Novel Wars

Isekai de Mofumof Nadenade Suru Tame ni Ganbattemasu Chapter 29 part 2 - A sign of things to come?

Here it comes! The freezing aura of anger!

It is not good to go against this.

[Father, I apologize for worrying you. And, I apologize to everyone for the trouble I have caused.]

I apologized honestly. I apologized to all of the subordinates and knights, but, on the contrary, they looked surprised. No, even if I am a noble, if I do something wrong, I will apologize, you know. Properly.

This is a guess, but Papa and everyone got angry at me, right? I was thoughtless. Sorry!

[I wanted to see the inside of the Adventurer Guild.]

[What happened to Shinki?]

[There was a problem so he went to the goblins.]

Hearing that, Papa sighed and took a deep breath.

[Neferetima, do you understand how foolish your actions were? It might have been too premature for a noble’s daughter to go out.]

Papa’s words came as a chock. He had always had a reason like it was too dangerous or something, and he rejected my requests a lot too, but he had never done it this way before.

Therefore, I will think it through.

Although I was slightly panicking, I looked back at my previous actions.

The action I had made was [going out without saying anything].

With a clink, I arrived at a conclusion.

And when I understood that, it was embarrassing how foolish I had been and what a mess I had caused. I paled and my tear glands were about to loosen.

I shouldn’t cry. It was cowardly to cry here. It was just that I wish I could disappear. Or rather, I wanted to be buried.

What I had done was nearly abandon my post. No matter whether I say that my goal was to search for the proposed location, the real arrangement was to inspect the territory. Although I was an extra that Papa brought along, I was more or less a part of the inspection team.

And yet, I left without permission from the person in charge and also didn’t bring any guard with me. If I had become involved in an accident, the guards would have probably been punished for failing their responsibilities.

[To protect those with higher social status.]

Even though my parents had taught me that, I hadn’t really understood it myself. If I did whatever I wanted, the ones being put at a disadvantage were those with lower status. I should have known that my actions could have a negative effect too.

In retrospect, this was the same in the other world as well. When I had trouble at work, it was my immediate boss who had covered for me. The one who had asked for the unreasonable was the senior education officer.

And now, I was the same as that person.

Taking advantage of the fact that no one would refuse or get angry at me, I did whatever I wanted. Well, it couldn’t be helped that Papa got angry.

[Even if it’s you, Father, if you make Nema cry, I’ll hit you, you know?]

Hearing a familiar voice, I was suddenly lifted off the ground.

Wondering what was going on, I lifted my head, and a person who shouldn’t be here was there!

Why are you here! Brother!!

You were in the royal capital just yesterday, how could you already be here!!!

Brother had a sparkling and refreshing smiling face.

Seeing his face, I was relieved.

My older brother and older sister were always without fail on my side. For example, even if I was at fault, they received the blame from Mama together with me.

Relaxing, my tear glands loosened.


Not wanting to show a shameful face, I pressed my face against his shoulder.

[There, there. I’ll hit Father, so it’s okay.]

Wait, wait, Brother. You shouldn’t hit him, right!

I shook my face as to say no and complain that I was at fault.

This is bad… My tears and dripping nose got on Brother’s clothing… As I was thinking this, someone offered me a handkerchief.

That person wiped my tears and lightly held the handkerchief over my nose. Did you mean that I should blow my nose?

Sigh, now I feel refreshed.

The handkerchief left my field of vision, and oh no… a hallucination.

Lately, because I couldn’t see Shinri because he was busy, I had started seeing hallucinations because I wanted to see him… Wait! No!

I did not have that girlish way of thinking.

Which meant it was the real thing… but, since that was bad too, I could just dismiss it, right?

[So the idiot escaped. I’m glad.]

[Nema is a clever child after all. Well, her body moves before she can think about it though.]

Brother chuckled elegantly.

And regarding the badmouthing. It was the real thing!

The voice I hadn’t heard in some time was uselessly alluringly husky after puberty. A body that had grown in height and muscle after the growing period. Well, the ladies couldn’t leave that be.

