Novel Wars

When an Alien Is Bound to a World-Saving System Ch54 : Nuclear radiation mutation (3)

Liu Mo, "I, I, I, I only wanted to liven up the atmosphere. The action of hooking my arm around your shoulder just now was pure friendship, friendship! You… are you really..."

The black-haired boy stared at Liu Mo, and replied after a while, "First, I am the zz2d14 who is often mentioned together with Huo Li in the forum. Second, just call me Xiao Yi. Third, I’m single."

"Elder sister-in-law, I was joking just now, I don’t have any other intentions..." Liu Mo hurriedly explained after hearing the boy's first sentence, but he was shocked when he heard the last sentence. "Single? Weren’t you and boss... oh, oh, I understand," When Boss was wanted by the whole galaxy, the sister-in-law announced that the two had nothing to do with each other. It was indeed a little heartless, but it was not altogether inexcusable.

The rest showed an understanding look, but because of the black-haired boy's 'putting his own safety first before matters of principle' when Boss fell into dire straits, they all had a bad expression on their faces.

The scene was quiet for a while before Aliena changed the subject, "Everyone is covered in ashes today, let's all take a shower in the cubicle one by one! I will provide water, those who aren't showering and have time on their hands will help with boiling hot water."

"Then I'm going to wash first," Britney said. "It's so uncomfortable to be covered in bat dust!" She got up and walked into a cubicle at the corner of the living room and closed the door. Outside the cubicle, you can see a large iron water bucket. Those who are idle used their first-level fire abilities to heat up the bottom of the bucket. In this way, the hot water can continuously follow the piping and flow into the showering head inside the cubicle.

Anyway, it's not even 5 pm now, and everyone has nothing to do. While boiling water, they take out food from their spaces to eat. Some even took out their AI terminals (智脑终端) from their space to play offline games. Among them, the silver-haired beauty Aliena's hobby is the most ethos. She was holding a hardcopy book in her hand and reading it seriously, emitting an indifferent aura. From the boy’s viewpoint, he can vaguely see “Collection of Prose Poems” on it.

To sum it up, they are all just passing the time. Britney alone took a bath for no less than 40 minutes, and the several saviors who went to get in the bath enjoyed their leisure time unhurriedly, and a male savior even hummed the whole time. After the end of the 30th song, he finally walked out the cubicle. Liu Mo turned towards the boy and said,

"Elder sis—, um...Xiao Yi, how about you go take a bath too?"

"Okay." The boy replied, in passing, he flicked Huo Li who was becoming restless after hearing the conversation. He got up and went into the cubicle and locked the door.

In the pocket, the figurine Huo Li’s breath became sluggish. Could it be that I'm going to take a bath with my ‘little boyfriend’ today?

Huo Li waited expectantly for the moment when he would see the light of day again!

Then, the black-haired boy unbuttoned his outerwear before loosely folding the garment and putting it aside.

Huo Li, who was folded into the middle of the clothes pile, "! ! !"

There was the sound of splashing water outside, and Huo Li yelled in protest inside the pocket, "Xiao Yi, I’m also stained with bat dust all over my body!"

The black-haired boy expended a lot of effort to identify Huo Li's mosquito-like yell among the sound of the water. If it wasn't for the black-haired boy's alien body, he wouldn't be able to feel such a weak sonic vibration.

After 5 minutes, the young man, who washed himself cleanly at a speed 10 times faster than a human’s, took out a pile of strands from his space and controlled them to immediately dissimilate into a set of clean clothes around his body. He walked to the folded outwear amidst the sound of flowing water, he bent down and said softly, "Okay! You should come wash too."

Then Huo Li was gently held by the young boy and taken out. Huo Li was blushing as he looked outside, but what came into view was not the scene—which would make people flush red with excitement— that he had imagined. It was instead a palm-sized mini bathtub in the bathroom sink, with a mini cabinet next to the bathtub. There is a row of melon seed-sized shower gels, shampoo creams, facial cleansers, facial oils, and even gel water... A vertical metal rack, situated on the top of the bathtub, hangs various scrub mitts, shower caps and bath towels .

Huo Li who had a dark expression on his face pointed towards the little rubber ducks floating inside the bathtub which was filled with hot water, “What... what… what are these?”

