The Little First Grand Secretary in My House


When Xue Tingxiang, a great traitor, returned to his youth, the Xue family was still destitute. His family was wrung to death just to find him a place to study, and the woman was still his own child bride. In this life, he decided to change his way of life.

The first task was to treat her well, and then have a few more children.

Zhao’er was the child bride of the Xue family. She knew that she would marry the little man and sleep with him when he was old enough. However, the little man had always disliked and hated her.

However, just overnight, the little man suddenly changed a lot. Not only was kind to her, but he also always kissed and hugged her. This, this…

#The way to raise wife for the treacherous Senior Grand Secretary#

Who raised who? How shameful!