Novel Wars

The Villainous Alpha Was Picked Up by The Doomsday Boss Chapter 6 - The Cat Dislikes Rainy Days

Rain started to fall.

The gray sky looked like a grim fairy tale. The dense dark clouds blocked light completely. The wind rolled up black gray sand, and the dry cracked land drew a long awaited black rain.

Corrosive black rain dripped down. The heads of zombies discarded at the roadside were hollowed out, and black rain flowed into the black deep and hollow eyes, and the dry hard scalp corroded and cracked apart.

As the black rain fell heavier, the weeds exposed on the soil had their corroded and burnt leaves almost hanging down to the ground, like waists forced to bend.

The rain was noisy, and everywhere the gaze fell was dark and hazy. The soft soil under foot became black and heavy.

Aside from this lonely and noisy black rain, the world seemed to fall into a dead silence.

The heavier the rain, the more living will die.

Smart brain Yin Hu analyzed various components of the rain and kept sending out alarms.

[Master, this planet is not suitable for human survival at all. There are many harmful components in the black rain with unknown toxicity, corrosivity and acidity. Living things cannot survive in this harsh environment for long.]

[I haven't seen any living birds on the way, and only a few grass that had adapted to the extremely harsh environment is barely surviving, but the signs of life disappeared after the black rain. Even the worst garbage star in the Empire is more than ten times better than here.]

[Master, Yin Hu suggests you leave this inhospitable planet by spaceship.]

... Leave here?

Pei Zhaozhou had a black jacket over his head, and his clear amber gold eyes looked sideways at Si Huaixi in fitted black clothes after removing his jacket.

The firm and handsome line of his side profile was tight, and the deep vast sea blue eyes were looking at the pitch black road ahead. With a determined light in his eyes, he moved steadily in one direction regardless of the burden he was carrying, when the sky in front of him was dark.

Pei Zhaozhou's eyes looked at him, hand holding a black jacket which was thrown to him by Si Huaixi just after the rain started. It seemed to still carry the body temperature he left behind, burning his cheeks.

In this confused and dark environment, Pei Zhaozhou could not help but rely on the man next to him and follow his footsteps like a young chick.

In the cold, dark and silent rain, in the lifeless apocalypse, the back of the man moving ahead without a pause made him feel especially comforted.

Si Huaixi frowned, looking at the endless black rain. He then looked at Pei Zhaozhou, who was following obediently behind him. His anxiety calmed down, and he thickened the psychic barrier that covered Pei Zhaozhou by several layers.

He did not expect to encounter the rare black rain on the way back.

Black rain was nothing to him, but it was a disaster for ordinary people. For the ordinary people who were not able to find shelter in the wild, the corrosive acid black rain can kill people alive just by being drenched them, bodies corroded to pieces by the rain.

What's more, black rain may contain zombie virus. Ordinary people will be infected to become  zombies if they accidentally expose open wounds in the rain.

Therefore, ordinary people in the base will immediately find shelter when encountering black rain.

Si Huaixi pressed his lips anxiously, expression dark. He just wanted to quickly bring Pei Zhaozhou to his temporary camp nearby. There was an abandoned building that could shelter from the black rain.

Pei Zhaozhou opened his eyes, led by Si Huaixi by hand and looked down at the vegetation withered by the black rain.

In the dim light, his amber golden eyes flashed dully.

He raised his eyes again and looked at Si Huaixi. The slanting black rain fell from his face, but it did not hurt him at all.

In a land of dead silence, or on a planet about to die, his sea blue eyes radiate a persistent light.

Pei Zhaozhou asked, "Do you want to leave here?"

Leave this abominable place full of zombies and go to a more livable planet.

Si Huaixi said calmly, "Where to?"

Pei Zhaozhou opened his mouth subconsciously to tell him to go to another planet.

Even if the technology here does not allow leaving this planet to another to build a new place to live, he has the ability. His brain was filled with the advanced scientific and technological knowledge of another world.

As long as he said so, Si Huaixi could leave this hopeless planet.

Even the rain here can corrode skin and bones. How can people survive?!

Si Huaixi said calmly, "I have no other choice."

Pei Zhaozhou replied anxiously, "You have! You can leave here and go to a place more suitable for you!"

