Novel Wars

Intern Parents Chapter 3 Part 2 - It’s Fragrant and Warm

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Next door to Mo Sui’s unit lived the newlyweds, Jiang Lin and Qin Feng.

At this moment, Qin Feng was entertaining their little guest, while Jiang Lin made dinner in the kitchen.

The little guest was a five-year old boy whose parents signed him up to participate in this program. He came because he thought it’d be fun, but who would’ve thought in just a few short hours, he would already be wishing for his parents to take him home.

Why? Because Qin Feng wouldn’t stop playing guitar and singing to him.

Qin Feng was a talent show singer: he sang well, but he loved to show off. As such, he kept clinging to the little kid to demonstrate his singing.

Finally, another song ended. Li Li made to escape, but Qin Feng quickly pulled him back.

“Li Li, is Dad’s singing good?”

Li Li shook his head with an awkward expression.

Qin Feng affectionately rubbed the top of the child’s head. “You just love joking around with Dad,” he said, and planted a kiss on the kid’s face.

Li Li pushed Qin Feng away slightly, his lips pulling into a frown. He didn’t feel that he and this uncle were that close.

“You don’t like listening to grown-up music, right? Then tonight, Dad will sing you the theme song of a cartoon movie!”

Li Li: “......”

Although he was new and unfamiliar with this place, Li Li was already five. As a manly man, he had to be brave. And so, the little kid straightened his chest, gathered his courage, and said, “Can we not?”

Qin Feng’s mouth twitched.

The few hundreds of viewers in the live broadcast room laughed nonstop.

“Knock knock–––”

“Xiao Lin, is someone at the door?” Qin Feng picked up Li Li and walked towards the door.

Meanwhile, Jiang Lin, exhausted from her efforts in the kitchen, regretted the personas she and her husband had agreed upon before appearing on the show. She shouldn’t have decided to play the good-wife-loving-mother role. Couldn’t she have played a cheeky little drama queen, be spoiled and pampered?

But she was already halfway through cooking. She would play the role she chose to the end, even if she cried the whole time. She wiped her hands on her apron and poked her head out. “Who is it?”

When they opened the door, Qin Feng and Jiang Lin stood and stared in silence for a few seconds, eyes huge.

“Hello, I’d like to borrow a bowl of rice,” Mo Sui said. It was too late for her to start cooking rice.

Qin Feng and Jiang Lin were very polite. They immediately went to fill a bowl with rice and jogged back to bring it to her. Mo Sui nodded her thanks and turned to leave.

Although some of the viewers in Mo Sui’s live broadcast room ridiculed Mo Sui for having no life skills and even forgetting to cook rice for the child ahead of time, as soon as they heard her tell An An that she would get borrow rice from the neighbours, they immediately followed to Qin Feng and Jiang Lin’s live broadcast room and watched with relish.

When Mo Sui’s figure had completely vanished from sight, Qin Feng and Jiang Lin turned to face each other. Both of their faces were flushed bright red with excitement.

“That was Mo Sui!”

“The program team actually let us be her neighbours!”

Li Li watched the two of them, lowering his head and sighing deeply. Did he really have to spend the next fifteen days with these two weirdos?

【I reckon these two little has-beens are definitely thinking about how to insert themselves into Mo Sui’s spotlight.】

【These two people may not look smart, but a dumb-couple persona seem pretty interesting too?】

... ...

The first day of live broadcast ended at 9 PM.

The workers had prepared a timer function beforehand, and the cameras shut off right on schedule. No matter how reluctant they were, the viewers in the live broadcast room could only wait till the next morning to continue watching over the little child and the movie empress. It was only that, before logging off, everyone worried over a question––

Would Mo Sui hold the child to sleep? In such an unfamiliar environment, if An An slept alone, she would surely be scared.

Mo Sui waited for An An to finish washing her face and brushing her teeth before bringing her to the child room. “You can sleep in this room. Will you be okay alone?”

An An, too busy staring curiously at the room, did not answer her. The little room was furnished with pink wallpaper, a pink little bed, and even tender pink bedding. She put her little slippers neatly beside the bed, gingerly lifted the duvet, as if afraid to dirty such beautiful bedding, and carefully slipped inside the covers.

To her surprise, there was a big doll on the bed! The little dumpling happily hugged the doll to her chest.

At the orphanage, An An usually slept with the other kids. She was a little nervous about sleeping by herself, but she was looking forward to it too. She even had a doll to accompany her!

“Do you want anything else?” Mo Sui, who had been about to turn to leave, paused her steps. “Do you want milk?”

The little dumpling nodded, her eyes bright as a shy smile appeared on her face. Five minutes later, she took the glass of milk from Mo Sui with both hands. It was even warmed up for her.

“Go brush your teeth by yourself when you’re done drinking.” With that, the door to the child room gently closed shut.

An An raised the glass of milk with two hands and bent her head to take a sip. It was sweet and warm.

... ...

On the other side, however, Mo Sui tossed and turned on her bed. Her thoughts circled back to that nightmare of the past.

She got up and exited her room.