Novel Wars

When an Alien Is Bound to a World-Saving System Ch53 : Nuclear radiation mutation (2)

The silver-haired woman gave the young man a cold look, and yelled softly, "Don't talk nonsense, keep up!" Then she sent out a few small fireballs to temporarily drive away the bats that once again surrounded them, each bat bigger than a crow. The small fireballs streaked through the thick black fog like orange-red meteors, illuminating the surrounding area of ​​several meters and coloured the mist with an orange halation. With the light, the black-haired boy saw that each bat's head was the same size as a kitten's head, with blood-red eyes and fangs sticking out of its mouth.

"Aliena, be a little bit more gentle! Don't scare the newcomer." Behind the silver-haired woman appeared a dark-haired energetic young man who caught up with a smile. He waved his hand to release a small icicle to stab the bats around the silver-haired woman. All of a sudden, the icicle was scorched by the small fireballs and turned into water droplets, all which fell like rain, and those few small fireballs also struggled within the water mist, flickering for a few times before completely extinguished.

"Liu Mo! How many times have I told you! Pay attention to the coordination between the abilities!" The silver-haired beauty was drenched by the 'rainwater' that fell down on her head-on, her damp hair clung to her face, and her previous beautiful and aloof disposition was destroyed into bits and pieces all of the sudden.

  "Oh, sorry, dear Aliena!" said the man named Liu Mo. He quickly released a small wooden thorn to attack the rapidly gathering bats around Aliena, but the result was minimal, "But dear, I can’t help but mention, your current appearance is much sexier than before!"

The black-haired boy watched in astonishment at the nearly ineffective attacks of the group of saviors, and the increasing swarm of bats that surrounded them. The host system shouldn’t have dispatched a group of first level ability users to come to such a dangerous planet, right? With their unique attack methods, how exactly did they survive in this apocalypse until now!

The boy used his right hand to warningly flick Huo Li, who was struggling even more in his pocket after hearing the conversation, who also tried to open the huge zipper bare-handedly and crawl out. The boy said in a low voice, "Don't move! Wait for me to figure out their attitude towards you first before deciding whether to let you out or not."

Only then did Huo Li, who had been hit for no reason, stopped. The boy's moving pocket at last quieted down. Then, the young man felt his pocket sink, he guessed that Huo Li had sat down inside the pocket, finally accepting the situation as it is.

At this time, the 7-person ‘first level ability users’ team was already moving forward with a large dark cloud consisting of thousands of bats above their heads.

"Come on zz, don't fall behind!" Liu Mo turned back and shouted.

The black-haired boy looked at the large black cloud above their heads: Are you guys serious!

However, the black-haired boy shook his head and followed, disguising himself as a speed ability user with a gun, who was extremely nervous as he slowly defeated one bat with each shot. When the 7 people used their first level abilities to attack the bat swarm with wind, rain, and lightning attacks, they managed to last another 5 kilometers.

  It seemed that all the bats in the city were attracted here, looking like a large swarm of bees surrounding a hive. The small scale attacks of the 7-person first level abilities and the ‘one bullet, one monster’ method of the dedicated young man were unable to resist the bats’ attacks. They were about to be engulfed within the black swarm.

"The time is right, begin!" the silver-haired woman shouted.

After hearing this, everyone stopped their abilities simultaneously, and the black-haired boy who didn't know why also followed the flow and lowered his gun.

Seeing the opportunity, the group of bats abruptly swooped down, and the round black cloud suddenly contracted!

At this time, the black-haired boy suddenly felt a powerful force emanating from the silver-haired woman. All the bats in the surroundings were enveloped in this energy field. Then, all of them let out a piercing screech at the same time! A second later, the huge black cloud fell down from the sky and turned into bat powder once it hit the ground!

"Cough, cough, cough!" All the team members around had the foresight to hold their breath, only the black-haired boy, who didn’t take any precautions, inhaled a big mouthful of bat powder in surprise.

"Hahahaha!" The 7 people looked at the stunned young boy, laughing heartily until the thick dust on their bodies trembled. Then the sky rained without warning, thoroughly washing away the powder on their bodies.

Black-haired boy, "..."  He had certainly been given a large gift of first-level abilities users that deceives people!

"Please don't mind," Liu Mo came over and patted the young man on the back and said, "This is the retention repertoire that we planned as a prank. All newcomers will definitely be scared by Aliena’s ability, hahaha

"Yeah, little droplet, you used too much force this time!" Another female savior in the rear said, "It's fine to suck the bats into dried corpses, but immediately desiccating them into powder is too dirty, it won’t be easy to wash the clothes when we go back!"

"Britney, are you stupid?" Aliena retaliated, "Then the 5,000 bat mummies falling altogether can crush you to death."

