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The Villainous Alpha Was Picked Up by The Doomsday Boss Chapter 4 - The Cat is in Estrus

“Grr.. growl…”

Even the rumbling of his stomach sounded so powerless, taking its sweet time to let out a weak cry.

After a delay, Pei Zhaozhou’s ear roots began to redden. His body stiffened. The sound of his still rumbling stomach taking over the space while embarrassment showed through his moist golden amber eyes.

Si Huaixi was also stunned, the worry in his eyes deepened. He took out all the food and water he carried from the inner pocket of his black vest, then handed them over to Pei Zhaozhou with a frown, “Quick, eat.”

There’s worry in his tone that didn’t take no for an answer.

Held in his palms was a pile of food, something that was far more valuable than any gold or silver treasures for the current Pei Zhaozhou. Not to mention how they were now in the era of zombie apocalypse.

Although Pei Zhaozhou didn’t have much understanding of the condition in the doomsday, Si Huaixi was the first human he had met after almost a week had passed since his arrival.

One can well imagine how most of the wilderness in the doomsday must have been occupied by the zombies while the majority of humans can only cram themselves inside shelters. They must have also relied primarily on farming inside the territory of bases and shelters to get their food.

He didn’t know which rank of superpower user Si Huaixi was.

However, seeing how Si Huaixi had come alone to this danger-filled wilderness without a companion to look after him, Si Huaixi was most probably not someone who had had it easy in life. Yet despite that, he was still willing to give his precious food for him to eat.

Pei Zhaozhou’s heart swelled, his golden amber eyes stirring up. He didn’t dare to look straight at Si Huaixi’s eyes, for fear of him seeing the turbulence of complex, touched emotion hidden in his heart.

–It’s a plain waste to feed someone destined to die sooner or later like himself..

Seemingly seeing the hesitation in Pei Zhaozhou’s eyes, Si Huaixi reached out to stuff the crushed up biscuit into Pei Zhaozhou’s mouth.

The peanut-flavored biscuit with its slight roasted flavor melted inside his mouth, a deliciousness that he had never tasted before. Delicious enough that after rounding his eyes in shock because of Si Huaixi’s act, his eyes squinted with delight as he subconsciously started to chew.

The crushed biscuit tasted tastier the more he chewed. Even after he swallowed them with his dry throat, Pei Zhaozhou still somewhat reluctantly pursed his lips wishing to continue. His long-starved stomach finally calmed down a little.

Amusement colored Si Huaxi’s eyes who was watching from the side. As if amused by the cat who was throwing a tantrum and refusing to eat yet turned so happy that its eyes bent upon coming across a delicious biscuit, licking its lips like it hadn’t had enough.

–The cat is not a picky-eater.

Pei Zhaozhou was stunned the moment he came to himself. Kinda embarrassed, he peeked over to Si Huaixi who seemed to still be laughing at him. Before a thank-you was said, the word got blocked by the water bottle that approached his lips.

Having endured days of thirst until his lips parched and cracked, even a swaying water droplet was nothing short of alluring for him.

His line of sight was instantly seized over by the clean water inside the bottle, while his body screamed its thirst for moisture.

Yet, as an adult with intact hands and feet, to be fed water by a man who appeared younger than himself would be very embarrassing…

Bashfully lowering his eyes, he cautiously took the water bottle, said his thanks, then finally held the water bottle with both hands. At first it was small sips, then his drinking speed got faster and faster.

He seemed to be really, really thirsty.

Si Huaixi looked on intently. His ocean blue eyes held inexplicable gratification. After motionlessly staring until Pei Zhaozhou had had enough to drink, he again fed him biscuits and the likes.

Presumably, it was something not even he had expected, that there’d be a day when he would so earnestly and unblinkingly watch a man eat his meal. Just like a stupid owner who could stare at videos of their cat eating for a few hours straight without getting bored.

By the time he was half-full, Pei Zhaozhou suddenly realized that he seemed to have eaten too much. Blushing, he rejected the next one offered by Si Huaixi.

The one being rejected didn’t mind, he rolled up the leftover ham sausage and stuffed them into his own stomach. The wrapping paper was cleaned without any bits of meat left.

Standard of the doomsday – Not a food wasted.

