Novel Wars

The Villainous Alpha Was Picked Up by The Doomsday Boss Chapter 7 -The Cat Dreams of Spring

In this lonely and dark rainy night, the moon was hidden away. The only light source was the terrifying flashes of lightning. The sky lit up from time to time and raindrops fell from time to time, never stopping.

Si Huaixi's sharp eyes looked towards a high-rise shadow.

Not far away from there was an abandoned stretch of luxury villas, once a small base, which was abandoned more than 20 years ago.

Zombies had knocked down the wall. The rich who lived there had already escaped with their bodyguards. The exterior walls of the villa tiles were corroded and peeling. The interior walls were cracked due to moisture and damp rain. The luxury cars parked in the garage were rusted into scrap iron, gasoline long been collected and taken away by people from the abandoned base.

Now this stretch of villas was dilapidated and uninhabited. Occasionally, howls of zombies could be heard, which made it seem like a ghost town.

But it could be livable, barely.

Si Huaixi turned to look at Pei Zhaozhou, whom he was holding on to. His amber golden eyes were lowered, and the black jacket covered his head, hiding his expression.

But every time lightning struck, his body could not stop trembling, as if frightened by the sudden thunder, and his pale and weak lips worried the onlooker.

——He is really a timid and delicate cat. He is afraid of thunder. Who would be comfortable with  letting him stay out in the wild.

Si Huaixi frowned and slowed down his steps.

Pei Zhaozhou was confused. Why did Si Huaixi suddenly stop? He lifted his eyes and ask, "Did you find something?"

Having walked in the rain for several hours with Si Huaixi, aside from the body still recovering from fever, and tiredness from walking, Pei Zhaozhou’s face was still clean. He did not get rained on by the black rain during this period, so it can be imagined how well Si Huaixi took care of him.

Si Huaixi pursed his lips and took a deep look at Pei Zhaozhou with his sea blue eyes.

With a burst of intensive thunder, Pei Zhaozhou’s body shook like a reflex.

Si Huaixi was unable to ignore the trembling and slightly cold hand that he tightly held.

But Pei Zhaozhou did not seem to know that he was trembling. His amber golden eyes widened in confusion. Looking at the clear and innocent eyes, he clearly looked afraid of thunder and had shivered until his palm was cold.

Si Huaixi frowned again, "It's nothing. The shelter is in front. Let's go quickly."

Pei Zhaozhou followed the direction of Si Huaixi's gaze and glanced at the dark road in front of him. He did not know how Si Huaixi could see in the dark, but he nodded confusedly and said,  "Okay, let's go quickly."

Si Huaixi lowered his eyes and walked nonchalantly slower. His shoulder gradually approached Pei Zhaozhou, and he raised his hand to embrace Pei Zhaozhou's head. His broad hand covered his ears over the thick black jacket.

All of a sudden, Pei Zhaozhou felt that the noisy thunder in the sky was filtered through a layer of soft gauze. As fog breathed out when he exhaled, the sound of rain thinned and thunder dimmed.

His ears suddenly quieted down.

The sound was cut off, but the man's overly warm body temperature could not be cut off. It was as if his ears, heartbeat, and breath burned helplessly.

Pei Zhaozhou gently pursed his lower lip, soft eyelashes quivered slightly, eyes dark.

He was not afraid of thunder.

It was just that in the bloody explosion before he died, with smoke and fire pouring up his eyes, an explosion roaring around his ears and the burst of his eardrums, the explosion waves pierced his ears sensory nerves like sharp needles, with increasing levels of screeching roars of desperation.

He suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder.

Like veterans who had been to war, when they return to their cozy homes, the sound of glass shattering will still draw them into the bloody memory of bullets shuttling through the battlefield and grenades exploding.

Similarly, his body remembered the fear at the sound of an explosion.

The sound of explosion by his ears sounded like thunder. The conditioned reflex of his body made him unable to control his body’s cowardly trembling.

Now, the thunder by his ears was blocked by the young man beside him. The shivering body seemed to absorb his hot body temperature, such that even the exhaled air became warm and soothing.

Pei Zhaozhou, under the cover of the black jacket, secretly observed Si Huaixi beside him.

He was quite tall, half a head taller than him. Although he was also a tall alpha, he was being taken care of by a man who looked much younger than him.

He always thought that as an alpha and Vice Marshal of the Empire, he would be the one taking  care of people. For the first time, he was taken care of by a man younger than him.

It did not feel bad, but he felt somewhat strange.

Pei Zhaozhou half closed his eyes.

The impetuous pheromones were covered by the cool and clean smell of the young man in front of him. The exhausted body that has been tortured by pheromone disorder for so long seemed to be soaking in a bubbling hot spring, and he can't help but want to indulge in the comfort and peace of that moment.

