Novel Wars

The Villainous Alpha Was Picked Up by The Doomsday Boss Chapter 5 - The Hissy Cat

His susceptibility period was still more than ten days away. Why was it suddenly brought forward?

Pei Zhaozhou clenched his lips, and moans whispered out between his lips and teeth.

The restless gland continued to emit an elegant and alluring vanilla pheromone scent. His lustful amber golden eyes were moist, and the brought forward susceptibility period caused his recently lowered feverish body to present another type of red blush.

While Si Huaixi wondered where the sudden fragrance came from, the smart brain carried by Pei Zhaozhou immediately sent out the highest alert.

As the most advanced intelligent system in interstellar space, smart brain Yin Hu’s up to date medical monitoring plug-in has always monitored Pei Zhaozhou's physical condition. If there appeared to be a problem with his body data, it would sound an alarm.

But Pei Zhaozhou's body data monitoring has been in the red alert alarm position ever since he suffered from the pheromone disorder disease.

Every susceptibility period was the most dangerous stage, as the unstable pheromones will be abnormally active during this period. Furthermore, as Pei Zhaozhou's gland was damaged and cannot suppress the intense pheromone activity, the concentration of active pheromone will increase exponentially during the susceptibility period, reaching a terrifying value.

During the past susceptibility periods, Pei Zhaozhou lost control of his pheromones several times and became wild. The uncontrollable alpha was like a wild beast, forcibly tearing off the rope that bound him, and injured his friends. He also injured the medical staff who was attending to him with a tranquilizer.

Ever since he caused injury to others, Pei Zhaozhou has felt very guilty. He would prefer to lock himself in a house to endure the susceptible period. Every time he came out, he would be scarred, pale and thin.

The pheromone disorder disease was aggravated with every susceptible period that passed.

The doctor hinted to Pei Zhaozhou that he would not have long to live. This might be the last susceptible period.

Smart brain Yin Hu was burning with anxiety.

[Master! Your susceptibility period is ahead of schedule. Is your body in pain? Please take the medicine prescribed by the doctor to reduce the concentration of pheromones quickly!]

"Why is your face still so red?" Si Huaixi's face was serious. He also found that psychic energy did not seem to work on Pei Zhaozhou, but instead caused his face to become redder.

Si Huaixi frowned tightly, and doubt flashed across his eyes.

Is Pei Zhaozhou's body different from ordinary people?

It should not have such an effect. The psychic power he transmitted was high grade pure life energy. If he was willing, he could even exhaust his psychic energy to allow a superpower user to rise from basic to mid or high levels superpower.

At his level, his psychic power was no longer normal. The pure energy to ordinary people was similar to taking a thousand year ginseng.

Pei Zhaozhou's eyes were full of anger and shame, and the gland at his nape was swollen and red. Just by touching his skin himself, he was so sensitive that a wave of pleasure rose.


This susceptibility period was not like the pain filled rage of the past, but inexplicable surging desire and pleasure that was about to drive him crazy.

How did he become like this... like an unspeakable beast in rut. He might as well be mad like before.

But then he would be afraid of hurting innocent people, especially Si Huaixi.

Damn it! He did not dare to stand up now.

The smart brain Yin Hu was anxious and worried.

[Master! Master!]

Pei Zhaozhou forbore, with his moist eyes red and back tight, he said to smart brain Yin Hu, "It's okay, I don't feel pain this time, but... just a little unwell due to the susceptible period."

On the other hand, Si Huaixi saw Pei Zhaozhou's situation getting worse, but he was not aware that his psychic power and Pei Zhaozhou’s alpha pheromone were highly compatible, triggering Pei Zhaozhou's susceptibility period, and he planned to transfer his psychic power again.

Just as Si Huaixi stretched out his hand to transfer his psychic power again.

Pei Zhaozhou’s eyes reflected the hand that was stretching out slowly. With his sensitive estrus condition, he could not bear any touch. The entire cat threw a hissy fit, immediately shouting hoarsely,  "Don't touch me!"

Si Huaixi's eyes darkened and said, "Your face is very red. Where are you unwell?"

Pei Zhaozhou pressed down the tip of his tongue, his moist amber golden eyes shying away, and his sticky and hoarse voice spoke vaguely, as if he was holding back hidden shameful desire.

One word was said at a time.

It sounded clear cut, but the sweet and wavy tone at the end did not conform to its owner's wishes.

"I, am, fine. Just leave me alone."

The susceptible period came and passed quickly.

The susceptible period should not have come at this time. It was just briefly triggered by Si Huaixi's psychic power.

The mist at the bottom of Pei Zhaozhou's eyes dissipated, and his tight lip line eased. Exhaustion settled in, hair dripping with vanilla scented pheromones sweat, his eyes shone with the light of relief.

He almost thought that the susceptible period would last for several days. If Si Huaixi saw his uncontrollable and inconspicuous oestrus, he might think he was a pervert.

He would rather suffer from pheromone disorder than lose face in front of Si Huaixi.

Pei Zhaozhou blinked his moist eyes, his thick eyelashes full of water droplets, his amber golden eyes misty with gorgeous lustre, and even his lips had wet red traces from bites.

Si Huaixi's eyes darkened.

Pei Zhaozhou seemed to have no idea how attractive he was now. He looks like a cat after a rut. Even the amber golden cat's eyes are full of innocent clean lust, wet and ruddy corners of his eyes seemingly to have been caused by crying from being bullied.

When looking at Si Huaixi, he looked like a stubborn cat running to the owner, raising its head without saying a word and complaining sadly that it had been bullied by other cats.

... which made the master want to bully it even more.

Pei Zhaozhou was able to stand up at last. He patted the dust from his body and replied as if nothing had happened, "It's okay. I was just a little dizzy from hunger. I'll be fine after a rest."

Pei Zhaozhou also felt strange. Usually, when the susceptible period ended, his body would be in suffering and pain.

This time, however, the extremely short susceptibility period was different. He felt more comfortable and relaxed than ever before. Even the swollen gland was not painful. Instead, it was as if light and cool mint cream was applied over it, and even his exhausted body recovered some strength.

Si Huaixi was not comforted. The cool and alluring vanilla scent on the tip of his nose gradually faded as the owner cooled down, as if telling him something.

——He not only picked up a cat, but also a special cat with a scent gland?

Si Huaixi's eyes darkened with suspicion, and he became alert while observing secretly. Ice blue eyes, slightly cold and thoughtful, stared at the strange man with his own unique scent.

And he was defeated yet again by those ignorant and broken amber golden eyes.

Dazed, like he was bullied and broken.

How delicate.

Si Huaixi sighed slowly.

The palm of his hand covered Pei Zhaozhou's forehead, and the mild body temperature was felt, calming Si Huaixi's heart.

——OK, the delicate cat finally has no fever.

——A sick cat is more difficult to handle than if he was sick himself. He has picked up a delicate cat that gets sick easily, and he has begun to worry about how to take care of it.