Pei Zhaozhou perplexedly watched as Si Huaixi finished his leftover ham sausage with a straight face like it was not any big deal.

However, they were both men, and he was even the alpha among men, so he wouldn’t mind this bit of trifle. It was just… kinda flabbergasting.

Si Huaixi raised his eyes and met the cat Pei’s perplexed expression, then lowered his head to look at the ham sausage he had just devoured clean. He was suddenly hit with a realization, “Did I eat the ham sausage you still want to eat?”

He heard that cats from before the doomsday would hide their delicious food as reserves, then take them out again when they’re hungry.

Could he have eaten up the cat’s food reserves?

Should he have saved some for him?

Si Huaixi was a little troubled.

Pei Zhaozhou shook his head. He took out a metallic firearm from his dark gray protective suit, then handed it over to Si Huaixi with firmness in his eyes. He said, “This is for you.”

Si Huaixi looked over to the gun that was handed to him. He didn’t plan to accept, it was purely the unique shape of the metallic gun that caught his eyes.

The metallic gun was molded to its shape with no trace of joining. The muzzle had no abrasion marks from shooting. The body of the gun was slender, even smaller than a handgun. He couldn’t think of what caliber that would fit into this gun.

With his strong curiosity roused toward this firearm who he had never seen in the doomsday, he subconsciously used his psychic power to feel it out, and the result surprised him…

There was no bullet in the metallic gun.

In place where there should be the bullets was a lump of high energy source.

It was an energy gun.

The stored energy was estimated to be able to break through the defense of sixth-rank zombies and lower. For rank higher than 6, both zombies and superpower users would have broken through a new domain. Their ability and defense would have reached such a high grade that this energy gun would then be of no use.

The researchers from the capital had divided the ability of superpower users and zombies into 12 ranks.

First to third rank was the basic level superpower. They are those that had just awakened and didn’t have an accurate grasp over their powers. For them, being able to let out a small flame or a small water ball regularly was already an achievement.  Their endurance is low and their consumption far exceeded the might they could give out. So, even an ordinary person with a weapon would be a better, quicker choice. This was also the stage where superpower users died the most.

Fourth to sixth rank was the mid-level superpower, where the superpower users started to have a grasp on their power.

Seventh to ninth rank was the high level superpower. Every new rank to break through would be an arduous challenge. It was possible to fail due to a bit of incautiousness, then the power inside would rebel and kill them. Besides, a large amount of zombie crystals would be required every time they’re breaking through a new rank.

For example, to the seventh rank which was already considered as master level. From the sixth rank to the seventh rank, the amount of zombie crystals needed depended on the person. A lucky one might only need two to three sixth-grade zombie crystals, while an unlucky one would have used up more than ten yet still ended up in failure.

Zombies in the same ranks or lower couldn’t feel pain, and that their hardened body excelled in strength to their superpower counterpart was a well-known fact.

It was hard to gather the zombie crystals, especially for those with unique superpowers.

First off, it was best to use zombie crystals of the same attribute to their power to rank up, such as a fire superpower using fire-attributed zombie crystals.

Then, while searching for the same attributed zombies was already hard, the zombies were usually gathering together too. With the interference of these other zombies, a lot of superpower users would have died already in this step of collecting suitable crystals. This had undoubtedly raised the difficulty of breaking through.

So, those high-ranked superpowers were all powerhouses that had gone through flames and water.

The tenth to twelfth rank was even rarer, acclaimed as ‘The Tinders”. Every superpower user who had reached this rank was incomparably precious. They were the one entrusted with the heavy burden of hope to solve this zombie calamity. They are the tinder of hope for mankind.

Every tenth rank superpower user was basically a famous powerhouse in their country. Basically all bases would want to attract them to their side. Their numbers in the whole world was so little that it could be easily counted in two digits.

There were no more than five eleventh rank superpower users worldwide.

With only one of them from China.

This sole elevent rank user was called Ying Huibin, or Deity Ying as he was titled. He had prevented several catastrophes from wrecking the country, with his most outstanding achievement that no one yet to surpass being 7 years ago where he resisted a commando of millions zombies by a tenth rank one. That time, he had saved the lives of ten millions of common folk inside the base.

It was not even an exaggeration to say that he had also saved the lives of the hundred millions of folk in the whole nation.

