Novel Wars

I Reincarnated as a Losing Heroine, the Hero’s Childhood Friend Who Lost to the Main Heroine, so I Switched Jobs to Alchemist Chapter 31 - Event Flag

“I thought I’d go to the library after work, so I might be late today.”

It is now the day after.

Wanting to act as soon as possible, I tell Emiliana and the others at breakfast. Arnold, who is sitting next to me, only raised his eyebrows a little in response.

“Shall I lead you there?”

“Oh, no, it’s fine. I’ve borrowed a map.”

I shake my head at Emiliana’s suggestion.

Even without a map, I remember the location of the library, and who knows how long it'll take for me to do research there. Besides, the research is a personal matter and has nothing to do with Platonovena.So for these reasons I’m hesitant in troubling her.


“If it’s something you want to look up, then Emiliana could help. She reads most books at the library, so she definitely knows a lot.”

Hearing another voice, I hurriedly turn to the direction of it and see Alec standing there with a warm smile.

“Emiliana always finishes her second book before I have even finished my first. Her memory is also excellent, so she can remember the contents of a book after reading it only once. Her head is filled with knowledge… And she often tells me of her favorite fairy tales. It’s not boring at all.”

He grows lively the more he praises his wife—or more accurately, his fiancée. Although they had a good relationship in the book, I never expected it to be this obvious.

Although it made me lonely since I’m single, I’m impressed by how honest he is about his feelings for her. Now I know why Arnold asked for Emiliana’s help yesterday. Although he has his hands full with work when the library opens, since Emiliana reads most books in the library, she can extract information quickly and accurately to find the right books.

When I steal a glance at Emiliana, I see that the corners of her mouth point upwards.

“She can be helpful!”

Her fiance, Alec, nods his head vigorously.

Knowing that she has read most books in the library, I honestly want her help, too. If it’s the library in the royal capital, I would at least have an idea of what kind of books are there, but this is obviously not the case for the library in Platonovena. My research would be easier if I had Emiliana’s help.

I ask Emilana, who’s puffed up with pride and blushing, for help.

“But won’t it be a bother?”

“There is no way it would be! Rather, I welcome it!”

Emiliana answers with a big smile. Next to her, Alec is also smiling proudly.

It’s great to see them get along like this.

I bow my head and accept her words quietly. At that time, I catch a glimpse of Arnold in the corner of my eye, who’s not paying attention and remains expressionless and unresponsive.


Early evening.

Even though I’m the one of lowest rank, I’m allowed to go first, and go meet Emiliana in front of the Platonovena branch building. On the way to the library, she asks me what books I’m looking for. I smile and say,

“I wanted to look at legends of this region.”

As expected, Emiliana parts her lips in response. But then, remembering the contents of the books Arnold had asked of her yesterday, she nods as if she knows.

“Things like how in many legends spring water in particular is used to cure illnesses if drunk… Stuff like that is what we are researching in different regions to see if anything can have extraordinary healing properties.”

Emiliana furrows her brows as she thinks over the words, then her expression lights up and she says,

“This is a legend passed down, not in Platonovena, but in my hometown… it’s something called Spiritual Drinking Water…”

“Is that from the Flaria city!?”

I couldn’t help crying out when I heard the familiar legend. Maybe it’s to be expected, but Emiliana shrinks back in surprise.

Despite being older than me—in terms of the body—her reaction reminds me of a small animal, and I can’t help but think of it as cute. Still, I quickly regain my senses and lower my voice before speaking this time.

“S-sorry. I’ve heard about that legend before… Are you from Flaria?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“How reliable is this legend? I’ve been curious about it for a while…”

“Unfortunately, I don’t know if it’s accurate. Still, an old man always told me how his illness he had when he was younger was cured after he drank the spiritual water and was able to live a long life.”

My goodness. It must be too good to be true. No, this can also be a planned path, in gaming terms, a flag for an event.

Arnold visits the town, meets Emiliana and obtains information about the spiritual water. And with that, Elvira is cured of her incurable illness. It isn’t unreasonable that the story is laid out like this. Like I said, it’s too good to be true.

I open my mouth nervously, wondering if I should take advantage of this opportunity.

“Would it be possible to be introduced to this old man?”

The woman in front of me nodded vigorously without any hesitation.

“Yes, of course!”

Maybe I succeeded in raising the flag. Or it’s a really important event.

I’m so excited I forget about the cold. Rather, my cheeks feel warm.

I take Emiliana’s hand. Then I bow my head deeply and say, “Thank you very much!” to her as she widens her eyes,.

It’s not like it’s been settled that it can solve Elvira’s pain. Rather, it feels like I’m finally at the starting line.

Still, a small, but certain path has opened up in front of me.

I also need to continue researching the best Arnold showed me. It’s going to be busy from now on, I think and slap my cheek to pump myself up.


That evening, I report my findings to Arnold before even thanking him for his hard work.

“Arnold! I found some useful information!”

Arnold’s eyes widen slightly in response.

My cheeks are probably flushed and my eyes wide from the excitement. He looks surprised at my unusual behavior.

In the early evening, I had gone to the library to look through some books with Emiliana’s guidance as planned. Unfortunately, I didn’t find anything new about the beast’s horn.

However, I have some special information.

“In Emiliana’s hometown, there’s apparently a spring that’s said to cure incurable illnesses. It’s also said to have cured some elderly after they drank the water.”

Arnold’s expression change after listening to my report.

I continue rapidly talking.

“It’s located in Flaria city. It’s not far from Chevalier, so I’ll go there as soon as I return.”

It’s silent for a few seconds.

As he registers the information, a strong light is alighted in his dark slightly widened eyes. He stares ahead, as if he’s seeing a small glimmer of hope in the distance.