It would have been better if I hadn’t seen it, and I rubbed against Brother’s shoulder three times.

Rather, Brother. There isn’t that much difference between an idiot and someone who rushes in recklessly, you know?

[...Your Highness…]

Along with Papa’s sigh, Papa, the subordinates, the guards, the chivalry order, and the servants bowed.

Following that, Hearan and Sister Bell bowed respectfully.

Aside from the nobles and those working in the royal palace bowing with respect, men and women got on their knees and put their right hands on their chests. If they didn’t receive permission, they couldn’t raise their heads.

Oh! I must do it too!

Let. Me. Down!!

[Big brother, let me down?]

Being let down by Brother, I bowed down on the spot.

After Vi told everyone to raise their heads, Papa approached Vi without a moment’s delay.

[Your Highness, for what reason have you come here?]

[Because the official business has been finished. When I thought of relaxing and playing with my toy, Neferetima, I heard that she was following along with the inspection.]

Was it my imagination? When he called my name, did he say toy??

[His Majesty knows, right?]

[Yeah. I came after getting permission. It seems like I’m being guarded too.]

I had heard this from Papa! A secret group like ninjas to protect the king!! They were different from the secret intelligence unit and were treated like the king’s private army.

[If His Majesty told you to return, please return obediently.]

Papa, your eyes aren’t smiling! Although your lips are forming a smile, your eyes are serious!! Your true thoughts of “don’t add to my workload” are leaking!

Vi had an equally black-hearted smile.

Letting sleeping dogs lie, I’ll let Lars alleviate my stress.

[Then, who are those people?]

Good gracious! Papa swiftly brought up a subject? I tilted my head in doubt.

Remembering something, I slapped my hands.

That was it, that was it. We haven’t done any introductions yet.

[I was in Sister Ariabel’s care at the guild, and Hearan is the accountant of the town. Apparently, he has some business with Father.]

[With me?]

[Yeah. I heard a little about it and I thought that Father’s power was necessary, so I asked him to follow me.]

I tried to appeal with a nuance that they were people who could only rely on Papa.

Or rather, I think it’s okay since Papa would listen to my request properly. Well, it’s different whether he would listen to this request or not.

[...Since Nema said that, would that mean that a feudal lord’s or prime minister’s judgment is needed? I got it. Let’s hear it.]

Ooh! He’s giving me so much credit! Is this what you call a doting parent!?
I’m sorry, Papa.

After poking my nose in another’s affairs, I found another case that was more interesting and wanted to use Papa’s authority to end the matter quickly…I’m sorry for thinking this.

[Let’s hear it inside.]

After saying that, Papa urged us inside.

Somehow, there was the feeling of one’s familiar house, but it was like a different place.

Entering through the front door, there was a click beetle. Rubbing it with my hand, it pliantly lowered its lower body. Like a typical minor character… Ah, it was the town mayor!

He seemed normal. It was similar to a greengrocer old man in the trading area in the royal capital.

A smile stretched over the [Feudal lord’s] whole face. He was making a troubled expression to me, Brother, and Vi, like he was wondering why there were children here, while he made a disgusted face at Hearan and the others. Good job making so many different faces!

[I’m sorry, but may we borrow a room?]

[Were these people rude somehow?]

[It seems like you’ve taken care of my daughter.]

Hmm, such a proud Papa gives me an ill-boding feeling. No, he wasn’t exactly proud. Look, to me, he was a doting parent.

To start with, we were guided to a large room to meet with the town mayor.


There was a cute preceding visitor in that room.

Perhaps she was basking in the sun by the window, a pure white Leah made a big yawn.

Leah was like a cat, but not actually a cat. She was a wild animal that had become accustomed to living in towns and lived together with their parents in a small flock!

Ria/Leah was free to catch food or receive it. But she didn’t settle down in a human home.

Her outward appearance was just like a cat though.

With a body slightly smaller than a cat’s, roundish ears, and a somewhat plump tail.

[Leah is in the room!]

After saying that, I wanted to enter the room before anything else, but I needed to put up with it here.

The imperial guards following Vi swiftly inspected the room, and determining that there was no danger, urged us to enter the room.