For if he hadn’t been able to resist the waves directed by that tenth rank zombie, the whole territory of the nation would most probably be swallowed up already. Still, the most terrifying was the ten millions of people inside the base. If even one tenth of them were infected, that would mean a million personnel addition to the large zombie waves.

As for the twelfth ranked superpowers user, even the whole world summed up would result in zero.

Not even one existed.

The twelfth ranked superpower was only a concept suggested by the scientists.

The eleventh was already the limit for humans. The only eleventh rank in Y country was a woman of water superpower named Aina, titled The Water Nymph. She could move all her water power to generate a might akin to incoming flood.

According to a video coming from the Y country.

Aina was standing on a fort.

A sudden boundless flood submerged hundreds of thousands of zombies.

Eleventh ranked superpower was already amazing. If one could break through to the twelfth rank, calling them ‘God’ wouldn’t be too much.

Yet when it’s all said and done, a 6th ranked zombie or zombie beast was still of extreme rarity in this remote southern-side small base. An ordinary person can perfectly rely on this energy gun to face most of the zombies in the area.

An unclear thought passed through the bottom of Si Huaixi’s eyes.

This was not something an ordinary person can just have. It was basically impossible for the current technological development of the Lucheng base to create such a gun. Even Si Huaixi who had roamed through a lot of doomsday bases had also never seen this type of energy gun.

Most probably… only the united might of all researchers from the country’s capital base that could manufacture this.

Yet Lucheng base was only a small base in the southern part.

How exactly… did he come over from the capital base in the far north.

Or was he a member of some kind of secret organization?

So, what identity was he coming as?

Why, when he was clearly holding such a high-tech energy gun, did he not resist the third rank wind zombie bird that he could totally solve with the weapon?

Si Huaxi frown tightened, the misgivings in his heart grew bigger.

But what he was more doubtful about was…

Did he give his energy gun to him just like this?

But, this was the only self-protection weapon he had on himself.

Si Huaixi could easily see that there was no superpower inside Pei Zhaozhou’s body, not even the lowest first rank. He was a completely ordinary person.

To give up the only weapon was not any good signal in the doomsday.

Si Huaixi’s eyes were profound.

Although being trusted by the cat made him happy,

This was not as simple as the cat sharing a fun toy with himself.

Pei Zhaozhou was worried that Si Huaxi couldn’t use this interstellar energy gun. Doomsday-level firearms were all bullet guns after all. They were trouble to carry, and the amount of bullets that could be loaded were also limited, at most only ten to twenty each time.

Really incomparable to this portable defense energy gun. On full-charge, the gun could fire for over a hundred hits, with the might to split the defense of all lower level zombies and some mid-level ones. This was something simply impossible for a general firearm.

Even if the energy gun in his hand had been through a battle and was left with only 38% of its energy, it could still fire more than forty hits.

Pei Zhaozhou knew that exposing an energy gun that surpassed the technological development of this world would inevitably reveal a small portion of his oddness to others.

If he met a scheming person, only this bit would be enough to get him imprisoned and interrogated to force out the blueprint of the gun. Yet he still gave it.

Not only giving, he also proceeded to clearly explain its mechanism.

Just a short breath away from directly saying he’d come from the interstellar.

Pei Zhaozhou: “This energy gun has a fingerprint lock and automatic smart aiming. There’s no energy stone here, so there’s no way to quickly charge the energy source of the gun. But I can find another way to charge it by combining solar and electrical energy. As for the manufacturing blueprint of the gun, I’ll give it to you after I finish drafting it…”

“Give me your hands. I have opened the authority access, next the fingerprint lock will need your input.” Pei Zhaozhou stared at Si Huaixi while stretching his hand. His golden amber eyes flowing with a quiet, warm light. He showed a genuine and sincere smile.

He was planning to completely give this weapon that had accompanied him for a long time to the other. His eyes showed a hint of reluctance, but there was also a flicker of relief.

At least it was Si Huaixi, so it was not a disgrace to this energy weapon.

He was a sincere and warmhearted good person. He was willing to give that much help to him, a stranger with unidentified origin. So, he deserved to live longer than a short-lived villain like himself.

Pei Zhaozhou talked in this slow and orderly way. His downcast but peaceful expression made it seem like he was passing over his posthumous arrangements.

