Novel Wars

In My Previous Life I Was a Saint - Chapter 22 - His majesty the crown prince will have it his own way

Lenaria was guided to a private room for royalty on the second floor of the dining room. A private kitchen is adjacent to the private room, and there is a chef from the royal palace always ready to serve a fresh meal.

The large windows are fitted with newly developed special glass, so you can enjoy your meal without worrying about the eyes from outside.

Under the window is a training ground for students who have completed their basic education and advanced to knight majors, and many students go there to sweat after lunch.

Especially for the second and third sons, who have no prospect of succeeding to the family estate, even though they are nobles, it is also a place to appeal to the royal family and high-ranking nobles for employment.

When Lenaria looked under the window, the students who had already finished their lunch had begun training.

As expected of upperclassmen, many of them have solid bodies.

"Is there a knight aspirant that you like?"

Standing next to her, Prince Cecil looks at Lenaria with his tanzanite eyes filled with a happy light.

"I have Klaus, so..."

When Lenaria glanced at her escort knight in the corner of the room, her eyes met perfectly.

His expression doesn't move at all, but it felt like he was saying, "It's obvious. Don't do it with that chick."

No, I'm sure you would say that.

I know because it's about Klaus, who has been with me since I was little.

And Lenaria, who was on the battlefield in her previous life, knows.

Klaus is strong.

Although it wasn't enough to gain a guardian spirit, Klaus, who has a little magical power, is good at strengthening his body.

This was also a thing 1,000 years ago, but it doesn't use enough magical power to shorten your life.

It seems that magic has weakened over the millennia, but swordsmanship has developed.

"Hmm. I heard that it's popular among aristocratic daughters to choose good-looking people as escort knights at the school, but my cousin doesn't seem to be interested."

"Is there any reason to search for an escort knight for its face?"

"Always by your side. It's better to be beautiful than ugly."

"I choose skill and loyalty over beauty. If I have to bet my life on it."

While exchanging conversations suited for nobles, Lenaria grew tired.

Even though Prince Cecil looks just like Prince Marius, it's hard to continue a conversation that hints at various things, even though that's enough to put him on guard.


When I turned around in a panic after hearing a voice behind me, there stood a student with royal blue hair and purplish tanzanite eyes, just like Prince Cecil.

He doesn't have the peerless beauty of Prince Cecil, but he has the features of a royal family. His body, which can be seen from his uniform, is well-built, tall and imposing.

It's Prince Leonardo.

Lenaria hurriedly pinched the hem of her skirt and lowered her head.

"I'm like that..."

I don't know his expression because he is bowing his head, but Prince Cecil makes an excuse as if he's panicked.

He's usually more grown-up, but if you just listen to his voice, you can see that he's very much still a boy.

"I know you're curious about your cousin who you meet for the first time. And it's very interesting."

Interesting, Lenaria tilts her head inwardly.

Is it interesting because this appearance is mediocre?


"Oh, cousin-dono. This is a school, so you don't have to be so polite."


"And we are cousins, after all. Yes, yes. I’ll call you Lenaria from now on. You can also call me Leonardo."

Next to Prince Leonardo, who was smiling and in a good mood, Lenaria's older brother Arthur put his hand on his forehead.

Seeing that, Lenaria wondered if she was actually close, though she had never heard that the crown prince and her brother were on good terms.

"It can't be like that..."

“I guess so.

Thank you, Arthur groaned to himself.

In the first place, the power of the Queen Dowager is still strong in the royal palace. The Queen's parents' house is also in the faction of the Queen Dowager.

Marquis Sheridan, who is shunned by the Queen Dowager, doesn't visit the royal palace much, but even so, they have to do the bare minimum of socializing.

However, only his father would, Chrisford and Arthur, and his mother, Elizabeth, would stay in the territory and not come out.

Or rather, if she appears in the royal capital, Elizabeth's life will be targeted.

The resentment of the Queen Dowager is just that deep.

However, the current king, partly due to the fact that not many princesses were born in the Eltorian royal family, was pitiful and loved his only younger sister, even though she was a bastard child.

Elizabeth was hidden deep inside the royal palace, and still alive thanks to the king's efforts.

Knowing that, Chrisford follows his brother-in-law, the King.

And the clever king turned his sons away from the Queen Dowager's ill will towards the Marquis of Sheridan.

As expected, they weren't allowed to get close in public, but they were allowed to inside the academy.

As soon as Arthur entered the school, Prince Leonard rushed into Arthur's class and took him to the dining room without question, just like Lenaria was.

Since then, it can be said that Arthur has been swayed by this outrageous crown prince for a long time.

Arthur thought that he wouldn't do such an unreasonable thing to Lenaria, who was a woman, and deeply, deeply, regretted not being particularly careful.