Good. It was bad manners, but I will run!

[Good day!]

I set out to force myself to the space where Leah was laying sprawled out on the windowsill of the bay window.

Catching Leah’s interest, she sniffed my smell and licked my nose.

Come to think of it, Lars often does the same. I wonder what meaning it has.

Anyhow, this child had

changed, huh. She was the same as at home, but her eyes were mismatched in color!

[What pretty eyes! Would it be fine if I hugged you?]

The right eye had a dark color. It felt more fitting to call it indigo than blue. The left eye had a golden color.

Leah made a sound as if she couldn’t help it, and I picked her up without delay.

Placing the front paws and head on my shoulder, I held her behind so that she wouldn’t fall. I patted the pretty fur with my empty left hand.

Wow!! How glossy and smooth!

Although Leah was short-haired, I had never seen such glossy fur before. No good… it feels too good.

Huh? Something was squirming in my hair… Was it Gratia!?

Maybe it surprised Leah by moving inside my hair.

Stop, it’s ticklish. I won’t be able to focus on the fur!

[Let me see, let me see. It’s true. What unusual color.]

Just as Big brother peered into Leah’s face, she felt threatened with her fur standing on end.

Although not as much as me, Brother was also the type who liked animals. Although she was vigilant, for her to feel threatened by someone was rare.

[Big brother, don’t scare her!]

If the threat suddenly disappeared from her vision, Leah would probably panic, so I complained to Brother who moved.

Well, I was enjoying the ruffled and soft fur too.

[Immediately call Curt here!]

[Sorry, sorry. Her right eye is similar to Nema’s eye color, huh.]

Hey! The bystander is way too noisy!

To soothe Leah whose hair was raising, I tickled her at the root of her ears and under her chin.

As she gradually calmed down, as if she liked it, she purred.

She was really like a moody cat.


Another person came rushing into the room in a hurry.

What a noisy room, huh. Hey.

“You’re being a nuisance to the feudal lord! Hurry and take that Leah away!”

When the mayor shouted, it was clear that this landlord wasn’t intending on keeping her.

[Mio, come here.]

Mio seemed to be Leah’s name. It was a very Japanese name. It was probably taken from her meow.


Changing to a voice like a spoiled child and meowing, Mio jumped down from my shoulder to the person who called her.

Aww, the glossy and smooth fur!

After the wrangling, I could finally take a breath. Sitting on the large couch, I moistened my throat with tea.

Mio was relaxing on my lap. There was nothing greater satisfaction than this!

For the time being, let the talk be just between adults, please. I was busy giving Mio love!

And then, Brother who appeared like a pet owner. A man’s jealousy is unsightly, you know. Although I got it that it was wexing that I got Mio, could you stop going wild?

Brother and Vi are sitting on both sides of me, elegantly drinking tea, but they seem to be paying attention.

The mayor seemed to have misunderstood Hearan’s story, saying he wouldn’t do those things and making various gestures. Sure enough, after Papa barked that they weren’t getting anywhere, the two turned silent.

As the talk between the adults continued, I was thinking about my plan from here on out.

First of all, I would have to get Papa’s consent to go to Lennis. Then, I want a little more information. After that, I had to ask the forest demon to confirm with the goblins, and oh yeah, I had to introduce the forest demon to Gratia and Brother!

Lastly, this was the most important! To stroke Lars! I hadn’t seen him in a while, and I want to stroke that pure white fur…


Lars, who was sprawled out behind me, made a sound. Was it to calm down?

Lars was sharp. Even though he couldn’t have a connection with me as Sol had, he somehow understood my feelings. It might be from the long time we had been together. To be frank, he had been together with me longer than his owner, Vi! Which meant, that our mutual love was strong!!


This time, the sound was stronger than before.

Yes, yes, I am calm.

In order to hide my high spirits, I’ll concentrate on the sleeping Mio.

I felt like Vi was laughing at the interaction between me and Lars, but I don’t care.

And so, the talk between the adults seemed to have reached a conclusion.