Si Huaixi’s eyes congealed. He put all his attention to Pei Zhaozhou’s expression. The expression in his eyes swiftly sunk as he strongly refused.

“No, leave it for yourself.”

Si Huaixi frowned and randomly threw the energy gun back to Pei Zhaozhou. While his right hand was gripping Pei Zhaozhou’s burning hot wrist, he talked with some anger, “Has the fever burnt your brain? Giving your weapon to someone else is giving your life to someone else! Isn’t it only a sickness? Wait for you to get well before you talk anymore nonsense about giving the weapon to me!”

Being scolded out of sudden, Pei Zhaozhou was so shocked that even his eyes blanked.

He wouldn’t have expected his bout of kindness to actually be refused by this superpower user from the doomsday! It was even an angry rejection!

Pei Zhaozhou felt stifled in his heart, so stifled and wronged that it became fury.

If only Si Huaixi knew what’s inside Pei Zhaozhou’s heart, he’d certainly ruthlessly scolded him once more. How could he covet the weapon of his cat, did he still want his dignity!

Pei Zhaozhou’s temper flared up. He grinded his teeth, “No, you have to accept!”

Si Huaixi looked at him and the energy gun askance, saying, “I don’t need it. Such a small toy should be more useful for your self-protection.”

A small toy???

Kindness rejected is okay, yet the weapon he had created was disdained by this local from the doomsday?

Did he know that he was praised as the most gifted army mecha designer in the whole Interstellar Empire?

A new-type flying weapon he had created so casually in military school had immediately created a major advantage in the battle against the zergs! A single attack of it had destroyed countless winged high-graded zergs! This self-developed weapon had gained him the honor of second class military service to the Empire, and also why he was already an officer even before graduation!

After entering the imperial army, his self-designed mecha Yin Hu was even an S grade with brilliant military service! Countless zergs have been scared to lose their battle spirits only by the sight of his silver mecha!

Even if he was compelled to quit the army because of his pheromone disorder, he was still a gifted talent that relied on his research of mechas and weapons! His Lanhang mecha company became the peak in the industry not a few years after its establishment! The Imperial army fell over each other, afraid to be late in purchasing his stuff! He was obviously the greatest arms dealer in the whole empire!

Yet, now!

A native of Doomsday had actually called his meticulously crafted weapon a small toy??

Pei Zhaozhou’s golden amber eyes were instantly on fire. His gloomy expression swept clean. If not for the previous kindness Si Huaixi had given him, he most probably had already opened his mouth to retort that superficial ignorance of his.

As a vice marshal who climbed up the lowest rung of civilians, as the biggest villain role in the book, he had never once lowered his head even when facing the so-called protagonist group. If it wasn’t for the world’s consciousness blocking him, that so-called protagonist Gong would have almost died in his hand.

If such a haughty and powerful alpha wasn’t tortured by this pheromone disorder that he’d be a lunatic controlled by his own rebelling pheromone everytime his illness flared up, how could his willpower have possibly been corroded away little by little to the state of despair and waiting for death as he was now? Even he, himself, despised this sorrowful self.

Pei Zhaozhou gritted his teeth to endure it. Yet still ultimately failed to hold himself back.

Since this ignorant local didn’t understand the worth of this energy gun, he just had to prove it to him so he could see for himself!

Pei Zhaozhou’s golden amber eyes burning lively with anger. He picked up the energy gun that was disdained and aimed it at the zombie bird that Si Huaixi had shot down a moment ago.

“Watch whether my gun is a small toy or is it not!”

He pressed down on the trigger.

A beam of violet blue energy tore through the carcass of the zombie bird in a flash, melting a hole of about 30 cm in diameter. The whole zombie bird carcass seemed to have burnt and melted.

The beam of light had also reached the sandy soil below the carcass. The instant high temperature roasted land into a black pothole that was even vaguely still flaming up.

If this energy gun’s beam of light was casted on people’s bodies, the result was apparent with a thought.

Pei Zhaozhou’s thin lips hooked up in a shallow, haughty smile. On his proud golden amber leaped a dazzling light.

“So, still thinking what I give you is a toy?”

Si Huaxi’s eyes flickered. The corner of his lips raised.

–Sure enough, liveliness suits the cat better.

But he still needed to be taught a lesson.

