Novel Wars

Queen Victoria Winner Ostwen is the Proudest in the World Chapter 8 - The Proudest Queen Consort Shines Brilliantly at the Evening Party (IV)

“Come to think of it, you never danced with me in the end.”

Being suddenly told that in bed at night, the Queen turned to look a the King. Although it was questionable to refer to it as ‘in bed at night’, it wasn’t that strange. King Frederick had suddenly come to her, saying he was lonely.

Frederick had spent the entire party in the background today, and it ended with the shining Queen in male clothing.

Being in the mood to dance, the Queen had left the King the entire time alone. How pitiful. Feeling exasperated, the Queen said,

“Am I not always dancing with you?”

“That might be right, but…”

Dressed in sleepwear, Frederick hesitated. As he did, the Queen pushed him down with a heavy hand, then placed both hands on the side of his head. The King looked up at her. Her smooth blond curls fell down in his face. Gradually, he was becoming used to being pushed down by her.

Frederick complained,

“I wanted to dance with you though.”

Victoria smiled beautifully. The normal supreme-ruler-feeling she gave off faded slightly, and her eyes looked at him adoringly.

“I really adore you. Fine, let’s pamper ourselves tonight.”

It was like a phrase from the king character in a dating sim.

Her pale hand caressed his cheek. His gaze was gentle when looking at her. Her fingertips gently stoking his jaw were romantic, and his heart palpitated in his chest. Who the girl was between the two of them was questionable.

He parted his lips then closed them again. He bent his face closer to hers.

“Then… Will you dance with me now?”

“Now? What? Isn’t it now that will release my beastly instincts and devour you?”

“Since it’s just the two of us here, it’s fine, but definitely don’t say that outside, please.”

It would affect the royal family’s prestige if she did.

The King got up and brought the Queen’s body lower. Adjusting the vinyl record slightly at the end of the luxurious room, a slow waltz started playing. It was Nightingale Waltz, a slow and beautiful waltz sung by a lost bird in the middle of the night.

Combined with the moonlight peeking in, the room turned into a small dance hall.

The King extended his hand. To his previous fiancee, to whom he had announced the annulment of their engagement to.

(If she hadn’t stopped me at that time, I would surely not be the one I am now.)

He remembered the feeling well, but he wasn’t aware that the time when he had been persuaded by the Queen had become a hot topic among the nobles.

The Queen got up from the bed, tossed her golden hair behind her shoulder and walked to the King.

“Let’s dance, Victoria.”

“I have no choice, you’re lonely like a little rabbit.”

“If I’m a rabbit, then you’re a lion… You’re a lioness, but I get the feeling you should have a mane…”

She can’t resist fighting because of her pride.

Taking the King’s hand, she started to dance in her negligee. She twirled elegantly and was gracefully supported. The two of them moved along the music playing. Frederick thought, “Victoria is only mine tonight.” If it was now, maybe… she would let him embrace her and kiss her. She was always determined like a Queen, but right now…

He paused in the middle of the music and peered into the Queen’s beautiful eyes.

He softly touched his lips to hers…

The moment their lips met, he was strongly kissed back.

It was incredibly skillful. And a decisive defeat.

“Why do you always do this!?”

“Don’t get mad, I adore you a lot. I’ll bestow you my affection.”

“No matter how I think about it, that’s not something a Queen would say right now?”

Smiling, Victoria pulled the King to the bed.

The morning after, the head maid, Bridget, might or might not have witnessed the King crouching while covering his face and Victoria smoking a cigar in satisfaction.

Today was like usual, Queen Victoria was the proudest in the world.