Novel Wars

My Husband is the Future Demon King Chapter 19

They stayed in the Ice Teared Frogs' territory for several days.

This was Ning Yuzhou's decision. He wanted to use the Ice Teared Frogs as Wen Qiao's training partners and had the hidden guards control the amount of Ice Teared Frogs released in the area so Wen Qiao could fight them.

This practice method was very effective. Although it had its dangers, the path of cultivation went against the heavens by nature and would always be fraught with perils. Only by constantly breaking through your own limits and constantly progressing through battles and cultivation can one survive.

Ning Yuzhou clearly understood this very well.

That's why he crafted a plan to toughen Wen Qiao, hardening his heart to let her fight. Even when she got hurt, he didn't let the hidden guards help her.

In addition to that, Ning Yuzhou possessed a keen eye and frightening degree of accuracy when crafting her training plan. He controlled the number of Ice Teared Frogs precisely so every day, she fought until she could just barely hold on, leaving Wen Qiao stronger and completely exhausted at the end of every day.

Every time, Wen Qiao would cut a sorry figure at the end of the day. She went from looking like a beautiful little young miss into a dirty and poor beggar. She looked nothing like how she did when she entered Lin Tai Hunting Valley, under Ning Yuzhou and the hidden guards' protection.

Her life was completely flipped around.

But Wen Qiao knew Ning Yuzhou was doing this for her sake, to make her stronger. Before, she would spend more than half her time just lying in bed. She didn't have much time to cultivate, never mind gain actual fighting experience. In this trip to Lin Tai Hunting Valley, she could finally make up for her poor fighting strength. Wen Qiao was grateful for the opportunity and hated the fact that her body was so poor, that she couldn't train for even longer.

Ning Yuzhou had been watching her and noticed today, she actually had the energy to change her clothes. It looked like he could increase the training difficulty again today.

He turned around and walked towards her. After she was done changing, he took out a crushed immortal medicine and carefully applied it to her wounds.

Through a combination of internal and external medicines, Wen Qiao was as good as new after a night's sleep and could continue training the next morning.

After that, he boiled another bowl of Six Yang and Seven Yin Nourishing Soup and brought it to her.

After drinking the soup, the sky was already dark.

Ning Yuzhou sat in front of Wen Qiao. The two looked face to face.

Wen Qiao's back straightened, taking a position like a student to her teacher. She listened to her husband's pointers and review of her cultivation.

Since Wen Qiao broke into Lesser Nascent Soul Stage, Ning Yuzhou had basically become her teacher. Every day after her training, he would analyze her weak points. At the beginning, his lecture on her mistakes using Swift Silk Swallow Swordplay was so long that her whole body would start cramping from sitting.

Nowadays, she felt like her husband had a completely unique way of thinking. Could he be a prodigy? He couldn't cultivate, yet he was so observant and even his "basic knowledge" in cultivation was enough to make him an encyclopedia on all things cultivation. He could even point out the flaws and strengths of every cultivator's martial skills. Calling him a prodigy would be underestimating him.

Wen Qiao almost even suspected he was the reincarnation of some cultivation god.

Only those with great experience can have the insight and accuracy to guide another's cultivation, even if they were just a mortal.

But Wen Qiao's guess was quickly proven wrong. Ning Yuzhou really was astute- just as Wen Qiao was thinking that, he had already sensed it and said, "Although I can't cultivate, I grew up in the world of cultivation. My eyes aren't tied down to just one side of cultivation, so I can see and analyze others easier. Besides, these are all relatively basic things so any cultivator would be able to see a thing or two."

He watched her with a smile. His eyes were warm and his voice was soft and gentle.

Wen Qiao: "..."

Wen Qiao stared at him. Ning Yuzhou calmly returned her gaze. In the end, she confirmed Ning Yuzhou really was an intelligent person, smart to almost a frightening degree. He wasn't inferior to any cultivator.

Even though he couldn't cultivate, he possessed incredible experience and perception. If a cultivator had his abilities of observation, it'd be like giving a tiger wings.

Later, the hidden guards' various reactions confirmed her guess.

The hidden guards only served Ning Yuzhou alone and were completely loyal to him.

Wen Qiao only recently discovered the hidden guards were created by Ning Yuzhou himself. He was their sole master. They were completely unrelated to the royal family.

After reviewing Wen Qiao's training today, Ning Yuzhou said, "You've already reached late stage of Lesser Nascent Soul realm. Let's leave this place tomorrow and continue onwards so you can break into Higher Nascent Soul realm quickly."

The third-grade Ice Teared Frogs were clearly already no longer Wen Qiao's opponents. Ning Yuzhou decided to find a new area for her to train.

In a short ten days, Wen Qiao had broken through to late stage of Lesser Nascent Soul realm, jumping through three stages. Her speed was incredibly rare in the cultivation world and was a testament to her extraordinary talent. Ning Yuzhou's nourishment and training, combined with her top-grade Heaven spirit root allowed her to progress with great speed

But in the beginning stages, it was normal for cultivators to progress quickly.

