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Transmigrated into the World of “Demon Lord Wu Zun” Chapter 52 - Bathing with a Pervert

What else could Laozi even say? Even if Laozi said something, would you even listen to my words? Since you won’t listen, I’ll just shut up!

Only after Qi Guanrui heard the word "let" did the aura on his body calm down a little.

"I thought Gege had no issue with it. Seems like… Alright, I’ll just carry Gege over to the bath. Though I won’t untie the Wuxuan Iron,” he said, nuzzling against Gu Bai's head with his chin affectionately. "Gege will run away; I can't bear it."

Gu Bai rolled his eyes again.

Laozi’s virginity has already been taken; what difference is there between escaping and not escaping now? This attempt at running away has resulted in my chrysanthemum nearly being paralyzed[1]; if I were to run away again, I’m afraid my little life will be endangered!

Gu Bai did not know why a pervert from a stallion novel had turned gay. However, he did know that as long as the pervert still had those bizarre interests, death would not matter much — given this guy’s personality, there was a high possibility that he would gladly X his corpse! Gu Bai gave up on resisting and decided to continue living on quietly.

As for the sex… Gu Bai was resolute in his belief that this was still an adulterous stallion world. The pervert just needed to see more girls. There were so many body types and shapes, each with its unique beauty. There was definitely someone out there who could save this pervert!

Qi Guanrui’s actions were true to his words and he was incredibly patient with Gu Bai.

Gu Bai was fucked for three days and three nights. Even the strongest, toughest body in the world would be weak and sore by now.

Qi Guanrui held him in his arms, and carefully fiddled with each of the four chains a few times. A few crisp clicks sounded out. The chains actually broke.

Gu Bai's wrists and ankles were still shackled in his current state, but the entire length of the chains was no more than an inch long. They didn’t look like bindings. Instead, they resembled accessories more and had an air of simple elegance.

Qi Guanrui had great strength. He asked Gu Bai to wrap his arms around his neck, then hooked an arm below his knees, bringing Gu Bai’s entire body into his hands.

Gu Bai's face darkened.

A fucking princess carry! I dare you to use a more manly carry!!

And. There. Was. Something. Even. More. Shameful!

The object that had been in his body this whole time was finally removed with a wet sound. This was fine. But why did something wet and sticky have to flow out from behind ah ah ah ah ah!

Simply unbearable!

Gu Bai took a deep breath. Even if he couldn’t bear it…He still had to fucking bear it.

On second thought, the pervert didn’t try to do it with him while walking nor did he try any difficult positions. Gu Bai should be fucking if!

However, Gu Bai, as a noble and prideful city lord who was long accustomed to keeping up a polite pretence, did not say a single word.

Instead, he allowed Qi Guanrui to carry him into the neighbouring room with a dark expression on his face and, with that same dark expression, allowed him to place him in a pool of water.

The water in the pool seemed to have originated from a hot spring and had a faint warmth to it. The pores on every part of his body opened up in that warmth and the heat brought him great comfort and pleasure.

Unfortunately, aside from this enjoyment, Gu Bai was also subjected to something unpleasant. Qi Guanrui had followed him into the pool—and he’d even picked Gu Bai up and repositioned him to sit upon his thigh!

Gu Bai's face was stiff. He felt that his breathing skills had improved.

Reaching out to the wooden ladle next to him, Gu Bai scooped up some water and poured it over himself. After going at it for a few days, his body was bound to be filthy; it was of utmost importance to wash himself clean. His entire being was covered in another’s scent; Gu Bai felt as if he’d been marked.

The pervert had done this intentionally! What kind of strange, twisted mentality was this?! Why was his behaviour so animalistic!

However, Gu Bai's hand was restrained by Qi Guanrui.

The latter smiled softly and took the wooden ladle out of Gu Bai’s hands before gently licking at Gu Bai’s shoulder. "Gege, look straight forward.."

Gu Bai did as told.

An enormous mirror entered his field of view.

The mirror reflected the naked, entangled figures of two men—the two gentlemen who were brazenly showing off their fruits and their xx.

But there was something else that was even more terrifying—the reflection of the naked, exceptionally pale male made it obvious that the paleness only applied to his face! The other parts of his skin could no longer be described as pale.

