Novel Wars

The Villain Has Blackened Again Chapter 313 - Storytelling and Imagination

In the afternoon, the crew started intense filming.

Yang Yurou entered Ji Qing's territory alone. After a few days, she finally found out that the despicable Ji Qing was going to hold a birthday party for himself. She tried to sneak in with a group of dancers.

As the guests were getting tipsy past mid-point of the party, Yang Yurou entered the hall in an alluring breezy long dress that bared her shoulders.

The guests’ eyes couldn't look away as the dancers entered.

This must be the pinnacle of beauty! Beautiful!

In the center, the attractive man in red was drinking while leaning on a soft chair. At this point, he couldn't help but straighten up and look with great interest at the willow waist woman dancing.

It was rare to see such beauty.

But, was this really a prostitute? Although she danced erotically, she does not have the sense of a prostitute.

The man sipped the wine glass and lifted thin lips slightly.


Mid-dance, the beauty suddenly flashed forward through the air.

Everyone was stunned and someone shouted, "Quickly, protect my lord!"

However, the stunning dancer only flew over the low table into Ji Qing's arms. Ji Qing’s arms went around her waist.

Yang Yurou tried her best to seduce the man. She wanted to take advantage of the moment that he relaxed to pull off her hairpin and stab it into his heart. However, she found that no matter how playful the man reacted, he would subconsciously protect his key areas from harm.

If a killing blow cannot be dealt, there will not be a chance for revenge again. Escape was also a problem.

So Yang Yurou gave up the original assassination plan. She needed an opportunity, an opportunity for Ji Qing to relax his vigilance.

Ji Qing enjoyed the beauty’s embrace. Hugging her waist, Ji Qing smiled crookedly, "Beauty, what is your name?"

Yang Yurou hooked her hands around his neck and whispered with red lips. "To answer my lord, my name is Rou'er."

Ji Qing raised the glass and took a sip of wine. He bowed his head to feed her.

At this time, Yang Yurou's eyes should be struggling, hesitant and resolute.

But, the beauty stared at the man's thin wine stained lips in a daze.

Yes, in a daze.

"Cut!" Director Wang shouted angrily, "Shan Shui! What are you doing? How can you be in a daze at this point? This is so frustrating!"

Fortunately, this small part of the last scene used close-up shots, so it was fine to be disconnected from the prior scene. Otherwise, Director Wang wouldn't have vented with just a yell.

"Director, I'm sorry. Let’s retake the scene again." Nan Xun apologised and hurriedly covered her little face, getting up from Ou Qian's arms.

Ou Qian admired her blushing face and gracefully released the wine from his mouth into the glass.

In order to pursue the effect, Director Wang had prepared real wine for him, and the alcohol percentage was not small.

Nan Xun whispered an apology to Ou Qian, "The great Ou Qian, I'm sorry."

Ou Qian smiled quietly and comforted her in a low voice, "Don't be nervous. It’s just feeding you wine from mouth to mouth. I won't do anything excessive."

Nan Xun: !

What the *! What did the male god say?

Nan Xun stared at him in disbelief.

Just a mouth to mouth drink? Won't do anything excessive?

How far did you want to go?

Nan Xun became more excited upon hearing this.

Director Wang had said previously that the script and actual filming will be different, suggesting that Shan Shui would not need to shoot any intimate scenes. So Nan Xun was not worried even when she saw a lot of excessively intimate scenes in the new script. At that time, she did not know that the role of Ji Qing was her male god. She did not plan on acting in such intimate scenes with other men.

But now, after knowing that the male god was playing the role and Director Wang also informed her today that the scale was not reduced and asked her to be mentally prepared, Nan Xun has been in a state of excitement.

Intimate scenes! Many, many intimate scenes! With only the male god and her!

When filming in the afternoon, Nan Xun took a long time to get into character. But just as Ou Qian moved in for the kiss, she was so excited that she accidentally came out of character.

The next few times, Nan Xun's face turned red uncontrollably as soon as she saw Ou Qian's wine stained lips. Although she tried her best to express Yang Yurou's emotions, her eyes could deceive people, but her body's reaction could not. Her face turned red so easily.

Nan Xun said that she couldn't control herself.

Director Wang roared angrily, "Where's the makeup artist? Quickly powder Dan Shui and make it thick!"

After retaking the scene four times, it was finally passed the fifth time. Ji Qing’s lips gently touched Yang Yurou's and fed her the wine in his mouth.

Nan Xun only felt that something soft had poked in, and her eyes widened. But very soon, the strong burn of wine made her cough and the touch seemed to be her imagination.

But she knew that she did not imagine it.

What a liar!

Ou Qian looked at the disheveled woman in his arms and laughed.

Nan Xun remembered that she was still filming and immediately entered into character. After coughing, she held her arms around his neck with embarrassment and allowed him to carry her up.

The man walked towards the backyard with the gorgeous dancer in his arms, leaving the guests behind to smile meaningfully.

Director Wang was very satisfied with this scene, especially the short scene of feeding wine.

Great! Ou Qian fully displayed Ji Qing's decadent and lazy charm beyond his expectations. Shan Shui also expressed the sense of struggle, hesitancy and powerless compromise in an instant. Aside from the overly surprised expression when swallowing the wine, other areas were perfect.

The next scene was to be filmed in bed and had to wait until the sky darkened. So Director Wang mercifully let all the staff take a break. The group actors that acted as guests naturally left earlier too.

It was definitely not possible to shoot the bed scene with real guns and live ammunition, but there was a term called hazy beauty. Director Wang said: “We can do it inconspicuously.”

Thinking of the next scene, Nan Xun was so nervous that she kept drinking water, heart pounding.

Bed scene, bed scene. * I’m so nervous. Should I take advantage of the chance to cop a feel?

Ou Qian came up behind her unsuspectingly and called her, which surprised Nan Xun to almost jump.

"The great Ou Qian!" Nan Xun still was a little fangirl when she saw him.

Ou Qian sat down beside her and said, "Shan Little Shui, this is 3D and not 2D now. You don't need to call me the great Ou Qian. You can call me Mr Ou like the rest, or... Brother Qian."

Nan Xun, with a red face, whispered, "Brother Qian."

Ou Qian acknowledged it and solemnly opened the script to talk about the plot with her.

Nan Xun quickly threw aside the pink bubbles that shouldn't exist and turned the script to the same page, prepared to listen.

Ou Qian pointed to a description somewhere in the script and said, "Look over here, we will have a simple tussle on the bed. You will reach out to my back when I'm the most excited, but even when I am very aroused, I will still grab your hand. This scene seems simple, but it's actually very difficult."

Nan Xun: ……

When you talk about the scene, can you use the character names? Don't use you or I. It's easy to rouse people’s imagination!