Novel Wars

In My Previous Life I Was a Saint Chapter 21 - The Two Princes

Lenaria's bad premonition was right.

"Cousin. After this, how about having lunch together?"

After the greetings on the way home, Lenaria was about to return to the dormitory immediately, but Prince Cecil called out to her.

The whole classroom focuses on the two as a result.

"Um... I'm sorry, but I have some private business..."

Even though I thought it was a painful excuse, when I replied with a smile on the surface, Prince Cecil held out his hand to Lenaria with an admirable smile.

“I want you to come, even if it’s just for a little while. Actually, my older brother also sent me as a messenger to greet his cousin. He is not a man of long temperament, so he might not be able to wait and barge into the dormitory.."

Prince Cecil's older brother is Prince Leonardo, who is enrolled in the fifth grade of this school.

The relationship between the royal family and the Marquis Sheridan family is not very good, and Prince Leonardo will be graduating next year, so I thought that there wouldn't be much contact.

However, Prince Cecil has said in a roundabout way that if she refuses, the Crown Prince will personally invite him.

Because Prince Cecil called out to her, she already stood out in the class, but if the crown prince, who was in a different grade, went out of his way to go to the first-year school building, it would probably cause a big fuss.

"Of course, I'm calling not only you, but also your brother Arthur, so please don't hesitate."

I want to refuse from the bottom of my heart, but if my brother is also involved, I have no choice but to obey.

"Well. I envy you. I definitely want to be with His Highness."

Rowena Melvis, who has the same Undine as her guardian, looks up at Prince Cecil with her hands folded in front of her chest and moistened light blue eyes, as if she is well aware of her fragile appearance.

"Oh, then, me too."

One step forward was Magdalena Ortiz, who has a salamander as her guardian. Although she was only ten years old, she already had the air of an adult woman.

Both Rowena and Magdalena have the same rank as the Earl.

Perhaps both of them want to make connections with the royal family.

That’s very likely to be the case.

"I'm sorry, but today I'm thinking of going out with only my relatives."

"Then please invite me on another occasion."

"Please invite me too."

"I’ll think about it"

Rowena bows her head one moment before Magdalena, who immediately bows and leaves.

"Well then, cousin. Please stay with me for a while."

"I understand." 

Reluctantly, Lenaria took Prince Cecil's hand.

I was shocked by the feel of his palms.

Contrary to his graceful princely appearance, his palms are covered with hard sword blisters.

Prince Cecil may be better at swords than magic.

When I left the classroom, Klaus quickly followed behind Lenaria.

Prince Cecil also has two bodyguards.

Lenaria quietly peers at Prince Cecil from the side.

Even if you look closely like this, Prince Cecil still looks exactly like Prince Marius.

However, in contrast to Prince Marius' flashy beauty, he was a gentle and kind-hearted person, so I don't think his personality resembles him at all.

The saints do not have individual names until they have completed their duties as saints, and are simply referred to as "saints".

Prince Marius always addressed the nameless Lenaria in his previous life as "my saint."

And to Lenaria, who knew of nothing but the battlefield, he taught a lot of beautiful songs that made her heart tremble, and gifted beautiful flowers with rich fragrances.

And also a heart that could care about someone.

"My saint. Why are you the only ones who have to carry the suffering of the people?"

"It can't be helped. It's our job to help if there are lives that can be saved."

"It's wrong to cut the life of a saint instead."

"Dear Marius, don't say such things. If the church gets to know about it, it will be a big deal."

In Lenaria's previous life, a thousand years ago, the power of the church was even stronger than it is now, and it was on par with the king.

Therefore, no one could utter words that criticized the church.

"Even if I say help, it's only for royalty and nobility."

Only high-ranking people can receive healing magic because it recovers in exchange for the saint's life.

"I wish I could use magic without cutting the life of the caster..."

In fact, Prince Marius was researching magic that can be used without cutting his life.

Prince Marius himself had a talent for magic, but was told never to use it.

It's true that using magic will reduce your lifespan, so it can't be helped.

But if magic is a God-given power, as the Church says, why does it require life to pay for it?

That question grew even bigger after being with Lenaria.

"Someday, I'll definitely find a way that doesn't spends your life."

What would Prince Marius say if he knew about the existence of spirits?

Could it be that he was wrong after all?

"My saint"

Recalling Prince Marius' voice, which was slightly lower than Prince Cecil's, Lenaria closed her eyes.