Star Martial God Technique


Summary from raws: There are 12 godly towers in the world said to be the keys to immortality. These towers pierced the heavens and nobody has seen the top. Countless cultivation techniques and battle techniques were devoured by the sands of time leaving only 3 martial arts in its wake: Flame Martial Arts, Dragon Martial Arts, and Star Martial Arts. Formidable practitioners of these 3 martial arts seek the everlasting path to this day. This is the story of one star martial art practitioner, with beautiful ladies by his side, this is a tale about his journey to the top as Supreme God.

Personal summary: Forget the towers, Ye XingHe just wants to live out his life in peace with his clan and waifu(s). But, people won’t stop giving him shit to deal with so he says fuck it let’s build the strongest town that no army can fuck with. Side job includes: tomb-raiding like a certain pointy-boobed raider, saving refugees like Jesus on steroids, crippling assholes gunning for his girls. Oh, he also has magic touch/aura, 99% of individuals he heals either become his bro for life and/or wants to get in his pants. This less than 20-year-old millennial can’t catch a break until he inherited something mysterious (A mystic obelisk or some shiz) and he began cultivating to become the strongest god that can smite any mother fuckers that come within ass-whooping range. Xia Yu Ning best girl.