Novel Wars

My Husband is the Future Demon King Chapter 18

After that, they ran across a few more corpses. The hidden guards inspected them. They had all been killed with one strike and their space bags were still intact on their body, showing nobody had touched them.

This eliminated demonic beasts and thieves from their possible causes of death.

Wen Qiao sensed there was something deeper at play in Lin Tai Valley. There could be another unknown power interfering.

She glanced at Ning Yuzhou and the hidden guards and couldn't help but think of all the disciples from various families, training in Lin Tai Valley. She didn't know if it was the cultivators of Dongling Country fighting each other, if there was an external power, or their motives.

The instant deaths the cultivators had made it clear the culprit was both incredibly strong and incredibly ruthless.

After smoothly passing through the fields, they arrived in front of an area shrouded in fog.

When they got closer, they found the white fog wasn't like the fog that shrouded the peaks of Lin Tai Valley. It was much lighter and you could at least see the outlines of your surroundings.

Two hidden guards entered the fog to scout it out. They didn't go too far and soon came back with a report, "Your Highness, the visibility inside extends ten meters out. We haven't discovered anything unusual."

Ning Yuzhou nodded and pulled Wen Qiao's hand, entering the fog.

The hidden guards surrounded the two, following them into the fog.

The instant they entered the fog, an indescribable chill entered their bodies. They couldn't help but shiver.

Wen Qiao rubbed her arm. This fog was actually like an icy mist, making the temperature around them plunge. The visibility was just as the hidden guards said- they could only see ten meters out. Small shrubs grew around them, the earth was moist, the weeds overgrown, mist was everywhere, and the ground squished with every step.

Very soon, a thin layer of frost appeared on her skin as she felt her body turn even colder.

Ning Yuzhou fed her a spiritual pill before taking one for himself.

After Wen Qiao swallowed it, she felt a warmth spread through her body and the icy chill in their surroundings no longer seemed to affect her.

The hidden guards all swallowed a pill as well and used spiritual energy to reinforce their bodies, reducing the icy vapor's influence until it was negligible.

Wen Qiao couldn't help but take another look at her calm and composed husband. It felt like since they had entered Lin Tai Valley, everything was prepared for every situation. There was never any need for panic.

"Caw, Caw-"

Suddenly, a bird's caws pierced through the fog, disrupting the peaceful calm.

The location of the sounds were undecipherable. It seemed to come from all four directions. The hidden guards swiftly assumed formation, defending the two in the middle.

The calls reverberated through the sky. The hidden guards remained in formation only to suddenly hear somebody clucking their tongue.

Wen Qiao readied her sword as she held her husband with her other hand. She looked around, her ears pricked for any more sounds. The next moment, she saw sharp icicles flying through the fog, suffused with dense, cold energy. The hidden guards shot them down and the icicles turned into icy vapor, merging with the fog around them.

The cawing sounds grew louder and louder as the ice attacks continued.

The icicles were densely packed and filled the air. If it wasn't for the hidden guards' well-practiced formation, against an armed, unseen enemy, they would've already been skewered.

Wen Qiao observed the situation and found the environment here was disadvantageous for them. The ice vapor around them gave the icicles a steady source to reform from. As long as the ice vapor was here, the icicles wouldn't stop.

"Attack with fire!" Ning Yuzhou said.

The hidden guards split into two twenty-person formations, creating a defensive force on the outside and offensive force on the inside. Following Ning Yuzhou's orders, the twenty defending hidden guards each took out a fire talisman and activated it.

The fire talismans shot towards the sky, joining together to form a dragon. It roared, swallowing the icicles while boiling away the icy vapor around them. The fog finally began to thin, allowing them to see up to a hundred meters out.

Wen Qiao's eyes sharpened, focusing on a frozen over tree not too far away from them. It was packed with white ice frogs. They croaked, forming tens of icicles in front of them to attack.

"Third-grade Ice Teared Frogs." Ning Yuzhou said.

They had busted into the territory of a group of Ice Teared Frogs.

Wen Qiao looked at them and internally agreed with the Ice Teared Frog's name. Under their eyes, they had slightly darker markings, looking almost like a teardrop. If you didn't look closely, it'd look like they were crying. They all seemed to have their own personality.

Fire was the nemesis of Ice Teared Frogs. The Ice Teared Frogs all hopped away as the fire dragon rushed at them. The hidden guards took the opportunity to hunt them and caught quite a few. Ice Teared Frogs liked to attack in groups and if an inexperienced cultivator encountered them, they'd often be riddled with holes before they knew anything. However, the meat of Ice Teared Frogs is incredibly tasty, with a light, refreshing flavor. There was no reason for the hidden guards to pass up such a rare treat.

