Baobei, Baobei


He asks, “You really cannot remember me…?’

She has no clue…

He sighs: ”I am Jiang Mo Xiu… Boston...”

Xia Bao Bei hesitated and thought for a moment: "Oh... Mo Xiu ge-ge...”

He moves fast and acts even faster. He's already waited for so long; patience isn't one of his virtues.

Mo Xiu : Do you have a boyfriend?

Bao Bei (shakes her head…?)

Mo Xiu : Do you have anyone you like?

Bao Bei (shakes her head again….?)

Mo Xiu : Then I returned just in time...

Bao Bei (Why does it matter to you if I have a boyfriend or not?!)

Mo Xiu : Say... what do you think about becoming my girlfriend?