From the neck down, every inch of his skin was marked in various shades of red and purple, located in regions that would not be exposed if he were to wear normal clothing.

…Well, ‘every inch of his skin’ save for his arms and legs.

Even his thighs—both upper and lower, both inside and outside—were covered! In! Those! Marks!

Gu Bai sighed... and took another breath.

Sure enough, that pervert had done this intentionally!!

Qi Guanrui's fingers fluttered over Gu Bai’s body and his eyes were filled with obsession.  Scoop after scoop of the warm water was poured on Gu Bai’s body.

Qi Guanrui meticulously took care of Gu Bai and would occasionally stroke his body with light fingertips. It was as if he was fiddling with a precious treasure; a treasure that he could not bear to put down, a treasure that deserved an endless amount of admiration.

After a while, Qi Guanrui’s fingers slowly slid down Gu Bai’s rear to that most secretive part, before directly plunging in.

Gu Bai's body stiffened.

Fuck your mom, you’re still going at it? Should I show you what being x to death looks like?!

Gu Bai felt those fingers sliding in and out of his body. It didn’t take long before another was added. A slight flush slowly appeared on his body.

Qi Guanrui let out a low chuckle from behind. "Is Gege getting aroused…"

Gu Bai was embarrassed.

Anyone who’s been played with for days will adapt and get used to it, okay?! Aren’t you to blame for my current reaction, you fucking pervert?!

Qi Guanrui seemed to sense Gu Bai's mood and smiled even more happily. "But I like seeing Gege like this... But for now, I'll let Gege off."

After saying these words, Qi Guanrui’s two fingers slowly scissored open, drawing out the contents within. Patches of translucent white appeared on the water’s surface.

Gu Bai shuddered, feeling a little ashamed.

...That pervert definitely had no concept of shame--

Motherfucker, it was truly a case of “skin thick enough to block bullets''. Wasn’t scooping it out enough? What are you trying to achieve by exhaling right beside my ear while you do so?! Am I supposed to be impressed by your lack of bad breath?!

Once everything in Gu Bai's body had been drawn out, Qi Guanrui's fingers gave a final swirl, seemingly reluctant to leave, before they were finally removed from Gu Bai’s body.

Following that, Qi Guanrui straightened his body and shoved his hard length in once more.

Gu Bai was left speechless.

Why make such unnecessary actions when you’re planning to enter me again? And what the hell happened to that “let Gege off” you promised earlier?!

Qi Guanrui groaned contentedly and revealed a gentle smile. "I'll keep my word, it's just that it's more comfortable this way."

True to his words, he stopped moving after that.

Gu Bai was so impressed he wanted to kneel down!

He couldn't understand the inner thoughts of a pervert. This was a fact that he should’ve come to terms with long ago.

Afterwards, keeping this position, Gu Bai was rubbed and cleaned by Qi Guanrui. He was already extremely mentally exhausted. Psychologically, he’d also suffered a severe blow.

Laozi isn’t your inflatable doll...

After taking a shower, the two went back to bed.

Gu Bai looked at the clean sheets with hesitant eyes.

The previous sheets were crumpled and stained with white from them X-ing every day and X-ing every night. It was true that the sheets should be changed as soon as possible but Qi Guanrui could not have done it, which meant…someone else did the cleaning and changing?

Gu Bai suppressed his surging emotions and gritted his teeth silently.

Pervert, can’t you give this some consideration?! How could you let something like this be seen by a random stranger! I know that someone like you is born without any shame, but can't you spare a thought for Laozi’s thin face?!

Qi Guanrui had no inkling of the furious roar in Gu Bai’s heart. While biting at his shoulder, he said vaguely, "I know that Gege likes cleanliness. Gege’s all cleaned up now, does he like it?"

Gu Bai’s face contorted in despondence.

Laozi doesn't like it!

Qi Guanrui didn't seem to want an answer from Gu Bai either. After gnawing at Gu Bai for a while, he finally let go, hugging Gu Bai tightly before letting out a soft sigh. "I’m unable to see Gege’s abnormal expressions even after treating Gege like this…It's really sad."

...No, Gu Bai thought to himself. I think I'm sadder than you are.