This was the Ice Teared Frogs' territory. Icy fog filled the air, limiting their field of vision. Anyone incautious would easily fall victim to them.

The hidden guards were rich and well-equipped with all sorts of talismans. They didn't even need to act personally to break through the Ice Teared Frogs' attacks. Now, it was the Ice Teared Frogs' turn to fall and become the hidden guards' dinner.

While the hidden guards were busy, Wen Qiao was engrossed with studying the Ice Teared Frogs. She had the hidden guards leave a few Ice Teared Frogs for her.

The hidden guards looked at her in astonishment. They glance at Ning Yuzhou and when Ning Yuzhou nodded, they caught a few Ice Teared Frogs and released them in front of her.

"Move to the side, don't come over." Wen Qiao warned Ning Yuzhou, worried her cultivation-less husband would be injured.

Ning Yuzhou laughed and agreed, obediently retreating to stand with the hidden guards. He smiled as he watched her use the Ice Teared Frogs to train.

The third-grade Ice Teared Frog was equal to a cultivator at Lesser Nascent Soul stage. They weren't particularly strong with their icicle attacks, but they can stay in groups of up to ten thousand, making them a menacing force when combined.

But if it was just a few, it was much more manageable. They were just right to be Wen Qiao's training partners.

At the start, Wen Qiao was very clumsy with her sword, trying to fend off the Ice Teared Frog's attacks. Her swordplay was inflexible and rigid. If it weren't for her fast reaction speed, she would've been stabbed right through the stomach. However, a few icicles still scraped her arms, tearing through her clothes and revealing cuts dripping with blood.

Ning Yuzhou's smile faded slightly when he saw the wounds on her arms.

After a few narrow escapes, Wen Qiao finally began to get more comfortable with her sword, nimbly using it to fend off the Ice Teared Frogs' attacks. Her body with as light as a swallow, easily turning and twisting to avoid the icicles.

Wen Qiao advanced through the icy vapor towards the source of the icicles. With a swift swing of her sword, the frogs were killed.

The Qian Shou released another dozen Ice Teared Frogs.

Wen Qiao continued to train.

The Qian Shou stood by Ning Yuzhou's side, staying alert to their surroundings. At the same time, he observed Wen Qiao and found the young madame's sword-arts were soft, without any killing intent behind her attacks. She clearly had no real fighting experience and her swordplay was flustered. It was only after she had shed blood that her swordplay became sharper and a little more seemly.

Wen Qiao was using the Wen Family's Swift Silk Swallow Swordplay, a mysterious-grade martial technique. It was a sword art practiced by the female descendants of the Wen Family and was famed for having the grace of a lithe swallow. It was soft like water, hard as ice, enough to startle the heavens with one strike.

With a wave of her sword, sword light flashed as a dozen icicles were neatly sliced in half, falling to the ground.

A pile of dead Ice Teared Frogs has formed on the ground, all neatly sliced into two. Blood pooled around them, creating a bloody, violent scene.

Qian Shou silently recalled a woman of the Wen Family he had seen before and found that the Swift Silk Swallow Swordplay she used wasn't nearly so graphic. All her enemies would be left with an intact corpse, unlike here.

Just as Wen Qiao's spiritual energy was on the eve of being exhausted, a surge of Lesser Nascent Soul energy suddenly flooded into her, giving her the strength to kill the rest of the surrounding Ice Teared Frogs. Wen Qiao's Swift Silk Swallow Swordplay had become much more adept, turning into a dangerous force.

When Wen Qiao finally put away her sword, she saw the pile of Ice Teared Frog corpses and noticed the expression on Qian Shou's face. She fell silent.

It looked like her application of the Wen Family's sword arts wasn't quite right.

She saw Ning Yuzhou walk over and explained, "I didn't do it on purpose."

Ning Yuzhou smiled, "I know, you're practicing the Swift Silk Swallow Swordplay. It uses softness to conquer strength, reversing the opponent's strength against them. You used its hard side, so it's only natural it looks different from using its soft side."

That's why the bloody scene was only normal.

Wen Qiao looked at him dumbly. Was there anything her husband didn't know? It seemed like he knew everything...

Ning Yuzhou smiled, "Congratulations, you've broken through."

Wen Qiao's face, still stiff with surprise, began to reveal a smile. She grinned, showing her teeth, "Thanks! I didn't think it'd go so smoothly."

Although she said that, there had actually been signs of a breakthrough earlier. But because the fire poison flared up, she had to control it and push it back. She didn't think that after entering the Lin Tai Hunting Valley, she would get Six Yang and Seven Yin Nourishing Soup every day and have the opportunity to cultivate in such a spiritually rich area. Now, her body was much better than before.

With this fight against the Ice Teared Frogs, she mastered Swift Silk Swallow Swordplay and broke right through into Lesser Nascent Soul stage.