Novel Wars

The Villain Has Blackened Again Chapter 314 - Brother Qian, can I date you

Nan Xun resisted the impulse to cover the male god's mouth and asked respectfully, "Brother Qian, can you explain why this part is difficult?"

Ou Qian did not answer the question directly. He stared at Nan Xun and suddenly asked her curiously, "Shan Little Shui, have you ever had a boyfriend before?"

Stunned, Nan Xun said no. Then she added, "Does an imaginary boyfriend count?"

Ou Qian was taken aback. He didn't seem to expect to hear this answer.

"Heh, you are so cute." He laughed deeply, with eyes smiling.

After laughing, Ou Qian continued to get back to business, "Shan Little Shui, if you haven't had a boyfriend, then you should pay more attention to the timing."

Nan Xun blanked and asked, "Pay attention to what timing?"

Ou Qian said seriously, "It's the time when your hand reaches for my heart from the back. You need to observe my expression. You need to strike when I’m at the peak of arousal."

Nan Xun: !

Ahhhhh, she was actually hearing lewd things from the male god's mouth!

Is it really okay to talk about lewd things in such a serious way?

"This, this, doesn’t need to be so detailed. Anyway, what will be broadcast on TV will be the censored version." Nan Xun suddenly stuttered.

Ou Qian frowned slightly, saying with a serious expression, "As an actor, you can't consider too many external factors. You just need to try your best to express your part of the scene perfectly. If you don't take it seriously, the audience can only see your perfunctory performance. Editing is not omnipotent. It can’t edit an actor who can't act into a playwright."

Nan Xun nodded quickly, hugged her knees with both hands, and admitted her mistake. "Brother Qian is right. I will try my best in every scene in the future."

Ou Qian said noncomminently, "I’m glad you understand."

Both of them fell into silence at the same time, and the atmosphere seemed a little awkward.

After a while, Nan Xun asked him in a low voice, "Brother Qian, do you know so much because you had a girlfriend before entering the industry?"

The reason for asking if he had a relationship prior to entering the industry was because the fantical fangirl Dan Shui has long investigated the love history of the male god after he entered the industry. Although there have always been rumors about the male god and female stars from time to time, it has been proved to be false in the end. It was the women's team that was  hyping and bundling them as a couple.

Ou Qian looked at her, quirking the corners of his mouth before leveling it quickly. He calmly replied, "No. My family was a mess before I entered the industry at the age of 19. I didn't have the capacity to think about these things. After that, I was too busy filming and didn't have time to think as well."

Nan Xun was a little thrilled after hearing this.

It can be said that the entertainment industry was a big dye vat, but her male god was different. He was as clean as a cake that no one has ever eaten. It's very tempting.

The man in front of her was still wearing the extravagant robe from the scene, and the silver hair made her slightly dazed.

At one point, Nan Xun suddenly asked him, "Brother Qian, can I... date you?"

Can I date you?

Ou Qian was startled. He knew that this little girl was very forward, but he thought that she only dared to do so on Man-Man. Now, she has actually confessed to him directly?

Nan Xun thought that his silence meant rejection, so she immediately counted her fingers and said, "Brother Qan, I can wash clothes, cook, warm the bed and give a massage. I can kiss and I can sleep with you. So, please accept this all-rounded little fan."

Although her face was as red as a monkey's ass, Nan Xun still stared at him earnestly with sparkling eyes.

Ou Qian narrowed his eyes slightly, thinking.

Suddenly, he laughed deeply, "Shan Little Shui, you are too young to distinguish between infatuation and love. Your feelings for me may be just infatuation caused by worship, not the type of attraction between men and women."

Nan Xun felt that she might have been rejected, but she still didn't give up. "You're not me, how do you know I only have a fan’s infatuation, and not attraction between men and women?"

After pausing, Nan Xun solemnly asked him again, "Brother Qian, can I date you? Don't worry, I will chase you secretly and won't cause you any trouble. I won't disclose our relationship until I can stand side by side with you after I become a movie queen!"

The other party hasn't agreed yet, and she has already started using the terms ‘our’. Nan Xun sure has thick skin.

Ou Qian kept laughing deeply.

This little girl. Wanting to be a movie queen when she was just a newcomer. She has great ambition indeed.

"Okay, but I'm not easy to catch." Ou Qian said happily, then got up and left.

Nan Xun looked at Ou Qian's back, astounded.

Is this... agreement?

Ou Qian agreed for her to chase him?

Oh, this is so exhilarating!

Nan Xun covered her mouth with her hand and giggled secretly.

At this point, Little Eight who hasn't been heard for a long time, suddenly shouted, "It’s lowered! Dear, the evil value of the big boss just dropped by 2 points! * it’s finally moving now. If there is  still no movement, I would have thought that there's something wrong with me."

"It’s lowered? So suddenly?" Nan Xun was surprised.

Confessing to the male god every day on Man-Man had no effect on the evil value. Now, it has suddenly decreased?

So, the confession has to be done face to face?

Ahhahaha, Nan Xun was so happy. It's so easy to confess. She will confess to the male god every day in the future!

When it was time to film, Director Wang shouted for all staff to get into position.

As the bed scene needed to be filmed in a narrow space, and as it was an intimate scene, Director Wang dismissed irrelevant personnel and only the lighting staff and cameramen remained.

This time, three cameras were used, two to film the expressions of Ji Qing and Yang Yurou respectively, and one to control the long-range and close-range scenes.


As night fell, Ji Qing returned to his bedroom with the stunning beauty he had just obtained. Yang Yurou was drunk due to the mouthful of wine fed by him at the party. Face red and eyes hazy, she only became more enticing.

The man seemed to particularly like the color red. His robe was red, and the bed curtain in the bedroom was red. In order to please him, Yang Yurou was also wearing a long red gauzy dress, which was the kind that will fall off with a tug.

Ji Qing was very elegant in this matter. He carried Yang Yurou to bed and untied the woman's dress steadily, leaving only the bodice and inner pants.

Then, a close-up was given to the flexible fingers untying the bodice. A close-up was given to the skin above the woman's collarbone. It felt like she was really stripped but in fact she was still  wearing a bandeau.

The man's big palms rested on the mattress, drawing down little by little. The camera followed halfway and moved to another place.

The next step was kissing. The man's kiss was full of provocation. When Yang Yurou fell into the kiss, he gently possessed her.

"Cut!" Director Wang roared, "Shan Shui, are you a corpse? Ou Qian has taken you. Can you give some reaction?"

Nan Xun heard this, and her mind buzzed.

I can't hear anything. I can only hear one sentence. Ou Qian has taken you.

Although she knew that Director Wang was talking about Ji Qing's possession of Yang Yurou, Nan Xun still felt inexplicable embarrassment.