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Transmigrated into the World of “Demon Lord Wu Zun” Chapter 54 — The Revolt of the Man-Eating Flower

After that, the two returned to Qingtian Academy and entered the dormitories smoothly.

As soon as they set foot through the door, four beautiful women clad in snow-white robes suddenly rushed forward, stopping two metres away from Gu Bai.

The stunning maids: City Lord, you’re finally back!

Qi Guanrui turned his body sideways, hiding Gu Bai from view.

Gu Bai glanced at the maids and asked, "What's the matter?"

The maids regained their seriousness: "City Lord, someone recently paid you a visit."

Gu Bai pushed Qi Guanrui aside and asked, "Who?"

What kind of person could it be to make the four of you turn into these snivelling messes? Did the skills instilled in you from a young age all return to the instructor?

The four maids jostled about, what a waste of money…Oh, wait. The head of the maids, Miss Luxiao, had stepped forward.

She bowed gracefully and gently parted her lips: "City Lord, do you still remember the little girl in the wilderness?"

...Why was the structure of this sentence so familiar?!

Gu Bai thought for a while with nary an expression on his face.

I'm sorry, my brain is currently in a slow state and can’t recall anything. Who is that person?

At this moment, a delicate figure rushed out of the apartment with lightning speed and threw himself in front of Gu Bai.

The figure belonged to a pretty woman with fair skin and a pointed chin. Her big watery eyes were misty as if shrouded in a dreamscape.

What the hell! The man-eating flower!

Gu Bai instantly recalled her identity, and his brain, which was filled with thoughts of the pervert, finally started to function once more: "Yun Menglian."

Yun Menglian's face was full of joy. "Benefactor still remembers this slave!"

The two of them were staring into each other's eyes. It seemed as if they’d both sunk into the beautiful memories of their past, or immersed themselves in an unforgettable dream.

Qi Guanrui hooked his fingers.

The next moment, Yun Menglian's blushing face immediately turned ghastly white. In the blink of an eye, she covered her head and squatted down, curling her body into a small ball.

Gu Bai looked at Qi Guanrui in horror.

What the fuck, Laozi doesn’t know when you implanted a gu [1] in her!

—There was no way Qi Guanrui could’ve implanted the Gu in her just now. Could it be that the pervert had already made his move the last time they’d met?

It was really—

Where’s your kindness? Your generosity? Your tolerance? Your tender feelings towards the fairer sex?

She’s your Esteemed Baicao Concubine! Snap out of it!

Qi Guanrui narrowed his eyes and whispered in Gu Bai's ear: "Why? Does Gege feel distressed?"

Gu Bai was at a loss for words.

...No, I think I should be distressed over you instead.

Qi Guanrui's gaze turned even more ruthless, and he clenched his fist heartlessly, causing Yun Menglian to spit out a mouthful of blood.

The four female maids looked at each other and intuitively realised that something was wrong.

As fellow girls, they ultimately could not bear to simply watch. Approaching Yun Menglian, they hugged her to prevent her from hurting herself.

Yun Menglian trembled violently. Only after she retrieved a pill tucked away in her clothes and stuffed it into her mouth did her body finally start to gradually calm down.

Qi Guanrui looked down at the delicate girl from his high position without the slightest hint of emotion in his eyes.

But he also noticed that the snake gu hidden in the girl's body had been restrained by a kind of force. Though it was unable to remove the snake gu entirely, it could still repel the control of the snake gu. It seemed that the woman did have some strength.

This was even more...unforgivable.

Gu Bai gave Yun Menglian a thumbs up in his heart.

As expected of the lady who occupied an important position in the harem! How powerful!

There was no doubt that this girl had made great progress in the few months since Gu Bai had rescued her. Her choice to seek him out now was likely due to her newfound confidence in her abilities.

According to the original novel’s conventions, the girl would likely become his…loyal dog?

With this thought in mind, an emotion that was hard to name appeared in Gu Bai’s eyes.

Could his current actions be considered robbing the pervert of his people? Gu Bai took another glance at Qi Guanrui—

= 口 =

That twisted gaze was so terrifying! Was this a case of a lover turning into a hated enemy?

