How To Whitewash a Slag Man


Chinese Title: 渣男洗白指南

Author: 江湖不见

Xiao Qing Rong thought he was going to die, but he didn’t. The previous Male God System suddenly decided to change careers and became the Scum-Male Rewrite System. In order to take care of this bawling System 618, once again Xiao Qing Rong entered the face-slapping route……

The first world: Tricked the in-laws into giving him five million?

Then I’ll give them back five hundred million in his place!

The second world: His secret marriage with the movie screen queen was uncovered?

Oh, ok, then I’ll just leave the entertainment world in his stead.

The third world: A useless slag from the 90s?

No problem, I’ll just become the richest man in the country!

The fourth world: The pretty rich girl wants me as a replacement boyfriend?

Then I’ll just take her money and leave!

The fifth world: The female celebrities megafan?

Of course I’ll have to bring her to heights unlike what any other entertainer has seen!

Note: Written by the same author as Super Male God System and The Best Male God