Rebirth to become the President’s Omega Wife


CN Title: 重生豪门总裁的O妻
Author: Hanmen Yatou/寒门丫头
Chapter: 87

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Su Ling transmigrated into an ABO novel, and his imaginary male god Gu Liheng was the supporting cannon fodder of this novel.

In the novel, a cannon fodder *shou seek refuge with him, using a favor gained previously to make Gu Liheng marry him. But after getting married, the cannon fodder shou went to pester the protagonist *gong instead, framing the protagonist shou, causing Gu Liheng’s reputation to be damaged, resulting in his death in the end.

Su Ling decided to take Gu Liheng down before he gets forced into marriage by that cannon fodder shou!

Su Ling's body fell softly on Gu Liheng.
"President Gu, let me smell your pheromones, I feel uncomfortable QAQ"

Gu Liheng handed him an inhibitor.

Su Ling gave Gu Liheng roses every day for a whole week.
"President Gu, I love you, can you marry me?"

Gu Liheng: "No."

Su Ling: “...” Eff this.

Gotten tired of chasing people around, Su Ling decided to give himself a few days off.

The first day Su Ling didn't show up.
Gu Liheng: "..."

The second day.
Gu Liheng: LookingOutOfTheWindow.jpg

The third day.
Gu Liheng knocked on Su Ling's door.
"Why don't you come over anymore?"

*TL note : Shou - bottom/uke, Gong - top/seme

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  1. ABO theme, has mpreg
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