"The complimentary bathing facilities that fit your current figure," the boy replied, leaning on the side of the sink with his chin propped on one hand, his bright eyes staring at the small fish tank and Huo Li, "Hurry up and wash!"

Huo Li, "The people outside are all my former subordinates, so I can return to my original size now."

The black-haired boy looked at the mini version of small Huo Li, who was only half the height of a pencil, with a serious expression, it’s really cute! Thus, the black-haired boy replied, "Not yet, what if someone among them defected? We have to continue to observe."

Huo Li, "..." Actually, you just haven't had enough fun.

However his 'little boyfriend' is not even four years old, which is around the age when they like to play with toys, dolls, hand puppets and the like. Thus Huo Li decided to give Xiao Yi a set of Transformers toys when he become big again, to correct the bad habit of liking real-life figurines!

The black-haired boy remained by the sink and waited for a long time but Huo Li didn’t move at all. He thought it was because Huo Li was shy, so he took out a small black strand and dissimilate it into a exquisite frosted plastic shower curtain and used it to cover the bathtub surroundings.

"Could it be that you’re shy? I already helped you cover up, just shower quickly!" The young boy said understandingly, while gently pushing the figurine Huo Li with his finger.

Huo Li felt that he couldn't dampen a three-year-old baby's entertainment interest, so he got into the bathtub, closed the curtain and started to take a bath in a hurry.

"I put the clothes on the small cabinet for you." Huo Li, who was about to soap himself, heard the young man say softly through the thin curtain. From the gap at the top of the shower curtain, Huo Li could just see the boy's supple black hair. Huo Li couldn't help but feel a little shy and nervous. He carelessly took out a bottle of shower gel from the pile of bottles and jars and smeared it on his body.

Ten minutes later, Huo Li, dressed in a neatly buttoned suit, came out from behind the shower curtain, as if he had just finished an international conference. He then stepped on a puddle of water on the sink’s ceramic tiles and fell down.

"Pfft!" The young boy held back his laughter, he gently pinched Huo Li's shoulders and picked him up and placed him in his palm.

"Eh? Why do you smell like mint?" The black-haired boy asked, baffled. He took huo Li, who was standing solemnly, near his nose and smelled softly, "In the shower gel and shampoo cream I prepared for you, there are rose, vanilla, milk and even Eau de Cologne smells, but there isn’t any mint!"

The black-haired boy thought for a long time before he said to Huo Li who exuded a thick mint coolness in his palm,

"You didn’t think the toothpaste was a shower gel, right?"

Huo Li, "..."

That night, the black-haired boy lived in a lodge that was made by the team with their first-level earth, metal and wood abilities at the last moment. There was a brand new small bed and bedding, there’s even a table lamp that uses batteries at the bedside. And those were all the furniture in this small room of 8 square meters.

Huo Li looked at the wooden mini bed, small quilt and small pillow, he felt 10,000 point critical damage dealt to his heart! It is estimated that in a few days, his "figurine image" will be impossible to get rid of in his little boyfriend’s heart! Not so long ago, he was still the Salvation Alliance’s number one feared boss.

The black-haired boy put Big Boss Huo on the mini wooden bed, he was just about to dissimilate a bolster or something similar.

System 2d14, "Ding! The link with the Salvation Alliance has been re-established, system serial number is zz2d14. Ding! Received an encrypted message from the host system: [Xiao Yi, the reason for cutting off the system authority before is that a lone signal sent to the Zerg’s territory is too conspicuous and easy to be detected. It’s easy for the Interstellar Alliance to perceive and intercept it. Nominally, 099 and 0193 are removed from the Salvation Alliance, and zz2d14 is not related at all. Now that you are among several saviors, a two-way signal won’t be suspicious. Starting today, all system connections under the name of zz2d14 will operate as usual.] "

System 2d14, "That’s great lord host! I have regained my scope of authority, and now we can log in to the Salvation Forum to read posts and buy things in the system mall!"

The black-haired boy ignored the excited 2d14, instead he said to Huo Li who was sitting on the mini bed, "zz2d14's authority has been restored. However, the host system actually guessed that you and I will go to the Zerg territory! Could it be it knew all along that you are actually the one who’s controlling the Zerg race to be evenly matched with the entire human race! "

Mini Huo Li, "All my maneuvers that were done secretly were all tacitly accepted by the host system. Based on its understanding of my abilities, it should know the degree of control I have over the Zerg."

