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I Reincarnated as a Losing Heroine, the Hero’s Childhood Friend Who Lost to the Main Heroine, so I Switched Jobs to Alchemist Chapter 30 - A New Legend

All of a sudden, there was a blindingly dazzling light.

When I groan and try to turn over to hide from it,

“Laura-sama, the weather is lovely this morning!”

Hearing an unfamiliar sweet voice, I remember that I am currently on a business trip.

Gradually, I regain my consciousness. Despite that my half-asleep state, Emiliana flashes me a radiant smile.

“Good morning!”

“G-good morning…”

The brightness of Emiliana’s smile doesn’t lose to the sunlight shining through the window.

“I have finished the preparations for breakfast, so please come when you are ready.”

With those words, the girl leaves the room.

Yawning, I hurriedly sit up in bed, afraid I’ll fall asleep again otherwise. Then, after stretching, I look out over the room.

From what “I” can remember, Emiliana guided me to the mansion of the noble who rules this region. Because of this, I had thought she was the young wife of this noble house, but it seems like she is the fiancée of the young head instead.

Arnold and I had been led to luxurious guest rooms too big for one person. When I was perplexed at the warm welcome, Emiliana had said, “Because you had asked us for it”.

After dressing up, I go out into the hallway. At the same time, Arnold opens the door to the room opposite mine.

Although I am surprised at the perfect timing, I greet him properly.

“Good morning, Arnold-san.”

“Did you get some sleep?”

“Yes, I slept soundly.”

It isn’t a lie. The bed is big and soft, and I was honestly more comfortable than in the bed in the dormitory I am used to in the royal castle.

“From today on, we will be busy making concoctions. So make sure you get plenty of rest.”

I smile wryly at how he makes my worries worse in purpose.

We walk down the hallway side by side. Since this mansion belongs to a noble house, every nook and cranny are thoroughly cleaned.

With a bitter smile, I wonder how much the vase I see costs, how it definitely is on a completely different scale from the vase in my dormitory, and how it is a matter of course.

This city, and the Platonovena region, are the largest in the country. I’m talking about Chevalia, whose royal capital is Ostoria.

Although it is a little late to explain the countries that form this world, the major nations are in the west and east. These countries are so large they apparently occupy more than half the world together, and Ostoria, the country I live in, is a large country spreading out to the east.

The city I’m stationed in also belongs to Osteria. The journey here was fairly long, but I didn’t cross any borders. At any rate, since the royal capital is located relatively south and the city we are visiting is in the northernmost part of the country, we have traveled quite the distance.

In other words, it’s easy to imagine how much money and power a noble who rules over a large territory in a large country has. They are a real powerful person who doesn’t need to compete with anyone else.

I find myself right before the destination while pondering trivial things. Despite not having spoken to Arnold the entire time, the silence doesn’t bother me anymore.

I open the large double doors. On the other side is a long but narrow dining room, where the two preceding visitors are already sitting down.

One of them is Emiliana. Next to her is a man with silver hair.

“Good morning, Alec-san.”

“Morning. I look forward to working with you today, Arnold-san, Laura-san.”

His pale light blue eyes narrow.

He is Alec Platonova, the head of this household and the young feudal lord. Due to indifferent face and his appearance resembling ice and cold water, he gives off the impression of being a cold person, but the smile on his face is gentle.

He doesn’t seem older than 30. That is young for a feudal lord. There wasn’t much time given to him in the story, but I have heard from an NPC in town that his father, the previous lord, passed away prematurely, so he was appointed the lord at an unusual early age.

“Please come this way, Arnold-sama, Laura-sama.”

When Emiliana leads us to our seats, Alec’s eyes are filled with patience and kindness as he gazes at her. By the look in his eyes, he probably loves her.

It isn’t obvious, but it is definitely love that’s hanging in the air between these two.

They will make a lovely couple in a few years—no, probably sooner than that.

Thinking of the near future, I enjoy a sumptuous breakfast.


Frankly speaking, the atmosphere in Platonovena is heavy.

The building was buried under a layer of snow when Arnold and I visited in the morning. The building wasn’t located far from the mansion where we are staying, and it is magnificent enough to crush the private house in “my” memories.

