Seven Days Escape Game


Humanity was inexplicably involved in a supernatural escape game.

To others, the escape game opened the door to a new world.

To BoYe, the escape game opened the door to a new coquettish wardrobe.

In the campus copy, everyone only saw the long-haired female ghost Sadako, but BoYe only saw the JK uniform on the female ghost.

He decided: “Bring a set back for my boyfriend to wear.”

In the hospital copy, everyone avoided the NPC nurse as if she was a venomous snake, but BoYe stared at the nurse’s white uniform for a very long time.

He decided: “Bring a set back for my boyfriend to wear.”

Boyfriend Tang Zhi: “Are you done being shameless? I’m not wearing it.”

The husband and wife worked hard together to turn every round of the game into a uniform temptation.


When forming teams, GuMeng met three fresh and refined men: A pair of extremely capable husbands and a fool who was always joking around.

In the campus copy, GuMeng became roommates with a fool who had an unknown background.

In the night when the sky was dark and winds were harsh, the male suddenly said, “Don’t use your phone to look at supernatural photos after turning the lights off.”

GuMeng was so frightened and thought he had triggered a death trap. He hurriedly turned his phone off.

He looked towards the male. “W-Why?”

“Because……” The male’s gaze was solemn, and he finally said, “Playing your phone in the dark is bad for your vision.”

“......Stop fooling around.”


There are four protagonists, who shamelessly turned the horror escape game into a game only for adults. The essence is a brainless romance story.
According to the main storyline, the main and sub cps are divided, but there is no need to divide the two into the categories during the reading process.

Main CP: Brain broken Gong x healing nurse Shou
Sub CP: God-like gangster x squeamish Shou

Author: 月下归