"Gege is always like this. You treat everyone in the world like dung. I’m unable to get close to you no matter how hard I try..."

Laozi thinks that you are already extremely close to Laozi!

"Gege doesn't care about me at all... No matter what I do, Gege still won’t care..."

Don’t care about you? As if! It doesn’t matter whether it's Gu Xiaoshan or the perverted protagonist, Laozi cares a lot about both, okay?!


What the hell are you sighing about? Go to sleep!

Qi Guanrui then held Gu Bai tightly in his arms before falling into a deep slumber.

Gu Bai didn't struggle much. He was hugged while still in a straight posture and fell asleep just like that.

Gu Bai woke up only after the sun was already hanging high in the sky the next day.

There were two days left before school resumed. They should be able to arrive before the academy shut its gates if they hurried.

Gu Bai exited the luxury guesthouse, tilted his face up, and sighed in his heart.

Laozi can finally see the warm light of day once more. How wonderful.

A tall and handsome young man stood behind him with a smile. The gentle curve of his eyes and brows gave him a temperament akin to that of a spring breeze. Anyone who laid eyes upon him would gain the impression that he had a gentle, approachable air around him.

Gu Bai did not spare the beast wrapped in human clothing behind him a single backward glance. Instead, he simply raised his feet and trudged forward.

Qi Guanrui moved to follow, catching up and remaining by Gu Bai's right side.

He seemed very concerned. "Gege, do you feel any discomfort?"

Gu Bai wanted to laugh in his face.

He raised his hand. The thin chain wrapped around his wrist dangled in the air and pooled on the inside of his sleeve, preventing the martial qi in his dantian from circulating the same way it had before.

How are your actions any different from a weasel wishing a chicken a happy new year?![2] If you’re truly worried for Laozi, why don’t you get rid of this instead! Laozi can assure you that my entire body will instantly feel more comfortable!

Qi Guanrui smiled and approached, slinging an arm around Gu Bai's shoulder in a one-armed hug: "It's my fault. I should be supporting Gege."

Gu Bai’s breathing stopped for a moment.

You’re disregarding all other opinions and doing things your way! Pervert, can you act a little more reasonably?! Besides, are you sure that ‘hug’ and ‘support’ are synonyms? Why don’t you recite the Chinese dictionary for me!

Qi Guanrui looked at Gu Bai's cold side profile and suddenly felt a little depressed.

Then, following his heart’s wishes, he reached out and tilted Gu Bai's visage over to face him.

Gu Bai: "?"

Qi Guanrui gazed into Gu Bai's eyes. They were still as indifferent as ever. Those pupils were pure black without a single hint of any other colours—one could even describe them as ‘clean’. But they were too clean—those eyes would never be able to reflect anyone else in their depths.

Ziche Shubai didn't have Qi Guanrui in his eyes...This had always been so.

This understanding made Qi Guanrui more anxious and impatient with each passing day—and these feelings were getting harder and harder to accept.

Qi Guanrui suddenly opened his mouth. "Gege, what must be done for you to see me?"

Gu Bai was bewildered.

If what Laozi is seeing isn’t you, then what am I looking at? A ghost?

An extremely crazed look could be vaguely seen in Qi Guanrui's eyes. His originally black pupils gradually shrunk and threads of red could be seen—as if that pair of eyes was about to turn into a pair of scarlet snake pupils. Qi Guanrui was about to lose control over his baser instincts and turn into that sky-swallowing python—

Gu Bai immediately realised that something was wrong.

He raised his hand reflexively and swatted at the perverted dog's head.

The tremendous aura coming from Qi Guanrui immediately stopped. "...Gege?"

Gu Bai withdrew his hand: "Let's go."

Don’t suddenly turn crazy and transform in public! Do you want to be arrested?!

….Wait a minute…Shouldn’t I be excitedly anticipating him being caught?

The aura around Qi Guanrui suddenly calmed down.

Gu Bai: "..."

On the xth day after losing his virginity, Gu Bai, realising that he was being soft-hearted towards a pervert, finally lost all hope in himself.

[1] Chrysanthemum = asshole

[2] Idiom. Weasels eat chicken. Used to describe a false kindness/politeness.