Novel Wars

It’s Over! The Major General is Bent! - Chapter 22

In the long corridor covered with dark red carpets, the lights on the walls were switched on, but they were dim. However, Mia Star was as bright as daytime even during nighttime, so most of the lights in the room were just for decoration.

The corridor of the guest room was very quiet. Taylor, who was arranged to live in this guest room, went to the banquet hall at the top of the tower to participate in the banquet. Therefore, the guest room was empty now. It was so quiet that no sound could be heard.

A tall young soldier stood silently in front of the door of the most luxurious guest room on this floor, with a straight posture, never looking sideways, not even making the slightest sound.

Suddenly, the sound of hurried footsteps came from the other end of the corridor.

The young soldier who was standing at the door with a solemn expression turned his head to look in the direction of the sound. He could tell the  sound was caused by knee high military boots stepping on the wooden floor. In this place, the only people wearing imperial uniforms were ...

Soon, two familiar hasty figures appeared in the young soldier's field of vision.

"Lord Major General, Lord Major."

He raised his hand with a solemn expression and bowed to his superiors.

"Don't bother saluting! Has anyone gone in? Are there any problems inside?"

Before the young soldier could put his hand down, Robin, who was impatient, had already started asking.

"A waiter went in before, but there were no abnormalities when he came out."

The young soldier answered immediately, then he turned and reached out to push open the door behind him which he had been guarding.

The push failed to open the door.

The young soldier was stunned. Although the boy also lived inside, it was still the residence of Lord Major General. It was unknown when Lord Major General would come back and with someone guarding the door, the boy wouldn't have locked the door from the inside by his own initiative.

The soldier wanted to try  pushing the door again.

Suddenly, a long leg came out from the side. There was a loud bang, the door and even the walls nearby seemed to be shaking wildly due to this loud noise.

With this kick, the tightly closed door slammed open.

That terrifying strength made the door, which couldn't withstand the heavy force,  tremble a few times.

Without saying another word, the young Major General who kicked the door opened with one foot stepped inside the door.

His gaze was stern, with a glance, he saw the boy sleeping on the soft chair by the window, and a man kneeling beside the chair.

A cold light flashed across the sharp red phoenix eyes,  making it extremely intimidating for others.

His lips pursed tight like the cutting edge of a sword, his fingertips had already touched the laser gun on his waist—

There's something wrong.

As soon as his fingertips touched the cold metal of the gun, Taylor noticed an abnormality.

The man kneeling on the ground was too abnormal.

It's like he didn't hear the loud noise that knocked open the door at all. He remained kneeling on the ground, his body inclined to the side but he was motionless.

Feeling that something was wrong, the young Major General didn't have time to ponder over it. He quickly took a few steps over and leaned over. He reached out to caress the forehead of the boy lying on the soft chair.

The sleeping boy nestled in the big soft chair quietly, his head tilted slightly. His soft light black hair scattered on his cheeks that still carries a hint of juvenile. The light shining from the window fell on the side of his cheeks, making the young child's skin even more tender.

His expression was very unperturbed, he seemed to be sleeping very soundly. There was no trace of pain on his relaxed face.

So there wasn't enough time to do anything yet?

While Taylor looked at Miao Te's sleeping face, no expression could be seen on his grave and stern face, but the hand that was tensed on the boy's forehead loosened a little.

“Boss, there's something wrong with this guy."

The red-haired major's voice sounded from the side.

At the same time his boss walked to Miao Te's side, he had subdued the man beside Miao Te ruthlessly.

However he was a bit surprised that when he suppressed the man, the man did not make any resistance at all.

Robin motioned to the soldier next to him to grapple the man's arm, while he himself reached out to lift the man's face.

The man's face is very ordinary, practically the kind of ordinary where you can't find him again after he enters a crowd. But the man's eyes were very strange, staring blankly at Robin, his pupils lax, unfocused.

Letting the soldier behind him to grapple him, letting Robin grab his throat tightly, he didn't make any kind of response. A pair of lax and foolish eyes fell on Robin's face in a daze, yet it didn't seem like he was looking at Robin.

Robin could faintly see a clue.

“Let him go.”

He commanded.

The young soldier suppressing the man immediately let go. The young soldier then got up and stood still.

However, even though the soldier suppressing him had let go, the man continued to lie on the floor in a daze. Unfocused pupils dilated with an open mouth, there even seems to be saliva leaking out of the corner of his mouth.

"Spiritual impairment..."

Robin murmured, turning his head to look at the boy who was still sleeping soundly.

His eyes showed disbelief with a faintly complicated look, and then it slowly became clear.

“That's why I said……how can a big family's descendent be a good-for-nothing.”

He exhaled softly and said.

“The boy truly gave us a huge surprise, Boss.”



Not long ago.

The man who forcibly underwent spiritual harmonisation with Miao Te didn't encounter even the slightest bit of resistance, he easily invaded the target's mental realm.

As a specially trained agent, his physical strength and mental strength are much stronger than ordinary people, and he also used special drugs on the target. However, it was still the first time he met a person with such an easy to intrude spiritual realm.

It seems that this little imp is just like his appearance, a delicate and weak flower completely raised inside a greenhouse.

Before he could gather his consciousness, there was a strong aroma.

The man opened his eyes, and even though he had been severely trained to maintain his composure, he was still stunned for a moment when he saw what was in front of him.

In front of his eyes was a long table with no limit in sight. On the table, there were plates of delicious and fragrant delicacies arranged. The alluring smell assailed his nose, making the corner of his eyes twitch.

The spiritual realm of this little imp… was still really special.

Unexpectedly, all of it were things that can be eaten.

The man who saw such a unique spiritual realm for the first time couldn't help but question the order given by above.

Will there really be any secrets in this kid who only thinks about eating?