Wen Qiao gave an Oh, not opposing his decision.

In the time they've spent together, her husband had long proved his IQ and decision-making skills. Wen Qiao trusted him completely.

The two rested. Ning Yuzhou laid down, his eyes gentle as he watched her sit.

Wen Qiao was used to his staring and didn't mind. She quickly entered a meditative state and started cultivating. The surrounding spiritual energy and vegetative energy rushed toward her, nourishing her body and flowing into her spiritual space. Her spiritual energy grew steadily.

The effects of cultivating in Lin Tai Hunting Valley were truly far better than outside.

Although Ning Yuzhou couldn't sense the spiritual energy, he could sense the air around Wen Qiao change. He smiled as he watched her cultivate and didn't interrupt her.


Early the next morning, they left the Ice Teared Frogs territory.

They've fought with the Ice Teared Frogs many times in the past couple of days and Wen Qiao faced them daily. Many of the Ice Teared Frogs' souls lingered on her sword and the stench of their blood lingered on their clothes. None of the surrounding Ice Teared Frogs dared to attack them, allowing them to quickly leave the Ice Teared Frogs' domain.

The icy fog dispersed as it was slowly replaced by warm, humid air.

Plants grew densely in this area and the trees stretched toward the skies. Thick vines hung off the trees and from time to time, a rustling sound could be heard as critters moved through the bushes.

On their way, there were all kinds of terrain, from mountains and forests to open fields, all filled with demonic beasts. Everybody knew there were many demonic beasts in Lin Tai Hunting Valley, but very few magical treasures or fortuitous encounters. This disappointed many who entered with big hopes.

There were many demonic beasts in the jungle, but also many spiritual herbs.

Today, Wen Qiao was picking third-grade Hanging Silk grass. She had just carefully collected 10,000 strands of it and was about to root it up when a boom suddenly sounded ahead of her. The explosion startled the demonic beasts in the jungle and the low-level demonic beasts rushed everywhere in their panic. One of them charged toward her and almost trampled the Hanging Silk grass she had painstakingly collected.

Wen Qiao reached out and picked up the little demonic beast that had almost stomped all over her herbs.

"Save me!"

A scream for help sounded in the distance followed by a roar. Soon, Wen Qiao could see four figures fleeing in her direction. Behind them was a swarm of demonic wasps, each one the size of a fist. They were packed so densely that they looked like a black cloud, tightly pursuing the four.

The four attacked behind them as they fled, using talisman after talisman to blow up the demonic bees. The booms echoed one after another without rest.

But there were just too many demonic wasps. Although the fire talisman explosions could blow up and kill quite a few of them, it only served to further enrage the swarm and continue the chase.

The four noticed the hidden guards and their faces lit up with pleasant surprise. They didn't hesitate to run in their direction.

Wen Qiao agilely collected the Hanging Silk Grass. She saw the four turning in their direction and understood their plan. Her face turned solemn as she immediately stepped forward, protecting her husband behind her.

In the danger, the four used all the energy they had to escape, rushing in their direction.

Qian Shou saw it was too late to run and quickly made his decision, signaling the hidden guards to fall into formation.

When the four reached them, they saw the group of imposing hidden guards and their faces filled with relief. They fled to the side, letting the hidden guards face the demonic wasps. They clearly wanted to make them the bait.

The hidden guards split into two groups. One entered formation and brandished their weapons. The ground was soon littered with dead demonic wasps. The other group went around the swarm and used fire talismans to attack them from the back.

Under their pincer attack, the demonic bees were quickly cut down by half.

The four that led the swarm to them didn't run far. They turned around and saw the hidden guards were actually putting up a fight, so one by one, they slowed to a stop, trying to recover their stamina. They gasped for breath, their faces pale. They've pretty much depleted all their spiritual energy while fleeing, otherwise, they wouldn't have wasted so many fire talismans against the demonic wasps.

They stuffed Spirit Recovery Pills into their mouths as they watched the battle. They discovered the hidden guards didn't seem to value the talismans at all, using them one after another until the demonic wasps were all killed, just like that. Feelings of envy for the rich immediately surged in their hearts.

Where did this rich wastrel come from? It was just a group of second-grade demonic wasps, yet they were willing to use that many talismans.

It wasn't until the four saw Ning Yuzhou and Wen Qiao behind the hidden guards that they finally understood.

It was actually the crippled Seventh Prince that couldn't cultivate with his wife.

In the eyes of everybody that entered the Lin Tai Hunting Valley, Ning Yuzhou and his wife just came here to play around. Cultivating and training had nothing to do with those two.

Even now, they could only give a sigh. If it wasn't for the hidden guards, how would the two of them be able to come here?

After the demonic wasps were dealt with, some of the hidden guards cleaned up the battlefield, collecting the relatively intact demonic wasp corpses and the rest stood on guard by Ning Yuzhou's side.

Ning Yuzhou and Wen Qiao watched the approaching cultivators.

Under the hidden guards' escort, the two overlooked the sorry four panting on the ground.

Qian Shou asked, "Who are you and what family do you hail from?"