It seemed like Papa would send a reliable subordinate from the royal capital. Until that person arrived, they would request adventurers from the guild to watch over the mayor. Sister Bell said she’d be responsible for selecting a candidate.

Well then, since it seemed to be absolute secrecy from here on, the mayor was dragged away, and Mio’s owner (the town mayor’s son) was dragged along as well, picking Mio up while at it. Tsk.

Hearan was scouted by Papa to go to the royal palace, but he refused in the end because, when he had worked there previously, he had been treated harshly by a cruel superior.

This was my chance!

[Then, please come to my place!]

Unable to comprehend, everyone became dumbfounded, and Papa muttered “that was a way too”.

[What about Sister Bell?]

Like that, I involved the two people and made everyone listen to my plans.

Though Papa was the one explaining most of it.

[...You, don’t think of anything outrageous.]

After the explanation, Vai’s stunned voice broke the deathly still silence.

[Even demons understand Nema’s loveliness, huh.]

How was I supposed to counterattack this sister complex going in a completely unexpected direction…

[Since I’ll formally receive this matter from Ralph, I’m planning on it.]

Papa ignored it mercilessly! Didn’t he have a retort??  Let’s jump into it!

[Understood. If it’ll increase the time I have with Nema, I will do it.]

Hey hey. What about school!? Aren’t you graduating next year?  I didn’t know it well, but aren’t there a lot of things that had to be done before graduation?

It would probably most certainly become a drawn-out war!

[I will cooperate too.]

I don’t need it! Papa, refuse! If he was going to reject the plan, then reject it mercilessly! He was toying with me!!

[Your Highness, do you have any official business?]

[Certainly, I have no intention of neglecting it. If I could do it, I would be able to lend out money from the royal capital to public affairs.]

Tsk. You understand it well, huh.

Papa yielded with a sigh too.

[Let’s make it a secret that His Highness is involved.]

If the royal family was involved, it could be regarded as the government’s authorization. In that case, neighboring countries were likely to make a racket since we were strengthening our military power. Above all, the Genesis sect would complain.

[That is that, but Hearan, Sister Bell, what about you?]

[What kind of demon is Shinki?]

[A former hobgoblin. He evolved for some reason.]

Let’s hide the fact I used spirits. I’d tell Brother and Vi later on. When the person in question wasn’t here.

[Will the base be here or in the countryside?]

This was a question from Hearan.

[Yes. If there’s a rural town in the forest a little more out south.]

[Then, I would like to accept that story.]

…We decided on the countryside… What did that mean? Did he like the countryside??

[I will also accept. I do not have any family either, and I would go anywhere!]

A bombshell announcement without warning!! …I’m very sorry.

Even so, unlike their first impression, they seemed to be rather free or going at their own pace-kind of people.

Since there seemed to be no objection to protecting demons, it’s fine I guess.

[Then, when the place is decided, I’ll call you, so please stay in this town until then.]

[Would it be alright if I accompanied you? As soon as the base has been decided, we will be needing people who can move around after all.]

It wasn’t wrong saying that, but I could hear a second voice saying “leaving here for the countryside to live peacefully”.

Sister Bell was waiting silently. Since she had no way of defending herself, she had become a burden.

Since Papa had agreed, they discussed further employment conditions, and everything proceeded smoothly, and I lost a bit of interest.

Why did it seem like only I couldn’t follow the rhythm?

It’s fine, it’s fine. I was playing with Lars after all.

As I was being healed by fluffing up Lars’ belly, Lars started growling warningly.

[What happened?]

I asked Lars, but it was Vi who answered.

[It seems there’s something outside]

Piii. A shrill cry sounded.

It said, “Nox is back!”.

[The forest demon!]

As I thought of going to meet him, there were a tap-tap and knocking sound, and then a knight came in with the forest demon instead.

[Welcome back!]

I knocked into the forest demon with momentum as I went to hug him, but instead, it was me who was in pain.

Damn it. Useless muscles!

[Nema, you’ll properly introduce him to me, right?]

Huh? Why did Brother’s smiling face look like Mama when she was scolding me??

Eh…Did I do something again!?