Though the girl would say things that would cause the pervert great unhappiness. This made Gu Bai…feel rather good.

Looking at Yun Menglian, Gu Bai asked, "What matters do you have?"

Yun Menglian cut straight to the point: "I beg Your Grace to take me in!"

Gu Bai nodded and demanded, "Prove to me your usefulness." He continued, "Lu Xiao, I'll leave her training to the four of you.”

Yun Menglian cried with joy: "Lian'er will not disappoint Benefactor!"

...Sister, your favorability value rises so fast!

Gu Bai maintained his stiff expression, turned around and walked into the room.

Qi Guanrui followed closely and pulled him into a tight embrace from behind. "Gege likes her?"

Gu Bai said, "If I say yes, what can you..." Do about it.

Qi Guanrui cut off his sentence before he could speak the next words. "I'll kill her!"

Gu Bai: "..."

Qi Guanrui's arms loosened a little. He turned his head and, with an extremely aggrieved expression, beseeched Gu Bai, "Gege, do not like her, okay?"

As he spoke, he nuzzled his face against Gu Bai’s before placing it in the crook of Gu Bai's shoulder.

Gu Bai’s breathing stopped for a moment.

Pervert, do you think acting coquettish towards Laozi now will still be useful!

Then Gu Bai saw Qi Guanrui's eyes swirling with both pain and rage... Fuck! It really worked!

A familiar room, a familiar bed, a familiar face, a familiar tone and a familiar set of movements.

It was obviously Gu Xiaoshan.

Obviously…a pervert.

Previously, Qi Guanrui had trapped Gu Bai in an inn in a small town and done him over and over. It could be said that Gu Bai was unable to wrap his mind around things and completely regarded Qi Guanrui as the perverted protagonist.

However, now that they’d returned to the academy, what surfaced in Gu Bai’s mind was not the days of being done again and again, but rather the joyful days they’d spent studying together in the past.

Even Gu Bai himself felt that he was useless, but he was simply unable to separate Gu Xiaoshan from the pervert completely.

Even if the chain around his wrist were gone, Gu Bai would still be unable to circulate the martial qi in his body. Looking only at this situation and this person, Gu Bai suddenly felt as if nothing had changed from the past…If time could be reversed, he wished to not know the truth.

Gu Bai always had Gu Xiaoshan, who treated him well and treated himself well, in his mind... How could that same Gu Xiaoshan be the pervert that he’d personally written into the original novel?

If Gu Xiaoshan was not the pervert, how good would that be?

Qi Guanrui had always been keen and quickly noticed Gu Bai's softened attitude. Almost immediately, he found the gap in Gu Bai’s defences.

He held Gu Bai's hand and held it to his face: "Gege once said that he would never abandon me... I'll cook for Gege, okay?"

Gu Bai looked over with no expression on his face.

Qi Guanrui blinked.

Gu Bai whipped his head around.

...Dear, acting cute is a shameful act!

Qi Guanrui came over and kissed Gu Bai's face.

Gu Bai pried him off with his hands. "Go."

Qi Guanrui chuckled softly, turned around and walked away briskly.

Gu Bai's ears gained a visible red tint.

What the fuck, he’d actually gone shy!

He covered his face and sighed heavily.

He didn’t react much to being x here and x there for several days. Yet a simple kiss from that fucking pervert could make his heart skip a beat.

Damn it….He could not afford to fall in love with the pervert…

The will of the otaku must remain strong!

Expressionlessly, Gu Bai patted his handsome face to calm down.

The perverted protagonist Qi Guanrui, who had a harem three thousand strong, had never developed feelings for anyone. Stop acting like such a weakling just because your virginity was taken.

After admonishing himself, Gu Bai fiddled with the chain on his wrist.

Laozi is. Clear. Headed.

From that day on, Qi Guanrui seemed to have completely turned back into Gu Xiaoshan again. He would still take good care of Gu Bai as if he was an omnipotent nanny—and would still have issues with anyone apart from himself getting close to Gu Bai.

This behaviour extended to their nights. Qi Guanrui would simply hug Gu Bai in bed and they’d fall into slumber wrapped around each other.