They walked into the house.

The light bulb has long been broken. This place has been abandoned for nearly 30 years and has no power source.

The two of them sat on the floor, not caring of the dirt. From the empty window, the lightning outside can be seen.

Pei Zhaozhou put away the black jacket and handed it to Si Huaixi who was sitting next to him. "Thank you for your jacket, and for shielding me from the rain all the way."

Si Huaixi's blue eyes brushed across Pei Zhaozhou's slightly pale cheeks, and did not take the jacket.

He just reached into the inner pocket and pulled out a box of cigarettes. He lowered his eyebrows and lit it, and placed the jacket into Pei Zhaozhou's arms again, saying, "No, I haven't fallen to the point of robbing a patient. You wrap up yourself to avoid getting sick again. I don't have a doctor here."

Pei Zhaozhou was forced to take the jacket again, and he clenched his hands inexplicably. Facing the young man who saved him despite his rough words, he couldn't help leaning against the wall with his back, relaxing with the jacket laid over him. He smiled and said, "Thank you. I didn't expect that I would one day be saved."

Listening to Pei Zhaozhou’s words, it seemed that he was reminded of something unpleasant in the past.

Bitterness flashed across his eyes, and the beautiful amber golden eyes were covered with a detached and icy film. His indifferent smile showed disappointment in human nature.

Si Huaixi's eyes looked stunned. He kept his silence, just lowered his eyes slightly, with teeth  against the cigarette, and eyebrows gloomy.

It seemed that his uninvited cat had been injured by humans.

To be honest, in the end of the world, in order to survive and fight for scarce resources, the ugly side of human nature has been exposed much more. The betrayed will betray others in a blink of an eye. Parents and siblings will fight without morals for individual benefit.

These abnormal ugly aspects of human nature have become more common in the time of the end.

But when this happened to Pei Zhaozhou.

Looking at his downcast eyes and pitiful sight, it was like his own cat was bullied, which made him irrationally angry and wanted to right the wrong for it.

Si Huaixi lowered his eyes and said, "It's not easy as an ordinary person to live in any base. Do you want to follow me?"

Pei Zhaozhou looked at Si Huaixi, puzzled. What did he mean by following him? To serve him? Or were there other special meanings?

In the end of the world, following someone not only included as servants, subordinates but also lovers.

Pei Zhaozhou didn't think it would be as a lover.

In this end of the world, there were only two genders, men and women, and they will generally be together. Not to mention that he was a male alpha, and he was neither fair nor young.

He was simply striking, not as attractive as the young man in front of him. It is hard to imagine that in the end of the world, there will be such a good looking person as Si Huaixi. Even the rich and carefree stars in interstellar space were not better looking than him.

Pei Zhaozhou’s mind wandered for a moment.

If he met a star like Si Huaixi in interstellar space, even if he was a beta, he may be tempted and take the initiative to approach someone for the first time.

However, with Si Huaixi’s superpower user status, no one would dare to approach him casually.

In his opinion, Si Huaixi was a kind person who was rarely seen at the end of the world. Otherwise, how would he want to bring an unidentified person like him back.

Pei Zhaozhou suddenly felt concerned. He seemed to see him as the person he once was, who trusted easily and devoted his all to the empire, but ended up in disrepute. No family or friend believed him, and he almost ended up dead.

What if Si Huaixi didn't pick him up or picked up other people with evil intentions?

Pei Zhaozhou thought that he should follow Si Huaixi first. At least he was older and more experienced. It would be better to look after him more.

Unbeknown, in the eyes of Si Huaixi, looking at the cat that was so delicate that it was afraid of thunder, whose weak and pale body was worrying even after receiving psychic power, the cat that was bullied in the past was also the one to be taken care of.

They both thought of the same thing.

Si Huaixi: What should I do if I don't pay attention to my cat and it is bullied by others? It is  delicate and falls sick easily. It's better to keep it by his side.

Pei Zhaozhou: He is so young and kind-hearted. It's fine as it was him, but what if he is bullied by other people who have bad intentions?

"Yes, I want to follow you." Pei Zhaozhou agreed seriously, with an inner sense of urgency.

Si Huaixi's eyes went slightly blank. He did not expect Pei Zhaozhou to agree so decisively. He thought he would ask questions. Did he trust him so much…

Trust someone he had just met, and doesn't know his identity, age, superpower level and personality except his name.

Until the cigarette burned to the end, almost scalding the slender fingers that were holding it.

Si Huaixi suddenly smiled. His sea blue eyes looked deeply at Pei Zhaozhou and said, "Then you can follow me. I only have one request."

Pei Zhaozhou said, "What is the request?"

Complete tasks for him, and obey him unconditionally as his subordinate?

