Novel Wars

Heartwarming Different World Reincarnation Days With Level Countertop, Item Carryover! I’m the Strongest Little Girl Chapter 19 - I will talk to the leader

After watching the meteor shower, I walk to the still-unconscious leader.

I’d like him to wake up sometime soon…

「Wake up.」


When I hit him with my paw, he finally woke up. Since I did it right, he didn’t look ragged or anything like that. Perfectly normal.

「What are you… What’s happened…」

The leader turns around, still sitting up, and widens his eyes.

Well, it is shocking. His hideout has been blown open and all of his friends are gone, after all.

「I want to ask you something.」

After distancing myself from the leader, I removed my hood.

The leader became startled and then met my gaze.

「Y-you… Where did you appear from!?」

「Where is the safe?”」

Ignoring the confused leader, I raise the question.

The people, who had become the meteor shower a moment ago, had blurted out that there was a “safe”. Surely, the proof of a connection between Schultem and the town mayor is here.

However, I hadn't found anything like a safe when excavating the rubble.

There is one direction where splinters of the safe seem to have been left despite being hit by the cat claws. But even then, I haven't found it.

「A safe!? Rather than that, what about this!? Did you do it!?」

The leader shouts, still sitting.

Since I had removed my hood, he should be able to see me and be aware that I’m a child.

Though I can’t relate to what’s happening here.

After heaving a sigh, I extracted the claws on my right paw.

「That’s right. This kind of feeling. Cat’s claw!」

After sorting out people and trees, I unleash【cat’s claws】towards the rubble.

Five streaks head straight for the rubble, leaving slashes the moment they hit and shattering the rubble.

「N-No way…」

「It’s for real.」

I am the strongest three-year-old.

「And the safe?」

Still, now that they know about my power, I would like them to quickly tell me where the safe is.

That’s why I asked that question again, but the leader is only muttering something to himself.

「Dammit, it’s because he told her… dammit, I hadn’t heard about this… dammit.”

Gritting his teeth, he glares at me and bellows,

「So it was your doing that those guys disappeared with the promissory note… I know! You have a grudge against the town mayor of Schultem!」

…No, not really? I haven’t even met him before.

But since it’s troublesome, I nod my head.

The leader seemingly gets the gist of it and continues speaking.

「That guy is collecting showy women so… He’s an old man with poor taste. However, he’s the richest man around here.」

I don’t know anything about this, but…

I nod my head at this too.

「As a cat beastkin girl, he’ll definitely want you. There are places where people can buy children like you at a high price… But what will erasing us do? You can’t live here if you go against Schultem, you know.」


「...Children like you wouldn’t understand this, huh?」

「Yeah, I don’t get it.」


「So, the safe?」

「Shuddup! I’m telling you since you don’t know! Listen! Schultem is in control of politics around here. Judiciary too, of course. He can fabricate crimes and mobilize the police force. You’ll be publicly pursued as a criminal! A child like you would think you’re on the side of justice, right?」

Speaking this much, the leader stops yelling.

Then, he starts sneering at me.

「You are evil! That’s what this town thinks of you!」

He points at me.

As if evil is in my direction.

「Give me a hand. You can’t live normally.」

He gives a triumphant smile.

Since the leader first saw me as a child, he judged me as one and thought that if he spoke about good and evil and about the future, and pointed me out as a sinner, I would hesitate.

I tilt my head at his words.

「I think that’s fine though.」


「I will go on an adventure, after all.」


Even if a leader of a small town and debt collectors say I’m evil…

Even if I’m condemned as evil in this small town…

It doesn’t affect my life at all!


「I will tell you something good.」

Putting on【Cat’s glove】, power floats in them.

The paws squeak as I clap my hands.

「As long as no one finds out, it’s all good.」


Which is why…

「I got the information.」

Kicking against the ground, I immediately close the distance and crouch.

Sitting down, I fly into the leader’s chest and hit him in the defenceless chin.

Clenching my sides, I bend my elbow. It’s fine as long as I point the palm to my body!

「Cat Punch!」

I shoot my hand to the Leader’s chin and stand up.

And it becomes【Cat Punch】+ Uppercut!

「Become a star!」


And so another star shot through the sky.