was silent for a few seconds and changed the topic, "Are you in Houston?"

Xing Yuan hummed yes. There was some noise from the receiver and Ye Wenxuan vaguely heard someone laughing loudly.

"I'm going to an auction in the afternoon. I'm invited to a private party tomorrow. After that, there should be nothing else."

Ye Wenxuan didn't know until five or six days after he arrived in Washington that this guy had  booked a ticket while he was on the plane. As soon as he left, Xing Yuan flew over.

Unfortunately, the address of the anti-terrorist alliance building was a secret. Furthermore, Ye Wenxuan was still participating in closed training and cannot leave. He can only request for a phone call once a week.

They called each other weekly. Because of strict control and surveillance, Ye Wenxuan did not speak much about what happened in the base. He only talked about romance and love with Xing Yuan.

"I'm all done here. I’ve applied with the team leader to stay in the base, and he agreed. But I told him I wanted to go out to settle my private affairs first and join the team in a week." Ye Wenxuan snickered, "I'll be done by tomorrow. Shall I fly to Houston to find you?"

Xing Yuan laughed deeply, "Come. But the hotel bed is not as big as home. Hold me tight when you sleep, in case you fall off the bed."

Ye Wenxuan said, "Eh..." There are few houses with a bed as big as their villa’s.

"If you are coming, then I will not go to Washington for the time being." Xing Yuan said, "I'll send you the hotel address later. You can wait for me directly there tomorrow."

Ye Wenxuan keenly picked up something. "Are you busy right now? What is going on there?"

"The auction is about to begin." Xing Yuan whispered, "I should go in. Let's meet and talk tomorrow."

Ye Wenxuan said, "Okay. But you'd better confess to me tomorrow. What auction are you going to? Also, I smell conspiracy. I hope you don't make friends with the wrong sort."

Xing Yuan smiled, said goodbye and hung up.

He walked through the dark corridor. Along the way, more than a dozen private bodyguards wanted to stop him. They stopped after seeing the extravagant brooch in front of Xing Yuan's chest. A captain whispered a few words into the headset, and no bodyguards stopped Xing Yuan from then on.

Instead, a young waiter leaned over and asked eagerly, "May I help you, sir?"

Expressionless, Xing Yuan said casually, "Room 1."

The waiter made a gesture of invitation. "Yes, sir, please follow me."

The auction has begun. There was almost no other noise in the corridor. With at least six security cameras monitoring their actions, the waiter went to a door and explained his intention to the bodyguard at the door.

One of them glanced at Xing Yuan and seemed to confirm his identity. Then he turned sideways and opened the door. "Sir, please."

Xing Yuan stepped into the room.

The bodyguard closed the door silently.

This was a very hidden room with no windows and no connection to the auction site outside. One side of the room has a huge LCD screen. Xing Yuan glanced casually and found that the auction process downstairs was being broadcast live above.

Several men in suits sat scattered around. On the most conspicuous sofa sat a beautiful woman with wavy hair. When the woman saw Xing Yuan coming in, her eyes brightened and she flashed him an extremely charming smile.

Xing Yuan nodded to her, then walked over and sat in the seat reserved for him by Angelo.

The middle-aged man with gray hair and blue eyes was laughing and chatting with others. As he sat down, the people around him quietened for a moment and nodded to him.

A few outspoken people even came over and shook hands with him warmly, and giving him a cheek kiss.

These men sitting around on several groups of sofas are the leaders in finance, aged between 33 and 48. It seems that Xing Yuan has become the youngest one in the group.

He handed Angelo several profitable businesses one after another, and at times gave him some very accurate financial suggestions. The latter intended to return the favor and pulled him into the small circle of American capitalists, paving a golden brick road for him to invest in the United States.

Half of them already knew the young Chinese businessman. Although the other half have just met him for the first time, they have all heard his name recently.

Knowing that it was Angelo's credit, Xing Yuan gave him a look of thanks.

Angelo patted him on the shoulder. "I'll introduce you to a beauty."

He looked at the woman sitting in the middle. The woman seemed to be paying attention all the while. When she saw them looking, her full lips curved and she sent a wink to Angelo.

It was as if her gray eyes had hooks, which made Angelo stir secretly.

"This lady's name is Jane Mandy, listed in the global richest list. Her investment portfolios are mainly in the United States and Russia, so you probably don't know each other very well."

Angelo gave Xing Yuan a brief introduction, and then jokingly said, "Men want to marry Jane, because if they marry her, not only will they get a peerless beauty, but also get wealth." He sighed and exaggerated, "But it's a pity that there are so few men who can be worthy of the queen."

The woman with blond wavy hair covered her mouth and smiled, saying lazily, "Come on, Angelo, you make me sound like a harsh witch."

Angelo: "If witches are as captivating as you, I'm willing to be a sacrifice."

Jane: "Hehe, naughty."

Xing Yuan: "...”

Perhaps he had stayed with Ye Wenxuan for too long. In this situation, Xing Yuan could only think of the words "mutual bragging". He couldn't help but be turned off by their experienced flirting.

Fortunately, the people present seemed to be familiar with Xing Yuan's expressionless face, and thought that it was natural for him to have a blank and indifferent face.

