Novel Wars

The Villain Has Blackened Again Chapter 312 - I don't care

In the end, without waiting till tomorrow, Ou Qian gave Nan Xun a ride when he went back in the evening.

Xiao Zhou, the male god’s assistant, drove. The male god and her sat at the back seats.

Nan Xun was so excited that she did not know where to look. When she peeked at the male god, she found that he had his eyes closed, sleeping.

She stared blatantly at the face of the male god with fiery eyes.

"Little Eight, why do I feel that I have become a die hard fan of Ou Qian. This body seems to have a great impact on me." While admiring the sleeping face of the male god, Nan Xun chatted with Little Eight.

Little Eight explained, " This is normal, as Shan Shui is crazy about Ou Qian. She has too much attachment to Ou Qian. It is good that you are only a little affected. If the original owner was here, do you want to bet that she would immediately jump on and attack Ou Qian?"

Nan Xun: ……

Xiao Ba snorted, "This is nothing at all. Isn't there a forbidden technique called soul devouring in the Zuili family? You should know better than me that if a yuan spirit forcibly enters someone else's body, devours the yuan spirit, and then forcibly takes the body as his own, his character may be affected by the devoured yuan spirit in the early stage, developing some of the devoured yuan spirit's characteristics. In serious cases, he may even be transformed into the person he swallowed, from habit to character. You are only occupying the body, and did not  devour the spirit, so there's no such problem. It'll be fine after a while. Don't worry."

Upon hearing this, Nan Xun's eyes flashed. She couldn't stop staring at Ou Qian's face while thinking.

Gauging that it was close to the destination, she suddenly looked away and out of the window at the street.

"Xiao Zhou, just take another turn ahead." Nan Xun lowered her voice to remind the assistant who was driving.

Xiao Zhou also noticed that Ou Qian was asleep. He stopped very steadily when parking, trying not to wake up Ou Qian.

Nan Xun opened the door gently. "Thank you, Xiao Zhou. Please send the great Ou Qian back quickly. It's already very late."

The assistant Xiao Zhou had not been happy about taking a detour to send Dan Shui, but seeing how polite and considerate she was of Ou Qian, he couldn’t help but change his mind about her.

When the car drove away again, the man who was napping with eyes closed smiled slightly,  then slowly opened his eyes.

Xiao Zhou was surprised.

What? Was Brother Qian pretending to sleep just now?

His mouth twitched, but did not say anything.

Bored, Ou Qian logged in to the Man-Man application on his mobile phone. He skillfully clicked into the list of people he had followed, selected Dan Shui’s profile, and entered her Man-Man’s page.

The man's slender fingers moved across the screen flexibly, viewing Dan Shui’s every post with  smiling eyes.

When he saw those hot and direct confessions again, he couldn't help but laugh deeply.

Xiao Zhou looked to the front unwavering. Obviously, he has experienced this before.

A ringtone rang suddenly and Man-Man was exited automatically. Ou Qian expressed a little unhappiness on his face, but when he saw who the caller was, something flashed in his eyes and he pressed the answer button slowly.

A girl's sweet voice came from the other end of the phone, with a hint of caution, "Brother, will you come home this weekend? Father and I miss you very much."

She was very clever, not mentioning the two people Ou Qian disliked the most.

Ou Qian stretched and said faintly, "I have to work overtime this weekend, so I can’t go back."

The person on the other side of the phone was disappointed, "Brother, take care of yourself. Don't get too tired. And - this weekend is actually my... birthday."

Ou Qian slightly raised his eyebrows, "Happy Birthday to you in advance, Duo Duo."

The person on the other end of the phone seemed to be happy now, laughing like a child, "Thank you, brother!"

After hanging up the phone, the mobile phone screen returned to Dan Shui’s page. Ou Qian thought of something and narrowed his eyes slightly.


That night, the excited Nan Xun drew a sketch of the male god and her together. A huge cute fangirl’s chibi face occupied two-thirds of the picture, with small shifty eyes looking sideways. Next to the big chibi face, the chibi version of the male god Ou Qian was lying on the chair yawning, a small hand covering a big mouth cutely.

In a one sentence summary: Today, I was in the same photo as Ou Qian. I'm so happy that I'm about to faint. (⊙v⊙)

The eagerly waiting fans on Manman replied so fast that the screen had to be refreshed every minute.

Lazy eater: Little sister, should you really draw yourself like a pervert?

Tthe rabbit is very handsome: Pervert + 1

Cute strange aunt: Pervert + 2.


Little monster: Pervert + 66.

Dirty god highland barley: Breaking the formation, is it only me who thinks that the chibi little sister is super cute? Little sister, continue to be a pervert. Don't stop.

Little Eight was surprised and said, "Nan Xun, Nan Xun, wow, your fans are focusing on you today. No one is mentioning the male god?"

Nan Xun smiled proudly, "It is because my big chibi face is grabbing attention today. They would have seen enough of the male god’s beautiful photos every day."

Little Eight tuted, thinking, this scheming Xun.

The next morning, Nan Xun wore a pretty long white dress and grinned as she got in the male god's car.

Nan Xun secretly looked at the male god and said in a small voice, "Great Ou Qian, you are so handsome today."

Ou Qian smiled and looked at her with his head tilted. "Thank you. You are also very beautiful today, like a little princess."

Nan Xun's face turned red.

When everyone arrived, the production team leader quickly arranged the accomodation of the actors and staff in a small hotel near the ancient house. As there was a need for confidentiality, the small hotel was fully booked by the rich crew. There was no need to worry about any paparazzi sneaking in.

Nan Xun's room was just opposite of Ou Qian’s, located very close together.

Everyone returned to their rooms for a short rest. The afternoon will usher in the first act of the new set: Yang Yurou sneaking in with dancers and entering Ji Qing's residence successfully.

At this moment, in Director Wang's room, Director Wang, Deputy Director and Ou Qian were discussing the scale of intimacy.

Director Wang said, conflicted, "These intimate scenes are very important. If the scale is reduced, I'm afraid I can't achieve the effect I want."

Deputy Director said, "But Ou Qian is right as well. Censorship is strict now. After all, we are not filming a movie. This will be broadcasted on TV. If the scale is too large, it will not be given the green light."

Ou Qian waited for them to finish discussing before cutting in and said, “It is very simple. Shoot everything that should be shot and produce two versions, the censored version and the non-censored version. Even if it can't be broadcast on TV, it will also be good to authorise an  exclusive broadcast on the internet."

"I've thought about this, but you know I'm in a rush to complete this. It takes a lot of time to edit two versions like this. I'm afraid that there may not be sufficient time." Director Wang said.

Ou Qian couldn't help but snort and gave him a side eye. "Tell me, how much time has my joining the cast saved you? If it was someone else, could these few days of filming be done successfully? I am not concerned about filming the intimate scenes. Aren't you satisfied yet?"

Director Wang: ……

Yes, Ou Qian really seldom takes large-scale intimate scenes! Ou Qian was already doing so much, and he was still conflicted?

Director Wang wavered.

Regardless of the scale, shoot what needs to be shot! Patting the head, mouth on mouth kiss, deep kissing, violent kissing, tearing of clothes and everything will all be shot!