However, even though he thought so, the mission must be completed.

The man calmed down, ignoring the fragrant and tempting delicacies on the endless table, and looked around his surroundings.

The first thing to do now was to touch the spiritual body of the spiritual realm's owner.

Only by touching the spiritual body can he invade even further and deeper.

Since this kid is so obsessed with delicacies, his spiritual body should be currently eating at the other end of the dining table now.

He deduced so, thus he walked along the long dining table.

Sure enough, he didn't have to walk too far before he could vaguely see a faint figure in front.

When the figure saw him, it seemed to turn around in a panic and was about to run, so he immediately chased after it. The spiritual body was really too weak, as soon as he exerted his strength, he easily caught up and grabbed the boy's hand.

That's it!

The man thought, he then pulled the boy hard, wanting to carry out the next step for a deeper spiritual invasion.

But suddenly, the hand he was holding became transparent and it turned into water that splashed everywhere.

The man was stunned for a moment. When he looked up, before he could see the boy's face, he saw the figure in front of him turned into a wave of water. The water wave then scattered on the dining table next to it, and the dining table also melted into water abruptly— —

Oh no!

The man reacted at the last minute.

It's fake! It's all an illusion!

This was not the spiritual realm of the little imp at all! Instead, it's the fabrication of the surface of the consciousness guarding the spiritual map!

He hadn't even invade the surface consciousness of the little imp—

Without giving the man time to think, the water ripples that had spread out suddenly turned into monstrous waves.

The man's pupils immediately shrunk into the size of pinholes. His eyes reflected the gigantic tsunami that came surging towards him like a roaring monster.


That was the moment when the huge waves engulfed everything, where the man finally let out a blood-curdling scream in his consciousness.

After that scream, the man's spiritual power was shattered into pieces by the relentless, mighty waves in an instant.



Forcibly spiritual harmonising with someone, tearing apart the surface of the consciousness to invade the deeper layer will cause great harm to the person's spiritual power.

This behavior was equivalent to mental rape.

However, there exists a special case.

An extremely rare case.

When a person tries to force another person to spiritual harmonize without their consent, it is considered a spiritual invasion.

If the spiritual power of the person being invaded is twice or more compared to the intruder's, then the intruder will not only be unable to invade the person's spiritual realm, but they will also be defeated by the person's surface consciousness that was guarding the spiritual realm.

This kind of counterattack is completely automatic, practically happening without the knowledge of the person themself.

If the person's mental power is only twice of the intruder's, it will only cause minor spiritual damage to the intruder.

However, if the person's spiritual power is beyond one's imagination, to the point where it's several times more powerful than the intruder's, then it will completely defeat the intruder's spiritual power—— in short, it will cause the intruder to become spiritually impaired and in the end, retarded.

Robin looked at the young child who was ignorant of everything that was going on in the outside world and slept soundly by himself. While he looked at the childish and harmless face, he suddenly felt a little complicated.

All along, he has completely regarded this child as a weak person. For him, the child's existence was akin to a pet animal.

Now, when he thought about this kid's mental power that was several times more than his own, the corner of his mouth couldn't help but to twitch.

From just one look at the man who has become retarded now, you'd know he was a 死士 who had undergone special training. Generally speaking, the spiritual power of these special agents was definitely not low, even much stronger than normal people. Even Robin doesn't dare say his spiritual power would be stronger than these people by much, at the very least it wouldn't even reach two-fold.

[死士: person brave enough to face death for a cause / person willing to sacrifice their life for a cause

I don't know how to translate this so that it stays true to the meaning. Dead soldier, the literal translation, is kinda off, ngl.]

However, this man was  defeated by this seemingly harmless little imp in no time, resulting in him becoming mentally impaired and turning into an idiot.


Robin suddenly felt a little fortunate that he was stopped by BOSS when he wanted to spiritual harmonise with Miao Te earlier on.

Although Miao Te agreed at the time and he was not forcing a spiritual harmonisation, however if the little imp is unhappy or regrets it in the middle, if the kid rejects him even a little…

Looking the stupid and drooling appearance of the originally capable and vigorous man, Robin's back instantly chilled.

Omg, this kid is simply terrifying!

Even before becoming an adult, his spiritual power was so strong that he could surpass a specially trained agent several times. What would happen after he becomes an adult?

With this kind of terrifying spiritual power, he was afraid that the only one who can compete with the kid is his boss who is also inhuman.

The red-haired major thought so, and subconsciously looked at the boss beside him.

He turned his head, but he could only see the back of his boss.

The young major general leaned over slightly and stretched out his hand to carry the boy who was sleeping deeply on the soft chair.

Maybe because being hugged was not as comfortable as lying on the soft chair, the boy groaned softly, his head that was leaning on Taylor's chest began to move restlessly.

Robin's eyes were about to bulge out as he watched his boss let the kid rub against him. His boss only lowered his head slightly, his fine black hair scattered at the corners of his eyes. His long and thin eyelashes casted light shadows on his dark blue eyes that were looking at the boy in his arms, making it impossible to see the vestiges at the bottom of his eyes.

It wasn't until Miao Te's fluffy head burrowed into Taylor's cervical fossa that he finally felt comfortable and stopped moving, satisfied.

At this moment, Taylor finally opened his mouth.



The red-haired major, who was dumbfounded by the sight, was startled and immediately stood at attention.

"I'll go to your room."

The black-haired major general hugged the boy in his arms, turned around and walked towards the outside.

He said, “You stay here to deal with things.”

“No problem, boss, just leave it to me.”

Robin clapped his chest hard to assure him.

"You coax well your... Oh, no, I mean, you rest well and leave the rest to me!"

Tsk, as the confidant of his boss, how could he not guess what his boss wanted to do next...