Si Huaixi stopped for a moment and turned to look at an anxious and worried Pei Zhaozhou.

The psychic barrier blocked black rain from falling on Pei Zhaozhou's head, but he didn't pay much attention to himself.

The wind brought cold black rain, which slid down black hair to fall on the cheeks. Cool and bright blue eyes, jade white skin, sporadic black rain dripped down from the arc of his defined jaw.

Si Huaixi asked, "Are you from a large base?"

Pei Zhaozhou blanked, unsure of what Si Huaixi was talking about.

Si Huaixi continued, "I know that some large bases have recovered to the level of the cities before the end of the world. There are schools, hospitals, factories and shopping malls. There are huge protective covers over the bases to isolate flying zombies and black rain. Ordinary people in large bases can live a normal life. This is the base that everyone yearns for in the end of the world, and countless superpower users have taken the initiative to go there..."

Pei Zhaozhou frowned and asked, "What about you?"

He knew that Si Huaixi was a superpower user, and probably not a weak one.

Otherwise, he would not be able to kill a zombie bird at the first attack. The energy gun that can easily pierce Zerg's hard armor could not injure him. Even the black rain, which was extremely harmful to ordinary people, was just ordinary rain to Si Huaixi.

Since there were better large-scale bases, why would Si Huaixi stay in this poor environment?

Pei Zhaozhou asked directly, puzzled.

Si Huaixi said, "Me?"

Pei Zhaozhou nodded.

Si Huaixi's eyes were deep and calm. He said, "Why should I leave?"

Pei Zhaozhou looked up and said, "To go to a better place."

Si Huaixi lowered his eyes. In the cold black rain, his eyes were like the crushed light, weak but firm and bright. He replied, "This land has never abandoned me, and I will not abandon it."

"What's more, where can we go? There are zombies everywhere. A better and larger base is just a fragile cage. People are locked in it. Once more powerful zombies appear, people in the cage will become food for zombies."

Si Huaixi's eyes were calm. He seemed to be unconvinced of the large bases that other people aspire to go to. He said these cruel and cold words rationally, tearing up the beautiful illusion of the remaining generation about the large bases.

A large base was a symbol of security in the end of the world. Many high-level and even 9th and 10th level superpower users were in the base. The interior of the base seemed to be restored to the peaceful environment before the end of the world.

For the older generation who have experienced the peace before the end of the world and the turmoil and devastation of the last three decades, it was almost unbelievable.

The peaceful life before the end of the world, which can only be recalled in a dream, can almost be realized in a large base. Hidden in the base, the outside world that was full of zombies, being forced to flee, and devastated families seemed to have nothing to do with them.

Nothing matters, even if you cover your ears, to stay at the base all your life.

With his hidden abilities, Si Huaixi can be invited to any large base, but he still chose to stay in this remote southern land.

Because he saw the truth of the apocalypse.

As long as the zombies still exist in this land, peace will not arrive.

The peace that the large base tried to maintain was just a false bubble to appease people's minds, which will burst when zombies descend.


Sihuaixi tightly pursed his lips, "Do you wish to return to the large base?"

Pei Zhaozhou shook his head and said, "No."

He was not really someone who came from a large base. What's more, if he really wanted to leave, where could he go with his limited lifespan? He might as well stay with Si Huaixi to repay his help.

As for Si Huaixi’s words about not leaving, Pei Zhaozhou did not take it to heart. He just thought about how to find time to build a spaceship on this barren planet before he died.

He did not think the planet could be saved, but Si Huaixi lived on the planet and had deep feelings for the planet. It was normal that he would not want to leave.

He also did not intend to force Si Huaixi to leave, but Pei Zhaozhou still felt that it was a matter of time. This planet was not suitable for human survival. Why not choose a better place.

Si Huaixi had no other choice, so he will give him a choice.

As long as he builds a spaceship, when there comes a day when the planet will not survive any longer, Si Huaixi can choose whether or not to leave the planet by spaceship.

Hearing that Pei Zhaozhou was not going to leave for a large base, Si Huaixi's lips rose slightly. He said nothing. Eyes bright, he held Pei Zhaozhou's hand, invisible psychic power sending out happy waves.

In the vast black rain.

The two men walked very closely together, holding hands tightly, one following another, unwilling to let go in the dangerous dark night.