Liu Mo stood next to the boy and introduced him, "Aliena is the 11th ranked SS-rank ability user god in the Salvation Alliance, she’s only one step away from the SSS-rank." Liu Mo looked forward to seeing the newcomer's reaction when he suddenly met a big-shot.

The black-haired boy smiled fittingly, "Hello, Aliena." We are really destined, you just happen to be one place behind me.

Aliena also nodded coldly towards the boy.

Liu Mo was a little disappointed to see the young man was unperturbed , but he still introduced himself in high spirits, "My name is Liu Mo, and I have a purification ability. I just got promoted to SS rank not long ago, anyway my ranking is towards the bottom. That one..."

Unlike the aloof Aliena, Liu Mo was much more lively. As they walked back, he introduced the general situation of the seven people to the boy, the remaining were all S-rank ability users.

The boy raised his eyebrows in surprise: "There are so many saviors above S rank on the same planet?"

"That's right! We were all bewildered at the beginning why the host system dispatched us here." A S-rank ability user heard the boy's question and chimed in, "After all, the difficulty factor here is not high, and there are not many survivors.”

"You said dispatch 'you guys'? Could it be that you all usually go on missions together?" the black-haired boy asked curiously.

"Yes! We have always chosen the same task to carry out together. Of course, the ones we chose are all extremely difficult apocalypses." An ability user replied.

Liu Mo, who was walking beside the black-haired boy, took over the conversation, "We have been a team since 600 years ago. At that time, we were still following..."

"Don't mention the boss now!" Aliena warned.

Liu Mo closed his mouth in embarrassment, after a while he strived to change the subject, "By the way, kid, how many times has it been since you first started participating in official missions?"

The teenager automatically skipped the virus and parasite worlds and replied, "The fourth time."

At this time, it was around 4 o'clock in the afternoon in this city, and the sky was completely dark. Several people came to the manhole cover under an overpass. A savior reached out and pushed away the abandoned motorcycle on the manhole cover, which only made what they were trying to hide more conspicuous.

He lifted the manhole cover and motioned for everyone to go down first. The black-haired boy followed everyone and climbed down a distance of more than ten meters before crutching horizontally to several simply constructed houses.

"This is our temporary resting place. We have to build one every time we reach a city. Oh yeah, now we are doing a city-by-city cleanup and investigation of dangerous mutant species. I can't use the purification ability on everyone for 24 hours per day, the purification potion in the system mall is too expensive, so we have to find a place that can temporarily isolate the radiation to pass the night." Liu Mo explained to the black-haired boy.

"What about the other survivors in this world?" the black-haired boy asked.

"There are only 100,000 survivors in this world, and we rescued them when we first came here. It is reasonable to say that this nuclear and biochemically polluted world has no rescue value at all. I really don't know why the host system sent us here to waste time! If they only rely on the seven of us, we can't even clean it up in 100 years!" Britney complained.

In the small main lobby of the basement which is less than 15 square meters, 8 people sat on the small folding stools and wooden boxes that were used as temporary stools and rested. Everyone took out their cups in succession and waited for Aliena to give stored water. The black-haired boy also took out a plastic cup that had just been alienated with his black strands from his space.

Liu Mo drank a sip of sweet, fresh water and released a sigh of relief. He looked around the remaining 6 people and said mysteriously, "Do you think the host system, due to Boss being framed and expelled, so it doesn't trust us by association? Then it found an excuse to exile us here to live our lives in retirement?"

The black-haired boy's heart skipped a beat.

A male ability user at the side kicked Liu Mo, he cast an obscure glance at Xiao Yi and said to Liu Mo, "Don't talk nonsense!"

Liumo showed an extremely innocent expression, he rubbed his legs and said, "It’s not like our past is a secret. Besides, what are you called?”

The black-haired boy, "Xiao Yi."

Liumo: "Yes, Xiao Yi has just joined the Salvation Alliance and has not been deeply involved in these things. Furthermore, you won't speak carelessly and spread it everywhere, right Xiao Yi?"

Before the boy could answer, Aliena took over the conversation, "Liu Mo, don't forget that the system in your brain will transmit each of your words and deeds to the host system at any one time. At this critical moment, don't give boss more trouble!"

"The host system should be partial to Boss, right?" Liu Mo said, "After all, even when it was under pressure, it did not publicize Boss’ coordinates. We all know that the reason 'unable to obtain system data after expelling’ is nonsense!"

"But the host system still acknowledged the Interstellar Federation’s arrest warrant! If it determinedly resisted to the end..." Aliena realized that her words had been somewhat excessive, so she glanced at Xiao Yi warily.

The black-haired boy finally found a chance to cut into the conversation, "Is your boss Huo Li?"

As soon as the words came out, all 7 people looked nervously at the black-haired boy sitting in the corner. No one spoke for a while as they exchanged tacit mutual understanding glances with each other, as if they were judging whether he was trustworthy or not.

