The Cannon Fodder Won’t Meddle 女配不掺和(快穿)


Lin Dan was bound to a supporting system to do supporting tasks to maintain the plot in countless small worlds. To put it bluntly, she became a female supporting character or a cannon fodder, using her own humbleness to help others achieve their victory.

Confused, persistent, crazy, wanting to love but she shouldn’t love, wanting to get but unable to obtain, Lin Dan had experienced too much failure and pain.

When she realized it, she wanted to remove her binding and returned to her original world, but on her way to return, she was forced to enter three thousand worlds to continue with her struggles.

Although she lost her memory, Lin Dan was no longer confused. She decided to go her own way and finally found out—you can get the love of others only when you love yourself sincerely.

As long as you live your own insignificant life, there will inevitably be one day that you can be the protagonist yourself, like a flower blooming, butterflies will come of their own accords.


1. Some short stories has no Character Pairing, while in some short stories, the ML and male supporting characters will all madly cling to the FL, no matter how the FL feels.

2. In every short stories, the FL is only focused on her tasks, no matter if it’s about transmigration stories, straightforward stories, counter attack stories, or perhaps terrifying stories.