After Swapping Bodies With My Arch-Nemesis


Author: Ling Zhe


Every single student in Yi High knows that the school bully - Chen Yueyang and the school genius - Shen Shicang have been at each other's necks ever since their freshman year.

During the start of their senior year, the duo somehow swapped bodies in a dramatic turn of events, and because of this, they ended up becoming roommates.

On the night of the final day of their University Entrance Exam, the school bully confronted the school genius in a back alley not far from the school back gate.

Shen Shicang, “ Are you looking for trouble?”

Chen Yueyang, “Trouble and I are inseparable.”

The following morning, with his hands on his waist, Chen Yue Yang began contemplating his life.

Why was his life so different from what he had in mind? /tableflip

The cold and sophisticated school genius gong x the rough and playful school bully shou

1v1, shou MC, HE, Sweetness +++++

In the top high school in town (Yi High), the school genius swaps bodies with the school bully in a mysterious accident. In order to continue living a normal student’s life, they have no choice but to become roommates, and they are forced to accept this new reality and learn how to act just like the original owner of their ‘current’ body.

As time passes, the school bully finds out that the school genius is actually a teen runaway, and the school genius finds out that the school bully is actually an obedient child at home… The novel is written in a relaxed and humorous manner, redefining what it means to be a school bully and a school genius.

It also sheds some light on the cultural and social differences between the southern and northern parts of China, various brief adventures are also included resulting in a hilarious and addictive novel.

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