Gu Bai didn't know why the pervert’s brain circuit had suddenly changed, but no matter the cause, not being fucked was definitely something he was happy for.

And if he were to continue being fucked…It wasn’t that Gu Bai did not enjoy it at all. If Qi Guanrui wished to, they might as well do it.

Once a person’s moral principles were broken, their lower limits would become as fickle as a fleeting cloud.

In the early morning, Gu Bai woke up to a familiar suffocating feeling—this was likely the only thing that differed from before.

#I seem to be constricted by a giant python every time I wake up in the morning#

Qi Guanrui kissed Gu Bai's face intimately and said, "Gege, good morning."

Gu Bai: "Morning."

...Speaking of which, why do you have the habit of giving morning kisses and wishing me "good morning" like someone from the modern era?

Qi Guanrui didn't laze around in bed at all and quickly got up to get Gu Bai's clothes.

At this moment, a gentle female voice sounded outside: "Benefactor, Lian'er is here to serve you for your morning wash."

A fierce glint appeared in Qi Guanrui's eyes. His fingers twitched to manipulate the snake gu.

Sure enough, the girl outside made a pained sound, sounding as if she’d endured the pain for a moment and had only just regained her breath. After knocking on the door several times with a finger, she pushed the door open: "Benefactor..."

Qi Guanrui slapped it away with a palm. “Scram!"

The copper basin in the girl's hand turned over and the water spilled all over the ground, yet that pair of stunning eyes were still locked on Gu Bai, showing her reluctance to leave.

Gu Bai waved his hand: "You may head back."

The girl left unwillingly.

Qi Guanrui smiled gently at Gu Bai: "I’m more than enough for Gege, isn’t that right?"

Gu Bai spread his arms: "Help me to change."

With great contentment, Qi Guanrui changed his clothes, combed his hair, took care of him in every part of his morning routine and washed him.

Gu Bai rolled his eyes secretly—something he’d grown increasingly fond of doing recently—and allowed Qi Guanrui to do whatever he wanted.

Then the two went out together and had breakfast in the yard.

Lu Xiao and the other four maids had already prepared their meals and were elegantly laying them out on the stone table. Yun Menglian timidly stood on one side of the stone table, scooping rice and serving it to Gu Bai with ten slender fingers, as if she hadn’t been chased away earlier.


The bowl, as usual, was knocked away by Qi Guanrui's palm before it could reach Gu Bai.

Yun Menglian acted as if she didn't see it, and continued to scoop the rice out, only for the bowl to be smacked away once more…This cycle repeated again and again without end.

Gu Bai expressionlessly commented, "I, want, to, eat."

Yun Menglian's tender body trembled and she paused in her actions.

Qi Guanrui served a bowl of rice and presented it to Gu Bai.

Only then could Gu Bai finally enjoy a peaceful meal.

...This exact scene had been played out almost every day since Yun Menglian was taken in.

During this period, Yun Menglian had attempted to poison Qi Guanrui x times, and most of the ploys were seen through. Occasionally, some would slip his notice, but the poison did no harm to Qi Guanrui.

Undoubtedly, Qi Guanrui would always be the victor.

The four female maids had been watching this for a long time. Naturally, they’d already discovered that Qi Guanrui regarded the City Lord as his personal possession. His frequent habit of making Yun Menglian roll around on the ground in pain did not escape their eyes.

=口= How cruel!

Such means are too much for us maids, City Lord! We have no way to stop it!【Erkang hand

The stunning female maids were unable to say anything. Their delicate visages were bleak.

Qi Guanrui was overjoyed to flaunt his control over Gu Bai and became inseparable from Gu Bai. Unlike the past, he no longer had any intention of hiding anything.

Take now for example. Not only did Qi Guanrui take care of Gu Bai as before, but he would also occasionally feed him and agree to all of the latter’s demands, indulgent to the extreme…

Unexpectedly, right as Gu Bai was about to finish his breakfast, yet another visitor had dropped by.

[1] Poisonous insect. There’s a mother gu and a child gu, if the child gu is implanted in someone’s body, then another person can use the mother gu to control that child gu.

[2] Chinese meme with a guy’s hand stretched out