It was Liu Mo who broke the silence, he said with some hesitation, "Uh, Xiao Yi, just express your opinion truthfully. Do you think that the Interstellar Federation’s decision is certainly correct? No, no, I'll change the question. Er... What do you think of the Interstellar Federation?"

The other 6 people also looked at the boy nervously, as if they wanted to hear comments leaning towards the negative side from him.

"A bunch of idiots.", the black-haired boy said in anger.

Everyone who wasn’t sure on how to react,  "What!"

Black-haired boy, "Oh, maybe that's a bit too subjective. But at least 50% of Interstellar Federation officials have questionable IQs." The remaining 50% are all parasites..

"Hahaha!" Liu Mo laughed, "I already said you are a good kid!"

Liu Mo suddenly became affectionate and embraced the young man's shoulder.

It wasn’t easy as he used all his strength to unzip the zipper of his 'little boyfriend''s pocket to create a small gap. Huo Li stood on his tiptoes and looked out. Coincidentally, he saw this scene. He used his small fist to pound the clothes, trying to protest to the black-haired boy. However the strength was too weak, so the boy didn’t feel anything.

Liu Mo continued to pat the young boy on his back. He maintained his arm behind the young boy and said, "Our boss is the Big Boss Huo Li. I don’t know what kind of madness was the Salvation Alliance experiencing, but it insisted that Boss was to go to Happy Planet to rescue the perverted murderer with the serial number 0193! Also, falsely planting evidence to accuse that the Salvation Alliance’s war had something to do with Boss, this is totally impossible! Those with a brain will understand our boss, that is the man you guys call Huo Li, would never do something like this, don’t you agree?"

After hearing that, the black-haired boy could only laugh dryly, "Hehe."

However Huo Li's subordinates took this as a sign of Xiao Yi's agreement, and their attitude towards him suddenly became sincere.

"Yes, Boss must be innocent!"

"The Interstellar Federation are fools that only know how to struggle for power!"

"Xiao Yi, do you know? Many newcomers starting with y or z have a kind of blind worship for the Salvation Alliance."  It seemed that after Britney encountered a hard-to-meet savior with a normal three views, she was unable to hold back as she complained, "They feel that the Interstellar Federation is the most supreme governing unit of all the human beings in the world, so everything said by the Interstellar Federation must be correct like an oracle!

She continued, “Now, the conflict between the Interstellar Federation and the host system is intensifying. Many newcomers are still secretly condemning the host system that it should be obeying the Interstellar Federation, which is also the directive of mankind, and that it cannot act arbitrarily."

"That's right!" Liu Mo followed suit as he felt indignant, "When we returned to Salvation Alliance Town a few months ago, we were so angry to the point we exploded! Those newcomers and even the newly emerging S-rank saviors actually organized a small group and questioned us in an aloof and superior tone, wanting me to spill the whereabouts of Boss! “

He continued, “They also said that old timers like us are likely to be inhuman malignant tumors like Boss and 0193! Plus the Salvation Alliance forum was full of scoldings too. Before something major happened to Boss, they were readily calling him ‘big shot’ and ‘big god’. When Boss was supporting that zz2 something 14, weren’t they all jealous? They were all jealous to death of that zz something.”

Black-haired boy, "They’re also a bunch of idiots."

Everyone admired the newcomer's proper three views and frankness, they all nodded in agreement as they shared a bitter hatred for the same enemy. Due to these two sentences, the black-haired boy was formally accepted as a member of the small group in their hearts.

"Okay, let's not mention these unpleasant things!" Liu Mo said with a smile. He then looped his arms around the boy's neck and teased, "Back then, when the boss supported his newbie boyfriend, every day was literally filled with happy pink bubbles. We are almost blinded by the way he publicly displays his affection on the forum! It’s truly an envy, an envy! Hey, Xiao Yi, you also happen to start with zz, why don’t I provide for you?"

This was originally a joke to enliven the atmosphere, but Huo Li, who was in his pocket, was going crazy. He stomped the boy with his feet to express his anger!

The black-haired boy felt itchy on his stomach and guessed that the big boss Huo Li was once again restless.

Liu Mo was still hugging the black-haired boy's neck affectionately and promoting himself, "Look, although I'm not as awesome as the boss, I'm still an S-rank savior, and aren’t I quite handsome too? "

The black-haired boy glanced at Liu Mo, he was indeed handsome! But considering the model figurine Huo Li was so angry to the point of nearly somersaulting in his pocket, the boy decided to make things clear,

"I am zz2d14."

"...I can also swipe points for you— what!!!"

The black-haired boy repeated, "I am that zz2d14."

Liu Mo jumped up in fright, he took a few steps back to distance himself from the boy, knocking over a cup in his panic. He stammered,

"Elder, elder sister-in-law?"