The black-haired boy, "Isn't it afraid you’ll rebel?? According to your constitution, 099 can't control you at all. You just need to change your body and refuse to bind with the system to completely break away from the Salvation Alliance. To think that it can be at ease with such a formidable power is in your hands!"

Huo Li, "Xiao Yi, you didn't make up your mind to save worlds before you bound to 2d14, right? But now... sometimes the host system's goodwill towards humans and newly-appointed saviors more often than not yield better results than pure control."

But the black-haired boy gradually stopped smiling when he heard this, "You mean that after I had just massacre all the humans in the outer space laboratory base of the Wei Lande Corporation, when I’m in the process of doing a uniformed-speed rectilinear motion towards the core of civilization and technology in the universe, which is Earth, the host system dispatched an excessively foolish zz2d14 which ‘mistook’ me for a human in order to use this system’s naiveness to reform me?”

When Huo Li heard the young man talking about this matter, his face turned pale for a moment, but he immediately forced himself to return to normal. He kept silent with the purpose of saying less to make less mistakes.

The black-haired boy looked at the silent Huo Li and sneered, "Sure enough, you already knew it. The polluted planet at that time was just a slaughterhouse prepared for me by the host system, while you were the executioner who was sent there three days earlier. "

 "Earth is the origin of all human civilization and technology, it is the most precious and important planet in the universe. If you let me fly towards the Earth, in just a few hours I will be captured by Earth’s gravity and finally fall on Earth. At that time, even if a nuclear bomb was used to destroy me in mid-air, as long as one living alien cell drifted down to Earth, it would still cause a fatal disaster!“

“ Thus the host system lowered the IQ of one of its subsystems, and created a foolish and adorable 2d14 who can't distinguish between a human and a non-human, so that I can relax my vigilance and assure that I would be forcibly teleport to a polluted planet that can’t be saved at all. "

 "The moment I start killing, you will immediately kill me thoroughly. Hmph! When I had just bonded with 2d14, I thought I was lucky, since I actually came across such a foolish system, and consequently, I finally had the chance to become a human!”

The black-haired boy leaned on the pillow and quietly looked at Huo Li who was sitting on the mini bed who was hesitant to speak. This should have been an abnormally comical scene, but the almost freezing atmosphere between them made Huo Li feel suffocated.

Huo Li, "Xiao Yi, I..."

The black-haired boy said, "I know you didn't know the host system's intentions before you went to the polluted world! But this can't cover up the time when the host system wanted to trap and kill me. You don’t have to block this part, let the host system listen, now I want to discuss with you and the host system frankly and open-mindedly. You have never simply killed someone just to follow the host system’s order, so the host system chose a planet with lots of organic compounds that particularly suits my growth. As long as I start to expand myself and try to kill humans and destroy the world, there will be a reason to impel you to kill me. This is the first time!”

When I went back to Salvation Alliance town to buy a house, the host system directly sent you to control me, this is the second time! Then when it was afraid that I would suddenly revolt in Salvation Alliance Town and destroy all the saviors in the entire town, the host system deliberately deducted almost all of my points so I would leave immediately, this is the third time! In the zombie world, my transmission point just happened to be beside Xu Yun Cheng’s Chang Feng base, so that one out of the two saviors in Salvation Alliance that can evenly match me is able to monitor me, this is the fourth time!”

Huo Li felt like he fell into an ice house when he heard this and asked in a trembling voice, "Xiao Yi, when... when did you know? Actually… things aren’t what you think, at that time the host system… but due to some reasons, I really can't tell you, but you have to trust me, us"

The black-haired boy interrupted, "At the 4th minute on the polluted world”.

Huo Li, "What?"

The black-haired boy revealed a smile, "Hahaha! Did I scare you again? Sure enough, once your brain volume is smaller than a walnut, your IQ also went offline. I said that at the 4th minute after arriving at the polluted world, I realized it’s a trap, or rather, a trial."

The black-haired boy looked at Huo Li whose expression changed from grief to astonishment. He said with glee, "And as for the difficulty that you and the host system couldn't tell me, do you think I don’t know?"


The author has something to say:

Xiaoyi: My boyfriend actually uses toothpaste to bathe, I hate it! So I decided to scare him, hmph!