Si Huaixi went forward, grasping the gun’s muzzle. His profound and sharp ocean blue eyes met Pei Zhaozhou’s stunned ones. With great interest he said, “Fire your toy gun.”

The muzzle was suddenly grasped. If he wasn’t careful and really opened fire, wouldn’t the person before him turned into the same unrecognizable burnt stuff that zombie bird had turned into?!

Pe Zhaozhou shouted with trembling lips, “Are you insane?!”

Si Huaixi wasn’t insane, yet Pei Zhaozhou felt he was more terrifying than a madman.

He didn’t just stop at grasping the muzzle, he lifted it up and drew it near his chest to the position where his heart was.

Pei Zhaozhou instantly panicked and wanted to let go of the gun, but was firmly held down by Si Huaixi’s other hand.

He was clearly a top S-class alpha with a strong constitution, yet he couldn’t even shake this local’s boulder-like solid hand.

The slender, well-defined hand that wasn’t losing out to the hand models in the era before doomsday, along with its slightly protruding veins under the white jade-like skin, contained boundless strength.

“Let go of me! Let go! — No!!”

Pei Zhaozhou’s pupils trembled as he watched Si Huaixi move his finger, leading it to press the trigger!

The beam of violet blue energy shot out in a flash.

It was next about to penetrate Si Huaixi’s palm.

Just when Pei Zhaozhou couldn’t bear to look directly and was staring wide eyed, so frightened that his eyes watered making him look weak and pitiful….

Si Huaixi lightly laughed.

“It’s only a toy.”

The violet blue energy beam vanished on his palm, as if what the gun fired was no more than a harmless shine.

With a casual clench of his fingers, even the metal of the gun deformed in shape.

When Si Huaxi let go of the muzzle, except the residual high heat from the beam, there was not the slightest harm on his palm.

Pei Zhaozhou still looked on stupidly. The arm that was holding the gun trembled nonstop. He was still immersed in the fear of Si Huaxi being shot through by the energy gun.

There were very few things that could hurt Si Huaixi in this world, at least the gun in Pei Zhaozhou’s hand wasn’t one of them.

Si Huaixi only wanted to teach the cat a lesson, not to scare him stupid.

His left hand was still on top of Pei Zhaozhou’s trembling hand on the gun. The slightly boiling temperature caused a frown between Si Huaixi’s eyebrows. He let his pure and boundless psychic energy flowed into his body from his trembling hand.

The psychic power of abundant vitality entered Pei Zhaozhou’s body as if a timely rain suddenly poured down on a burning summer day.

Even Pei Zhaozhou was so shocked he didn’t notice how his nearly crumbling body started to quietly recover its energy.

The most obvious sign was how his continuous fever slowly went down.

How could an ordinary psychic power have a healing property, it was Si Huaixi who was an exception.

Emotions rose and fell inside Si Huaixi’s eyes. His psychic power akin to awareness tentacles that were reaching out.

The cat opened his moist golden amber eyes wide. His pupils showed his shock and loss. Yet he didn’t know that while the psychic power was healing him, it had also laid an imprint on his mind.

– This time, he really picked up a cat.

Si Huaixi pursed his lips, kinda jittery yet not at all annoyed.

Pei Zhaozhou’s excessively urgent breathing calmed down. His flushing face seemed to also be about to recover…

When a dense, alluring vanilla scent suddenly permeated the air.

Pei Zhaozhou clutched the gland on his nape. His golden amber eyes looked helpless and at loss. The surging desire made him bite on the petal of his lips. The shameful blush tinted his face with a beautiful color.

He slowly crouched his body with his hands curling around his abdomen, trying to cover the strange bulge in the lower part of his body.

Under those eyes moist with lust was shame, anger, and unbelief.

—His Alpha susceptible period came early!

An alpha would be in a susceptible period once every month. During this period, their alpha pheromone surged up and became violent. They became very sensitive and their lust intensified. They would have the extreme desire to combine with their omega mate to pass over this uncomfortable susceptible period.

It's the reason why this was also called estrus.

Without the interference of omega pheromone, alphas in the susceptible period just have to bear with it until it passes. This was also what Pei Zhaozhou used to do. He didn’t even need to shoot himself with an inhibitor.

But this time…

Pei Zhaozhou's restless body was on the verge of losing control.

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