Novel Wars

Heartwarming Different World Reincarnation Days With Level Countertop, Item Carryover! I’m the Strongest Little Girl Chapter 18 - Let's hear the circumstances

Humans have various emotions, but "fear" is the most important. I think that it's the most necessary one in order to live.

They won't go near frightening things. They won't do frightening things.

So because of this feeling, they are able to avoid danger, right?

Therefore, if the bill collectors have misunderstood me to be an evil spirit, it would only be beneficial for me.

So let's make them be filled with fear from the tip of their toes to the top of their heads!






After murmuring that, I throw more rubble.






The rubble hits the wall, and the man lets out a scream.

It's good that he's feeling life-threatened.

I snicker before straightening my expression.

Then, attempting to make my voice as scary as possible, I alter the pace, speed, and direction, and then throw even more rubble.




Bang, Hi~i.


Bang, Hi~ii.


Bang bang bang, Hi~iii.


Kaboom, Hi~i, Hi~i, Hi~i

「Unforgivible, unforgivable, unforgivable, unforgivable.」




As expected of the strongest 3-year-old me. It is a pretty good evil spirit roleplaying.

The man became frightened of the emergency, and the people who woke up in the middle of it joined him.

If I have scared them this much, I don't think these men will raid my house any more, but...



「it's not our fault, we were only following orders... 」

「That's right… We were only…. Forgive us...」



Now, their last move, fearfully begging for their life.

Although I have no plan of pardoning them, it is exactly what I want to ask them.

"Isn't it fine as long as I ask the leader?" Is what I had thought, but he won't wake up, and these men seem like they know something, so it might be fine to just ask them instead.

Yeah. Let's hear them out.



「Who ordered you?」

「Uh… It was...」




Approaching the stammering men, I throw the rubble with a whoosh.

Shards of glass barely avoid hitting the men and deeply pierce the wall.






The men look at the shards in the wall and paled.

Then, while pleading for forgiveness, they start talking.



「It's this city chief!」

「—The mayor is Ichou Shartem!」



Holding their right hands in front of their faces while begging, the scared men open their mouths.

That is the chief of the city's name. In other words, this chief is the most important person.

I see...

The people above are trying to get my mother.

Standing in front of the trembling men, I ponder.



「And so what?」

「I-it's the truth!」

「Really. Proof… we have proof too!」


「W-we don't know the details, but it's true. It's true!」

「The safe… In the safe...」



There is a possibility that fear rules the men, and so they try to fool me with lies.

However, if I think about it, the reason the gatekeepers let suspicious people in without examining them is probably justifiable.






The person who ordered them is more important than expected, I think and sigh unconsciously.

There wouldn't be anything more troublesome than If I would find this person.



This country I'm living in has a monarchy, and the royal family rules it hereditary.

Senior aristocrats called feudal lords to support this, who are also ruling hereditary, which hasn’t changed since the founding of the country.

This country is divided into territories, each governed separately, which, in turn, are divided further into cities.

The lords are appointed as the top, and are called mayors.

To be appointed as the mayor, one has to be the lord’s child or sibling or otherwise related to him, or have done a meritorious deed. This is not a hereditary system, but a one-generation title awarded by the king. Those are lower-class nobles.

Furthermore, if the city has a large town, the mayor will appoint a leader for it. The rest is the general public, most of whom are merchants with a lot of money and public officials.

Although the mayor naturally governs the city, if there are any towns and villages surrounding it, he governs them too.

More or less, the towns and villages have a town mayor, but he is decided by everyone’s agreement, and his duty feels more like he’s coordinating everyone.

Therefore, in my village, the town leader of Slanita is at the top…



「You are here, right!!!」



As I was in deep thought, a knife flew above my head with a swoosh.

Since it is pretty high up, it didn’t hit me, but if I was an adult, it would have.

Hmm. Right. Since it’s like that, I’ll do that.






And I thought it would have been fine as long as he was properly scared.

It seems they still have the strength to fight back.



「I-it wasn't me! This… It was this guy who-」

「He’s lying… I threw it in the direction of the voice so how could I have missed… no way, is it really…」

「Idiot! What will you do now!? You take responsibility!」



The men around the man who had thrown the knife push him forwards and yell at him.

In the end, excluding the leader, there are 12 people left who protested.

Among those, one of them seems to have thrown a knife at me.

He must have pinpointed the location I was in while I was speaking to the debt collectors. Although the height is different, the direction is roughly the same.

Although I don’t know fear, it probably wasn’t good that I was speaking to hear the circumstances when it was supposed to be scary. Yeah. When you’re being rational, the fear lessens.







Let’s blow them away already.


「Cat's claws!」



Extending the claws of my right paw, I swing it down and up.

An updraft springs forth, and something similar to a small tornado appeared.

The tornado engulfs everything around it as it heads to the debt collectors. And then…



「Become stars!」



Both those who are conscious and unconscious…

Together, everyone is gathered and flown toward the sky through the atrium.





—Today is an exquisite meteor shower.