Apparently, it’s for the Platonovena branch. Wilma and another alchemist are the only ones to greet us after we enter. Maybe the other alchemists are holed up in an inner room working since morning?

“He and I are the only alchemists in the Platonovena branch. It’s wonderful even if you come and just take a look,”

Wilma says, fatigue showing through her smile.

I unconsciously look up at Arnold. However, he’s looking straight ahead without a change in expression.

So he isn’t surprised after hearing that? Or maybe he already knew.

There are only two alchemists in this large region and city. With this being the case, it isn’t strange that the restorative medicine couldn’t be made in time. Rather, I’m shocked only two people had been doing everything until now.

Being short on time, I start working immediately.

The medicinal herbs here are dryer than the ones in the capital, and the tips of the leaves look damaged. When it’s snowing all year round, the medicinal herbs probably can’t grow as well as expected. Even if they are brought in from elsewhere, they’ll deteriorate the more time that passes.

It’s a land where the growth of the medicinal herbs is unsatisfactory to the alchemists.

Although I had thought I knew already, I realize once again how privileged of an environment I have been living in that I can do whatever I want. I’m blessed with bosses and seniors who recognize my talent and with kind classmates—but this situation won’t last forever.

No matter the environment I will be in, I need to fulfill my duties bravely and resolutely like Wilma and the other man.

Blend, blend, blend. Rest a little, harvest the medicinal garden, then blend again. Eat lunch, then blend.

So as to not waste the scarce amount of medicinal herbs, I need to carry out the work carefully. Perhaps this is the reason why I’m steadily growing tired even though I’m not using any advanced skills.

“Go home already.”

Hearing Arnold’s voice, I raised my head in surprise. Looking at the clock hanging on the wall, I see that it’s already past the end of the training session in the capital.

When did that happen?

As soon as I realize how much time had passed, I feel a heaviness in my shoulders, probably because of tiredness. Honestly, I had started wanting to take a break, but neither Wilma nor Arnold seemed to be going home. Since I’m the youngest, I felt reluctant to go first.

“What, but…”

“Go home and rest.”

His expression shows no sign of hesitance. If I tell him I’m staying, he’ll probably get angry.

I hurriedly start preparing to go home. Though I’m practically empty handed. After finishing arranging, I leave the blending reluctantly.

“I will be going first,”

I call out before leaving the blending room. The seniors who are still working on the formula nod and see me off with a smile—all except for Arnold.

After exiting the impressive building, the biting cold wind hits me. Instinctively, I hunch my shoulders and look in the direction I’m heading and see Emiliana standing there. She’s carrying a quite large bag in both her hands.


“W-what is going on?”

“I came to pick you up.”

When a “huh?” escapes me, she smiles bashfully.

“I just happened to be passing by… Haha.”

Her smile is too cute to think it would come from an older woman.

So Emiliana is also out doing some errands. The large bag she’s carrying probably has to do with that. At first I think she’s about to prepare today’s dinner but then remember that’s her servant’s duty. The scale of our lives are really on different levels.

Suddenly, Emiliana stands straighter and perks up to look behind me, but then tilts her head.

“Are you not together with Arnold-sama?”

“It seems like he will work for a bit longer. He told me to go first.”

After laughing a little, she narrows her eyes and says, “Please don’t push yourselves too hard.”

Our conversation ends there. It’s perfect timing for me to broach a topic I have been wanting to bring up.

“That’s quite a lot of luggage, isn’t it? I can carry some of it for you.”

“N-no! How can I let a guest…”

“Don’t worry about it, I’m pretty much empty handed anyway.”

I wave my hands to show her. Despite that, she looks hesitant, but her expression eventually turns apologetic and she thanks me before entrusting me with the package she’s holding in her right arm. It must have been heavy after all.

I don’t intend to look at it after receiving it, but I still end up seeing the contents. The reason it’s so heavy is because a lot of books are packed inside.

“Will you read these books?”

“Oh, no, Arnold-sama asked me for them so…”

Emiliana says with a smile, and I look at her, amazed.

At the same time, I remembered. He had another reason for visiting this place. Maybe what he needs to find out is related to these books.