On the big screen, the host showed a beautiful diamond necklace. There was a lot of noise in the venue, and someone raised a card to bid from time to time.

The people in box 1 were not paying much attention, displaying no interest in the diamond jewelry.

After chatting with others for a while, Jane turned her eyes to Xing Yuan again.

The man who chatted with her was a little unwilling. His fingers glided across the black silk on her thighs. "My dear, you are distracted by other men when talking to me. Do I have to do something about it?"

Jane rolled her eyes at him. "Find me tonight. Now, how about letting me look at a handsome man?"

The man muttered, "I'm also very handsome", then got up crisply and walked back to his original seat.

Jane said to Xing Yuan, "Mr Xing, can I have a word with you?"

People stopped talking and looked at the man and woman.

Angela whistled softly and patted him quietly.

Xing Yuan's stoic face changed, and a smirk curled his lips. He got up, walked over and sat down.

The people in the room turned back to their conversation and stopped paying attention to them.

Jane said, "Angelo hasn't brought someone new for a long time. Our circle needs new blood, and you do indeed look very charming."

Xing Yuan praised her in a gentlemanly manner. "I didn't expect to see such a beautiful lady here."

"Lady..." Jane smiled, covering her mouth. "Few people praise me as much. They all say I'm a spider demon, always squeezing their money and spirit endlessly."

Then she leaned towards Xing Yuan, revealing half of her tender, white and full bosom, and said seductively, "But if I meet someone who really catches my eyes, I'm willing to give up money and power..."

Xing Yuan smiled softly and didn't answer.

Jane glanced at him and was about to continue when someone suddenly clapped his hands.  "It's about to start."

People's eyes returned to the screen.

At this time, at the auction site on the first floor, all the items on the list had been auctioned, and the gentlemen in suits and ladies in evening gowns were slowly leaving the venue.

Subsequently, the staff packed up and left via the staff passage. Another group of employees in black uniforms filed in and occupied the positions on both sides of the auction table.

The host remained on the stage. A bodyguard made a gesture, and then several exits in the venue were locked with a show of his backhand.

"Well, ladies and gentlemen in front of the big screen, the second auction will begin now."

The host was expressionless. An employee in black uniform came up next to him, placed a suitcase in front of a camera, turned it around and opened it.

A small USB flash disk was lying inside.

"The first auction," The host calmly said, "is the core technical data of the company Tevez. It  records the most critical research and development data of the nano weapon 'mosquito missile'."

"The starting price, 20 billion, and a nude photo signed by Marilyn Monroe."

Xing Yuan's eyebrows moved, and Jane laughed softly, "It seems that our provider of the USB flash disk is still a loyal admirer of Monroe."

The men in the box didn't seem interested in it. From the screen, there seemed to be a device facing the host, which enabled him to see the bidding of all the guests in the box.

Next, a series of incredible things were auctioned in the venue, some even involving mysterious fields. Xing Yuan was not interested, but symbolically bidded several times.

Forty minutes later, the second auction ended, and the people in the room left one after another.

A few people remained and did not have the intention of getting up.

Before Angelo could speak, Jane invited him. "Xing, I think you might prefer the private gathering next."

"Oh, really." Xing Yuan slanted his head and said casually, "I'm looking forward to it."

There were only five guests left in the room. Xing Yuan waited for a while. There was a knock outside the door, and three more men came in guided by the waiter.

With a glance, Xing Yuan saw Liu Tianquan at the back.

Jane flirted lightly beside him, “Another handsome man from China. But my dear, he can’t compare to you.”

Xing Yuan narrowed his eyes, and saw him sit down silently next to a young man. "It's a pleasure to be able to get your appreciation." he said.

It seemed that everyone had reached. Jane raised her hands and clapped casually. She said lazily, "Gentlemen, since everyone is here, we can start."

At that moment, Liu Tianquan saw Xing Yuan. He sat upright and his eyes met with Xing Yuan’s. They both felt hostility from each other.

He clenched his fist hard, then lowered his eyes again and didn't look at him again.

Jane said, "If you are sitting here at this time, I'm sure you all know the purpose of this gathering. Some of you know me, and a few of you are meeting me for the first time." She said, throwing a wink at the man beside her. "But I think we will get familiar with each other soon."

"I won't say too much. Let's begin." Jane clapped her hands as she spoke.

A bodyguard came over, placed a suitcase on the side table in front of Jane, then opened it solemnly.

In the box lay two tubes of reagent.

Xing Yuan was seated nearby and saw that one of the tubes had an extremely familiar color. The light blue liquid slowly sloshed against the tube’s wall, firmly fixed in a groove lined with black velvet.

×× Xing Xiaoyuan, who loves his wife ××

Jane the beauty: "Handsome man, let’s have a date?"

Xing Yuan looked up at the sky. Thunder raged across the sky and lightning poised to flash.

Xing Yuan said: "No, I have a family! And I only love my wife. All handsome men and women are just a pile of inorganic and organic material in my eyes!"

Jane: "???"

Ye Wenxuan, who was monitoring remotely, lowered the pen that was raised high with satisfaction.