Novel Wars

It’s Over! The Major General is Bent! - Chapter 23

He laid the person in his arms on the bed. The little guy, who was originally leaning against him and moved around uncomfortably, rolled on the soft quilt once before lying face down on the bed.

Half of the somewhat childish face was sunk in the soft duvet, the boy's brows smoothened to reveal a content look. He prostrated on the soft bed in satisfaction and didn't move anymore.

It seemed that being held in a princess carry by the Major General and being able to bury himself in the arms of said Major General, which was the envy of countless women and even some men, did not satisfy Miao Te.

Taylor's body belongs to the supple and strong type, so it's hard to the touch. Sleeping on it was indeed not very comfortable, he prefers the soft quilt more.

Soft, light-black hair scattered around the corner of the boy's eyes. Bits of his hair ends and his thick eyelashes intertwined with one another, casting light shadows on the boy's tender skin.

Half of his face was buried in the quilt, exposing the tip of his nose that breathed out small breaths. His lips were slightly open, and he could vaguely see traces of snow-white teeth.

He slept very deeply, even the loud noise from the door being kicked in the original room and the series of events that happened next could not wake him up from his slumber.

Even when Taylor hugged him all the way to another room, he still showed no signs of waking up.

This wasn't normal.

But in Robin's view, this was probably due to the deep sleep induced by the special incense, so he didn't think too much about it.

After putting Miao Te on the bed, the black-haired Major General took the military overcoat off his upper body, leaving only a simple white shirt.

He sat on the edge of the bed and looked down at the boy who was sleeping deeply on the bed.

A pair of slender dashing eyebrows were slightly twisted, and the look in the major general's dark blue eyes never relaxed. He stared at Miao Te with a grave gaze.

People with strong spiritual powers are rare, so the world does not know much about such people.

Just like Robin, he vaguely knew that people who invaded the consciousness of another person with strong spiritual power would have their spiritual power destroyed instead. However, as one of the rare people with such strong spiritual powers, Taylor himself knows a little more about this kind of thing.

Indeed, it is true that an intruder's spiritual power will be destroyed by an automatic counterattack. This fact wasn't wrong.

However, this may also lead to the surface consciousness of the invaded person to activate the self-protection mechanism, in order to firmly guard the spirit of the invaded person in the depths of the spiritual realm—— that is to say, an overreaction may lead the invaded person into a long, deep sleep.

It was impossible to determine how long he would be sleeping for.

The reason why Taylor left things to Robin was not only because he trusted his subordinate, but also to check the child's current spiritual state as soon as possible.

If the child fell into a deep sleep for self-protection, the only one who can wake the child up now is him who has equally strong spiritual power.

The black-haired major general leaned over slightly before he reached out to hold the hand of the boy on the bed.

A blue light appeared from the silver-blue metal ring on the boy's wrist. The ring then loosen off his wrist and extended to form a half-ring, it floated to the boy's neck on its own.

Taylor relaxed his arms and hugged Miao Te's upper body into his embrace.

Leaving the soft and comfortable bed to lean on the slightly hard body again, the sleeping teenager frowned, as if he was a little unhappy.

The major general's hand gently caressed the hair on the temples of the young child in his arms, as if comforting him. His slender fingers threaded through the light black hair, his fingertips enveloped by a soft and warm feeling.

His fingers brushed through the boy's hair twice before going down to the side of the boy's neck.

Countless dark blue threads of light stretched out from the metal ring on the Major General's wrist, slowly wrapping themselves around the half-ring floating on the side of the teenager's neck...



A patch of pure white.

That was a huge protective screen.

It stretched out endlessly in front of Taylor's eyes, facing towards all directions with no end in sight.

Like a loyal bodyguard, it firmly guards everything inside.

The black-haired major general stood in front of this huge white wall and knitted his brow.

Similar to what he thought, things were heading in a bad direction.

The self-protection mechanism of the child's surface consciousness has been activated, it can be seen from just this huge white wall with no end in sight.

This wall must be broken.

He frowned.

It was afraid that he would have to use forceful means.

He took in a light breath.

... He didn't want to use such a method on the child, even if the purpose was to help the child, it was still a kind of forceful invasion.

The young major general stood in front of the huge wall, he who had always been swift and decisive revealed a rare look of hesitation.

