Novel Wars

When an Alien Is Bound to a World-Saving System Ch52.2 : Nuclear radiation mutation (1.2)

It was the first time in Huo Li's life that he felt a strange kind of fear, but his belief that he should not display his ignorance around his 'little boyfriend' immediately overwhelmed his wild thoughts. He turned around and walked calmly towards the human figure which was still 'standing' there, "Xiao Yi, don't be afraid, I'll go over and have a look."

After the figure saw Huo Li's movements, it turned around slowly and walked towards the damaged entrance door of a pitch-black supermarket beside the street without saying a word... However, its steps made people feel out of tune. It didn’t exert any strength in its steps while its strides were as soft as noodles, but its walking speed was not slow at all. It completely entered the shadow of the supermarket after a few seconds.

"Huo Li, I think it’s better if you don’t enter,"

However Huo Li hasten his steps to follow. Just as he stepped into the gate of the supermarket, he realized that the 'figure' didn't go any further into the supermarket. It stood quietly about half a meter in front of him, as if it was waiting for him. Huo Li hastily stopped and almost bumped into the 'figure'.

"Quickly come back!" the youth yelled behind him.

At this moment, the 'figure' suddenly stretched towards Huo Li rapidly and Huo Li felt a sharp pain on his skin!

Xiao Yi watched the figure turn around suddenly and floated towards Huo Li. Then the two silhouettes practically overlapped! To be precise, the 'figure' scattered slightly before it gathered again to wrap Huo Li in the middle. The black-haired boy hurriedly urged his black strands to attack the 'figure'!

Then the black shadow abruptly gave up on Huo Li, instead it floated up collectively, arranged itself into a square in the air and stopped moving.

Xiao Yi quickly retracted the black strands: "Turns out you can even control this kind of thing!"

Huo Li acted as if nothing had happened, lifting one of his arms as he turned around and walked towards the boy, "Look, Xiao Yi, the 'figure' is made up of these things."

Huo Li used his left hand to point towards the irregular, leaf-sized, oval-shaped and transparent flake attached to his right arm as he said, "There are thousands of tiny feather-like wings on both of its sides, allowing it to fly in the air like paddling water. Just now, they congregate together to imitate the appearance of humans. After luring humans to approach, they collectively stick to the human skin and use their thousands of tiny feathery wings to immediately devour flesh and blood."

The black-haired boy: "You can't feel their spirit fluctuations, right? Otherwise, you wouldn't have not noticed them when they are just a few meters behind you. But if that’s the case, how can you still control them? A moment ago, I even thought of absorbing your body and replacing it with a new one if you were smothered by them."

Huo Li tried his best to overlook the fixed reality of his "little boyfriend" always wanting him to die as he tore the transparent flake–that hadn't been able to chew a few bites of his flesh– from his arm.

He replied, "The brain waves of this creature are different from all the creatures I have encountered before. At first, my spirit power did not classify this kind of fluctuation as a living body, but after I became familiar with it, I could control it. It’s even easier than controlling Zergs, after all, their IQ is not high."

The black-haired boy extended his black strands to repair the bleeding skin on Huo Li's arm. He then said, "Could this be a planet that has experienced a nuclear and biochemical weapons attack? The living environment here is too dangerous. If normal people were to encounter a group of them..." The boy recalled the exceedingly brutal scene, "It's better to commit suicide with a bullet."

Huo Li: "Fortunately, they don't fly fast, so they can only set up traps, otherwise...  There’s a group of people coming here! They are about 10 kilometers ahead on our left. There are approximately 7 human beings mixed with a few hundreds non-human spirits fluctuations.”

Black-haired boy: "Judging by the weather, they shouldn't be herding sheep."

Huo Li, "They are now 9.5 kilometers away from us, they're moving very fast. They should be saviors from the Salvation Alliance, 9 kilometers away."

The black-haired boy, "Then they should be currently running for their lives. Get out of your body, I'll make you a new one!"

Huo Li, "Only a little bit of skin has been torn on this body of mine, there’s no need to change it..."

The black-haired boy took out a pistol, aimed it at Huo Li's forehead, and said coldly, "Come out!"

Huo Li, "Xiao Yi, you..."

The black-haired boy, "You can't be seen by those other saviors who don't know the details. It’s either me shooting you in the head or coming out yourself. Choose one."

Huo Li, "Xiao Yi, are you going to change my face so that others can't recognize me? But the fact that I don't have an identification number is easy to arouse suspicion. How about..."

At this moment, in this silent city, the sound of fighting could already be heard in the distance, approaching slowly. However, due to the cover of the black mist, no one could be seen.

The black-haired boy clicked off the safety and said, "It's too late to explain, you come out quickly! They will definitely never discover your new body, I will count down to three, if you still don't come out, I will shoot, 3, 2, 1..."

Huo Li was at a loss, could it be that Xiao Yi can also disimillate an invisible body? However, at the moment when the boy was about to pull the trigger, he quickly floated away from his body and fell into darkness. A few seconds later, he felt a body that suits his spirit fluctuation appeared beside him, and Huo Li routinely and easily bumped into it…

The black-haired boy put away his gun before putting the body into the system space. The solemn expression on his face disappeared immediately. He tried his best not to grin wickedly. He passed through the layers of fog and walked towards the direction where the group of saviors were fleeing.

2d14 was a little confused, "Lord host! What about the body you’ll make for Lord Huo Li?"

Black-haired boy, "It's already finished. Hahahaha!"

The boy couldn't help laughing out loud, but he quickly shut up. He ran towards the streets in front, he pretended to be out of breath as he shouted, "Is the one in front a savior from the Salvation Alliance? I'm Saviour zz2d14!"

Huo Li woke up dizzy and opened his eyes, only to see darkness. Huo Li was stunned for a moment, it looked like he was put into a big cloth pocket, he was being jolted up and down drastically.

What was even worse is that Huo Li actually felt that the range of his spirit power had shrunk a lot! No, it did not only decrease slightly, but instead it is almost zero! Under normal circumstances, as long as his brain volume remains the same, the range of his spirit power will not even change slightly.

Huo Li struggled to stand up in the midst of jostling and crawled out of the cloth pocket...

The black-haired boy knocked over a giant bat that was rushing towards him with a punch. He used his index finger to put Huo Li, who had just appeared, back into his pocket and zipped it up in passing. He said to a silver-haired woman in front of him who just got rid of the entanglement of the bat, "I'm a newcomer savior zz2d14, are you guys also saviors of the Salvation Alliance?"