Pampering My Dear Wife


In her previous life, Jiang Lingwan was a fierce woman. During her five years of marriage, although she remained childless, Lu Cong still doted on her to no end, so much so that the only thing he had not done, was to dig out his heart for her.

Having been reborn, Jiang Lingwan decided that she wanted to be a wife spoiled beyond compare...

She would take good care of her health and body, that way she and Lu Cong could

steam buns, cook buns,
cook buns, and steam some more buns...

Her target was to have two in three years! And a whole brood in 10 years!

The only problem was…

Right now, she was still a chubby white baby. “Oh, I’m hungry now.”
She had better eat first before going to look for Lu Cong.

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