But still…

“Even if he’s busy, to ask a woman to carry something this heavy…”

Even if he’s too busy working all day to go to the library… he should have known how heavy it would be if he asks for these many all at once.

Emiliana smiles wryly. It’s probably hard for her to say anything if one of her guests is saying something bad about the other guest.

I regret speaking before thinking first, and look down at the luggage to distract myself from the awkwardness. At that moment, the words written at the back of one of the books catch my attention.

“Legends of the Platonovena region?”

Legends. I stop walking. Then I hurriedly look at the spines of the other books.

Most of them are literature related to this region. It’s all history, topography and research materials left behind by scholars. All of them had the words ‘legends’ or ‘folklore’ in them. On top of that, thick books related to monsters.

I can only think of one thing.

Emiliana glances at me, wondering why I stopped. Feeling her gaze on me, I speak without tearing my eyes from the books,

“Emiliana-san, I will give these to Arnold-san.”


Later this evening, when the sun had sunk below the horizon, Arnold finally returned.

“You look tired. These are the books you asked Emiliana-san for.”

Since Emiliana isn’t the one giving them to him, he widens his eyes in surprise as he receive them.

He glances at the contents of the luggage. Seemingly satisfied with the lineup of literature in the bag, he nods to himself.

I see my reflection in his eyes. Thinking he’s going to thank me, I speak up first.

“Is this about Elvira-chan?”

He stills at my question. But then he says indifferently,

“My teacher told me that, right now, there is no way of curing an internal disease without relying on legends and folklore.”

After taking a deep breath, he takes out a book from the luggage. He opens a page and holds it up to me.

A beast-type monster is drawn on the page. It has huge horns, sharp claws and red eyes. Probably because of the unnaturally developed muscles, the body line is rough. The fur covering its body is a vibrant purple. It’s bizarre, even at first glance.

In game terms, it looks like a dungeon boss.

“It’s said that if you brew the horn of this monster and drink it, it’ll cure any incurable disease,”

Arnold explains with a frown and folds his arms.

At the same time I learn that this is the reason Arnold wanted to come here, I look at the drawing of the monster with suspicion.

“I” don’t know this monster.

“This monster apparently rarely appears in crowded places, but there have been multiple sightings of it in the past. So it’s true that it lives here… But I don’t know if the horn actually has this effect.”

Putting aside “my” memories, there seems to be conclusive evidence of the monster’s existence.

Still, even if it does exist, it must be a powerful monster. And to obtain its horn, you would need to subdue it. Even if Arnold is a genius-level of talent in magic, he can’t fight it alone.

l imagine the monster, lower my gaze, and ponder. As I sink deeper in my thoughts, I completely forget about Arnold’s presence.

Because of that, I can’t react immediately to his words.

“It’s probably ludicrous.”


“That I’m relying on something weird like this.”

Suddenly, Arnold is smiling. He seems to be ridiculing himself.

Arnold’s words shock me and I hurriedly shake my head. Although it was partly because he’s a caring senior, I also mean it.

For the sake of his younger sister who’s suffering an incurable disease, he’s sacrificing his own future and life to find a cure.

“No way! I think you are a very… very wonderful older brother… Truly.”

Although he ridiculed himself, he looked down. His eyes tremble like a helpless child.

It’s not ludicrous. There’s no way it can be. He’s definitely the best brother to Elvira.

Unable to voice my thoughts properly, I kept shaking my head.

Arnold smiles at me again. No, rather than a smile, he seems relieved.

His reaction is softer than usual—more delicate, to be exact—and in response, I feel the tension leave me. Before I knew it, my body had stiffened. When I speak up again, I’m calmer.

“I don’t know the sword or magic, but… please tell me if there’s anything I can do to help… Can you rely on me, too?”

I say in a joking tone, hoping to lighten the mood a little. Arnold looks me in the eyes and unfolds his arms.

He raises his hand and clasps something in the air a few times before hesitantly placing it on my shoulder.

“Have a good rest.”


I nod and give a small smile.

He’s probably planning on reading the books until late at night.

I’ll go to the library after work tomorrow, too. Something about “my” memories troubles me, and I might be able to find out what.

I promise myself.