If only there is another way...

He hesitated before lifting his hand and pressed it against the white wall.

However, the moment his hand pressed against the white wall——

The place where his hand touched it melted like ice and snow, and the whole thing thawed.

The huge wall with no end in sight shattered and melted almost in an instant, centering from the place where his hand touched.

In just a moment, it disappeared in front of his eyes via vaporisation.

The instant the sealed wall shattered, the boundless blue-black cosmic starry sky unfolded like a picture scroll before his eyes.

The distant starlight flickered in the dark sea of ​​stars. The gentle blue planet was quietly rotating in this boundless starry sky.

The quietly rotating blue planet was reflected in the depths of the dark blue eyes of the young major general.

"I said… just tell me when you want to come in."

The teenager who appeared in front of him looked at him while talking with a hint of dissatisfaction, grumbling.

Taylor let out a breath softly.

He naturally understood what had happened just now.

This kid trusts him.

He didn't put up the slightest guard against him.

The child incorporated him into his own world without any precautions.

How foolish.

The young major general thought so.

Extremely foolish.

"Why did you come back so soon? I thought for the whole night you wouldn't be able to— eh?"

Taylor's extended arms suddenly embraced the boy who was in the middle of complaining his dissatisfaction.

The movement that came out of nowhere scared Miao Te, causing him to swallow the remaining half of his sentence, only making an 'uh' sound.

The young major general drooped his eyes slightly, his slender eyelashes casting light shadows in his eyes.

He looked at the huge blue planet in front of him, the blue planet silently spinning in his eyes.

He hugged the person in his arms, the boy's body was soft and warm. The ends of his hair rubbed against his cheeks, making it a little itchy.

The boy's body was a little stiff because of his sudden action, his hands were clinging to his shoulders and his face was startled, but those eyes continued to turn round and round.

Pitch-black eyes glowed with a lustrous lustre.

His eyes were vigorous at all times, nimble and bright like a baby animal, his pupils reflecting Taylor's cheeks clearly.

Taylor recalled the man who was slumped on the ground just now, with a dull gaze and a stupefied face without a soul like a stone sculpture...

He suddenly felt that he couldn't imagine the lifeless look that would appear on the child after his eyes lost their radiance.

To be exact, he didn't want such a thing to happen at all.

He doesn't want to lose it.


Miao Te was a little stunned as his body went rigid and allowed the inexplicable Major General to hug him.

What happened?

Although he was a little dull, he could feel that the Major General was not very happy right now.

He pondered.

That's why I wondered why he suddenly ran back early, even going into my spiritual realm without informing me.

Tsk, it must be because in such a place where nobles gather, some noble children look down on him and hurt his self-esteem, so he ran back to watch an image of the earth to soothe his injured heart, and in passing wanted a hug and comfort.

Miao Te's mind began to visualise the banquet with those children of officials, oh, no, the second generation nobles being pushy and overbearing, and the major general, being a rank lower, had to patiently bear it and allow the large-scale melodramatic dogfight play.

It's fine.

The boy who thought he must have guessed correctly patted the Major General on the back.

One cannot achieve glory and wealth without having been through trials and tribulations.

Lord Major General, you are a man who possesses the halo of a protagonist. Being bullied now is essential for the plot, but it's okay, don't be unwell. According to the development of the plot, it won't be long when you can just straight out slap the face of those second-generation nobles who bully you.

The young man pondered over it seriously.

Since he is holding the golden thigh of Lord Major General now, then, he has the responsibility and obligation to help Lord Major General.

He has no other skill, but now that the Major General is not happy, he at least has a way to make the Major General happy.

Well, I'll give a special preferential treatment for you today.

Miao Te narrowed his eyes as he thought so, before he closed his eyes.


Holding the soft body of the young child in his arms and staring at the blue planet spinning quietly, the black-haired major general felt an unprecedented sense of tranquillity in his heart in this instant.

However, he couldn't enjoy this sense of tranquillity for too long when  everything around him suddenly distorted.

The darkness flitted past, and the surroundings abruptly lit up.

He was suddenly in an extremely bright world. The sunlight from the sky fell on his body, giving him an indescribable warm touch.

In front of him was an endless dark blue.

The sea waves beat against each other, the water ripples surging, as far as the eyes can see, there is only a vast blue ocean that relaxes people.

