Novel Wars

The Villain Has Blackened Again Chapter 311 - Heh, it is indeed on the way

Nan Xun said oh, and stared at the male god with starry eyes for a long time before shifting gaze to look at the male god’s assistant.

"Since the great Ou Qian will not be drinking it, I'll take the bottle back." Nan Xun said to the assistant. Without embarrassment, she took the bottle back from the assistant's hand. On the way back, she unscrewed the bottle cap and took a sip out of the bottle.

Ou Qian's assistant: ……

Ou Qian: ... Ha, ha.

During the ten minutes break, Ou Qian relaxed on his personal recliner brought by his assistant. He held a mobile phone in his hand and was swiping continuously on the screen.

As Nan Xun felt that she was still a brand-new artist and as it was a local set, she didn't let her little assistant come with her. During breaks, she would network, chatting with the crew, or with Director Wang and the deputy director about the drama.

But at the moment, Nan Xun was very quiet. She found a small bench to sit on, adjusted her position, quietly took out her mobile phone and took a selfie.

The sly Xun was not taking just a simple selfie. In the photo, aside from her big head, far in the background was actually an extravagant male god dressed in red playing with his mobile phone on a recliner.

Director Wang did not allow any personnel to divulge clips of the set or photos of the actors before the drama was televised. Hence, the photo that Nan Xun secretly took with the male god was for her own private viewing.

Nevertheless, there was a photo of them together now.

Nan Xun quickly set her photo with the male god as the phone background, smiling cheekily.

It had to be said that it was shocking to see the male god acting. The male god was indeed worthy of being a film emperor. No matter what role he plays, he can play it easily. For a inherently bad character like Ji Qing, he was able to display a unique charm belonging to Ou Qian. His acting skills were superb.

The experienced actors acting alongside the male god were fired up and fell into character. Sparks collided and the end result was amazing. Director Wang replayed the section that was just filmed, laughing when satisfied and frightening the crew.

After a short break, the last scene started filming. Ji Qing killed Yang's mother, and Yang Yurou could only watch her mother be killed from under the bed. The enemy's red shoes and bone-chilling cold voice were also deeply engraved in her heart.

The scene where Yang's mother coaxed Yang Yurou to leave from the secret passageway was being filmed. They argued and tussled. Left with no choice, Yang's mother hit Yang Yurou's acupoint and prepares to hide her under the bed. At this point, Director Wang suddenly roared, "Cut!"

They stopped to look at him. Nan Xun asked, "Director Wang, was my performance lacking?"

Director Wang pointed to her arm. "Lift up your sleeve and take a look. What the hell is painted on your arm? It was exposed during the pushing and shoving just now!"

Nan Xun lifted her sleeve to take a look. On her arm was Ou Qian’s signature. With Little Eight’s  water repellent powder, it did not fade even with daily baths.

Everyone on the crew had seen with their own eyes how Shan Shui had asked the male god Ou Qian for an autograph like a fangirl. Naturally, they know that the signature was signed by the great Ou Qian. They felt incredulous to see that the signature was still intact at this point.

What the fuck! It was the hot season. The signature was still intact after so many days?

Shan Shui did not take a single bath these few days?

Even if she just avoided washing her arm, it must be all sticky if it wasn’t washed for a few days! Just think about how smelly it must be!

Gee, they thought they were already die hard fans of the male god Ou Qian, but compared with Shan Shui, they were really weak.

Nan Xun let go of the sleeve, looked at Director Wang and said in a small voice, "Can I not wash it off? This was what my male god signed for me."

Director Wang wiped his face, pointed to Ou Qian at the side and said, "Look, your male god is here. In the next few days, the scenes are all yours. You can ask for a signature whenever and as much as you want. If he doesn't want to sign, I'll escort him to sign for you. So, can you be more confident?"

Nan Xun glanced at Ou Qian shyly, but found that he was looking at her with... subtle eyes.

"Oh, okay!" Nan Xun nodded to Director Wang and reluctantly wiped the signature off her arm.

Nan Xun did not know that from then on, the crew would call her as Ou’s fangirl instead of Shan Shui in private.

The last scene was filmed sucessfully, only that Yang's mother didn't go deep enough into character at the beginning. She passed the second time. Director Wang was worried that Shan Shui's grief would not be as deep as the first time, but didn't expect that this time would be better than the last.

When wrapping up the day’s work, Director Wang reminded everyone, "The set location is different tomorrow, remember to assemble on time. The crew’s bus will leave on the dot. If you are late, take a taxi to the set."

Nan Xun quickly reminded, "Director Wang, don't forget to pick me up."

The corner of Director Wang’s mouth twitched, “Isn’t your company too stingy to not even provide you with a car?"

Newcomers like Dan Shui receive little income in the early stage, hence companies will generally assign a car to ease of travel. Yixin Entertainment was one of the top ten entertainment companies in the country, and it doesn't even provide their artists with a car?

"I'm still a small fry, and I've been in the company for less than three months. Usually a car will be assigned after three months. The company has already been very kind to me, I've even got an assistant. By the way, Director Wang, can I bring my assistant with me tomorrow? There are quite a lot of things to bring."

Director Wang nodded and said of course.

Thinking back, Director Wang had a bout of cold sweat.

It was fortunate that this girl was simple. He had asked the questions unintentionally, and if Shan Shui had displayed any dissatisfaction with Yixin Entertainment and was heard or photographed by people who would stand to gain if news spread, it would certainly cause a war of words. Yixin Entertainment would also be dissatisfied with Shan Shui.

The next scenes will all be filmed in Ji Qing's residence. There were five or six episodes, and if the scenes were passed in a go or two, they might be done in less than seven or eight days. If the filming did not go smoothly, and factoring in the weather, the longest period needed might be 20 days.

In other words, Nan Xun has at least seven or eight days of acting with the male god, and if she was lucky, it can be as much as 20 days.

Nan Xun was excited at the thought of it.

"Where do you live now?"

Nan Xun was secretly delighted when she heard this and quickly looked up.

Ou Qian had walked up to her while she was unaware. He looked at her and asked, "Little Shan Shui, where do you live? If you're on the way, I can pick you up to the set tomorrow."

Nan Xun's eyes widened, and she was so happy that she couldn't point north, south, east or west. She quickly rattled off an address and hooked her hands together, twisting and turning them. She looked expectantly at her male god, "The great Ou Qian, is it on your way?"

Ou Qian smiled, "Yes, quite on the way."

Director Wang opened his mouth and looked at him with an incredulous face.

On the way? How is it on the way? There were three streets in the middle!