Si Huaixi’s gaze suddenly turned cold and serious. He said, "Live. I don't want to see you lying in a corner waiting to die one day. Then I'd rather kill you at the beginning, at least it would save some food for other people who really want to live."


A bitter taste rose from the depths of Pei Zhaozhou’s throat. His amber golden eyes darkened  and he said sincerely, "Okay, I will follow you until the day I die."

Si Huaixi frowned. He did not like this statement. He changed the topic to understand more about Pei Zhaozhou's past, so that he could know what had happened before he came here.

Si Huaixi asked, "Why did you come here? Was someone trying to kill you?"

Pei Zhaozhou said frankly, "No."

Si Huaixi wondered, "Which base did you come from?"

Pei Zhaozhou shook his head. He did not know how to explain that he was not from here, so he just kept silent.

Si Huaixi did not force him to answer. Looking at Pei Zhaozhou's hesitant and resisting face for a time, disappointment flashed in his eyes. He shifted his gaze and said in an indifferent tone, pretending not to care.

"Then you will stay by my side in the future."


The rain kept falling.

Pei Zhaozhou leaned against the wall, black jacket draped over his knees. Even when asleep, his brows were furrowed restlessly. Chin against knees, with soft black hair hanging down, he was curled up with tightly closed eyes.

Occasional thunder made his back tremble in his sleep, and his pale thin lips clenched uneasily, looking pitiful.

Si Huaixi did not sleep.

In the dark, quiet room, another cigarette was lit, burning slowly. Cold eyes looked out of the window. Intersected with light and dark, the sea blue color was unfathomable, like a whirlpool that could drag a ship into deep sea.

Until Pei Zhaozhou, who was leaning by his side, trembled again and again, to the extent of burrowing into his arms to get warm.

The disturbance pulled out Si Huaixi who was lost in thought. He furrowed his clean cut brows and irritably wrapped the sleeping Pei Zhaozhou into his arms. He held Pei Zhaozhou's smooth  and tight waist in his arms, and covered his head with the jacket. The entire person was wrapped up tightly until there was no more trembling.

But Pei Zhaozhou was restless even when asleep.

Lying across Si Huaixi's chest, the warm breathing covered by the jacket blew on Si Huaixi's neck, a section of his glowing pale waist revealed. It seemed that his ankles were cold, and thus he forcibly placed his long legs on Si Huaixi's legs, like holding a teddy bear tightly.

Si Huaixi froze for a moment: "..."

I regret it.

It was really compromising and embarrassing for two grown men to hug each other in this manner.

Si Huaixi tried to shift away, but he wasn’t able to pull his leg away. He was tightly clamped by Pei Zhaozhou's two long slender legs, and the sleeping person's throat even made small sounds of discontentment.

Si Huaixi: "..."

——He really picked up a troublesome stray cat.

Si Huaixi's eyes were helpless. He couldn’t help but let out a laugh and hugged Pei Zhaozhou with his right hand. He transmitted some psychic powers, which would at least allow him to sleep better and not move around.

However, as it seemed that Pei Zhaozhou's body did not seem to adapt well to the last transfer, Si Huaixi transmitted only one tenth of the amount last time.

But even if it was a slight one tenth, the compatibility of Si Huaixi's spiritual strength and Pei Zhaozhou's pheromone was terrifyingly high, such that Pei Zhaozhou had a reaction when the energy flowed into him!!!

Because Pei Zhaozhou's thigh was tightly close to Si Huaixi, when he had a reaction, Si Huaixi could vaguely feel something pressing against his leg.

Looking down.

Si Huaixi's pupils suddenly constricted, and he was so shocked that his cigarette fell out.

... Little Zhaozhou was actively expressing its existence.

Pei Zhaozhou, lying in his arms, uttered a meaningless moan, like a cat about to enter a rut, uncomfortably rubbing its master's thigh for relief. He gave a sweet gasp in heat.

Exposing the slender nape, and emitting a strong scent to seduce other cats to have sex during the rut. The rich and heavy vanilla pheromones were alluring, constantly wafting into Si Huaixi’s nose.

Si Huaixi's pupils froze, allowing the sleeping cat to wriggle its flexible body.

Afraid of waking Pei Zhaozhou, who was dreaming of spring.

It was him who saw Pei Zhaozhou sleeping pitifully, and took him into his arms without Pei Zhaozhou's consent.

But if Pei Zhaozhou woke up and saw them in this position, Si Huaixi will lose face, and he did not know how to explain the situation!


Si Huaixi could only forcibly endure it, ears red from being patient, even when he was rubbed to the point of having the same reaction, he did not dare to move.

Until the pheromone scent faded.

The restless cat in his arms finally fell into another 'normal' dream.

Si Huaixi's eyes were red-rimmed, and did not get any sleep all night!