Azure blue skies and milky white clouds.

At the end of the sky and the sea where both of them meet, the two blues merge into one.

The wind picked up, carrying a moist smell, it lifted his hair and brushed past the corners of his eyes.

He stood in the middle of the sea-blue waves, the icy cold water surrounded his feet, and the water waves swept over his legs and feet, soft.

It was a strange feeling.

He felt like he was about to melt into this blue ocean.

He felt that he had already belonged to these azure waves from the very beginning.

The sound of the pounding waves seemed to be a call from the unseen, mythical world, coming from the deepest part of his soul, calling him to return to his most ancient origin.

A hand gripped his hand.

Taylor turned his head, and he saw the curved smiling eyes of the teenager who looked up at him.

The sea breeze zipped past, blowing the light black hair of the young man, making the strands fly up until they became a terrible mess.

But under the blue sea and sky, the smile of the boy with tousled hair was brighter than anything else.


He asks.

"Yes, Earth."

The boy replied with a smile.

"This is the sea on earth, don't be upset anymore, I'll show you something interesting—"

Miao Te pointed his finger, and a wave in the form of a straight line appeared in the sea in front of him. He saw an upright, sharp dorsal fin protruding from the water, rushing straight towards this side.

Look, a shark!

Aren't you afraid?

Miao Te laughed mischievously, looking at the face of the Major General, ready to see the other party's antics.

However, the shocked expression of the Major General which he was anticipating never appeared at all. Taylor just stared at the approaching dorsal fin, before casting a faint inquiring look towards Miao Te.

Miao Te: "..."

Forget it, this Major General doesn't know anything about sharks, he couldn't be scared.

He thought so and sighed in disappointment, then he snapped his fingers.


Something suddenly leaped out of the water, splashing water everywhere.

The sea creature has a smooth line between its blue and white. It leaped into the air with a beautiful arc, causing water to splash on Taylor's face.

Then, it was pleased with itself and swam to Miao Te's feet. It merrily circled around Miao Te who was standing in the sea.

"A living being on Earth that lives in the ocean."

The boy crouched down, and he used Earth Alliance language to say a name that did not exist in the Imperial language.

“ Dolphin.”

Seeing that Miao Te squatted down, the little dolphin became even more active. It circled around Miao Te and moved closer to rub against Miao Te's leg with its smooth little head. It swung its tail and splashed Miao Te all over with water while making a chirping sound.

Blue sea and sky, warm sunlight, and white clouds. Different traces of blue blend together at the line where the sea and sky meet.

The different shades of blue seemed to dissolve in the depths of the young Major General's dark blue pupils.

The bottom of his eyes distinctively reflected the boundless blue waves, and the bright smile of the boy who knelt on the waves as he hugged the little dolphin.

Under the thin jet-black hair, the young major general's eyes reflected the sunlight falling from the sky, and the bottom of his eyes glowed, as if a sea of stars were fused in his eyes.

The little dolphin swam over light-heartedly before it circled around him once, using its head to bump against his leg.

He bent his left knee and knelt down, reaching out his hand towards the creature in the sea called "Dolphin". The little dolphin chirped at him, it bumped his hand with its small head and refused to let him touch it. Suddenly, with a small jump, it splashed seawater on Taylor's face again.

Miao Te watched from the side, blinking innocently, he would never admit that he ordered it.

"How is it? Isn't your mood better now?"

"The animals on Earth are all very adorable, you will feel better by just looking at them,” Miao Te said.

The young major general was half-kneeling in the sea, and the little blue-and-white dolphin circled around him non-stop, and he didn't attempt to touch it again.


[T/L: 嗯,which I translated as en, means interjection indicating approval, appreciation or agreement]

After watching the moving little dolphin for a while, only then did he answer.



After that, he raised his head and his eyes fell on the face of the young man who grinned happily after hearing his 'En'. The childish face clearly showed a somewhat smug look at the moment.

The moist wind of the sea breeze swept across Troel's cheeks, and the water splashed on his face seeped into the corners of his lips, with a light salty taste and a bit of bitterness.

He thought to himself, he doesn't hate this kind of salty smell with an astringent taste.

“Very adorable.”

He said while he gazed at the young child.

In the corner of the pale, thin lips, there's an upward curve that could faintly be seen.